Castle Roland

Protecting David

by TA-Terry


Chapter 10

Published: 26 Oct 15

Protecting David

by TA (Terry)

"David, you know that you gotta go, so why are you even fighting me on this?" I was leaning on David while I hobbled to the bedroom.

"I don't want to leave you!" David helped me sit down on the bed. "And yes, I know that I've got to fucking go!" He propped me up with pillows and sat down on the bed next to me. "I'm getting a nurse!" He put his hand against my mouth. "Don't fucking say it! It's gonna happen! I'm not leaving you here by yourself, so that you can have a fucking stroke or some shit while I'm gone."

I took David's hand, turned it over and kissed his palm. "You're so fucking handsome when you're determined." I smiled at him. "Those emerald green eyes are goin off like some kinda explosion."

"Does this mean that I win?" He turned so that he was fully facing me. "If this is a diversion so that I'll forget the nurse, it ain't gonna happen!"

I sighed. "Sweetheart, if it'll make you happy, I'll do the nurse thing." I smiled at him and pulled him into me for a kiss. "What if she says we can't fuck?" I ran my left hand under his t-shirt and down his back to his butt.

David started to wiggle and pull my hand out of his shorts. "No fucking! Fucking is exertion! I promised Dr.Kramer that you'd rest."

"Okay, David, I promise to be good. Tell me about tomorrow."

David lay down on my left side, our heads almost touching. He picked up my hand while he talked and played with my fingers. "Well, Frank and Marcy and Mike and Elizabeth are coming in Frank's car and the boys will be driving Mike's car. Should be here about two o'clock. I figure the boys will be able to use the pool while us 'old' folks sit around and talk. I told Frank to tell them to bring their suits. I figure that while they're in the pool they can fool around a bit."

"How do you figure they're gonna manage that without everyone seeing them?"

David laughed. "I rearranged the furniture. The only ones with a good view of the pool will be you and me. I know that they might still be seen, but Mike is just gonna have to get used to some of that." David rolled over on his side a bit and laid his head on my shoulder. "I was thinking of suggesting that the boys spend the night here. Whadya think?"

I wrapped my arm around David's shoulder. "Let's wait. I mean, let's see how the boys are - if they're really serious about each other and if they seem mature enough. I don't think they're just a couple of nutzo twinks, not at least from the way Frank talks about Chris, but let's wait and see."

"Okay. Oh, I hired a caterer for tomorrow. Well, caterer sounds a bit much, it's really just a guy that Frank recommended; supposed to throw a great bar-b-cue though and no clean up. I'll mix the drinks and baby you."

I kissed David's forehead. "Speaking of babying me, did Kramer really say that we couldn't have sex?"

"He wants us to wait 48 hours. So, tomorrow after everyone leaves you're gonna get lucky. Well, actually, we both are, but I'm thinking maybe me on top, okay? I mean for at least a few days. That's not so bad, is it?"

"No, it's just that you're leaving for California on Monday. Well fuck, there's no point in whining! Shit, I'm a grown man… I guess I can go without sex for a couple of days. It's only gonna be a couple of days, isn't it?" I laughed.

"I'm not really sure at this point. The indications that I'm getting from my guy in LA are that there's more to this company than your guy indicated. It may be that your guy never got a chance to look at the whole company. Anyway, I won't know till I get out there. I think I'll be back on Wednesday at the latest."

"The more that there may be to this company? Is it something you think Frank can use?"

"Maybe. And that's all the business talk!" David got up on his knees and pulled me forward while he pulled the pillows out. "I want a nap outta you. Rest, remember?" David came around to the other side of the bed. "Lemme look at your side. Geez, you're fuckin black and blue from your shoulder down to the middle of your hip." David quickly turned his head away, but I could see him bring his hands up to his eyes.

I spoke softly. "David, I'm okay. Those are just bruises, they'll go away."

"I know, Mark. And I know that I'm more emotional about this than I should be." He turned to face me. "I'll get used to it… I promise." He leaned over and kissed me.

I pulled him back down onto the bed. "I'm not leaving you, David; you're not gonna be alone." There wasn't many places on that side of my body that you could touch, so David reached out and put his hand lightly on my chest. "We're gonna be together forever, David." I put my hand behind his head and drew him to me so that our faces were only inches apart. The sight of pain or fear on David's face really could tear me apart. I looked into his eyes. "Forever, David." I touched his beautiful black hair with my fingertips. "Just please don't cry. When I know that you feel bad, it hurts a hundred times worse than this black and blue crap."

"David, come over to the other side of the bed. Lay down and let me hold you. I think that's what I really need." David came over to his normal side of the bed and lay down. "Okay, now lay on your left side and let me spoon you." I moved gingerly into position and draped my arm over him. I kissed the back of his neck. "Now I can fall asleep." And lying there feeling his body pressed to mine, feeling his heat, his heart beating, I did fall asleep, more deeply than I had in days. I dreamed of David and I flying and fucking in the window seat of the plane. It was really weird... the other passengers didn't even seem to notice.

After a while I began to wake up, I was lying on my back and David was gone, but I could hear him in the kitchen. I looked to my left and Joe way lying where David usually did. He was starring at me. "Hi, puppy." Joe made a little whiny sound and his tail started beating wildly. Then he got up quickly and ran to the kitchen. David appeared a couple of minutes later.

"David, how do you control that dog? He does everything you say."

"I just tell him what I want. I told him to let me know when you woke up and he did."

"Yeah, but how? I mean dogs don't normally do that… it's weird."

David sat on the edge of the bed and scratched Joe's ears and kissed him on the nose. He turned and smiled at me. "It's like, his job."

I knew better than to think that I was gonna get an explanation that was gonna make any sense to me, so I just looked up at David and smiled. "You gonna feed me? Something smells great."

"Breaded pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and cream gravy, green beans, and a salad. And I'm thinking that we'll move you out to the patio. It's still warm out; you can get some fresh air and we'll eat out there. How bout it?"

"Unless my other choice is fucking you, you've got a deal."

David put a knee on the bed and bent down and kissed me. Then he looked into my eyes and spoke softly. "If you fucking knew how bad I need you in me, you'd come in your shorts." Then he bent further and kissed me just below my ear.

I grabbed for him, but he moved quickly away shaking his head.

"David, you're killing me!"

"Save it for tomorrow. I have something special planned." He smiled wickedly at me.

"What?" He was walking away. "David! What are you planning?" I got carefully to my feet.

"David, where is that crutch that Mrs. Crowley gave us?" I yelled to him. Geez, I hate being sick.

David appeared in the doorway. "It's right over here in the corner." He was wearing gray knit gym shorts and a gray Nike t-shirt with obviously nothing else under either. As he turned to get the crutch, the gym shorts rode up his butt enough to clearly show his beautiful ass, and when he turned around and brought it to me, I could see his cock flopping around.

When he handed me the crutch, I pulled him to me and wrapped my arms around him. "God, you feel good!" I slid my hands down into the back of his shorts while I buried my face in his neck and caressed his gorgeous butt. He moaned softly.

"Mark, we can't do this." He twisted around so that his back was to my chest and I reached down and took his hard cock in my hand.

"He said we couldn't have sex, but if I beat you off I don't think it counts." I was stroking David's cock as he pressed back against me.

I was kissing and nibbling the back of his neck, with my other hand I began playing with his nipples. David was gasping and making the David sound. I whispered throatily in his ear. "Tomorrow my big dick is gonna dump a huge, hot load of cum up that pretty little butt of yours." When I said the word cum, he began to and I caught most of it in my other hand, using it as lube to keep jerking him off.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" David was slumping back against me, his legs shaking. I held him tightly until his strength returned.

"Why don't you help me to the john where we can clean up and then I'll take you up on that dinner."

David looked at me suspiciously. "I'm not sure that was legal, but come on, let's get cleaned up."

I hobbled into the john and we washed, then went out to the patio for dinner. The heat of the day was just dimming. While it was still warm, it was comfortable and not at all overwhelming. There was a light breeze that barely moved the leafs on the trees. David had set up the table with place mats, silverware, and glasses. There was an open bottle of wine, but I was only allowed a half a glass. David brought out the food and we ate and chatted together while Joe watched us like a tennis match. After dinner, David brought us both coffee, then we moved to the large chaise lounge and lay there next to each other, the right side of his body totally touching the left side of mine.

I leaned over and kissed him. "Thanks for dinner. It was wonderful. That may be my new favorite meal."

"Thanks." He took my hand and squeezed it. "It's one of my favorites too. It's one of the first things I learned to cook."

Joe appeared at my right side with a rubber ball in his mouth and a hopeful look on his canine face. I transferred the ball to my left hand and tossed it out into the yard. Joe went gallumping after it.

I was about to ask David if his mother taught him to cook, but I thought that might make him think of his dad. And with what he'd be facing tomorrow and next week, I didn't want to bring him down. I turned my head to look at him, he turned his at the same time and smiled at me.

"Why are you smiling?"

He laughed. "I have no fucking idea." He sighed lightly. "Maybe just good food, good wine, good coffee, and my lover next to me."

I scrunched down on the chaise and laid my head on his chest. "It's like a perfect moment." I picked up his hand and he wrapped his fingers around mine, then I brought his hand to my mouth and kissed it.

"Yeah. I hope it's not too frantic tomorrow with Frank and his troops." He stroked my hair. "How's your side feeling? Any headaches?"

I started to wrap my right arm around David's waist, but certain muscles didn't like that, so I just let my hand rest on his stomach. "Oh… I'm good… just aches and pains. Nothing I can't handle and nothing serious. I wonder how Mike dealt with meeting Jason and, just as importantly, Chris with Jason."

"I talked to Frank earlier and he said he'd talked to Mike and he seemed to be okay. Mike even said that Jason seemed like a "nice young fella" to quote him exactly."

I yawned. "Well, maybe we'll catch a break here and everything will go smoothly tomorrow."

David lifted my head off his chest. "Why don't we get you to bed. You don't have to go to sleep. We can lay there, cuddle and watch TV, but I think you should be in bed." He laid his head next to mine and held it there. "Please, baby."

"I'm not gonna give ya an argument, David. My side is beginning to ache." David helped me up and I hobbled into the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed while David pulled off my track pants and replaced them with a pair of boxers. He brought me a pain pill and a glass of water. I felt like a little boy being taken care of by his mother. I lay on my left side and David slid in next to me. We were watching the news, but during the weather the pill kicked in and I went under.

I vaguely remembered waking up during the night and David giving me another pain pill - now it was morning. I was hungry and had a hardon sticking out the front of my boxers. Lying there I could smell coffee and bacon. I wrapped my hand around my cock and thought seriously about whacking off, but decided I'd better honor my promise to David. I swung myself over the edge of the bed and, holding on to the nightstand, stood up. I felt… well, okay might be stretching it, but certainly better; so I decided I could make it to the kitchen by myself. I saw the crutch laying on a chair in the corner, but figured that would make my victory a hollow one and hobbled into the kitchen unaided.

David was draining bacon on paper towels. "Morning, babe," I said from the doorway, trying to sound as normal as possible.

David came right over to me and helped me to a chair. "I wish you'd of used the crutch."

I smiled. "Didn't need it. I feel a lot better." David looked at me with great suspicion. "Honest, hun, I wouldn't lie to ya."

"Hmmm. Lie, no… exaggerate, maybe." He leaned down and kissed me. "Well, let's get some breakfast into you."

David set out two plates with scrambled eggs, bacon, American fries, and whole wheat toast with strawberry jam to be washed down with large mugs of hot black coffee.

David's black hair was hanging down over his forehead while he was eating and from time to time he would brush it back with his hand. I loved watching him eat, he eats so carefully, everything is cut to the same size, so… well, tidy. Joe was sitting next to David with his head in his lap in the vain hope that a piece of bacon would drop.

"Joe! Com'ere boy." I held out a piece of bacon for him. Joe was there in a flash and the bacon was gone.

"Mark, you shouldn't feed him from the table. He'll expect it."

"David, he expects it now. That's why he sits there with his head on your lap." I smiled at him cause he looked aggravated. "Course I'll do that too and you don't have to give me bacon." David reached forward and held my hand.

He looked into my eyes. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have sounded so bitchy." He dropped his shoulders. "I just want today to go well for Frank. I want you to get better and for next week to go right. Oh fuck, that sounds whiny!" David got up and put our dishes in the dishwasher. "No more of that self pity shit."

David came over to my chair and knelt down in front of me. He laid his head on my lap and gently wrapped his arms around me, being careful not to put any pressure on my damaged areas. I put my hand on the back of his neck and stroked it with my thumb.

'It's all gonna be fine, babe, all of it. You'll see. It'll all work out." I lifted his head. "Wanna take a shower?"

"Yep, let's fuckin do it." David steadied me as I got up and hobbled into the bathroom.

David and I were standing in the shower facing each other and washing each other's hair. This was easy for me because I'm nine inches taller than David and can look down on his head. David kinda has to play it by feel. I'm 6'4" and David is 5'7", but David has a gorgeous body, a body of perfect proportion and the best looking ass on the planet. I'm just a really big guy with a body trained for years by the Army to be capable of great strength and endurance. David has a body you look at with wonder.

"You sure are big." David was now scrubbing my chest. "How the hell do you get pecs like that?"

I smiled. I couldn't help it. "Lots, and I do mean lots of pushups, pullups, chinups, and every other kind of 'up' you can think of." I ran my hand down to his butt. "So, you tell me, how do you get a butt like that?"

"You really like my butt, don't you?"

"I don't like it… I love it." My dick was now hard and sticking between David's legs. I was holding David's face in my hands and bent down to kiss him.

"We're not having sex now, so you can just put that hardon away. Turn around so I can scrub your back." I did as I was told.

"Geez, your side looks so fucking bad. You're not having any pain internally are you? I mean, if that happens don't try to brave it out." He turned me around to face him. "You know what the doctor said about torn blood vessels." David rested his hand on my chest. "Promise me that if it starts hurting you'll let me know."

I took David's face in my hands and kissed him. "I promise, Mom."

David gave me an irritated little look. "Whadya want to wear today?"

"David! I can dress myself." I turned him around and slapped him on the butt.

"Okay, okay!" He was rubbing his butt. "Geez, that hurt." He looked up at me. "Look, just don't fall."


"All right, I'm going!" He mumbled his way over to the sink to shave, toweling his hair as he went.

David looked at me in the mirror. "My question about what you wanted to wear wasn't… well, wasn't totally me being mom. I mean you need to be comfortable, but I'm not sure everyone else is gonna wanna see all that black and blue stuff. Maybe track pants and a


I hobbled over to David and wrapped my arms around him from behind. I kissed the back of his neck. "I'm mostly just teasing, David, and the rest is just frustration at not being able to walk and shit. You can be mom as much as you want."

He smiled at me in the mirror.

I slowly slipped his towel off.

"Mark! Come on, you fucking promised. No sex till tonight."

"I know, I know, but I can look, can't I?" I spread his cheeks and gently rubbed his asshole with my finger. It was hot and still damp from the shower and kept flexing.

"Ohhhhhhh! No, Mark! Please! I gave my word."

I squeezed his ass cheek. "I know, babe, just getting you primed for tonight."

I leaned against the wall and watched David shave. He could probably shave twice a day, but usually did it only once - occasionally touching it up with an electric razor. From the first day we were together until now, I still marvel at him when I see him standing there naked shaving, and always the same thought comes to me. This man, this incredible, gorgeous, bright, talented, kind man, is mine. He's not a picture in a magazine or a fleeting glimpse in an airport; he's mine and he loves me just as much as I love him. I truly do understand this for the gift that it is, and I don't ever intend to loose it or have it taken from me.

I pushed off the wall and kissed David on the back of the neck. "I'm gonna get dressed, David." I rubbed my knuckles lightly on his chest. "You do know how much I love you?"

David was looking at me in the mirror, his eyes were glistening. "Yep… I do."

I put my hands on his shoulders. "I was thinking maybe track pants and a t-shirt. Sound okay?"

He smiled. "That'd be great."

Frank's silver BMW purred into our driveway at two o'clock on the dot. A very sporty Frank got out. He was dressed in cream colored shorts and a pale caramel polo shirt, and the source of all this good taste, Marcy, was dressed in almost the exact same thing, except with the colors reversed. Mike was wearing golfing pants and a white polo shirt, which somehow made it seem all afternoon like he really wanted to be somewhere else. Elizabeth was dressed in pale tan linen slacks with a muted peach blouse of a silky material.

Immediately behind Frank's BMW was Mike's SUV being driven by Chis with Jason riding shotgun; both Chris and Jason were wearing cargo shorts and tee shirts.

It's strange how just hearing someone being talked about can cause an idea to form in your mind of how they look, and interesting how wrong these impressions usually are. I pictured Chris as being short and kinda geeky, but actually he was at least six feet tall, maybe even and inch or two taller. While he wasn't built like a football player, he was a pretty big guy with blond hair and glasses. Jason was a bit shorter, maybe two or three inches and had brown hair.

Chris I wouldn't have taken for the really bright guy I knew him to be, but Jason did have the aura of a bit of a bookworm, well that's probably unfair, let's just say a serious student.

One thing, for me at least, was an absolute certainty that these guys were lovers. It was evident in literally every move they made. Clearly, they wanted to be as close to each other as possible, and the mental bond between them was an almost visible thing.

I glanced over at David, who had an odd little look on his face and I could sense his ESP, or whatever it was, going into overdrive.

Frank came over to me and stood there looking at me with his hands on his hips. "Well, you're not fucking dead!" Then seeming to remember that there were women present, took me by the arm and turned me toward the others. "Marcy! He's looking good." Marcy came over and took my other arm, more I think as a sign of support than anything else. I freed my right arm from Frank and shook hands with Mike and Elizabeth.

David had been using my greeting the older people to take the opportunity to introduce himself to Chris and Jason, then brought them over to me, one in each hand.

"Mark, this is Chris and this is Jason." He said, indicating each in turn. I don't know what David's ESP was telling him, but the feeling I was getting was that first and foremost, Chris was not gonna let anyone give his boyfriend a hard time. It wasn't of course that he said that, it was more like something at the back of his eyes.

Mike came over and stood behind the boys and put his hands on their shoulders. "The boys are in for a few days from Stanford." Since everyone knew that already, I can't imagine why he said it other than just to have something to say.

Chris stuck his hand out. "Hi, Mr. Chauvet!" He was followed quickly by Jason with the same greeting.

"Hi, fellas, we've been looking forward to meeting you. Hope an afternoon with us old guys isn't gonna bore you to tears - we were thinking that maybe you could use the pool and stuff."

Jason spoke. "We heard about the accident. I mean, I hope you're okay." The boys exchanged micro-glances.

"Oh, guys, I'm good. A little dented, but not broken." I lifted my tee shirt enough for them to see the bruising.

Jason starred oddly at my side. "Holy crap, that looks painful."

"Nah, more achy than anything." David had moved the adults adroitly over to the liquor and Frank was helping himself to his favorite scotch. This left the boys and I alone for a few moments.

"Did you guys bring swim suits?"

"Yeah," Chris said, "Gramp told us to." Hmm, hard to think of Frank as Gramp.

"Well, if you guys want to use the pool feel free to, or there's like six computers in the house if you'd rather do some surfing."

Chris and Jason looked at each other. "I really should check my email, if that'd be okay."

I put my hands on their shoulders and turned them away from the others and toward the house. "Our bedroom is all the way at the end of the hallway through these sliding glass doors and to your right." I walked with the boys to the house. "Halfway there you walk over a slate floor, so while your 'checking your email' you should be able to hear if anyone is coming." Both boys grinned totally at me. "Why don't you take your bathing suits, you can change while you're in there too." I squeezed the back of their necks affectionately.

"I gotta go harass Gramps." They took off for the SUV to get their suits and I turned to the older generation.

"Hey, Gramps! How's the scotch?" I saw Mike smiling.

"Don't be a smartass, Marky." Frank glanced witheringly at me. "A Marine woulda walked away from that little accident."

I laughed. "You're probably right, Frank… you're probably right." I turned to Mike and Elizabeth. "The boys are gonna check their email and change into their suits."

Frank turned to David, who was watching the bar-b-que guy. "David, your flying out there tomorrow?"

"Yeah, Frank, I am. I'm not thrilled about leaving Mark in his condition, but I am." David took a sip of his drink. "Frank, as far as I can tell your company does no manufacturing of exotic metals… ah well, metals that could be used in armaments. Would you have any interest in that?"

"Maybe." Frank looked down at his scotch. "What are we talking about specifically."

"Things like elinvar, some of the more exotic stainless steels, and similar things. I haven't confirmed it yet, and I would prefer to see it myself first, but I think this company has a considerable capacity to produce this stuff. Or are you only interested in the altitude thing?"

"Well," Frank said, "my main interest is the altitude devise, but I'd listen to anything."

David looked at Frank. "It's not a problem either way. I could sell the metal business in an hour, if it's as extensive as I think it is and the facilities are in good shape. I'll put together a proposal either way."

David looked at both Marcy and Elizabeth. "You two both look lovely today, so cool and elegant." The women sat up immediately and seemed to preen. I thought for like the millionth time that David was worth his weight in gold. He had a way of saying exactly what needed to be said at exactly the right time. The only time I actually saw him negotiate was when we bought our last car, and that battle was won before it started.

We'd been talking for about forty-five minutes when the boys came tearing out of the house and cannonballed into the pool. I'd have bet a thousand dollars that they'd had sex in our bedroom, which of course I expected them to. I caught a little flash of green as David shot me a quick look. God, how I just wanted to go over there and kiss him, but I also knew that he seemed to know that.

Joe, probably under orders from David, was sitting by the pool watching the boys swim.

David and Mike were talking animatedly together about the stock market and Elizabeth and Marcy were talking about some woman I'd never heard of. Frank and I were sitting quietly watching the boys swim and fuck around in the pool. At one point, Chris and Jason had both dived back into the pool at the same time and surfaced facing each other. The look on their faces spoke volumes. No objective observer could question their love for each other. It was obvious that if we hadn't been there they would have kissed.

I looked at Frank. "Is it really any different than it was for you and Marcy when you were young?"

Frank never took his eyes off of the boys. "No, Marky, there's not one fucking bit of difference."

Chris looked over to us, Frank smiled at him and nodded very slightly. Chris smiled broadly and then continued talked quietly to Jason.

"Frank, you think the boys would mind staying here tonight and take David to the airport in the morning?"

"Mind! I think they'd be fucking thrilled." He turned in Mike's direction. "Mike, you care if the boys stay here tonight and take David to the airport tomorrow morning?"

Mike looked for a second toward David and then said. "No. No, it's okay with me if the boys don't mind."

David spoke. "Frank, I can take a cab, you don't have to impose on the boys."

"Oh shit, they'd love it." Frank got to his feet. "And I'd love another drink."

I got up and walked as hobble free as possible to the edge of the pool and waved the boys over. "You guys mind staying here tonight and taking David to the airport tomorrow morning?"

They both smiled and said. "That'd be really great!" Then Chris asked, "It'd just be the four of us, right?"

"Yep! But remember ya gotta get up really early tomorrow, cause David's gotta be at the airport about 6:30."

"We'll be up!" Jason said, his voice surprisingly deep.

I smiled down at the boys. "I just bet you guys will be." Chris blushed a little and they both laughed.

The bar-b-que guy and his helper had been setting up a table with potato salad, cole slaw, and umpteen other side dishes along with plates, glasses, and silverware. He came over to David and spoke quietly to him, then David announced that dinner was ready.

The boys came dripping out of the pool, dried themselves and then wrapped the towels around their waists. Marcy and Elizabeth fixed their husbands plates of food and David brought me some along with a cold beer.

After dinner, Frank and David disappeared into the den for an hour or so and Mike kept us laughing with stories of Frank as the father of a teenage son. Frank and David reappeared about nine o'clock and everyone had a final drink, then the women were kissing the boys goodnight, and finally, Frank's taillights were smoothly exiting our driveway. Honestly, I was exhausted. I hadn't spent that much time vertical since the accident. We showed the boys to the guest room and David brought in a laptop and plugged it into our house network in case the fellas wanted to go online. David set the clockradio for a five a.m. alarm and then we told the guys goodnight.

David helped me hobble into the bathroom, where we undressed each other… well, he did more work than I did, but we both ended up naked and in the shower. I wet my hair and then turned sideways so that the spray hit David and he wet his, my arm was around his shoulders and I bent to kiss him. Since bending down too far is a kinda problem for me, David began soaping me up. He scrubbed my back and spent a whole lot of time washing my cock, which was sticking straight out from the time we first got in the shower.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off, touching and caressing almost constantly.

Something occurred to me. "You know this is the first time we've ever had someone else staying in the house."

David smiled at me. "I'll try not to scream."

Later, after resting and cleaning up, David is lying with his head on my chest and we're talking quietly. "I wonder if the boys heard us?"

David's talking into my chest. "Was I that loud?"

"No, it's just that we're used to being alone and what might seem quiet to us… well, maybe it's not all that quiet. But what the fuck, they're probably doing the same thing."

I massaged the back of David's neck. "If they are, I hope they're as in love as we are."

David looks up at me. "I think they are. Anyway, that's the feeling I get. Course at that age things can change quickly."

"I told them that they have to get up early so you can make your plane."

"Yeah, they said. By the way, the nurse probably won't get here until I'm gone, but she knows what to do."

"David, I'm not fighting you on this, honestly I'm not, but I really don't think I need a nurse anymore. I feel pretty good."

"I know, babe." He looked up at me and smiled. "You're a fast healer. But just for my peace of mind, keep her for a couple of days. I mean if you really think you're up to it, tell her she doesn't have to come back on Wednesday. I'll be home late Wednesday anyway."

"Hun, we'd better get some sleep if you're gonna be at your best tomorrow." David rolled onto his side so that I could spoon him. As I was wrapping my arms around him, he whispered "Joe" and the puppy jumped up on the bed and took up his position.

When I know that I have to get up without fail at some early hour I'm invariably up an hour before that time. So knowing that David needed to be up at five I was awake at four. We had moved apart during the night and David was lying on his back next to me. It wasn't light out yet and I couldn't really see him, just a vague outline, but I could hear his breathing and feel the heat radiating from his body. I already missed him. Yeah, I knew he'd only be gone for a few days and that we'd phone and email, but it wasn't the same. David is the beating heart of my life, the reason I get up in the morning. He wouldn't be here to read my mind and know when I needed him in my arms or when I needed him to stroke my hair or to play with my fingers when he talked to me. I edged closer to him and as gently as I could, I took his hand in mine and then drifted off to sleep again.

When I awoke again David was sucking my cock. He was lying between my legs, holding my balls lightly with one hand and the base of my cock with the other. He took his mouth off of my cock and said. "Morning, hun." He smiled.

"That feels good."

"I need you to cum quick. I'm running out of time."

I laughed. "Then you better swing your butt around here and let me do you too."

David pivoted on my dick and threw his leg over my head so that his balls were resting on my forehead. He raised up a bit and I was able to pull his cock down so that I could suck on it. I took it down to the base and started swirling my tongue around it while I played with his balls with my other hand. As I sucked, I began tapping on his asshole with my finger and started making little circles around it; finally pushing just the tip of my finger into it. David was making quiet versions of the David sound, but as my finger started going deeper I could tell he was getting nearer to orgasm and then I totally focused on my finger in his ass and I could feel my own orgasm building. David started pulling harder on my balls and I started cumming. As I did, I buried my finger all the way into his ass and soon he was cumming too.

The boys were standing in the foyer holding David's briefcase, computer, and suitcase; he was running from the den to the bedroom for like the fifth time. He was wearing pale gray pants with a white shirt and a pale gold tie, carrying his suit coat.

I met him in the middle of the foyer, took his face in both of my hands and kissed him deeply and for a long time. "I love you." Both boys blinked.

"Me too, you, Mark." I let him go and he walked to the door. "You'll take it easy, no major exertions?"

"I promise." I walked over to the boys, who looked like they were on the verge of getting emotional. I hugged them both at the same time. "Get him to the airport safely, boys, okay?"

"We promise, Mark."

And they were gone.

When David and I moved into our house and started our new jobs, we went online and each opened a checking and savings account, then one additional checking account that we held jointly and used for mortgage payments, utilities, food, and all kinds of stuff that we both used. Then with David's urging, we also opened personal brokerage accounts, one each for an IRA and David also insisted that we both open regular brokerage accounts, which we did. We both put $2000 in our IRAs and after all was said and done with financing the house, we both had about $10,000 left, which David said we should put in our brokerage accounts, so we did.

The fact of the matter is I haven't written an actual check since we've moved in. I'm sure that the bank sent us blank checks, but I have no clue where they were… maybe the den. Our paychecks are direct deposited and when the bills come in David goes thru them, sorts them into his and mine, then he goes into our accounts and pays them. Whatever our common bills for the month, like the mortgage, etc., David divides in half and transfers that amount from both of our accounts into the joint checking account. Since our IRAs are self directed, David also goes into those accounts from time to time and buys and sells, or at least I assume he does. The $10,000 that I put into my brokerage account David said he invested, and I figured that he had and really never looked. Whenever I needed cash I used my ATM card. I know that I must sound really disconnected, but money isn't that important to me as long as we have enough, and David's a great money manager.

In any event, when I wanted to give Mrs. Tyler, the nurse, a check and couldn't even find my checkbook, I decided that I'd better bring myself up to date on our finances.

I happened to go into my IRA first, which I was happy to see was now worth $2,389.00… not bad, considering the state of the market. My checking account had $3,782.00 in it and happily my savings account had $9,745.00 in it. The shock came at my brokerage account.

David had insisted that we open an account at this New York based brokerage that specialized in foreign securities. I was staring dumbfounded at the computer.

The net value of my account as of the close of business on the previous day was $289,000.00 Euros or roughly $282,778.86. Remember, this is an account that was started with ten grand. I couldn't believe the figure and started to call the broker, but went back to check the transactions and there had only been one. The day after the account had been opened, David bought 5,000 shares of Zander Gruppe at four German marks per share. The stock was now being quoted in Euros and being quoted at 57.8 Euros per share. I was stunned. I didn't, I wouldn't go in and check David's account, but I was sure that it contained the same thing.

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