Castle Roland

Protecting David

by TA-Terry


Chapter 6

Published: 28 Sept 15

Protecting David

by TA (Terry)

The clock says that it's 5:32 in the morning and I've just woken up. I'm lying on my left side facing David, who's lying on his right side, his face only inches from mine. I don't look up to see, but I know that our dog Joe is lying at the foot of the bed on David's side where he's always found. Wherever David is, Joe is, they are inseparable. I'm sure that Joe regards me as just one more thing that interrupts his time with David.

David's black hair is hanging over his forehead, his eyes closed. I can slightly feel his warm breath and feel the heat from his body. David has a strong jawline and it's covered with black stubble, his left hand is under his chin, his fingers curled slightly. David has a very light complexion with very black hair and emerald green eyes. I guess you don't have to be a detective to guess his Irish heritage. When the weather gets warmer and David spends more time golfing and playing tennis he'll tan without any problem, and if you look closely there'll be freckles.

At this time of the morning David is entirely mine, eventually I reach out and touch in the lightest possible way his face, then put my hand very carefully behind his neck. He makes a very soft sound. I move my head forward and kiss him. His lips are soft and dry.

"Mmm." He reaches for my head and pulls me to him, but he's still not quite awake.

I kiss him again. "Baby, you can sleep," I whisper.

He takes my hand and tries to pull me over him. "Sleep?"

"That's right, baby, stay in bed, it's Saturday." I kiss his hand. "I've got to go out, babe, but I'll be back in about an hour and a half."

David is beginning to wake up now. "No," he mumbles, "stay with me." His eyes aren't open yet, but he still tries to pull me to him.

"I'm sorry, babe, but I've gotta meet these people for breakfast. I'll come right back and we can do stuff."

David tries to curl up with me, but I have to slide away from him, kissing him as I go. Now Joe is up and trying to lay between us with his gray snout just inches from our faces watching everything.

David is now fully awake and looking at me. "Mark, do you really have to go?" He stretches.

"Yeah, babe, but just long enough to have breakfast, then they're gone." I slip out of bed naked and go to take my shower. "You remember Bruce Owen?" I call to him. “He's the rep from Denver. You met him."

"Yeah, I guess." I don't think David does remember, but it isn't really important.

I shower and shave quickly and then return to our bedroom. David is still lying there on his stomach with Joe lying next to him. As I come back into the room Joe begins to wag his tail. Maybe he doesn't hate me. I'm dressed now, but I slip the covers off David and nip at his perfect creamy white butt.

David mumbles into the pillow, "If you really loved me you'd fuck me." I play with David's butt a little. "I think we've probably already taught Joe enough bad habits." I say as I straddle David's butt and kiss the back of his neck. "Babe, I've really gotta go."

David grabs my hand as I get up to leave and pulls me back into bed; as he's doing this, he's rolling over onto his back and pulling me on top of him. He's totally naked and he wraps his legs around my waist, staring into my eyes. He tilts his head slightly and pulls me in for what turns out to be a very deep, long kiss. David looks lovingly into my eyes with his head tilted to one side. "I love you. I mean I know you know that, but well, it can't hurt to say it again, can it?" David is the only person on this earth with the power to reach into my chest and pull out my beating heart. I know that if I try to talk I'll choke up, so I just lay my head on his chest and hold him tight. In a few minutes, when I've gathered my wits, I say. "No, David, it can't hurt." I lift myself up and look at him. "I love you, too, way more than I can ever say." He blinks his eyes.

"Go do some work, Mark."

"I will, David, but I'll be thinking of you."

Then suddenly he says, "Oh fuck! You haven't forgotten next weekend, have you?"

I'm getting out of bed, but I stop. "Uh?"

"Golf tournament - Atlanta." I remember before the first word is out of his mouth. David loves golf and he and some other guys from his work are going to Atlanta to play in a tournament for charity against other insurance company geeks. I'm going just to be with David and get some down time.

"Honest to God, babe, I did remember!" I laugh and lean back into bed and kiss him again. "I'll be back in a bit."

As I'm walking out of the bedroom, David's explaining to Joe that I really didn't remember and Joe is tilting his head like he really understands.

I spend the next hour and a half talking business. Bruce Owen does, however, remember to ask how David's doing and I appreciate it. David and I are both pretty lucky with being out at work. I'm totally out at work and, with Frank in my corner nobody has ever given me the slightest grief over it. Of course, when you're my size, nobody much fucks with you anyway. David is also out, and most of the people he works with were great about it right from the beginning, and the few who weren't have come around.

When I get home, I pull into our driveway and suddenly begin thinking of my dad. I haven't seen my mom and dad for months, and even though the last meeting went badly, I guess that I feel like I need to see my dad again. Somehow I feel that it's up to me to make him understand that being gay and living with another man is an okay thing to do. God, the man can be an asshole! I know that I don't need them, at least not for support or … well, I was about to say love, but I guess that I do need their love. It doesn't make any sense, but somehow I need my dad to say that what I'm doing is okay. Not that his disapproval means shit to me, but it would be nice if he could understand. I realize that I've been parked in the driveway with the engine running for about ten minutes while I've been thinking about my parents. When I finally return to earth, I see David leaning against the garage door smiling a bemused smile at me. I smile back. He's my world.

I get out of the front seat and get into the back seat as David is walking toward the car, he's wearing tan cargo shorts and a navy tee shirt.

David ducks his head in and I ask him, "David, have you ever sat in the back seat of this car?"

David leans in the car and looks around. "Why, what's wrong with it?"

"Come on in and try it." As David is sliding into the backseat I unzip my jeans and smile at him.

He looks at me oddly, smiles, then looks down at the end of the driveway and off to the sides before he whispers, "But we're so close to the street." He grins, shakes his head, then reaches over slowly and slides his hand into my shorts.

In ten minutes David is still sitting in my lap and we're both coming down from the sex.

For some reason I've become aware of Joe watching us from the dining room window and it makes me smile.

David cums a lot, when I catch my breath and look around I can hardly believe the amount of cum in the back seat and on the back of the front seat. I thought I had caught most of it, but apparently not. We sit like that for several more minutes catching our breath and just enjoying the moment.

Then suddenly I say. "David, look, there's Mrs. Fredon."

"Oh fuck!" David jumps and tries to pull his shorts up. My cock falls out and he's trying to turn himself so that he can get the room he needs to get his shorts up while I'm laughing my ass off.

He finally gets it. "Oh, you fuck head!"

I pull David back down and roll him over onto the seat. Then I kind of climb on top of him. He's half laughing and maybe a little pissed, but I start kissing him and stroking his hair and soon he's calm.

David's head is lying on my upper right arm and I'm holding the back of his head with my left hand. I kiss his forehead, then the bridge of his nose.

"We've made quite a mess."

"I know. I guess I cum a lot." David tilts his head up and smiles at me and snuggles closer. "I hope nobody was walking by."

"They weren't." I kiss him lightly. "But Joe was watching us from the dining room. Do you suppose he knows we were having sex?"

David laughs. "Wouldn't surprise me, but I haven't a clue as to what he thinks about it. I mean, the way he just stares at us with his head tilted. Like he's trying to figure it out."

"David, we have to get a damp cloth… I wonder what cum does to leather?"

"Hmm! I guess that's my clue that the afterglow has ended." He pushes me like he's trying to get away.

"Not over, just postponed." I stroke his hair. "Until after the cum has been cleaned up." I look down at us. "And maybe a shower would be in order, too. After that we can afterglow all fucking day. Come on, baby." I roll away from David and stumble out of the car pulling him with me.

Walking into the house we're greeted by a tail wagging Joe. Somehow he looks happy that we just had sex. I dampen a towel and go back out and wipe up all the cum I can find, wondering briefly if straight people ever find themselves in this position.

David greets me back at the garage with a rake and bushel basket and we procede to clean up the yard. It's spring and the yard has become a collection of dead leafs twigs and cardboard milk cartons. Where do those come from? Three hours later the yard is beginning to look presentable, but our asses are dragging…welcome to the world of home ownership.

David leads me into the kitchen and sits me down while he fixes lunch. He's wearing a pair of old khaki pants that fit him kinda loose. I love watching him move around the kitchen, he's so graceful, not feminine graceful, but masculine graceful, and I love watching his ass. Okay I'm a perv, but his body moves so beautifully. I mean I'm big and while I don't think I'm clumsy, I'm sure not as graceful as David. I wonder if he knows how much he turns me on just being him. I look at him, wanting to touch him everywhere, to feel the muscles in his back and the soft hard globes of his ass, his beautiful hands, the muscles in his neck. There's not part of David that I don't treasure, no part of his body, no random thought of his mind that isn't like air to me.

David makes us each a sandwich and a bowl of soup. He sets mine in front of me and places his in front of him. I'm looking at his hands, how perfect the skin is, how smooth and strong.

"Mark." He touches my shoulder. "You're not eating." He smiles at me. "You vegging out?"

I look at him, and suddenly I just have to tell him. "I love you, David. I mean it's not just the sex, I mean that's great and all but," I duck my head, "it's more than that. I mean like you said earlier, I know that you know that, but I wouldn't want you to think it's just me getting my rock off." He reaches for my hand and it's so warm. I look at the wedding band that I put on his right hand and I touch it and feel the smooth softness of the gold. I look at David. "What I feel for you is way more than sex."

"I know, Mark. Like you said when we first moved in together it's not a me or a you, it's an us." He leans forward and kisses me - his lips feel so good, so right. "Now eat your lunch."

I do as I'm told, infused with a feeling of being cared for and loved. David has fixed lunch for me and I eat it.

Afterwards I lay down on the sofa in the recreation room and begin to nod off. Before I go under I feel David lay down with me and I wrap my arms around him and pull him in tight to me.

During the time we're asleep I feel Joe climb in with us and even though David is right at the edge of the sofa, somehow Joe finds room there.

I only sleep for about an hour and then find myself staring at the back of David's head and even though his breathing is regular, somehow I know he's awake.

"Babe? You awake?" I whisper.

David stretches. "Uh huh," he mumbles

"Can I ask you something?"

David turns his head a bit towards me. "Sure. What?"

"Well, it's about your dad." I can feel his body stiffen and then after a few seconds he relaxes again. "Sure you don't mind?"

"'s not that I mind you asking." He turns his body so that we're facing each other just inches apart. He's playing with the button on my shirt. "It's just that I don't know what I can tell you that you don't already know."

He lays the side of his head on my upper arm. "When I was raped and then beaten he blamed me, how do I forgive him for that?" David's voice had gotten very quiet and he was staring at my chest. "I mean, when I needed him the most...really, really needed him, he turned against me." He looked at me and his eyes were glistening. "I don't know how to explain what that did to me." Then he looks at me and puts his hand on my shoulder.

"It's like when you were in that place in Somalia and everybody was trying to kill would be like your closest buddy, the guy you looked to to back you up, suddenly turned to you and said that you were to blame for all that crap and turned you over to the mob." His hand was still on my shoulder, but he turned his face into my arm. "It was like a betrayal. When my dad told me that I deserved what I got, I just couldn't believe that he even said that, that those words could even come out of his mouth." David was sobbing now and I wished to God that I hadn't started this.

"What kind of a fucking father does that to a kid? Fuck! I was really just a little boy...a baby. Why did he have to fucking do that?"

I pull David's face into my chest and hold him while he cries. "I'm so sorry, David. I'm so sorry." I'm stroking his hair and, as always, it does seem to help, but I've never seen David cry like this and it scares me. God, I'm a fuck head for letting this get out of control. "You're safe, David." I'm speaking softly. "Nobody's gonna hurt you anymore." I'm kissing the top of his head. "It's okay, baby, it's okay."

Slowly David's getting control and suddenly Joe's licking his face because I guess he's upset by the crying. David says. "It's okay, Joe. I'm okay." He scratches Joe behind his ears which seems to signal to Joe that it's gonna be okay and he sits down, but doesn't move away and keeps a watchful eye on David.

"God, David, I'm so fucking sorry I led you there. I didn't know...I didn't know that it would do that. Man, I'm so fucking sorry!" I'm holding his head in both of my hands and kissing him. "Man, I'm such a fucking asshole!"

David still has tears in his eyes, but he laughs a little. "Yeah, but you're my asshole." He laughs again. "Well not literally, but... well you get it."

"It's just that I was thinking about my dad earlier and what I should do about him." I grinned lamely at him. "Or if I should do anything at all. I just don't fucking know, but I shouldn't have brought all this up about your dad." Then in exasperation, "God, parents are a pain in the ass!"

I scrunched down, kissed David's ear and whispered. "What would you like to do this afternoon?" He smiles an evil smile at me.

"Ah come on, we can't fuck nonstop. Let's do something that everybody does, like go to a movie or...oh fuck, I don't know."

Then I remembered the boy in my office. "Oh wow, David, did I tell you what that kid in our office did?"

"What kid?"

"Remember, I told you that we had this cute blonde kid working with the techs in IT?" David looks at me blankly. "Well anyway, he's like twenty or so and pretty hot looking, and he comes up to me in the john." David is now staring at me with an odd look on his face. "No, no, nothing like that. He says to me, 'Mr.Chauvet, would you mind if I ask you a personal question?' I say, 'No, fire away', and he says, 'Everyone says that you're gay and I even hear you talk about your lover, so I guess I wanted to know if it was true'. Well I tell him, 'Yep, it is', then he gets this big grin and says that he's like ninety percent sure that he's gay too. And anyway, I ask him if he's got a boyfriend yet, and he says, 'Yeah, maybe I do, at least it looks like it's goin that way', and I say 'That's great'. Then he asks me if the guy in the picture on my desk is my boyfriend and when I say, 'Yeah, he is'. He says, 'Man, he's fuckin hot'! Anyway, I laugh and say, 'Yeah, he is fuckin hot'. Then we both laugh and he says, 'Thanks for talking to me about this. I mean, I didn't know if you'd be mad if I mentioned it or not, but I can't tell my parents that I have a boyfriend and the straight guys I know don't want to hear it, so I guess in a way I just wanted to like, say it out loud. Do you know what I mean?' And I say, 'Yeah, yeah, I do know'."

David has got kind of a thoughtful look on his face, then he says. "Yeah, you know, I remember what that feels like too. Like you just gotta tell someone." David kisses me and says. "I'm glad he had you to talk to. So he really thinks I'm hot, huh?"

I look at David and kiss him on the nose. "No, actually I made that part up, but I think definitely you're okay." I laugh.

David climbs on top of me and pinches my nipples. "Well, you shit, you're gonna pay for that!"

"No, David! Not my fuckin nipples!" I grab him and pull him down tight to my chest so that he can't do anything. "You know, for a scrawny little guy you sure are wiry." He knows that I'm kidding, but those emerald green eyes are flashing and it's like trying to hold a squirming puppy. I turn my body with him held to me so that I'm on top of him and then I kiss him. He pretty much stops squirming, and in a few seconds he's going with the kiss and I explore his mouth with my tongue.

I'm holding the back of David's head with my left hand and my right hand and wrist are curled around the top of his head. "I don't know how I ever got through life before I met you, it seems so impossible now." We kiss slowly. I've never told him how many times I've woken up from the nightmare that he died in that attack and how little I would have wanted to live if he had.

"I know, it doesn't even seem possible that I had a life before you, it's like a bad dream." He pulls my head down so that my face is next to his. "It was the worst kind of dream."

I don't want David to go there, so I sit up. “Hey, we still haven't decided what we want to do this afternoon."

David hates to fly, to say that he's a white knuckle flyer is putting it mildly, it's not that he lets it stop him from traveling, but it's not a fun thing for him. I had the window seat, David of course was on the aisle, and on the other side of the aisle were Pete and his wife Jane. David had two vodka's on the rocks while we were in the airport, but it didn't really seem like they'd had any effect on him, he looked worried.

The flight that we took originated in Minneapolis and some of the insurance guys from there where already on the plane. Our group consisted of four couples; David and I, Pete Morgan and his wife - he's kind of the senior guy from David's office and more or less the unofficial leader of their group, Bill Laskowski and his wife, and finally Terry Morrow and his wife. David's company had sprung for first class tickets, so other than David's terror it should be a pretty good flight.

"Babe, how you doing?" I was speaking softly. They were just starting the engines.

David was chewing on the edge of his thumb. "Fuck, I hate this!" He looked at me and smiled sheepishly.

"I guess there's nothing I can say." I smiled back at him. "Except maybe that if we crash, at least we'll die together."

David looked at me for a moment. "Well, that's probably the only plus. If you died, I wouldn't want to live."

"We're both going to be fine." I leaned very close to David and whispered in his ear. "If we do make it to Atlanta I'm gonna fuck your brains out tonight." When I leaned back and smiled at him, I saw a man two rows ahead of us on the other side of the aisle glance at David for just a moment and there was something in that look that bothered me. He didn't stare at David, it was just a fleeting glance and in one respect it was just like he was looking around the cabin, but there was something there. I asked David who he was.

"I think he's one of the guys from Swiss Reinsurance in Minneapolis. I've never met him, but I may have talked to him. Why, you want to meet him." He snorted. "Geez, tired of me already?"

I smiled. "No, he just looked at you like he knew you and I wondered if you knew him." Then, "Just you wait till we get to Atlanta."

I was going to ask Pete if he knew the guy, but he was talking to his wife, I didn't want to disturb them and it could all be totally nothing.

I had been on so many planes and helicopters during my time in the Army that there was nothing about flying that bothered me. I was still dozing when we began our decent to Atlanta. I had a bit of a flashback of rappelling down from a helicopter in Mogadishu, but I woke up before the worst of it.

While we were walking from the plane to the baggage area I was walking with Pete who had a slight limp, David was a few paces behind us with Pete's wife. Pete pointed to a guy about a dozen feet ahead of us and said. "Mark, that guy ahead of us with the gray hair and the raincoat is the only guy that you may have to watch out for. He hates gay people and he's a mean fucker if he thinks he's got the advantage." He was the guy from the plane. "His name is Ralph Tanner."

I looked at Pete. "Pete, don't tell David that you told me that, will you? He thinks that I'm overly protective." I smiled at him.

Pete was a big guy, about 5'10" and about 210 pounds. He gave me kind of a funny look. "You won't kill him or anything will ya?" He put on a kind of whiny voice. "Please, I don't fucking want to have to testify at any fucking trials."

"No, Pete, I promise I won't kill him, or at least that they won't find the body." I laughed.

"Well thank fucking God for that. You want me to tell David about him?"

"Only if you see a problem coming, otherwise what's the point?"

"Right, gotcha." Then he turned and looked me up and down. "Glad you're on my fucking side. You sure are a big fucker."

Finally, after retrieving our luggage, we all boarded a bus to the hotel. The hotel was a resort really. They're were several golf courses, loads of tennis courts, several swimming pools, not to mention horse back riding and just about everything else you could think of - the place was huge. It seemed to take forever to get to our rooms. I made a point of finding out what room Ralph Tanner was in before we finally went to our room.

The guys' tee off time was 9:00 a.m. and we met for breakfast at 8:00. The guys were all in various degrees of golfing clothing, ranging from unbelievably bright to what David was wearing, which was pretty bland. Pete asked me how I was going to spend my day and I told him I was going for a run and then would just screw around. I told them that I'd see them at the eighteenth hole.

I casually got Pete off to the side and asked him to keep an eye on David. "Pete, I can't imagine anything is gonna happen with that Tanner guy but I would appreciate it if you were watching out for him."

"He'll be fine, Mark. But yeah, I'll watch out for him." He paused for a minute and then looked at me. "He's a pretty tough little fucker you know."

"I know, Pete. It's probably stupid, but I still worry. It's just that he's had some stuff happen to him in the past and I don't want to see that happen again."

Pete gave me a 'what the fuck happened' look, but I just told him that I'd tell him all about it another time. The fellas started for the first tee and I started my run. I did my usual five mile run and then picked up a bunch of newspapers along with my laptop and settled in to kill some time until the guys finished their game.

I showered and changed clothes and then slowly made my way to the eighteenth hole. The guys had been out for about four hours and I figured they'd be coming in soon. Watching all the golfers made me think of my dad… he loved the game. Maybe that's why I hated it. I was trying to dredge up one genuinely happy memory of my dad and I was only able to come up with some lame ass Christmas stuff that really didn't count. Shit, the guy must have loved me at some time. I mean, that's what fathers fucking do, isn't it? All I ever got from him was 'join the Army' and of course 'it'll make a man of you'.

I found the eighteenth hole and hunkered down against a tree while I waited for David's group. My cell phone rang.

"Hi, stud."

"Hi, David, how's the game goin?"

"It's okay." He was whispering. "I was just thinking about how I'd like to be running my tongue along the underside of your dick," he laughed.

"My God, you want to have phone sex while you're playing golf?" I laughed. "David, I think you're overdoing this multitasking thing."

"Not working, huh?"

"Well, actually it wasn't a total flop. You've got me thinking about post golf fucking."

He laughed. "We're on the seventeen, babe. You at the eighteenth?"


"Well hang in there, Mark, we're almost there. Then you can have your way with me any way you want."

"Gonna hold ya to that, stud."

When the guys were finishing the eighteenth, I took some pictures with a small digital camera that David had brought, then we started talking about the dinner later. Pete told us that the main dinner began at 7 p.m. for drinks and that we would all be at the same table.

Pete said. "Well this is a hell of a fucking situation! Us old farts are going back to our wives and you two young studs are goin back to your room to fuck, aren't ya?" All the guys laughed and kidded us about it. I thought it was pretty funny too, because basically it was true. They were all pretty good natured about it.

The four guys went to the locker room to get cleaned up and I told them I'd meet them in the coffee shop where we could get a hamburger to tide us over until dinner. The fellas showed up about a half hour later looking all scrubbed and showered, but there was something in the air. I looked at David hoping to see some indication of what could be wrong, but he was concentrating on his food. Pete signaled me that he would tell me later, so I just finished eating.

When I got Pete alone for a few minutes while David was in the john, he told me that Ralph Tanner had been in the locker room and that he and David had gotten into a yelling match when Tanner called him a faggot, and that it all had come pretty close to a fight. I thanked Pete for telling me and asked him to say nothing to David.

On our way back to our room I told David that I had left my wallet in the coffee shop and that I would meet him back in the room. Of course I went straight to Tanner's room. He answered the door on the second knock.

"Mr. Tanner, I wonder if I could speak to you." I was being most polite.

"You're the boyfriend?"

"Yes sir, I am. May I come in?"

"Yes," A long sigh. "I suppose if you feel you have to."

I went into the room and sat down in a club chair. "I came because I'm hoping to stop any trouble before it begins."

"Well that's fucking simple, just tell your little friend to keep his faggot mouth shut."

I waited for fifteen seconds or so before I said anything. "First of all, Mr. Tanner, David doesn't know that I'm here. I gave him my word some time ago that I wouldn't use physical violence against people who might not like the fact that he's gay." Tanner got a very odd look on his face and sat down.

"So, basically you came here to threaten me on behalf of your friend?"

"Well, I don't like to think of it as threatening … more like advice. If you hate David because he's gay and feel that you have to tell him about that, I'm sure he can deal with that himself." I smiled at him.

"Let me be clear about my relationship with David. Simply, he's the most important thing in my life. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing that means more to me than David. Not my family, not my house, not my job, not even my own life...nothing. So my position is this, as long as your...disagreements...with David remain verbal, I won't interfere. I don't give a fuck if you yell and scream at each other, but if you try to physically hurt him, then I'm gonna stop you. I'm hoping that all of that can be avoided, and I believe it can." I got up to leave.

"Mr. Tanner, if you feel you've been threatened, then by all means call the Cops. You know who I am and where I am, but I assure you the police will ultimately do nothing. I on the other hand will do whatever needs to be done to protect David."

I walked over and shook his hand before he had a chance to react. "I hope our talk hasn't upset you, and I do hope that you'll take it to heart."

David was waiting for me when I got back to our room.

"You fucking threatened him didn't you?" He looked really mad.

"Uh. David, don't be mad. Please, baby."

"Mark! We've been through this before. You promised!"

"Yes, David! We've been through this before when you were stabbed and almost fucking killed." I couldn't help myself, I was getting louder. "God, do you know what it does to me when an asshole like that goes after you? Don't you understand that that's what I worry about all the time, that some jerk is gonna fucking kill you, take you away from me." I sat on the bed and laid my head on my arms. "David, the world is full of fucking assholes like that." I knew that there were tears in my eyes, but I didn't fucking care. "When is the next one gonna be luckier and that knife is gonna be a few inches in another direction. Baby, when you were lying in that driveway, there was so much blood, so fucking much blood, and all I could think of was that you were gone. David, even now I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about that. You almost died. And I should have fucking been there. I should have stopped it."

David came over to the bed and lightly put his arm around me. "I didn't die, Mark." It was a whisper.

Shit, I was a mess, my nose was running - a real mess. "No, but that was a fucking miracle. And, man, you know it, a fucking miracle! Believe me I thank God every day for that miracle. The next time, who knows. can't live without you...and, man, you don't ever back down from these're in their face. The thought of loosing's too much." I raised my hands and dropped them. "I can't help it, David. I can't have all that happen again, if I think somebody is gonna hurt you, I can't stand by and let it happen, Man, you can't ask me to do that. Please, David, I promise that I won't be some gonzo ape, but don't ask me not to care. I failed that last time, David, please don't stop me from trying to protect you again."

David pulled me down onto the bed with him and held my head against his chest, he was talking softly and stroking my hair. "Shhhh, don't think about that now, baby, just rest." He kissed my forehead. "We'll work this out, baby, just sleep now." I fell asleep with my face pressed to David's chest.

I woke about four o'clock. I was turned on my left side and David was in my arms, my cock pressed against his ass, we were of course still dressed. My right hand was pressed to his chest and I could feel the rising and falling of his chest and the beating of his heart, it made me feel safe and happy knowing that he was okay and in my arms. My face was buried in the back of David's neck, his smell filled my head and I lightly kissed him, my grip on his chest tightening slightly. His right hand moved to cover mine as it held him.

"You awake, babe?"


I stroked his hair. "I'm sorry I made you mad."

He turned in my arms until he faced me. "I'm not sure that I had a right to be mad. You may have done the right thing and I probably shouldn't have gone for Tanner's throat as quickly as I did." He sighed and turned on his back staring at the ceiling. "You're right, I do get in peoples' faces and...well...I guess that I wouldn't change the way you are." His right hand took my left. "I love that you feel you need to protect me." He rolled back towards me and put his hand on my chest. "I love you."

"I love you, too." I kiss him again. "There's nothing, nothing, more important to me than you."

He smiles up at me. "I know." He laughs. "Me too, you."

We slowly undressed each other and fucked slowly.

Afterward I slid gently off to the side of him so that I could hold him in my arms and we kissed for a long time.

I told him. "I would rather stay here with you, but if we're going to meet the guys for dinner we better get ready."

"God, your dick feels good in me." David is speaking quietly.

I laugh. "It likes being in you. It likes that a lot."

David is lightly running his fingers over my face, tracing my eyebrows and my mouth. He laughs. "Suppose they'll know we fucked?"

I laid my head on David's chest. "Maybe...probably. But I don't care...actually, I guess I want them to know, to really get it that we're a couple. Know what I mean?"

David was rubbing the back of my neck with his thumb. "Yeah. I mean they do know, but yeah, I know what you mean. Actually...well this is kinda sick, but…"

"But what?"

"There's this part of me that wants them to see you fuck me...well, not just them, but like the whole world."

I lifted my head and looked at David. "That's kinda kinky. Why would you want that?"

"You think it's sick?"

"Nah, not sick, just kinda kinky. But tell me why."

David pushed my head back down on his chest. He was squirming a bit. " would tell the whole world that I...well that I belong to you."

I gripped David tighter and kissed his chest. "Well, you do, you know."

"I know...that's the best part."

An hour later, all showered and dressed up, we walked into the main dining room and over to the table for eight that was ours, the other guys were there already and all three of them looked at us and grinned. The women were of course oblivious.

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