Castle Roland

Ascension of the Thrones

by Thomas Nealy

On Hold

Chapter 7

Published: 8 Apr 14


Ascension of the Thrones

by ThomasNealy

Date: Crutal /23/6874

Callin and Glorya were riding down the street in a carriage when Callin felt the mental panic slam into him, he knew that mind. He started yelling for the driver to stop. Then before it was even fully stopped he jumped out and ran to where he felt the mind at. He threw open the door and lost his temper at what he saw. Nevor trying to rape the love of his life, the boy of his dreams.

"Get off him," Callin yelled before using every ounce of power to throw Nevor as far as he could.

Caleb's head snapped over to see Callin just before he blacked out. Callin was so enraged that he lost control of his temper. Just as his cousin came in Callin was already lost to the rage. Nevor was suspend in the air and Callin's eyes were glowing green, but nobody noticed that. They were all to busy watching Nevor scream for his life as parts of him burst into flames and others froze and fell off. The whole building began to shake as Callin continued to take in the sight of Caleb lying on the ground bleeding. His gaze rose and fixed itself on Nevor, you will die here for what you have done.

The building started to come down around them. The soldiers grabbed Callin and Caleb and drug them out just as the building collapsed, burying Nevor. The sudden action of being dragged snapped Callin out of his trance just in time for his eyes to stop glowing before anyone noticed.

"What did you just do Callin? That was a Noble man you just killed, and for what, a slave?"

Callin came to his senses, stood up and glared at Glorya. After picking Caleb up he tried to walk away but the soldiers blocked his path.

"" Callin said through gritted teeth.

"Callin, you just killed someone, you need to go with the soldiers."

"I am a Crown Prince and refuse to allow myself to be taken anywhere. Now, move or be moved." the soldiers moved aside, despite Glorya's complaints. "Take me to the shuttle pad now!" he said as he stepped back into the carriage and rested Caleb's head on his lap.

"Everything will be OK now." As the carriage thundered down the street Callin remembered he left his cousin and her soldiers back at the pile of ruble and he chuckled to himself.

Directing his thoughts to the interface he thought of his uncle. (Uncle, I will need to see you soon, I have to make an emergency take off to the Palace, but I will be back.)

(What happened? Are you and Glorya all right?)

(We are fine. I had to leave Glorya behind. I am sorry, but I am sure I just killed one of your Noble men.)

(What! What happened?)

(He was raping someone and I lost control. After I get him back to the Palace of Light and into a Bio-Chamber I will return for whatever punishment you wish. There is more Uncle, this is the boy I have been dreaming about since I was ten.)

There was silence as Thristian thought about what was just said. He did not think he could bring charges against Callin even if he wanted to, which he did not. Rape was one thing he could not stand. (I will meet you at the Palace, you have nothing to worry about.)

As the carriage pulled to a stop Callin took off his cloak and wrapped it around Caleb, who was still sleeping. Callin had put him in an empathic induced sleep so he would not panic. Callin got Caleb strapped in and then took his seat in the pilots seat.

"Control, this is the Devian Crown Prince on shuttle Constellation One, declaring a medical emergency. Clear all traffic for my immediate departure for Snowel."

"Constellation shuttle, you have been cleared, all traffic has been redirected away from your route. Fire thrusters."

Callin fired his thrusters and engaged max impulse. He crossed the sound barrier and flew faster until all that could be seen was a strike of blue light racing across the sky. A few minutes later Callin saw the Snowel city line and began his decent. He had made the trip in ten minutes and broke every travel law on the planet, but he did not care.

"Snowel city control, this is the Crown Prince aboard the shuttle Constellation One, clear all traffic on approach to the Palace of Light. This is a medical Emergency, please contact the Palace and have doctors standing by."

"Traffic has been cleared and doctors are standing by. The Palace is requesting to know who is injured."

"Inform them that the Crown Prince Consort is in critical condition."

"Shuttle One did you say Consort?"

"Yes Control, the Consort, as in my future husband." Callin saw the landing pad coming up and began landing procedures. Once he was down the back hatch was opened and the doctors began getting Caleb onto the stretcher. "I want him in the Bio-Chamber as soon as possible. I will be there soon."

Callin looked up and saw his mother looking at him. "Since when did you get a Consort?"

"When I was ten and saw the end of the world," was Callin's response as he pushed past everyone and followed the doctors to the medical bay.

When they had Caleb in the Bio-Chamber the doctors started asking Callin questions.

"Do you know his name, or any history? The scans show him as being part Gallain." Callin was shocked at that, but quickly decided it did not matter.

"I know nothing and everything about him. But no, I do not know his name. I know he was a slave and beat all the time, he was also almost raped today."

"We will do our best for him, your Majesty. The Chamber has him sedated now, so you can bring him out of the empathic sleep."

"Thank you, Doctor. May I see him?"

"Yes, but don't stay too long."

Callin walked over to the chamber and brought Caleb out of the sleep, he stood there and watched him and he felt complete. He tried to reach out and contact his mind but found it well shielded. Callin realized that his dream boy was at least a telepath, it made him wonder what other ability's he had, and if he was ever trained.

"Your Majesty, I have to ask you to leave now. You can come back in the morning. We should be able to wake him up by then."

"OK, please keep me updated on his condition."

Callin then left the medical bay and went to talk to his mother and the rest of his family. The first one he saw was Chace, who was waiting for him.

"Is it true, you found dream boy?"

"Yes, he is in a bio-chamber now. I think he is a telepath, too. I tried to contact him and he was shielded. NI could have forced my way in, but I thought that might be wrong."

"Are you going to tell him about your dreams?"

"No, if he wants me it will be on his own. I also don't want anyone telling him I am the Crown Prince either. I do not want him to feel obligated to love me, or think he is serving me."

"If he stays here he is going to figure it out. You can not keep who you are from him for long."

"I will tell him after he gets to know me. How upset is my mom?"

"Well, you know her, she over thinks everything. The interesting thing is that Marcus is here, saying something about you killing his attacker."

Callin stopped dead in his tracks. "I do not want to talk about that." They then walked the rest of the way to Ann's office in silence. Once they got there Callin took a deep breath and opened the door. Sitting in the room was Marcus, Thristian and Ann, no one else had come.

"Callin, how is he doing?" Marcus asked.

"He should be fine, he will have a lot of scars, he was beat every day for years. I am ready to go with you and answer for what I have done."

"That will not be needed. For one, you are a Crown Prince and therefore have diplomatic immunity, two you are my nephew, and three you were protecting someone from being raped. I do wish you would not have killed him, but from what my daughter and her guards say, you were not in your right mind." Marcus glanced over at Ann then continued. "Do you remember saying any thing just before you caused the building to collapse?"

Callin hunched his shoulders and look down. "I do not remember anything after seeing him about to be raped, well, not until I was on the ground after being dragged from the building."

"Callin, you need to be more careful, you are the most powerful psychic in generations. You could easily destroy everything around you." Ann said to him.

"I just killed someone, why does no one seem to care about that. I took a life, I made myself judge and executioner. What right did I have? I was not even in my Empire." Callin fell to his knees and started crying. The burden of a first kill is always hard, the fact that Callin was taking it this bad was a good sign.

"You did what you had to do. If this case came before me in court I would have found you not guilty. Yes, you killed him, but he was going to be executed any way. Also, you were not in your right mind." Marcus said, trying to calm him down.

"I want a Justial to examine me. If they say the same thing then I will relent, if they charge me then I will give myself over to them."

"I can do that." Everyone turned as Medil walked into the room. He felt Callin's pain and came over as soon as he could. Callin got up and ran to him, puling him into a hug he continued to cry. Everyone in the room had to wonder if Callin did know who his real father was, if only on a subconscious level. "Callin, you have done, and will do, things that no fifteen year old should have ever had to see let alone do. I think you are too hard on yourself, but if it is a trial you want, you will have one. Now stand before me."

Medil stood straight as his eyes began to glow violet. "We, the Tribunal, stand in judgment. Step forward." Medil's voice took on a strange quality, it sounded like three people were talking with his mouth.

Callin stepped forward, and felt Medil's mind in his, he flinched as Medil saw things he wished were not viewed, like his secret wish that Medil was his father, or the dreams he had of the boy he still did not know the name of. He blushed at that, but he knew they were important to show why he lost control. Solaris redirected the thoughts when they came close to seeing the meeting with the spirits and the off world plans.

"It is done, We do not find you liable for the unknown Nobleman's death. We do, however, find you guilty of recklessness in regards to your abilities. We therefore sentence you to six months of control training. Do to your high level of abilities this will have to be done by military trainers. The Tribunal has spoken." Medil's eyes stopped glowing and he shook his head.

"I am sorry about what you saw, it was just a childhood wish. Please don't be mad at me." Callin said on the verge of tears.

Medil came up and hugged him again. "I am not mad, I am honored that you would wish for that." Medil was mad though, not at Callin but at Ann for not letting him tell Callin the truth, he thought Callin deserved the truth.

"Well, we already have soldiers going to Ember, they can do the training when you're there, and I can have your old trainers come back to the Palace to train you while you are here." Thristian said.

"I would like to go back to the medical bay now, if that is ok?"

"Yes, that would be fine. I think Dani and Lilia would like to see you sometime as well."

"Can I ask a favor of every one?"

"What Callin?"

"I do not want him to know I am the Crown Prince, or about my dreams. If he is to be with me I want it to be because he wants it, not because he feels obligated to me."

"I will let the staff know," Ann said

"Thank you, mom."

Callin and Chace both left and headed back to the medical bay. Callin knew the doctors told him not to come back until morning, but he did not care. He needed to be with the boy.

"So, that is what he looks like." Chace made it a statement.

"Yes, that is what he looks like. I want to take him back to Ember, as soon as we can. I want to get rid of the scars, but I do not have the bio mites here to do that. I need to get him tested and a symbiont implanted as well. He can train on Ember."

"Are you going to ask him if that is what he wants? He might want to go back to his masters."

Callin spun around and glared at Chace. "He has no masters. He is not a slave. But the rest of it you are right, I will need to ask him what he wants. I am so used to going by what I see in my visions and dreams, that some times I forget not every one can see what I can."

Callin and Chace sat by the Bio-Chamber talking about what this was going to mean for all their plans, and what Callin wanted to happen. They were there until they fell asleep.

While Callin and Chace were in the Medical Bay, Ann, and the others were talking.

"So what are we going to do about the young man that Callin brought in. I understand he was a slave, so he most likely does not have any family, or a place to go. I know Callin will want him close, too. It took him five years to find him, I do not think he will give him up." Ann asked Marcus, Medil, and Thristian.

"Well, he is no longer a slave, once he crossed the border into the Empire, he was freed. That is what our treaty states, and I will honor that. However, this will be a social shock to the boy, going from being a slave to being, for all purposes, royalty. That is going to take him some time to get used to. We will all need to be extra understanding and help him adjust." Thristian put forward.

"I would also not let Callin hear anyone refer to him as a slave. I think that could end bad for whoever said that. Now, from a legal stand point the boy needs guardians. He is too young to be on his own, even if he lives here at the Palace, he will need someone to be legally responsible. We could do what we did for Chace, but I think a more traditional arrangement would be better." Medil said.

"What are the chances of finding his real family, the doctors said he's part Gallain, he has to have family out there somewhere." Thristian asked.

"Not good, most children slaves are either sold by their parents or are born into slavery. Very few are taken by force. I try to enforce the laws about kidnapping. but some slip through." Marcus stated.

"Well then, I will be his foster mother until his real family can be found. That way my husband does not have to agree to it. He gets a more traditional family, and if we do find his real parents and they want him back we wont have to deal with undoing an adoption." Ann said.

"I think that would be the best. Also, he will need to be tested for both academics and psychic abilities. We may even want to think about getting him a symbiont as well. That will have to be done before his puberty cycle ends." Medil once again suggested.

"I will try to track down his former masters and see what I can find out about him as well, he did have an ident chip in that gives his owners information. May the spirits help them once Callin gets ahold of them. Looking at the doctors report it shows long term abuse, more than what is allowed by law for punishment of a slave. I may have a word or two with them myself." Marcus said.

"Well, if slavery was outlawed you wouldn't have that problem, now would you?" Medil asked, he never liked the idea of slavery.

"I am trying, it took me twenty years to just get to where I am on the laws. Slavery is a part of our economy, I can not just get rid of it. If I did my kingdom would collapse. I am working to phase it out, but it will take time. It does not help that most Nobles do not see or understand my reason for getting rid of it, so they are unwilling to stop using them." Marcus said.

"Well, there is not much we can do until he wakes up and we can talk to him, but remember, Callin does not want it known that he is the Crown Prince. I do not think it is possible to hide that he is noble so we will act like like we are low born nobles. I think Callin should tell him as soon as he can, but that is his choice." Ann said.

"Speaking of keeping things from people. Did you know that Callin has secretly wished I was his father since he was a young child. I saw it during the trial, he felt ashamed that I saw that. I wish you would relent and allow me to tell him the truth. He is old enough to keep it a secret, and I do not think he could get any more affectionate with me than he already is." Medil said with a little bitterness in his voice.

"Soon, we will tell him soon. I would still rather wait for his ascension first. There is just to much to lose if it is found out before that." Ann whispered, she was pleading with him not to push the issue.

"And what if he resents me for it. I want him to know while he is still young enough no to hate me for not being there for him. I want to tell them all, they need to know. And I have no wish to be hated for something that I was not at fault for." Medil said as his voice started to rise.

"Ann, I think Medil is right. You should have told them as they got older. It is well beyond the time to tell Callin, and the twins as well. Lilia could most likely handle it as well, but you might want to wait longer on her." Thristian said.

"I also agree with them. Stephon is no father, the boys need a real father to look up to. Ann, I know you have held this secret in your heart for a long time, but it is time to let it go." Marcus said.

"Fine, we will tell them, but not until the boy is well again. I do not want to add an additional burden to Callin now." Ann relented.

"I can agree to that. Now, I think I should get back to the Conclave for the night." Medial said as he got up and crossed the room to give Ann a small kiss, letting her know he was not mad.

"I, too, must head home Ann. I will be back tomorrow to check on Callin and the new boy." Thristian said as he, too, got up to leave.

"I am staying here until I can speak with the child. So if you can have a room made up for me I would be grateful." Marcus asked.

"That will not be a problem, Marcus. I will let housekeeping know. Go ahead and take your usual room."

With that they all left Ann sitting alone in her office. Ann slumped down into her chair once they all left, it had been a long day for her.

Date: Crutal /24/6874

In the morning the doctor came and saw Callin sleeping next to the Bio-Chamber, he had a flash back to Callin sleeping next to the chamber Chace was in. He should have known better than to try and keep him out. He looked over and saw that Chace was sitting next to Callin. That, also, he should not have been surprised at, the two of them were never far apart.

The doctor gently shook Callin. "Your Majesty, it is morning and we are going to wake the young man up."

Callin slowly woke up, he was never a morning person. "What, where am I?" he asked before he jumped up and looked at the chamber, clearly remembering what happened the day before. "Please, once he is awake do not refer to me by my title." Callin asked the Doctor.

"Yes, her Majesty already let us know that when he is around we are to treat you and your family like nobles and not the Imperial family. So we will be referring to you as my lord. We were also told not to let him know he is now the consort."

"Thank you. How long until he is awake?"

"I have turned off the sedation. I will begin to drain the chamber and have him moved to a medical bed, then it is up to him when he wakes up." The doctor said as he started pressing buttons on the chamber. Once it was empty and the mask removed, Caleb was moved to a medical bed to continue with the healing.

Callin sat there and waited for him to wake up. It took several hours, but Caleb started moving a little. Caleb, for his part, did not want to wake up, he was having a dream that the boy had rescued him. So, when he opened his eyes and saw that he was not at home he freaked out and started screaming.

The doctors came over and pressed some buttons on the bed and Caleb started to relax. Then he looked over and saw Callin siting next to him looking worried. He then screamed again and then relaxed. He started thinking that he should keep his dreams to himself, there was no need to scare away his boy.

"Can you tell us your name?" The doctor asked as he started looking over Caleb, shining a light in his eyes, and checking his heart. He then started hitting more buttons on the bed and got a print out on a display.

"Caleb, my name is Caleb. Where am I and how did I get here?" Caleb asked.

"You are in the medical bay in the Palace of Light. Callin over there was visiting the Palace when he took his trip and found you. As for how you got here, well you should ask him that."

So, he has a name, Caleb thought. "Which one of you is Callin?"

"I am Callin, this is Chace, my best friend. How much do you remember?"

"I remember Nevor hurting me, then I think I saw you before I blacked out." Caleb started to panic and tried to get off the bed again. Callin put his had on his chest and gently pushed him back down.

"What is wrong?" Callin asked, he left his had there, enjoying just being able to touch Caleb. Caleb did not move away for the same reason.

"My masters, I will be beat if I don't have breakfast ready for them." Caleb said in a small voice. He was embarrassed to admit he was a slave.

"You don't have to worry about them anymore. You are in the Empire now, so you are free, we do not have slaves in the Empire. Also, Nevor will never be bothering you again." Callin said in a gentle voice.

"I'm free?" Caleb asked, uncertain if this was a joke or not. He laid there and thought. "Why are we in a Palace?"

"My family had some business here so I am staying with them." Callin answered, it was not a lie, more like a twisting of the truth. He hoped Caleb would forgive him later.

"And why were you in Coleona?"

"That was a vacation." Callin said. He was getting nervous with all the questions. "Let us talk about you now. What is it you would like to do, you can do anything you would like now. There are some things that need to be done, but for the most part you are free to do as you wish. You can stay with me and my family if you would like. Although, myself and Chace will be leaving soon to go to a different world called Ember. You are welcome to join us, if you do there are some things I would need to explain."

Caleb was about to respond when the doctor came over to look at him again. Chace, for his part, was just watching them. He smiled to himself at the obvious sexual tension. He was not going to interfere though, he had given his word to Callin. Once the doctor was done again, Caleb look over at Callin and smiled.

"What things do I need to do?" Caleb asked.

"Well, for one thing, you need to be tested for psychic ability. Also, since you are under 21 you will need to be enrolled in a school or University. There is another option but it can be...unpleasant." Callin smiled as he saw Caleb's face light up when he mentioned school. "So, you like the idea of school or University I take it?"

"Yes, I loved to read my masters books, well, I did until they found out, then I was not allowed to read any more. What was the other option?"

"Neural image, I had it done, it was not that bad, Chace did not like it. But we had the whole index imaged. Most people only do a few modules."

"If I had the image done could I still read?" He asked unsure of himself. They were being nice to him, and he thought that Callin would be because of his dreams, but he did not want to ruin anything.

"Yes, but text books you would probably already know. Well, at least on the subjects that you would have imaged. You would still have to practice skills though, like medical, and martial arts. It gives you the memory but not the experience or muscle memory."

They were interrupted by Ann and Marcus coming in. "We heard that our guest was awake. So, we decided to come down and talk to him about his future." Callin was hoping that one of the books that Caleb read was not on the royal families.

"Uncle, Mother, this is Caleb. Caleb this is my mom Ann and my Uncle Marcus. I was just talking about University with him, he seems interested in an image, like me."

"Why is it that children today do not like to learn the old fashion way?" Marcus asked, and Ann snorted in response.

"Well, my Lord, I just thought it would be better to get up to my level that way. If it would be a problem I would be willing to attend class." Caleb said. He was well trained on proper edict when it came to his betters. Little did he know what was in store for him.

"Well, we are the well mannered young man. It is not necessary to call me my Lord. We are all friends here. As for the image, I was just making general observation. I have no problem with you using an imager." Marcus smiled at Caleb and could not shake the feeling that he looked familiar.

"Since my son was nice enough to start the conversation on your future, that shall save us some time. Callin, Chace if you do not mind I would like to speak with Caleb alone for a moment, so I can help him plan with out you two putting in your opinion."

"MOM!, Ann! We would not do that." Callin and Chace shouted together, then looked at each other and laughed. "Fine, we will leave, but if you bore him to death I will not be happy."

Chace and Callin got up and left, leaving Marcus and Ann behind.

"Well, now that they are gone, let's get down to business shall we. Good, now as they probably mentioned we need to either educate you in the normal way or with the imager, either way you must show the equivalent knowledge of a standard level fifteen, or college level three, that would be the normal level of a 21 year old. After that you may attend, if you wish, University. That would be for any degree and after that post graduate or upper-University for an advanced degree. Any subject you take on the imager to use toward the Imperial requirement you must be tested in."

"I would like to use the imager, if I could, at least to the level fifteen. I can not afford University though, so I might want to do what Callin said he did and have a full index done."

"Well, you do not have to worry about paying for it, that is some thing else I wanted to talk to you about. Until a family member steps forward, I will be your foster mother. That means that I will take care of anything you may want or need. That is if that is okay with you. I am afraid the other option is an orphanage." Caleb looked uncertain about that. She seemed nice but he just did not know.

"So, I could stay with Callin then?"

"Well, yes you could, but Callin is off world a lot these days. So unless you went with him, you would be here with me and my other children."

"Callin said I could go with him and Chace off world too. Could I go with him?"

"I am sure he would love to have you along. Now, the other things we need to talk about is psychic leveling testing. In the Empire it is a requirement to test everyone for psychic ability. It allows us to keep track of who can do what and also to make sure they are trained on how to use their abilities. We can go there once you are feeling better and have you tested."

"Ann, I think I already know what I can do, some times when I am mad things move with out me moving them. And some times I can feel what other people feel and hear what they are thinking. And when I'm to hot or to cold the room changes so I feel better. And some times I dream of things and they happen later." Caleb said while trying not to make eye contact. "My masters thought I was a devil and beat me whenever I did any thing strange."

Ann, for her part, just stared at him with her mouth open. She could not believe what she was hearing. If what he was saying was true, then that would mean he was an untrained Complete Psychic. She got a shiver down her back at that thought. Then she registered what he said last. "Oh, sweety, you are not a devil, or anything evil. You have a gift, you need to be trained in it so people do not get hurt, that is all. Callin is like you and the rest of my children are close as well."

"What do you mean like me?" Caleb asked, thinking he was some kind of freak now.

"Callin is what is known as a Complete Psychic, it is rare but it does happen. From what you told me there is a good chance that you are one, too."

Caleb felt better at that. Callin seemed loved, so it can't be a bad thing to be like him then.

"There is just one more thing that I need to talk to you about, then I think Marcus has some questions for you. If you would like a symbiont you need to decide soon, the pairing needs to be done before your puberty cycle ends. If you are going to stay with us I would recommend bonding with one. They can help you out a lot and give you great advise. You are going to be around a lot of Nobels and having a symbiont is very common."

Caleb was unsure of having something in his mind other then him. He wanted to think about it.

"How long do I have until I have to decide?" Caleb asked, he was afraid they would get mad at him for not wanting one.

"Well, the doctor should be able to tell us how much longer your puberty cycle will last, and you have until then to decide. I would make your decision before that though, just to be safe. We can not have bond done after you finish puberty, the symbiont will not bond with you after that." Ann looked over to where the doctor and nurses were standing and talking, she sent a metal single to get the doctors attention. "Doctor, we would like to know how much longer Caleb has until he is finished with his puberty cycle so we know how long he has to bond with a symbiont."

The doctor looked at the three of them then started taping keys on the bed again. It started to hum and a light blue light enveloped Caleb. "Well, let's see here. It looks like he has about six to eight months left. For safety reasons you will want to give the symbiont a minimum of two months to fully bond before the end of the cycle. So I would not have one implanted after Eduit first, that gives you six months and eight days to decide. It also looks like his third cycle will be a short one. His second cycle seems to be mild, compared to others. His current hormonal shifts are very mild. Much like Callin, and dead opposite of Chace. Luckily Chace had a very short second stage. As for Caleb here, his fourth and finale stage will be long judging from what I see in his hormonal fluctuation and genetic profile. Also, like many Gallains his abilities will not mature until the end of his third cycle, unlike ours that mature at the end of the second. There is something else that may be important. His blood make up is different than ours. Because of his hybrid nature, this will further change with any bonding as you know symbionts cause the host to have hemocyanin type blood, that is copper based along with whatever they normally would have. Most pure blooded Devians have hemoglobin and hemocyanin that is why our blood has a strange color to it, hemoglobin is iron based and hemocyanin is copper based. Gallain blood has hemoglobin and Coboglobin, hemoglobin is iron based and Coboglobin is cobalt based. I am not sure of the reaction that introducing the copper based hemerythrin into his system would have. You will need to ask one of the caretakers about it. Normally, it would not be a good thing, however the symbionts have healing properties as well, so they may very well compensate for the damage it would cause."

"You said I am a hybrid, but I have the blood of a Gallain?" Caleb asked after he had absorbed what was said. He had no idea he was Gallain.

"Yes, your blood is closer to that of a pure Gallain, as is the placement of your heart and the rest of the Pulmonary and Circulatory systems. Your neverus system and brain seem to be closer to that of a Devian, while your endocrine and hormonal systems seem to be mixed between both. The rest of the body is the same between the two. Well, the eyes are most definitely Gallain, the bio-luminescent blue is strictly found on Galla. Much like the bio-luminescent violet is only found in Justial. Though I think the gene is the same, just different color eye."

"You said it was closer to that of a pure Gallain, what do you mean by that?" Ann asked.

"Well, he does have some trace amounts of hemocyanin in his blood, but not enough to be counted as him being a hemocyanin blood type."

"That will be all doctor, I think we need to give Caleb some time to absorb all this." Marcus said. Caleb gave him a smile in thanks.

"I did not know I was Gallain. My masters never told me, but now that I think about it the blond hair and blue eyes seems to make more sense now." Caleb seemed to be depressed now

"What is wrong Caleb?" Ann asked as she moved to comfort him, but he puled away.

"I'm a freak, why would you want me?"

"You are not a freak. I had a son once, he would be about your age, now that I think about it. He was half Gallain, but he died along time ago. If my son was not a freak, then neither are you." Marcus said, he seemed to be sad thinking of his lost son. Ann held his hand to comfort him.

"He is right, you are not a freak. A lot of people are hybrids these days. Granted, a lot of them are not Gallain, but that is more due to the war that has been between us than any thing. There is nothing wrong with you. The sooner you realize that the better off you will be. Now, I think I will take my leave and let Marcus talk with you. After that, if you feel up to it, Callin would probably like to come back." Ann got up to leave and thought about hugging Caleb but remembered his reaction and stopped and instead told him good bye and then she left.

"Well Caleb, I just have a few questions then I will leave you alone. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes, sir." Caleb said. He was to afraid to say no.

"Well, then, I would like to know how the people you used to live with treated you. You have a lot of scars and we would like to know why. Please, do not worry about any thing you say, you will not get in trouble at all." Marcus smiled at him to try and relax him.

"Well, sir. They were mean to me, they beat me every day, some times for hours at a time. My master had a post out back that he would tie me to and whip me for hours. My mistress liked to throw things at me. I was not always good though, I did not let them break me. Everyone told me to just give in, but I did not want to be like them. I talked back some times and they beat me more. I was okay with it until their son Nevor came back from University and tried to.. tried to... he ahh, tried to.. you know do things to me. He said I wanted it. When he tried, something happened and he got slammed into a wall. Later I was tied to the pole for a few days and left there. I was beat all day that time. I was only let down to make them food, then I was tied back up. Nevor said I tried to seduce him. I did not want him to touch me, I swear, I never wanted it. Then he went back to University and failed out. I thought I was safe from him. Then they made me go with him to find him a place to live. They blamed be for him failing. They said that he was traumatized from me trying seduce him. When we left he took me to an abandoned house and tried to do things again. Callin said I did not have to worry about him any more. The last thing I remember was Callin coming in to the room."

"Well, I am sorry you had to go through that. And Callin is right, Nevor will never bother you again."

"Why? How can you all be so sure?"

"Well, I did not want to tell you this, but Nevor is dead. Callin lost control of his abilities and killed him by accident, well, I think it was an accident. Either way, he is gone now and you are safe. Callin is in no trouble either, so do not worry about it."

Caleb was stunned to say the least. He stared at Marcus gaping. "You mean he killed someone for me? To protect me? But, why? I'm not worth it. He should have just let me die there."

"This is why I did not want to say anything, but I also thought you had the right to know. As for why, you will have to ask him, that is not my place. But, if I were you, I would not bring it up. Callin does not like what he did, and feels bad about it. Not helping you, but that he lost that much control. He has to take classes now to help him with his control. Maybe you both can take them together?"

"I think I would like that. Can I ask you a question with out you getting mad at me?"

"Sure, but I may not be able to answer it."

"Why is every one lying to me about who they are, Your Majesty?" Caleb asked in a small voice.

Marcus did a double take and was truly shocked. "You know who we are?"

"Well, I did not know who Callin was until I saw you and his mom. He was not in the book I read. Well, he was, but he was still a baby in the book. I reconsigned you both when you came in."

"Well, that was unexpected. As to why, Callin asked us not to let on who we, or he, are. Now if you can do me a favor and not let him know you know, I would be grateful. He thinks that if you knew who he was you would treat him different, or would only stay with his family because you felt you had to because of who they are. I am sure he will tell you once things settle down a bit, but he wanted you to get to know him before he told you. So how does it feel to be a Prince?"

It was Caleb's turn to be shocked. "What do you mean a Prince, I'm no Prince."

"You are now, you are the ward of the Empress. In the very least that makes you a Noble Lord now, but if I know Ann, you just became a Prince. Chace would have become one too, but his situation was different, and needed to be handled differently." After seeing his reaction Marcus did not mention that it was not just Prince, but Imperial Crown Prince, that he became and it was not because of Ann but because Callin made him his Consort. He wondered what Caleb would think if he knew he was going to become the Emperor Consort as well, which in Devia was the same thing as an Emperor. It caused him to smile at the thought. Of course, that all depended on if Caleb agreed to marry Callin in the first place.

"I don't know how to be a Prince! I can't be Prince!" Caleb started to panic, he knew nothing about being noble or royalty.

"It is no that hard, mostly just a lot of fake smiling and trying not to say the wrong thing. When in public, do not use contractions like can't or don't and make sure you are well behaved. In private it does not matter as much."

Caleb felt a little better after that, at least he would not have to be responsible for any thing, well that was what he thought any way.

"Well, I think it is lunch time, and it seems we made you miss breakfast. So, do you feel like taking a walk or should I have some food sent up to you?"

Caleb looked at him like he did not understand, he was used to just eating whenever his masters were not around. Marcus saw his confusion and decided to just take him with him. "Well, I think we will take a walk. Go head and get up, I will have someone bring you some clothes. You are a little on the small side but I am sure we can find you something until your wardrobe is ready." Marcus closed his eyes for a minute and concentrated on his interface, he really liked having it and made a note to thank Callin for it, and the system that was going to be installed in his Palace.

(Callin, can you bring some of your smaller clothes and maybe some of your brothers for Caleb. We are going to try and eat in the dinning hall with every one else.) Marcus sent Callin using the interface.

(Ok, Uncle. I will be right there. How is he doing, can I spend more time with him?"

(He is doing fine, and yes, he is all yours. Just go easy on him. Also, I think you, me and a fist of soldiers are going to have to pay a visit to his former masters.)

(I was planing on it any way. I have some things to settle with them. I was going to ask you first this time, but I knew you would say yes any way.)

(Your lucky I love you so much, Callin.) With that he terminated the link, and looked back to see a puzzled look on Caleb's face.

"I am assuming that you want to know what I just did?"

"I don't mean to be nosy, but yea."

"Well, there is only so much I can tell you, but I have a Neural Interface in my head, it allows me to contact people and link with A.I. systems. Callin would have to tell you anything else on it, but if I had to guess, I would say you will be getting one too."

"Is that what he meant when he said there were some things I needed to know if I was going to go off world with him to some place called Ember."

"He told you the name of the planet? Well, I did not expect that."

"Why, what is Ember?"

"That is a name that you can not say out loud ever again, unless you are sure no one is listening. It is Callin's privet planet, if you want to know more you will have to ask him, but do it when you are alone and in private."

"He has his own planet?"

"Yes, but it is not what you are thinking."


As they were talking Callin came back in with a huge smile on his face. "I brought you some clothes Caleb. I was not sure what would fit you. You seem smaller than me. I brought you some of my things from before my growth spurt and also some of my younger bothers things as well. I am getting you some of your own clothes though, we have the measurements from the medical scan so you should have something by tonight."

"Thanks, Callin." Caleb said as he got up taking the clothes that he was given and looking at them. He took what he thought would fit him best and began to take off the medical gown, much to Callin's embarrassment. Callin quickly turned around and cleared his throat.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" Caleb asked as he froze, half undressed. He sounded worried.

"Well, not really, but I think Callin was just embarrassed to see you naked, so he turned around to give you some privacy."

"Oh, sorry, I am not used to having any privacy. My modesty was beat out of me a long time ago."

"It is okay Caleb, I understand." Callin said as he turned around, his face was still red, and he was clearly trying to keep his eyes above Caleb's waist.

Caleb finished dressing and asked how he looked. "You look amazing, Caleb." Callin said with a kinda sappy sound. Marcus just smirked. Caleb looked every bit the aristocrat once he was clean and dressed. The way he carried himself, and his posture, made Marcus think he had noble blood after all.

"Thanks." Was all Caleb said before he started to blush at the attention Callin was giving him. Marcus just rolled his eyes, the sexual tension was so think you could cut it with a knife. There was no chance of Caleb going anywhere Callin was not. He was sure of that.

"Shall we go to lunch now." Marcus asked trying to ignore the two blushing teens that were just staring at each other. When they heard him they dropped their gaze and blushed even more. It made Marcus chuckle. Then he walked off, Callin and Caleb walked after him, sneaking glances at each other the whole way to the dinning hall.

"Are you Caleb?" Dani came over and asked.

"Umm, yes?"

"I am Callin's bother, and I think those are my clothes you are wearing. They look good on you. Welcome to the family." Dani said as he moved back to his seat and sat down, taking Justin's hand in his. Something Caleb noticed and made note of.

"The one with the longer black hair with blond highlights in it is Lucius, the red haired girl is Lilia, and you met Dani. They are my bothers and sister. Next to Dani, holding his hand, is Justin, his boyfriend. You already know Chace and my mom, the guy sitting next to them is my great uncle Thristian and his son Thristian the third and his wife Retia and their son Cody. The man on the other side of my mom is Medil. On the other side of the table is my cousin Talbot." Callin continued around the table introducing members of the House Of Devaus, each waved or nodded their head as they were introduced. Caleb was over whelmed as it seemed that the entire Imperial house was present. Once Callin was done introducing everyone he gave Ann a questioning look, asking why so many of the family was there. She just smiled and took a sip of her wine.

Callin did not think about the fact that it would seem strange to Caleb that his extended family was at the Palace, in fact he did not think of his cover at all. Caleb, for his part, was thinking how he could be expected to ignore the fact that they were all there. He looked at Marcus questioningly and motioned for them to set aside.

"How can I ignore the fact that the whole Imperial house is here? Well, most of it any way. It kind of gives it away that you are not who you all claimed to be."

"I think that is why Ann invited every one here. It was her way of forcing the issue without breaking her word to Callin. I do not think Callin has realized it yet though. Only a few of these people know about you, so expect a few questions. Also, do not mention Ember here at all."

"Okay, I never expect to meet everyone here, let alone eat with them." Caleb shook his head and then went back to stand next to Callin again.

"Everything alright?" Callin asked, a little worried about what Marcus and Caleb were talking about.

"Yea, everything is fine. But I would like to talk to you later, if that is okay?" Caleb asked the last part a little hesitantly. His reaction changed when he saw the big smile on Callin's face.

"Sure, whenever you want. I have no problem talking to you."

Caleb once again wondered why Callin was so nice to him, and why Callin seemed so intense about wanting him close.

"Well, you can sit next to me, over there by Chace. Follow me." Callin grabbed Caleb's hand and almost dragged him over to the seat. Then he blushed when he realized he was holding Caleb's hand, but then seemed puzzled when Caleb made no move to let go. He finally dropped his had and blushed, then turned away and sat down.

Everyone ate lunch and it seemed that even though there was a conversion going everyone seemed to be watching Caleb, it made him nervous to keep seeing people gaze at him. The more nervous he got the more things seemed to go bad. Callin was the first to notice. It seemed that Caleb was sending out alternating blasts of cold and hot. As well as things around him started to shake just a little. He looked over at Caleb nervously. "Caleb, are you alright?"

"I'm sorry, Callin, it's just that everyone keeps looking at me and it's making me nervous. When I get nervous strange things happen. Your mom said it was 'cause I might be a complete psychic like you, but I have never been trained."

"It is okay, just try to relax, take a few deep breaths, and try to block everyone out but me. If you still are having problems we can go" Callin whispered to Caleb.

"Can we just go, I don't want anything bad to happen. Especially in front of this group."

"Sure, we can head to my room." He got up. "Excuse me, but Caleb is not feeling well, we are going to take our leave." He then took Caleb's hand again and escorted him to his room.

"Callin, there is something I need to tell you. Marcus asked me not to let on, but after that lunch I can't pretend not to know."

"What are you taking about?" Callin asked a little nervous at exactly what Caleb knew.

"As soon as your mom and Marcus came I knew who they were. I did not know you because the only picture I had of you in my book was when you were a baby. But I know that you are the Crown Prince. I also know that was most of, if not all, the Imperial family sitting in there. That is why I got so nervous. Marcus asked me not to tell you I knew because he said you were worried that I would only stay because I thought I had to."

"So you knew the whole time?"

"Yes, and don't worry, I would have stayed with you and your family any way. Their all very nice to me. That is something else I don't understand, is why every is being so nice."

"Do not worry about the why, we are just nice people." Callin said a little shakily. By that time they were at Callin's suite. "These are my rooms, until we have a room ready for you, you can stay in one of my off rooms. There are four, so you have your pick." Callin said as a way of changing the subject, something that Caleb noticed.

"Will I still need a room here if I go with you to Ember?"

"Well no, but you probably should have one here any way. Just so when you came back you could have your own place."

"Can't I just keep one of your rooms?"

"Well, yes. If you want to." Callin said slightly flustered. The idea of having Caleb that close all the time was almost too much for him.

"I don't have to if it's a problem."

"No! I mean it is okay, I do not mind you staying with me." He quickly recovered after nearly shouting at Caleb. The idea that he might have given the impression that he did not want him close was not a thing that sat well with Callin."

"Okay, when are we going to Ember then?"

"That depends on you for the most part. There are things that need to be done here. For one, you need to decide about the Neural imaging, and getting a symbiont. If you do not get imaged you wont be able to come because you will have to be in class."

"I already decided to get a full index done like you. Then I just have to take all the tests right?"

"Yes, if you take a test for each subject there are around 150 tests to take. You can, for the most part, pick what tests you take though, after the required test any way. After you take the standard level exam, collage level exam, and the university level exam you would need to sit for the guild exam as well to be certified in what were you want. If you take all tests it could be a few months until we can leave. Although I could bring an examiner along with us. All the tests are computerized, you just have to take them in front of a department of education examiner. A full indexing the normal way takes two weeks, I would recommend doing it a different way then I did. I would break it up into multiple sessions, that way you are not in the chamber for two weeks. Also there is another alternative as well, however the normal way is the fastest."

"I want to get it over with. When can I have it done?" Caleb said. He just wanted to learn and spend time with Callin, if that meant he had to have an image done that he would have an image done.

"After your psychic test is done. I am not worried about it though. The fact that you can shield me means you have a high enough level to use the imager."

Caleb look at Callin like he was confused. "What do you mean shielding you?"

"When I first found you after you were put in the chamber, I tried to scan your memories to try and find out something about you but you blocked me. In fact, you are always blocking me. Others have said the same thing. It is hard to turn off scanning when you are my level, it takes a lot of effort to stop. It is easier to just ignore all the voices, it is only surface thoughts that we get though unless we actively tune in so to speak. I shield my surface thoughts to keep from broad casting, but normally I do not shield the deep thoughts unless I feel some one scan me."

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Caleb said, now even more confused then before.

"You are not doing it intentionally?" Caleb shook his head. "Well try to relax and try to open your mind, see if you can drop your shield. You might just be so used yo having it up that it became natural."

Caleb tried and he noticed what Callin was talking about, it was like he had a wall around his mind. He let it down and noticed that his head did not feel so cramped any more.

"It feels different. Like my mind has more room."

"Yes, shielding your deep mind, can make your head feel constricted. That is why I normally only shield the surface thoughts. That way I do not have to think about it and my head does not hurt after a while. After a trainer works with you, you will understand it all more. I have trainers on Ember too, so that will not be an issue.

It was not long before Ann came looking for them, she knocked on the door and asked to come in.

"How are you feeling now?" she asked Caleb.

"Better, I was just getting overwhelmed sitting with the Imperial family and having them all watch me like that."

"I see Callin told you the truth!"

"No, I knew as soon as I saw you walk into the medical center. I knew what you looked like from a book on the royal families. I just did not know who Callin was, because his picture was of him as a baby."

"Yes, mother. Now that he mentions it, why was most of the House Of Devaus there at lunch. Some of them were off world last time I checked."

"Most of them came back to Devia to talk about house upkeep and security. But when you refused to tell Caleb the truth I decided to have them all eat lunch with us to push the issue."

"That is what King Marcus thought you were doing."

"There is no need to use titles. Other than family ones if you wish. Also, since most of the family is here I would like to have them briefed on your new security system. I think it is over kill, however Thristian thinks it is a good thing."

"No need, mom, I was already planning on having it added to every property that was owned by the House, or by a member of the House, any way. Once I go back to Ember I will have the parts made. I have a ship being made as we speak to deliver them, and other things that I am selling as well. The only difference will be the level of A.I. they get, but all of them will be tied in to Celestia and taken off the normal grid."

"I take it that Caleb knows some of what you are talking about?"

"Not really, but I was planning on telling him once we get to Ember any way. That reminds me, we need to have him tested in the morning, he wants a full index. So, while he is in there, I will return to Ember and take care of a few thing and come back in a few days. I am going to leave Chace here, he has his own ship so he can come and go as he pleases." Caleb just sat there and listened to them talk. He had to admit he was curious about what they were talking about.

"What about the interfaces? I assume you do not want to take every one to Ember. Although if things get as bad as you think they will, you may have to."

"Once every thing is installed, the medical centers and bays will be able to do them on site. I am going to bring Med droids as well. Not everyone needs an interface though. It just makes it easier. In most cases it will just be the head of the individual houses that will have one."

"Marcus mentioned the interface to me, after he used it. Is that some thing I will need?" Caleb interrupted.

"Yes, once we get to Ember I can put yours in. I could do it here, but I would rather not have to have the doctors here brought in on it, and I do not have any droids here for it."

"Well, that is enough for today. I want you to rest the rest of the day. We will be having a small dinner tonight just the family, not the house. You can get to know everyone better that way."

The rest of the day passed without much note, Callin and Caleb spent the day just lounging around talking. One thing that was decided was that Caleb would get a Symbiont if he was able.

Date: Crutal /25/6874

Callin went with Caleb to get his test done. It was no surprise when Master Jurtel informed them that Caleb was a Complete Psychic. It was a surprise when he told them that he was as high as Callin, if not higher on some things. Ann was not thrilled when she heard the news.

They decided to go down to the symbiont pools and talk to the caretakers. They were told that there should be no problem with the bonding, and if there was it would only be temporary until the symbiont was able to adjust the system and immune system to compensate. The whole Imperial family stood by the pool while Caleb went in. Since he had no parents to give him a symbiont from their partners, he used the general pool in the Royal Chamber, that way he would get a random one.

As Caleb dipped below the surface after one had selected him he waited for the bonding. Every thing went normal. Caleb climbed out of the pool with a slightly hazed look in his eyes. He went back over to talk to Callin and Ann when he suddenly collapsed and started to have a seizure. There was panic everywhere then Caleb stopped moving and breathing. The next thing anyone heard was Callin's screaming at the top of his lungs. "NOOOOOOOOO! You can not die. I wont let you!" As he stared to sob uncontrollably.

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