Castle Roland

Ascension of the Thrones

by Thomas Nealy

On Hold

Chapter 3

Published: 8 Apr 14


Ascension of the Thrones

by ThomasNealy

This chapter contains material copyright by Kyle Aarons, it is used with permission.

Date: Destilan /4/6874

"Is everything loaded Chace? We have to be absolutely sure we have everything." A very flustered Callin stood on the loading dock of his freighter. It had been a hectic two days getting everything loaded onto the ship. Dodging questions as to what all the stuff was for. He did not want to answer and his reluctance was drawing attention. He wanted to leave the planet as soon as possible; he would feel better once he was safely on Ember.

"Yes, Callin, for the last time it is all here. I set up and turned on Celestia first. Then set up the scanners on the bay doors. She has been monitoring every thing as it came in. She says it is all here and accounted for. So lets go before your father decides to pay us a visit." Chace responded; he was getting a little irritated with Callin.

"Fine, close her up and let's go. I'll meet you on the bridge." The fact that they were the only two on board was a little worrisome, but they could not risk having a crew. Callin left the bay and made his way up to the command bridge. There he began atmospheric departure checks. When all systems were green he called control, as he was getting ready to make the call Chace walked in and sat down.

"Devia control, this is the Ember Industries freighter, T076f54. We are showing all systems go and are requesting atmospheric departure clearance."

"This is Devia Control, you are first in line for Departure. Fire engines and stand by. "

"Acknowledged control, firing engines and standing by." As the engines came on line the control panels lit up. Callin brought the dampeners, shields and artificial gravity on line, the last being in stand by till they left orbit.

"T076F54, you are cleared for Departure. May the Spirits guide you."

"Thank you control, T076F54 out." Turning off his communicator he throttled up the thrusters and took off. Once clear of the ground he switched to Impulse engines. Turning vertical he throttled to full power and the freighter rocketed out of orbit, once clear of the gravity of Devia the artificial gravity kicked in.

"System control this is T076F54. Requesting permission to exit the system."

"T076F54, you are cleared for system exit on lane four."

"Acknowledged control." With that they exited the Devian prime system and headed for Ember, about 9,000 light years away. The trip would take them five weeks in this ship, so they had plenty of time to kill. Once out of the system Callin jumped to hyperspace and set the course for a planet no one had ever stepped foot on and he hoped he was making the right move.

"So, Chace, what do you want to do for the next five weeks?"

"Work on more designs, and sleep. There is not much else to do. Its not like there are a lot people here to talk to. And since this ship does not have a holosuite that rules out much fun."

"This is going to be a long five weeks if you keep being so crabby!"

"I'm only crabby because you have been so nervous, you jumped at your own shadow. Not to mention you have been way to obsessive."

"I'm sorry about that. I just can't let us fail."

"I know what is at stake too you know."

"I said I was sorry. I'll just go start loading the program into the droids. That will take a long time. I'll see you at dinner." With that Callin left to go to cargo bay one. He loaded the software and program onto the construction droids one at a time. Once Celestia was fully operational she could load it to them by wireless connection. But since Celestia was only half operational right now he did it the hard way, just like so many other things over the last month. He would be glad to get to Ember and get things set up, not only would his life get easier but things would start moving faster.

Date: Destilan /6/6874

Ann paced her study, it had been two days and there still was no word on what happened to Chace and Callin, they seemed to just vanish and she was getting worried. The door to her study opened and Medil walked in, he looked like death had come knocking, he was doing just as bad as Ann. Marcus even braved Stephon and came over to be with Ann, he knew what it was like to have a child go missing. What no one could figure out was how the Crown Prince just vanished from the sight of an entire city full of guards. Stephon, for his part, was only worried about public image and insisted that no one find out he was missing. Ann agreed with him for very different reasons, she did not want some one trying to find him that would hold him hostage or hurt him. She could help but think this had something to do with his trip out to the city last month, she decided to ask the guards were he had gone.

Several hours later the guards in question reported to her. "Gentlemen, last month you came to the aid of my son, Callin, I want to know were he went after that."

The guards looked at each other then the corporal responded. "After he and Lord Chace ate they went to a ship yard and a tech store to order some computer system parts."

Ann looked up when they said ship yard, it was starting to make sense, the only way he could have disappeared was if he was off planet, and if he bought a ship that day, then he was planning on leaving. She was thinking more and more that Stephon needed to be kept in the dark on this. "What type of ship did he buy, if any?"

"He bought three ships, You Majesty, a freighter, a cargo lander, and a shuttle." The very nervous corporal answered.

"Thank you, you may go." She said as she turned from them and faced Medil, and Marcus.

"Stephon can't find out about this, I think this is related to his trip into the city. He bought ships and system parts, but yet he already had a system. He told us that day he could not let Stephon find out about what he was doing." Ann more said to her self than them. What she could not figure out was why he needed a freighter, then she turned pale, all the deliveries that had been showing up, he was transporting something off world. What in the name of the Spirits was he up too?

Just as they were about to retire for the mid day meal her com-station beeped. She looked over and saw it was a recorded message. She hit play and waited, the others had stopped as well. What they heard sent them all over to see the screen, it was Callin.

"HI Mom, I'm sorry for having to do it all this way, but it really has to be done like this. Four years ago you told me 'All it takes for evil to fail is for a good man to stand up and say that is enough, no more', I intend on being that man. I will not let my dreams come true, even if I have to die in the process. I know what is at stake, I have to ask you to not to try and find me. If the Regent were to locate what I am building I would be killed and he would seize power. I am assuming that Uncle Marcus is there with you, and probably Medil too, please know I don't mean to make you worry. I will be back as soon as I can leave where I am going. I love you all, please let Dani, Lucius, and Lilia know that too. If I fail, we all die and peace will be a distant memory. To succeed I must find the boy, the other in my dream. Good bye." The screen went blank and the system sounded, "End of recorded message."

"Ann, what did he mean?" Ann was visibly pale, when she looked back up at Medil.

"Our son is preparing for war, he has been since he was ten. Dear Spirits protect him." At that Medil and Marcus went equally pale.

"What do you mean war? What war?" Marcus asked.

"Three separate people have all had visions of, or have given prophecy of, a coming war. One of them was Callin, the other two were me and my sister. When he told me of his dreams I said what I did to calm him, he was so scared of what he saw that I told him it would all turn out alright. I think he took what I said as that he was supposed to fight. What have I done? I sent my son off to war." She cried till she had no tears left to cry. Medil and Marcus were left standing there not sure what to do.

Finally Medil spoke up. "If what he says is true then we need to give him the best chance he can get. We need to derail the investigation, with out tipping off the public or the unloyal ranks in the government, Thristian should be able to help with that. I have to trust that my son knows what he is doing."

Date: Alritel /12/6874

"Is that the planet, Callin?" Chace asked as they came into orbit and looked at the planet below them.

"Yes, that is Ember. It's even better than I thought it would be." It was a large world with three major land masses. There were smaller ones spread around, but only three that could be considered continents. The one Callin was interested in the most, for now, was the land mass with the dessert at its center. He needed the dryer climate to lesson the risk of the systems getting wet before weather sealing could be done, and the trade off in energy consumption to keep it cool was worth it to him.

"I'm going to set down on the southern part of the dessert. That way we can take advantage of the dry weather while minimizing the excess heat." Callin told Chace as he moved to sit at the helm.

"OK, I'll get the droids ready." Chace said as he left the bridge.

Callin brought the ship into a low orbit then prepared for atmospheric reentry. The shields were set to maximum and the dampeners were set to full. He turned off the gravity and began reentry. It was a rough ride but he pulled it off. Ten minutes later they were sitting on the surface of Ember. Callin was ecstatic; he was finally doing what he had planned for four years. He jumped from his chair and ran to the cargo bay, and started activating all the droids by work unit. Once he and Chace had them all on, they opened the cargo bay doors and let the droids unload what they needed, as they needed it. Now all they had to do was watch them do the work.

It did not take long for a temporary shelter to be built. After it was complete, they moved Celestiainto it and set up the reactor and brought her online. She took over the oversight of the work and soon had a more permanent temporary build being set up. Once the basic building was constructed, meaning that it had walls and a roof, she had them start moving her more advanced system into place. Even this one was temporary and once the final building was built she would have a much more advanced set up.

Date: Alritel /15/6874

It took three days to fully set up her systems and all its equipment that went with it. She now had a fully operational Matter Buffer, Teleportation System, R.S.F Unit, Communication System, Data up-link, and full surveillance capability. She deemed it as adequate for the time. Most people would have died happy with half of what she now had, but she after all, was not a person, at least not in the traditional sense. She started placing orders for the raw material she would need to build the main compound and informed Callin and Chace that they would need to leave now if they wanted to make it to the pick up location and back before she needed the resources.

They talked it over and decided that they needed to upgrade their ship to something bigger and faster, and that they would need two. So they had everything that was still on board off loaded to the first shelter. It was big enough to allow for that, and it was now standing unused. They also came to the realization that they would need more funds before they were through.

They had Celestia locate two freighters that were roughly twice the size as their current one and that was equipped with an Intergalactic Hyperspace Drive. Celestia located and purchased the freighters and arranged to have them delivered to the same planet as the materials. She even had them agree to have them loaded by time they got there. When they decided to get the two bigger ships Celestia quadrupled the order of materials. The company they were buying it all from was so happy they would have dragged the stuff to Ember on their backs if asked. A little thing like loading two new freighters and having them waiting for them was a small price to ask for the fourteen billion credit purchase.

The freighters themselves were the newest models available; they were Gallian Mining Freighters. To say they were big would be an understatement. Think of a city block then add another half a block and you would have the size of these ships. And to put it in perspective the special freighters that Chace modified were twice as large. Chace insisted that the new ships have a holo-suites as well, he said he was not spending weeks without anything to do any more. It was bad enough they had another two week journey ahead of them to get to the "closer" planet for the pick up. Luckily, with the better engines the return trip would only be four days.

"OK, are we ready, Chace?" Callin asked as he finished getting together what he wanted to take with him.

"Yeah, I'll meet you on the bridge. Go ahead and start preflight system checks."

Just as Callin was through checking the systems and started to power every thing up Chace walked on the bridge.

"We are all set, lets get this trip started!" With that said Callin engaged the thrusters and took off. Switching to vertical climb, he switched to the impulse drive and rocketed out off Ember, once clear of orbit they entered Hyperspace.

Date: Alritel /28/6874

"I wish we would have asked Celestia where we were picking the new ships up at!" Callin said softy to Chace as the walked around the space dock trying to find the Port Master's office.

"I just thought that two big ships like that wouldn't be hard to miss. Seems I was wrong." Chace grumbled back.

The trip was not an easy one for either of them. Two weeks stuck on the ship with nothing to do and only the two of them and their Symbionts for company. In hind sight they realized they should have brought something to entertain them while off Devia. Neither was thinking of that when they were trying to get off world as fast as they could before any one figured out what was going on.

After wandering around they found their way to where they needed to be. When they went into the office and asked the secretary at the desk if they could talk to the Port Master the woman behind the desk just looked at them. She seemed to be at a loss for what to say. What Callin and Chace did not know was it was her first day and she had no idea what she was doing. The other secretary was showing her what to do but left for lunch telling the young woman that no one ever came by anyway so she would be fine.

"Ahh, I'm not sure."

"Can you check?" An exasperated Chace asked. He really was in a bad mood, mostly because his 2nd stage of puberty started on the trip and the hormonal imbalance was making him edgy. Add the fact that he could not control his voice and stop it from cracking was just making things worse, he thought it made him sound like a fool. Arawn kept trying to get him to relax but he ignored his symbiont and preferred to sulk.

"I'm sorry, it's just that it's my first day, and the person that was showing me how to work everything went to lunch. I don't know how to page him to ask."

"Can't you just knock on his door?" Chace asked, the poor girl looked so embarrassed, she had turned bright red, but got up and walked to the door and knocked.

"Sir, you have some people here that want to talk to you." He told her to let them in and she walked back and showed them into the small office. As soon as he saw who it was he jumped to his feet and bowed slightly.

"Your Majesty, what can I do for you?" The girl looked at him, then Callin, and turned even redder; if that was possible. She really did not recognize Callin as the Crown Prince, and never expected him to show up all the way out there. The truth was, Callin would rather the Port Master had not recognized him either. It would have made his job easier, now he was going to have to modify a memory and he really did not like doing that. So, making a fast change in both of their memories, and projecting an illusion into their minds, he made it so they would not remember having seen him there at all.

"Well, me and my partner here were supposed to pick up two ships today. They were also to be fully loaded when we came. The problem is we can't seem to find them."

"Well, I would be happy to help you two gentlemen. If you could just tell me what type of ships they are I will see what I can find." Chace cast a questioning look at Callin when he noticed that the Port Master was acting differently. Callin shot him a look that said be quiet.

[I modified their memory already, and I'm making it so they see us as older men and not the Crown Prince and the Earl of Brector.] Chance understood and would play the part.

"They are two Gallian Mark VI Mining Freighters and as far as we know they have no names. We just bought them and were to make the pick up here." Callin said, trying to keep the worry out of his voice.

"Ahh yes, I remember them, they were too big for the dock and we could not leave them in orbit, and of course there was no where to have them set down on the planet. So, I had them moved farther out in the system, I can have them brought over to you if you would like, it will only take a few moments."

"That would be fine. We also have our current ship here as well. We need to transfer the shuttle to one of the new ships and the cargo lander to the other. Then I believe someone is taking the ship off our hands."

"OK, I will have them brought into orbit then. When they get here you can dock your shuttle and lander in them. I have an order here to dock your ship till the new owners come for it tomorrow. " He turned and started entering information into his data system, and asked them if they wanted any thing to drink while they waited. They both accepted a glass of wine that the man said was a "rare import in these parts". Ironically it was from Coleona, and they drank it all the time. So they smiled and accepted the glasses, pretending to be shocked at how good it was. Coleonaian wine really was among the best in the Empire. Some would say among the best in the galaxy. Callin and Chace where sure Marcus would get a kick out the whole situation, if they were ever able to tell him.

True to his word, a few minutes later the ships were entering a high orbit. The Port Master walked them out to their ship so they could transfer what they needed and Callin and Chace put everything that was theirs on the shuttle and lander, each taking what was theirs. Then Callin wiped the systems of all data except operating code, he did not want to take the chance of the ships log showing were Ember was.

They got the two smaller ships loaded up then did a scan for tracking or any other surveillance devices; they came up with nothing. They relaxed a little at that. Callin stopped at the other ship with the shuttle and picked Chace up so they could go deal with the paper work. After they were done they left orbit and headed back to Ember.

Date: Alritel /30/6874

Callin was sitting at his desk looking over all the plans and making some minor changes. The dreams were getting more urgent. He could feel the boy hurting, but had no idea how to help, last nights dream was bad. He did not know anyone could take such a beating and live. If he ever found these people, he used that term loosely for them, they would feel what real pain was like. He had mastered the Gaze Of Justice, and he was not going to shy away from using it on these animals. He did think it was odd that a skill that was supposed to so hard to learn and master seemed to come so easily to him. Supposedly only Justials were able to use it instinctively. There were a lot of things like that, that were starting to bother him. He wanted to ask his mom about it, but some how asking his mom if she lied about who his father was, was just something he could not bring himself to do just yet.

He was deep in thought, thinking about everything when his communications terminal sounded, it was Chace. He tapped the screen bringing up the call. "Hey Chace, did you need something?"

"Yea. I want to show you a new ship I have been working on since we left Devia. Can we do a joint holo-meeting?" Chace was practically bouncing in his seat. Callin was happy that Chace seemed to be in a good mode for once. He really hoped his own stage two would not be that bad.

"Sure, I'll meet you in the program." Callin got up and walked to the holo-suite. He was definitely curious about a ship that would take Chace a little over seven weeks to work on. He was not going to be let down. He walked into the holo-meeting and saw Chace waiting for him. Chace ran up to Callin and gave him a hug. He knew he was being an ass most of the time, he just could not help it.

"Callin, your going to love this. I call it C.R.M.3C , it stands for Creation, Repair, Maintenance, Command and Control Carrier." He then pulled up a simulated image of the ship. It was huge. The specs said it was 22.96 square Miles [i], making it about the size of a small city. It looked like there was a central hub that five arms spiraled off, like spokes and each spoke was curved. It looked like it was shaped like a spiral galaxy, only the arms were not as long and they did not over lap as much.

"Chace, it's huge! And really beautiful." It was true most ships that were built were not made to look good as well as be functional, that was one thing Chace was always complaining about. He thought they should look good as well as work well. "It's a city ship."

"It's not a city. It may be the size of one but there are no buildings or any businesses. It's all construction and repair docks, offices, and suites, along with some training rooms and stuff like that. I figure if we are going up against your Father. The planets might not be safe for command to operate on. So, if they're not on a planet to get attacked they would be safe." At that Callin's eyes lit up. He had an idea, but first he needed to find somethings out.

"Chace, what is the reason for the arms?"

"Well, I needed to spread the weight over a larger surface area so it could float."


"Well, yeah, while it can take off from land it has some issues with landing on it. So I made it so it could land on water. Reentry would be messy over dry land." Chace said looking slightly sheepish.

"OK, leave it to you to make floating space ship." Now that he knew what they were for he could find out if his idea would work. "This center part," he said pointing to the image on the screen. "Would it be possible to make a ship like that with just that part, but were the arms are on this one put a retractable docking tube?"

"Well, yea, that would be easy, but why?"

"On the other ship, the one up there now, could you take one arm off and replace it with a retractable docking tube that could connect to the one on the modified version?" Chace saw where Callin was going with it now.

"Yes! That's brilliant. We could have multiple command ships that could then dock to a central station. The central ship would have to be larger, a lot larger, but that could be build in space."

"The other ones would need to be built in space, too"

"No, I already asked Celestia. And like I said, the mass thrust ratio still allows for planetary take off and landing, you just need a lot of water to land."

"Yes, but the building is not that big! We would need a place that would be around one hundred square miles."

"I know, Celestia already modified the plans. She said that after phase two is done the materials won't be a problem. She is making it so that side of the building can be expanded, and before you ask, she would not tell me what phase two was."

"Yea, I guess that would work. We're going to need hover carts to get around, but it would be nice to have the space any way. That puts us at twenty-three construction bays, two city sized, three extra large, three large, five medium, ten small." He stopped to think then added, "I think I want more small ones so I can build frames, artillery, and satellites faster, not to mention Light Cruisers and smaller ships. They could all just be replicated as a whole ship. Have Celestia add ten more small and medium bays and two of the large and extra large. That should bring us up to about 150 square miles[ii]."

Callin and Chace spent the next few hours going over plans for the new sections and the new ship. In the end it was decided to build six ships now and the central hub would be built with seven docks. On the first ship would be the command ship for The Space Force and Space Force Intelligence. On the second ship would be The Air Force and Air Force Intelligence. On the third ship would be The Army, Marines, Army Intelligence, and Marine Corps Intelligence. On the fourth ship would be The Elite Forces and Elite Forces Intelligence. On the fifth ship would be Psi-Ops Intelligence, Electronic Intelligence, Planetary Intelligence, and Imperial Intelligence. On the sixth ship would be Imperial Security, Planetary Security, Justial Security, Noble Council Security, and Peoples Council Security. The central hub would host the Privy Council, Justial Conclave and Council, Magistrate Council, and Health Service. The seventh ship would be Navy but it would not be built till after the trouble with Stephon passed. So the Central hub would be built with seven docking tubes.

By the time they were done working on everything it was dinner time. They decided to eat in the holo-suite, so they had their food replicated then brought it back to the suite. They set it to look like a beach and relaxed the rest of the night.

"How do you think he's doing Medil? I worry so much for him, I had hoped he would be back by now. I hate not knowing if he's safe or not. I miss them both so much, I have come to think of Chace just as much my own son as Callin is. If any thing happens to them I will never forgive my self."

"I'm sure they are fine Ann, I believe that if any thing happened we would know. I don't know how, but we would know."

They were laying in bed, Ann had decided that if she had to be out in public appearances and pretend that every thing was OK that she would do so off Devia on one of the hundreds of other Planets in the Empire. Stephon was not happy about it but did not do much to try and stop her. What she saw disturbed her greatly, it seemed like the whole Empire was falling apart, gone was the work ethic they once had, gone was the willingness to help others before yourself. Now everyone seemed to be after what they could get for the least amount of work, and damn everyone else who got in the way. She knew it was only going to get worse before it got better, and it served to confirm her resolve to stand by Callin in whatever he was doing. Stephon was ruining a twenty thousand year old society, they had not been this fractured and self serving since before unity. She shudder as she thought of the dark times, as they were called, she refused to let her people spiral back down in to that living hell.

Date: Alritel /32/6874

Callin looked out of the main screen on the bridge and was worried, he saw a satellite in orbit above the work site. There should not have been a satellite yet, and he had no idea how one got in orbit or why it was there. He quickly set everything for reentry and flew as fast as he could to the surface. What he saw confused him as much as it worried him. Where their base was supposed to be was flat ground with shafts sticking out from the ground, and long, wide, and deep trenches cut everywhere.

"Chace, do you have any idea what is going on?" Callin asked when he saw Chace getting off his ship and looking at the site with the same confused looked.

"No clue, Callin. I thought we would be farther along than this. I have no idea what all the holes are for either."

They walked over to where Celestia was still set up. "Celestia, I have three questions for you. First, why is there a satellite in orbit? Second, why are there deep holes where my base is supposed to be? And third, why is this all the progress that has been made? You should have at least had the basic structure for your bay and the matter buffer bay up?"

<All three answers are related, Callin. The holes are there because of the satellite, the satellite was needed to make the hole. The holes were needed to build my bay, the Matter buffer bay, the communication and control rooms, power and reactor rooms, the Medical bay, the offices, and living quarters. After you left I did a scan of the area and I determined that there were hot spots that would have made it difficult to have my systems above ground. Also, this way the non construction areas are protected from any and all outside effects. It had side effect of decreasing the footprint of the base as well, since now fifty square miles now resides below ground in the subterranean structure. I built it so it was one mile below the surface.>

"OK, so why was I not notified of these changes? And how does the satellite help you make the holes?"

<I did not think it was necessary to inform you of such a minor change. After all, you yourself complained about the size of the base. This solved both our issues. As for how the satellite made the hole, it fired a concentrated sonic blast coupled with high energy laser and phaser blasts.> By now Callin and Chace were less concerned with the why and were now wondering at the how.

"OK, you did a good thing, but in the future keep us informed about changes to physical structure. Now, what did you do with all the material left over from your dig. I see some was used to back fill the hole, but there seems to be a lot missing." While Callin was talking to Celestia, Chace was pulling up the schematics on the satellite. He was impressed.

<I found that the surrounding ground material was high in silicone and iron oxide. I adsorbed what was left and added some other materials to form a new alloy. I call it luxmire, it is an amorphous metal, it currently is being used and will be used as the floor for the base.> Now Callin was truly impressed, not only had she improved on his designs but also decided to use waste product to further their goals.

"Good job, Celestia. Now where do you want the stuff we brought?"

<I will have the droids unload it and I will process it into ingots till I need it. I do not yet have the ability to absorb all of it at once and hold it. I will need you both to go and pick up the next shipment of material though. I have already ordered it, once the ships are unloaded you will need to leave as soon as possible if we are to maintain your time frame.>

Callin resigned himself to the trip, he could not wait for phase two to begin. "Chace, we have to go back out as soon as the ships are unloaded." Callin called out.

"Callin, have you seen this satellite. It's amazing, it's not truly a new design just a combination of technologies put on a satellite firing station. I never thought of doing that, but this thing could be used as a weapon if she had to."

<Chace, that brings up something I have been thinking about.> Celestia broke in on the conversation.

"What is that Celestia?" Callin asked, truly wondering what his A.I. could be thinking about.

<I am completely defenseless here. I would like Chace to design a weapons satellite that I can use to defend against attack and intruders. I would combine them with your shield ships to make a defensive and offensive perimeter around Ember.>

"He can design them, but I don't want them made till we reach phase two. We don't have the resources to be building a defense system yet. If it comes down to it, use the digging satellite for now, but you are correct, you need protection. As soon as phase two is under way that will be your first priority, after the Harvesters and Star Cruiser. "

<Thank you, Callin. The ships should be unloaded in four hours.>

Caleb was terrified, Nevor was standing over him just staring. Caleb felt dirty again, and he was scared of what Nevor felt like right now. He could never understand it but he could always sense what others were feeling.

"I have waited a long time for this, slave. It took a lot of planning but now I have you here all alone. You may be my parents slave, but now you are are gong to be my sex slave." Nevor said with an evil look on his face, one that you would only see on a fanatic.

"No, Nevor, don't. Please!" Caleb sobbed out, fear ripping through his chest. Caleb knew what was coming, now all the feeling he got off Nevor over the years made sense.

Nevor grabbed Caleb and smacked him across the face. "It does not speak. It will lie there and enjoy it. I know you want it as much as I do, slave. I have seen the way you look at me. You want me to take my rod and shove it in your ass. The way you run around here with barely anything on. I should be congratulated on not taking you sooner. And the way you walk and move. Everything you do is a tease. Well, now it's time to stop teasing because you're going to get what you want."

Nevor began to rip off what little clothing Caleb had on. Caleb screamed in fear, that only earned him more punches and smacks. He fought with everything he had but in the end he ended up pinned beneath Nevor. Then a miracle happened, every time Nevor would go to insert his penis into Caleb it would go flaccid, he was incapable of maintaining an erection.

Frustrated that he could not have what he wanted Nevor grabbed Caleb by the hair and pulled him from his bed roll, then forcing him to his knees he ordered Caleb to suck on him and forced his face to his crouch. Then the unexplainable happened, Nevor went flying backwards. He was knocked unconscious when his head smashed into the wall. Completely overcome by emotions, Caleb was reduced to a sobbing mess before he finely passed out from crying so hard.

Caleb woke up and Nevor was nowhere to be seen. He hoped he imagined the whole thing but his bruises and pain told him other wise. He had no idea what had happened, all he knew was that for some reason he was safe for now. He staggered to where he kept his clothes. He did not have much, and most of it was so worn that you could see through parts of it, but it was all he had. He got what he would need to dress in then went outside to the outdoor shower. He was not allowed to use the indoor one; there he washed himself the best he could without causing any more pain. After he was clean he got dressed, he knew that it was getting late and his masters would be home soon. He started working on what he would make for dinner, he just finished getting everything together when his master came thundering through the house.

"You filthy little bastard, how dare you try to have sex with my son." His master yelled as he was grabbed by the neck and thrown to the ground, he was then dragged by his hair to the whipping post. For the first time in his life Caleb felt defeated as the whip descended on his back over and over, he swore he felt someone there with him giving him strength. It gave him the courage to not give in. He once again went to his happy place, but this time it was different. Normally he just revisited his dreams, this time it was a new dream, he had never dreamed while he was awake before. He saw his boy, that is how he started thinking of him, as his boy, he saw him siting at a desk and somehow he just knew that he was thinking about him. That's why he could feel right now, like he was standing there with him. Caleb did not even realize when his whipping was over, till his master threw him back in the kitchen and told him he better have dinner ready on time or he would be whipped again.

Moving slowly he made their dinner, he could feel the blood dripping down his back. After he finished making their dinner, he took it out to the dining room. Then he saw Nevor, he had a smirk on his face as if to say, 'see you can either give in or be whipped'. Caleb ignored him and set the food down then went back to the kitchen to clean up the blood that dripped on the floor. He only had two more days till Nevor left again; he could not wait for that to come.

That night Caleb dreamed of great ships moving in space, ones that were as big as some cities, and as always his boy was next to him.

[i]Manhattan Island is about 22.7 Square miles.

[ii]Detroit Michigan is about 143 Square miles

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