Castle Roland

Son of a Dream

by Terry


Final Word

Published: 8 Apr 14

Final Word

Hi, I hope you enjoyed Son of a Dream; I really enjoyed writing it. I have at times, gone deep within the story, even the character, but with a true reflection of distress, depression, and anxiety, but still, the reader, came back as a testament of feeling, and interaction. At times it has been a struggle to put so much feeling into what is basically a child. What you read, was outside the parameters, but is a true reflection. I hope for any child. Male or Female, Boy, Girl, should not be put into anything close to what David had to endure. Sometimes what happens, is more, and more, likely to be self inflicted, but as I have seen too many times, the infliction is because of one word, never meant to be said, or even a careless word, or as they say, Planting a seed. John, I have to say was more, a case, of how I would expect an adult to act, were they put in the situation. I have enjoyed a lot of good comments about the story, also had some viscous comments, and very hurtful comments, for what is basically a story, even with a lot of truth. But with all the comments received it seems whoever read the story, took it to heart, which maybe says that I got closer to the truth than I wanted to.

Thank you again for all comments. A simple comment gives a reason for a story to be written, or continued.

Thanks Rock, Ted, Charlie, George, and JimB. Your predictions weren't far off the mark.


Final Thought....

The heart you possess, can be the book of life.

If you know what you did, and didn't do.

If you know what you do, and don't do.

If you know what you can, and can't do.

If listening to your heart guided you,

then you have the wisdom

of giving love and kindness.


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