Castle Roland

Ascension of the Thrones

by Thomas Nealy

On Hold

Chapter 8

Published: 8 Apr 14


Ascension of the Thrones

by ThomasNealy

Date: Crutal /25/6874

As Caleb dipped below the surface after a symbiont had selected him he waited for the bonding. Every thing went normal, Caleb climbed out of the pool with a slightly hazed look in his eyes. He went back over to talk to Callin and Ann when he suddenly collapsed and started to have a seizure. There was panic everywhere then Caleb stopped moving and breathing. The next thing anyone heard was Callin's screaming at the top of his lungs. "NOOOOOOOOO! You can not die. I will not let you!" As he started to sob uncontrollably.

The caretaker started to run over to Caleb and dropped to his knees at his side. He placed his hands on the sides of Caleb's head and went still. In the mean time the doctor was scanning him trying to figure out what was wrong.

"The symbiont is dieing, get him back in the water now!" The caretaker all but screamed. Callin, not waiting for anyone else, used his abilities to move Caleb back into the water, he saw the symbiont leave Caleb. "Okay, get him back out of the water. You should be able to revive him now." The Caretaker said. The doctor went to work, but started to get frustrated.

"Nothing is working, I don't even understand what happened. He needs a Bio-Chamber." The doctor said.

"Then he will have one, where is the closest medical center?" Callin asked.

"There is a public hospital down the street. But his heart is not pumping and his breathing has stopped. He wont make it there." The doctor was panicking and not thinking clear. All he could think about was that he was going to get blamed for the death of the Consort.

"No, he wont, I can use empathy to force his heart to pump but he needs someone to breath for him. I would, but I need to work hard at keeping his heart beating." Callin said. He thought that the doctor should know this technique already but he was clearly mistaken. The doctor, for his part just stared at Callin shocked that he had forgot something so basic.

"Yes, of course, you're right. I will breath for him, you keep his heart pumping." With that Callin dropped Caleb's mind into a protective state and started slowly taking over his vital systems for him.

Callin was vaguely aware of someone lifting him and Caleb onto a stretcher and them being moved. The next thing he knew they were at the hospital and he was being told to stop so they could get him into the chamber.

After the doctors at the hospital had some time to work on him Callin decided that it was a good time to get an update.

"Doctor, I want to know how he is doing? And if you know what happened."

"We do not know much yet, Your Majesty. It looks like he suffered from a massive copper poisoning. That in of it self should have been fine since it was the result of a bonding with a symbiont. But it looks like the symbiont was poisoned by the cobalt in his blood. He should have had a Gallain symbiont, not a Devian one." Callin was shocked at those words.

"A Gallain symbiont?"

"Well, yes, they are different then ours, but they are still symbiont, and they preform and act the same way. The main difference is that they have cobalt based blood and ours have copper based blood. I am surprised no one told you about them." With that the doctor moved off to check some readings on the chamber again.

{Solaris, why didn't you tell me about a Gallain symbiont?}

~I know of them, but I know nothing about them, Callin. We are not born with the knowledge of them like we are of our own kind. I am sorry, but in this I know as much as you, but I feel that I should have brought up the topic none the less.~

{It is okay old friend, we were both complacent due to the error of others.}

"Caretaker, Doctor, would you care to explain to me why neither of you mentioned a Gallain symbiont to me before Caleb tried to bond with one of ours. It seems to me that it would have been better to have a Gallain symbiont rather then a Devian one."

"I did not know what effect it would have on him, that is why I told you to ask the Caretaker!" The doctor from the Palace said trying to defend himself.

"It should not have been a problem, the symbiont should have been able to compensate for the copper. I don't know why his system rejected it."

Callin was getting mad, he had entrusted his love to these two men and they were idiots. "His system did not reject the symbiont, the symbiont rejected him because of the cobalt in his blood." Callin said, barely holding in his rage. "If he dies, so do you! As it stands, you are no long a caretaker. It is your job to take care of symbiont and to know every thing about them. That includes their hosts, and other types of symbiont."

"Your Majesties, I have some more answers for you." The hospital doctor said as he came over.

"What can you tell me?" Callin said turning his back on the two men he was taking to.

"Well, first of all, he is stable." The doctor said with a smile on his face.

"Thank the Spirits." Callin let out his breath that he was holding.

"It seems that as the symbiont tried to merge with Caleb, it went into shock from the cobalt. The problem was that it had already started to bond and so released the copper into his blood. With the symbiont in shock it could not alter his system to compensate for the copper. Also, the symbiont was already tied in to his brain. So, when it started to die it released toxins into Caleb, the copper, the symbiont dieing, and the toxins led to him having what looked like a heart attack, followed by a seizure."

"Thank you Doctor, is there any way to move him to the medical center at the Palace?"

"Normally I would say yes, but do to your fathers budget cuts we no longer have access to a mobile medical bed. No offense intended to His Imperial Excellency.

"Feel free to offend him all you want. I think he's an idiot, too. If I can get you a Mobile Medical Bed, bought and paid for by myself as a donation, would you be able to safe guard it, and could we use it to get him back to the Palace."

"Well, as long as our systems and records show that it was donated, then it should be fine. But by the time you get one here Caleb will be able to leave."

"I can have one here in under five minutes." Callin said to the surprised Doctor.

(Constellation, can you fabricate a set of mobile Medical Beds for me and transport them to my location?) Callin asked out loud, channeling his thoughts to the interface.

<Yes, Callin, but it will use up most of my on board matter buffer for several elements. I did not fill my matter buffer before we left Ember. I have corrected that protocol and will ensure that my matter buffers are full before departing any compatible base in the future. Celestia has also informed me that she has made the change in future ships as well.>

(Thank you, how long until the first one?)

<Two minutes, then six for the rest.>

"Who are you talking to?" The hospital doctor asked.

"Someone that can get you the beds. The first will be here in two minutes. The rest within six. I would clear the area around me."

Just under two minutes after he said that a bright blue beam flashed in the room followed by a humming sound. When the beam cleared a mobile Medical Bed was in its place. The staff at the hospital just stood there and starred at it.

"There are three more coming, you might want to move this one out of the way." Callin told them. He was enjoying doing this for them, he thought of it as a way to win over the people from the Regent. "I will be using one and will have it delivered back to you when I am done with it. If you could please transfer Caleb to the bed I would be grateful."

"I heard you were here! Why have you not told me you were back on the planet?" A man yelled out as he came barging into the room. Callin turned around and saw that it was his father, the Regent.

"What are you doing here?" Callin demanded.

"I heard my son was back and that he was on his way to a hospital with the rest of my family, and some child that no one seems to know."

"Go away Stephon, this is a family matter. One that you have nothing to do with." Ann said. She was not happy that Stephon had come there.

"Shut up, whore! You will learn your place." Stephon shouted as he raised his had to back hand Ann. He then found himself propelled back through the air.

"You will never talk to my mother like that again! Also, if you ever even think of laying a hand on her again I will kill you!" Callin yelled. Stephon found himself laying on the floor looking up at a very pissed off Callin. A Callin that was starting to scare the people around him. Everyone looked on in shock as Callin started to raise off the ground and his eyes started to glow. Stephon grabed his neck as he felt himself beginning to choke.

"Do you understand me? I want nothing to do with you, the moment I take the throne I will banish you to the deepest, darkest hole on the farthest edge of the Empire that I can find. You are nothing but a murderous bastard that leaches all the life around him." Every one ducked as what looked like ball lightning started to form and shoot at Stephon. Callin was changing the temperature so fast that it had caused an air current to form and the resulting storm front literally started producing lighting.

Ann came up behind him and touched his shoulder. "Please, Callin calm down, there are people here that might get hurt." She stuttered when she saw that his eyes were glowing. The rest of the family saw it, too. Medil started modifying memories of every one not in his family. Callin started to calm down and dropped Stephon, but not before he saw his reflection in the mirror.

Medil and Ann looked on horrified that Callin had found out this way. They just stood there while Stephon got up and all but ran out of the hospital. They watched as Callin looked right at them, then moved past them as he followed Caleb and the bed out, not talking to anyone.

When Caleb was back in a Bio-Chamber and Callin was sure that he was okay. He went in search of his mother and the man he now knew, with out a doubt was his father. He came up to his mothers rooms, not even bothering to knock.

"I want the truth, and I want it now! Who is my father?" Callin yelled as soon as he had the door closed.

"Callin, I am sorry. I never meant for you to find out this way!" Ann said. It was clear she was crying.

"No, what you meant was you never meant for me to find out. What about you dad?" Callin said the word dad in the most sarcastic tone he could manage. "All the times I wished that you were my father instead of that monster. Then you even saw my wish in my mind and you still pretended. Why? Did you not want me? Was I not good enough for the great Justials?"

"Callin, I was going to tell you as soon as Caleb was settled. I have been wanting to tell you for a long time now, but your mother was afraid that you would be denied the throne if it was made public. Even if it was an accident and some one found out. The conclave would demand all of you be turned over. We just could not risk it."

"Dani, Lucius, and Lily too? Your are their father, too?"

"Yes, I am. I love your mother very much and if things were different I would have married her. But things are not different."

By this point Callin had started to loose some of his anger. "Was I really an artificially implanted child like we were all told?"

"Yes, you all are, with the exception of Lucius, he was conceived naturally. Though we did not expect him. That is why they are not identical twins." Ann finally started talking. "And Callin, I was going to tell you as soon as you were crowned, but after what happened at the trial we decided to tell you once Caleb was better and things calmed down for you."

"Callin, the one thing I never wanted was to have you hate me for something I was unable to control. I hope one day you can forgive me." Medil looked like he was on the verge of tears.

"Can I call you dad?" Callin said in a small voice. He was no longer mad, he understood the reason. But he was still upset that he had wasted all the years thinking Stephon was his father.

"Yes, of course you can. But I am afraid you can't when we are in public. The are a few that know. Thristian and Marcus know, and we will be telling your brothers and sister." Medil said the last part and glared at Ann, challenging her to defy him on this.

Callin started to think and he realized that not once did either Thristian or Marcus ever call Stephon his father. He made his observation known and noticed a smirk on Medil's face.

"That is because they prefer to call him that bastard."

"I do not think it matters if I call you dad in public any more. My eyes were glowing in the hospital, everyone saw it, including that bastard." Callin said. He had decided to take up the nickname as well, he thought it fit well.

"I took care of it, I altered all of their memories, including Stephon's. Being as high level a telepath as I am has its advantages."

Callin was now relaxed but he was starting to worry about Caleb.

"What are we going to do about Caleb? He wants a symbiont, but we are not exactly on best of terms with them. Also, I do not want to have him die before I am even old. With out the symbiont he will be long dead before I even start getting old, well assuming the family curse does not get me first." Callin said dejectedly.

"Our family is not cursed, we are just having some bad luck that is all. As for the symbiont, all we can do is ask them. I think Marcus should ask, his government is on better terms with them then we are. I will ask him to come in, you two can talk and call Galla while me and Medil talk to your brothers and sister about who their real father is."

Callin sat in the main room of his mothers suite and waited for Marcus to come in. It did not take long for him to open the door. "Can we take this to my rooms? I think I would be more comfortable there." Callin asked once he saw Marcus come in.

"Yes, I do not see a problem with that."

Callin got up and together they walked to Callin's room.

"So, you knew who my dad was the whole time?" Callin asked once they were safely in his sitting room in side his suite.

"No, not the whole time, just since your mother was pregnant with Dani and Lucius. I found out after my doctor examined her and found an extra child. But from what I understand I was asked to help you out with Caleb and getting a Gallain Symbiont."

"Yes, please. I know Galla does not much like us. I also know that there is no open hostility any more, but neither side is willing to sign a peace treaty. In our case we can not until I take the throne. But Caleb does not have six years to wait for me to turn twenty one."

"I will ask them, but what are you willing to give up to make this happen. They will want a promise of a treaty, although they are in the same situation now that we are. Their Emperor died recently. His only child, his daughter, died a few years back and her son died a few years after being born. The only one left is the Emperors brother, but he can not take the throne until seven years after the child would have turned twenty one, so that will be around thirteen years from now. So, I am not sure how this will work out. Both of you may have to enter into a treaty of intent."

"I guess I wont know until they ask. If it is reasonable then I will give it to them. I never understood why we had the war any way, or why we never just signed a peace treaty instead of the stop fire agreement."

"Okay, I will make the call Callin, but please do not get your hopes up."

Callin watched as Marcus activated the communications terminal and set it for a secure line. He then typed in a contact address and waited. It was not long before the screen came to life with the Gallain diplomatic seal.

"This is a secure line, please state your name and your reason of using this line." The not so friendly man on the other end said.

"This is King Marcus, of the House of Tarus, of the Kingdom of Coleona. I would like to speak to the Minister of Foreign Affairs."

"Please swipe your ident chip on the scanner to verify who you are."

Marcus did as asked and waited.

"Your Majesty. I see here you are calling from inside the Devian Capital Palace."

"Yes, I am on vacation here. The matter I wish to talk about involves the Crown Prince of Devia."

"Very well, I will connect you, please hold."

The screen went black followed by the seal again. They waited about fifteen minutes before the Minister appeared on the line.

"Your Majesty, how can I help you at this hour of the night."

"I am sorry, I forgot that if would be the middle of the night there." Marcus said looking sheepish.

"Well, now that I am awake, what is it you need?"

"I would like a symbiont."

"For what, I thought your wife and child both died."

"It is not for me Minister, but rather my nephews consort. We tried to bond him with a Devian symbiont earlier and it did not go so well."

"Is he Gallain?" The minister asked as his eyes narrowed.

"He is half Gallain. My Nephew Callin has claimed him as his consort, and future husband."

"You only have one Nephew by the name of Callin, and that is the Crown Prince of Devia. Why would I help out the Devian Crown Prince?"

"I am willing to sign a treaty of Intent for peace. Please, I do not want him to age so much faster than me." Callin said, the voice was stressed, it was clear he was desperate.

"Why was the child not bonded at the age of four?"

"Until recently he was a slave." Marcus said.

"A slave! You want to give a symbiont to a Slave?"

"He is not a slave, he is my love, my life, and he is to be treated as such."

"Very good answer young prince. But unless a treaty is signed we will not allow any Devian in to our territory."

"Then I will sign your treaty. It will be ratified the day I turn 21."

"I will talk it over with his highness. But I warn you, we will want what is ours."

The screen went blank after that. Callin turned to Marcus confused.

"What did he mean by 'what is ours'?"

"He means the three systems that caused the war. Both sides feel that they belong to their Empire. You will have to turn over the planetary systems to them. There are three of them, all on the edge of the boarder."

"Why do they want them, and why do we?"

"I can not know for sure. But all the planets in question have extremely rich mineral deposits. I assume both sides want them for the same reason, the minerals."

"I have no use for them then. They can have them."

"Callin, it is not that easy. You should talk this over with your mother before making any decisions. While we know that Devia will not longer need mining planets. The rest of the universe does not."

"Fine, Uncle Marcus." Callin said as his eye narrowed. Something did not seem right. He decided to forget about it until he could think on it longer. He was sure that Marcus was hiding something.

Callin and Marcus went back to Ann's office to wait for the call. They both assumed it would be in the morning in Gallain time. So it would be well past dinner when they got the call. When they arrived back at the office Ann told them that the dinning hall was ready for their lunch. It was a late lunch but they needed to eat. Lunch was a quite affair since no one really knew what to say. Between Caleb almost dieing and everyone finding out that they had been lied to their whole lives, no one really wanted to talk.

After Callin was done eating he went to the medical bay. He was sitting by Caleb when the doctor came up to him.

"Your Majesty. I wanted to let you know that his system has been fully cleaned and repaired. We will be taking him out now."

Callin thanked him for the information and watched as the Bio-Chamber was drained and the top retracted. It did not take long for Caleb to wake up and the first thing he did when he woke up was to look for Callin. He was confused and did not remember what had happened, which was probably a good thing.

"Where am I Callin?" He asked with a confused look on his face.

"Back in the Bio-Chamber. There was a problem with the symbiont, if you still want one we will need to get one from Galla."

"Galla? Why there, and I'm not sure what happened any way, I don't remember any of it."

"What is the last thing you remember?" Callin asked getting a little worried about how much was effected.

"I remember getting out of the water, then nothing after that."

Callin thought about not telling him any thing so that Caleb would get a new symbiont, but decided against it. "You had a bad reaction, it seems the symbiont does not like Cobalt. No one told us that, nor did they say anything about you needing a Gallain symbiont either. If you still want one, we have to go to Galla. Their symbionts would work with your blood."

"Can I think about it?" Caleb asked. Once again doubting if he would get in trouble for not doing what they wanted. He could tell Callin really wanted him to get one, he also could tell that Callin was hiding the reason.

"Yes, you can, that is not a problem. I will never force you to do any thing you do not want to do, unless it is required by law."

"Thanks, Callin. Now please be honest with me. Why do you want me to have a symbiont so bad?"

Callin was shocked at what Caleb said, he did not realize that Caleb was picking up on his emotions so easily.

"I do not want you to die before me, at least not hundreds of years before me." Callin answered, while hoping that Caleb would not ask why.

"What do you mean hundreds of years? And why would you care?"

"With a symbiont you could live around 350 years. With out one you would live around 125. My family has had some bad luck for the last few generations and has had short lives." Callin explained.

Caleb's jaw dropped, but he did not miss the fact that Callin left out the why. "Okay, that would have been nice to know before hand. And you still did not answer the why."

"I am sorry we did not tell you that, most people do not know it. It is also why most common people do not receive a symbiont. Unless your born noble or royal, you need to be chosen to receive one." Callin responded once again ignoring the last question.

"Okay, now why do you want me to have one so bad. Is it just so I will fit in with your friends and the high borns?" Caleb was starting to get mad.

"No! I don't care if you fit in or not, I just don't want to be alone for so long!" Callin snapped before he thought of what he was saying. He was so flustered that he forgot to use proper speech.

"What do you mean alone for so long? Why do you care so much?"

"Can we please talk about this latter. When the time is right I will explain every thing but please, not now." Callin begged Caleb to understand.

Caleb, on his part had no intention of dieing so long before Callin and would get a symbiont just for that reason. But he really wanted to know what Callin was hiding. "Fine, I will drop it for now, but I want to know what you're hiding. So I will hold you to your promise, I do not like it when people lie to me. And yes, I still want the symbiont." Caleb said.

Callin sighed in relief when he heard what Caleb said, but realized he would need to tell him about the bio mites extending his life as well. After thinking about it he decided to wait until they were ready to implant the Interface first.

"Okay, I am talking to Galla about getting you a symbiont. When they call back I will let them know that you do indeed want one. We will have to make a trip to Galla."

Caleb, for his part, had no idea of the problems that Devia had with Galla, nor did he know what Callin was going to have to do so he could have the symbiont. But even if he did he would not have changed his mind. He was not going to die that long before his boy.

Callin and Caleb talked some more before Caleb was cleared to leave the bay. Caleb did not have clothes with him though, so Callin went and got him some. While he was gone Marcus came in to talk to Caleb. There was something about Caleb that he just could not place, but he felt drawn to him for some reason.

"How are you doing Caleb?" Marcus asked as he walked into the medical bay.

"Not to bad, I wish everyone would stop hiding things from me." Caleb said. He was still slightly upset that everyone seemed to be hiding things from him.

"I am sure no one is hiding things that you need to know right now. There are some things that would be better learned later. Then there are things that can not be told due to them being sensitive." Marcus cautiously explained.

"I know, Callin explained it to me. That still does not stop me from wanting to know. There are things I am keeping a secret, too, but that is because no one needs to know."

That made Marcus wonder what Caleb was hiding. He thought about it and then brushed it off. "So I noticed that you seem to like Callin." Marcus said out of the blue.

Caleb blushed and started stammering. Once he was able to talk again he said, "Yea, he has been nice to me. I think we could be friends. But why would a Prince, a Crown Prince, want to be friends with me."

"Callin has never cared about someones place or nobility. Yes, most of his friends are noble and royal. However, he does have a few friends that are not, most of them he met at parties or they are the children of military personnel. I would worry less about him not wanting to know you and more about not making it obvious that you have a crush on him. Not that it matters that you do, no one would think less of you. Think on it some, and I will see you at dinner." Marcus got up and left, bumping into Callin on the way out.

As Callin passed Marcus in the hall he wondered why Marcus was chuckling. He forgot about it when he walked in and saw Caleb doing an amazing impression of a fish. "What did he say to you?" Callin asked, correctly assuming that Caleb was like that do to Marcus.

Caleb blushed as he tried to figure out how to explain it to Callin. "He just said something that embarrassed me, that's all." Caleb blushed again when he looked up at Callin's questioning face.

Callin just shook his head and handed Caleb a stack of clothes. "Here, these are yours. They were finished this morning but the servants did not know you are staying in my suite. I had them move all of your clothes into your room." The clothes looked a lot like early English noble men's style from the time of King Henry the eight. It was a white shirt, black pants, a dark green doublet, and mid calf high black boats. "I left your livery collar in your room. You only need to wear it in formal situations, or if you are going out in public and want people to know your rank. Your cornet and diadem are still being made, you can not have a crown since you are not the ruling monarch, their consort, or the crowned heir."

Caleb once again started acting like a fish as his mouth opened and closed like he was trying to talk.

"What?" Callin asked, oblivious to the shock he just gave Caleb.

Caleb recovered and said, "Callin, less the three days ago I was a slave. Now you are telling me that I have a cornet and a diadem being made for me and that I can wear a Livery Collar. This is going to take time. I still have to remind myself that I don't have to ask to use the bathroom. Not to mention eating on a schedule. Please, you are over loading me with too much change and to many new things."

Callin look down embarrassed, and saddened, by what Caleb had said. Caleb for his part took his clothes and started to dress. When Callin looked up to apologize he let out a gasp before turning around and leaving the room. Caleb had no idea what had happened until he remembered the last time he got changed in front of Callin, then he blushed as he noticed he was completely naked.

After Callin was dressed he left the medical bay and ran into Callin standing outside the door.

"I am sorry I embarrassed you Callin, I will try to remember to not be naked around you."

"I will get used to it. I have seen Chace that way a lot, but with him it is like he is a brother and I think nothing of it. I am sorry for putting too much on you at once." Callin realized after he said it that Caleb might take his comment about seeing him naked the wrong way, he just did not know what the wrong way would be. So rather than take the chance of Caleb saying something and putting him on the spot again. He decided to just start walking to the dinning hall.

Caleb followed after him and it was not long before they arrived at the room. Caleb took his seat next to Callin, something that no one missed either. It seamed that only they were not aware of the mutual attraction, because every one else in the family had picked up on it. Half way through dinner a servant came over to Marcus and told him that he had a subspace call.

Marcus got up and motioned for Callin to follow him. Callin knew at that point it must be the call they were waiting on. He thought it was still early for it, but decided not to question his good luck.

"Uncle Marcus, is it who I think it is?"

"Yes, the minister from Galla has returned our call."

When they arrived at the communications terminal and activated the screen they were both shocked to not see the minister but the Prince Regent of Galla.

"Your Imperial Highness, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. We were expecting the minister not your self." Callin said as soon as he saw who was on the screen. He remembered that Marcus had told him that he was running the Gallain Empire for the moment. Callin also saw Marcus ever so slightly shake his head no, Callin almost did not catch it. It made him once again wonder what Marcus was hiding. It seemed that every one had secrets these days. But he assumed it was a matter of state so he did not ask.

"Well, it is not every day that a Devaus swallows his pride and asks for help, let alone a treaty of peace." The Prince said, Callin for his part, could not tell if the Prince was mad, joking, or being demeaning. So he decided to not say anything rather than risk offending him.

"And I see that you also know when to hold your tounge instead of letting it flap in the wind."

"Your Highness, I am not like my fathers before me. Personally, I do not understand the reason behind the war, nor the reason behind not having a peace treaty rather than just a no hostility concord. I do think, however, that stubbornness and bad blood on both sides has stood in the way of peace for far too long."

The Prince was impressed, as was Marcus. "Well said my young Prince, however, would you still have sought this coarse of action if you did not need us? That, I think, only time will tell. Now, I am sure you are aware that neither of us can sign a treaty until we take the throne. However, we are able to enter into a treaty of intent, which on both of our ascensions will become a ratified peace treaty."

"Yes, I am aware of this. However I do not have 13 years to wait until it is ratified to be allowed on Galla. I have less then six Devian months to gain access."

"Why the rush? My minister told me something about you needing a symbiont. But you should have twelve years until you must have one."

"I am sorry your Highness, but it seems that your minister has given you the wrong information. This symbiont is not for a child, but rather a fifteen year old."

"That is pushing the time limit then. I do not think that we can come to terms that quickly."

Callin started to worry. "Your Highness, this is not for just any one, but my Consort. I have no wish to die alone two hundred years after him. I am willing to make almost any concession needed to allow this to move along faster."

The Prince noticed the near panic in Callin's face and felt sympathy for him. His wife had died three years before from a rare sickness. He knew all to well what it was like to loose your partner. "Very well, let us talk. I would not wish the loneliness that comes from losing your partner and lover on anyone, it is truly one of the worst heart breaks someone can suffer, second only to losing a child."

"Thank you your Highness." Callin said as he started to relax a little. He did not notice that Marcus had slipped out of the room.

Date: Crutal /26/6874

After most of the day and night had past Callin yawned and was glad they were getting close to the end of the talks.

"Your Highness, I know you want the three planetary systems, but I can not just turn them over to you. They are in Devian space."

"This was the reason for the war!"

"I do not need the minerals on the planet. I am willing to allow you to mine any and all minerals, with out fee, for as long as you wish, however we will retain ownership of the planets. That is more so the people on the planets will not be displaced."

"No, I will not settle for just the mining rights."

"The only other option I will agree to is to place all three in a neutral zone, where neither of us own them, the people there can claim citizenship in either Empire, and we write a set of common laws for all the planets in the neutral systems." Callin finally said. This latest option had the Prince thinking.

"Now that just might work, yes, that will work. However, rather then a neutral zone why not a joint Imperial zone. That way we both may have a presence on the planets and in the systems." The Prince countered.

"That would allow military ships to enter the system, but I see the benefit in that. I agree."

"Good, I do believe we are done. I will have it all written up and forward to you to review. Once it is signed you may come to Galla to have the bonding done. You should have it by tomorrow night your time. Good night my young Prince. Remember what I said about visions. Some times when we try to change or force a vision the very act of doing something will alter the future. So by you not interfering may very well cause what you want, not to happen. The future may depend on you trying to force it. In other words your hiding your feelings and visions may lead to the future changing." After he was done talking the screen went blank.

Callin looked around and noticed that Marcus had left. He wondered why he left with out saying anything. Callin left his office and went in search of Caleb, he found him sitting in the drawing room talking to his brothers and Chace. When he walked in they all became quiet.

"What? Is there something I did?" Callin asked as he walked and noticed it become quiet.

"No, we were just talking about what mom told us yesterday. About how Medil is our real father." Lucius responded as he sensed his brother becoming uneasy.

"We were also warning him to stay away from Stephon. We had to explain to him what was going on." Chace filled in.

"Yea, we were also trying to learn more about Caleb. You have been monopolizing him. We want some time with our new brother too." Dani complained.

"Well, we have had a lot to talk about and do. I am sorry if I have kept you from getting to know him. If you will excuse me I need some sleep. I have yet to go to bed." Callin said. His voice was low, and raspy. It was clear he was tired.

"Why were you up all night?" Caleb asked. He was worried for Callin and it showed in his voice and face.

"I had to work out a peace treaty with Galla." Callin responded. If he was more awake and alert he would not have said that.

"Why Callin? Was it because of me?" Caleb asked. He felt bad that Callin was doing so much just for him.

"It was the only way I could get you a symbiont. I told you I would work it out, please do not worry." Callin responded. He knew then that he would do anything for Caleb, even if it meant losing his Empire. The idea scared him greatly.

"What did you have to give up?" Chace asked.

"Nothing that really mattered. I will tell you more in the morning, but now I must get some rest. I have a meeting with the ministers of Domestic and Foreign Affairs for both Devia and Galla after dinner, and that means I only have six hours to sleep and get ready.

While Callin was sleeping Caleb was trying to find out more about what everyones plans for him were. He decided that the only one besides Callin that knew what was really going on was Ann. He was a little nervous about talking to her, but in the end his need to know out weighed his fear.

He excused himself from the group and went in search of Ann. His first stop was her office, but she was not there, next he tried her rooms but could not find her there either. Then he remembered Callin had said that he installed an A.I. in the Palace. "Lux?" Caleb asked tentatively, not sure if he would get an answer or not.

<Yes, your Highness?> A male voice answered back.

"I was wondering if you can tell me where Ann is?"

<Yes. Your Highness, I can tell you where her Imperial Majesty is.>

"Okay, so where is she?"

<She is currently in the Terran rose gardens. That would be on the west side of the Palace.>

Caleb turned around and started to the rose gardens. He had never seen a rose before, and was looking forward to seeing them and finding out if they smelled as good as claimed. After opening the door out to the patio Caleb was hit with the strong sent of roses, he was happy that they did smell as good as everyone said.

"Ann, may I ask you some questions?" Caleb asked his voice squeaking a little.

Ann turned around and smiled at him. She was hoping that he would over come his anxiety and fear. She was sure he would turn out to be more out going once he relaxed more. She was also hoping that Callin would tell him about his visions, and stop hiding what was in store for him. "Yes, Caleb, you may."

"Thanks, I was wondering if you can tell me more of what is going to happen to me. Last night Callin told me about me getting a livery collar, cornet, and diadem. Now Lux is calling me your Highness, and so is the staff. I don't know what is happening."

"We have not been explaining this well to you have we?" Ann said. She also noticed that he kept shifting from one foot to the other like his feet hurt. "Have you ever worn shoes like that before?"

Caleb just shook his head no. His feet were starting to hurt. "I never wore shoes before at all, I was not allowed to. And these clothes are stiff too and heavy. They only gave me rags to wear before."

"Well, for now you may take them off, the boots I mean, and we will see about getting you some house shoes to wear when you are inside. As for the clothes, we had the tailors make you clothes in the style that most upper class wear in the Empire. If you would like something lighter you may have any style from any time or planet. The Gallains wear a lighter style that looks more like a toga. Your temperature runs a little higher than ours so having all the thick cloth on your body may be making you too hot."

"Thanks Ann, I will talk to them tonight and see what they can do." Caleb smiled at her, his fear melting.

"Well now that we have talked about comfort let us talk now about what is happening to you. As a member of my house you have been granted the honorary rank of Prince. Because of that you are entitled to wear a livery collar as a symbol of that rank. Also, you can wear a diadem also as a symbol of that rank. The Cornet should be saved for Royal and Imperial events. One of the modulus that you will receive in your imaging will be on court edict."

"Why is Callin doing so much for me?"

"What do you mean?"

"He has been going out of his way to make sure I am happy, and he seems like he cares about me. I just don't know why. He made a peace treaty that took him almost a whole day to make just so I could get a symbiont. It just does not make sense."

"There are some things I can not tell you yet, Callin will have to tell you them when he thinks you are ready to know. But I will tell you this, Callin does care a great deal for you, he is not acting. He may not know how to show it, or even know how to act around you, but he does care."

"So you don't mind if we become friends?" Caleb asked wondering if it would work out that he could at least be friends with him.

"No, Caleb I do not have any problem with you being friends. Callin has always been a good judge of character and I trust him to make that choice." Ann responded thinking that in time it would not be friends they would be come but lovers, partners, consorts, and husbands. Things just needed a push in the right direction. "So, I have noticed how you look at him when you think no one is looking." Ann randomly said. Caleb started to blush and was thinking of running off. Seeing his panic Ann quickly said, "I have no problem with it, but if you want to do any more than look, you will need to try harder than you have been."

"You - you hav - you don't have a problem with me liking him? I would have been killed in Coleona if anyone found out I liked a boy!"

"Well, you are not in Coleona any more. It would be hypocritical of me to have two sons and a foster son that like boys and then condemn you for it. Besides, in the Empire it is not that uncommon. Some of our planets have an all bisexual population, and others have a high rate of homosexuality. We could not be an Empire if we did not make allowances for differences, sexuality being one of them. Here on Devia Prime, we have about a twenty percent rate of homosexuality. So relax and be yourself, you will be happier in the long run."

"Who are the three?" Caleb could not help himself from asking.

Ann just smiled at him and answered. "Callin, Chace, and Dani. Dani is dating Justin. And no, before you ask, Callin and Chace never dated."

Caleb stood there and thought about what she said. She had just given him the go ahead to try and get Callin to like him.

"Ann if I tell you something will you keep it between us?"


"You know how I have dreams?" He waited for her to nod her head, "And that they come true or that they seem to be happening other places that I have never been." At this point Ann was starting to wonder if he had remote sight as well. "Well, I used to have these dreams of Callin all the time." Caleb blushed and Ann's mouth dropped open. Caleb had his head down and did not see her so he kept talking. "I did not know who he was back then, but used to hope that the boy in my dreams would one day rescue me. I also had dreams of the future, me and Callin were married. I'm just so nervous about telling him. I don't want him to think I am some kinda freak or that I am trying to trick him."

"So that is why you are so comfortable around him." Ann said while she was thinking that this was just to ironic. If only she had not promised Callin not to tell Caleb about his dreams. "Well, if it is meant to be it will come to pass, but you need to do more than stare at him." Ann finished up by smiling at him.

Date: Crutal /29/6874

<Gallain control, this is the Devian Imperial Ship Constellation requesting permission to enter Gallain Space.> The A.I. Constellation broadcasted as they emerged from the worm hole next to the boarder.

"Constellation, we have received the orders from command to allow you entrance. We were not expecting you for several months. I have a message here from command asking to talk about that with you after you arrive at Galla Prime. May the spirits guide you and bless you."

<Thank you, control.>

"So what do you think so far Caleb?" Callin asked as he sat in the command chair, not really paying attention to what the ship was doing.

"I still can't believe we got here so fast. I don't understand how it worked."

"Well, after your image you will, there is a module that only I have access to since I made it. It will explain everything to you." Callin said as he smiled at Caleb.

Things were more relaxed between the two of them. Caleb, for his part stopped worrying about everything and Callin stopped worrying about slipping. He figured that if something came out or something happened then it would. This alowed both boys to relax, the result was the they were becoming closer.

<Callin, we are entering the worm whole again. We will be on the edge of the Gallain system soon. What warp factor would you like me to use to enter the system?> Constellation asked.

"Warp 6 for the outer system and warp 4 for the inner system. Once you reach orbit drop to half impulse."

<Entering worm hole, stand by, 4..3..2..1..engaging... activating warp factor 6. We shall arrive at the planet in six minutes. I think the ministers and his Highness are going to have questions regarding me. I have already detected scans attempting to gather information on me. >

"Activate jammers and all defenses. Go to high alert." The lights dimmed and red lights started flashing around the bridge. The chairs pulled back and the view screens started displaying a 360 degree view on every axis around the ship. All the terminals started to come alive and information started streaming on them. On the outside of the ship, just inside the warp field, three shields came alive. Inside, all the drones and droids were activated and all reactors and ZPEC were activated.

<Battle mode activated. Standing by for instructions. All systems read ready. I am now at warp 4, two minutes until we drop from warp.>

"Devian ship disengage defenses and lower shields to be scanned."

"Negative controller. You are not permitted to scan this ship. Any and all attempts to forcefully scan this ship or to board it will be deemed a hostile act and will be met with force. This is an Imperial ship carrying the Crown Prince." Callin responded in person. Caleb was just watching all of this unfold, not believing what he was watching.

<Dropping from warp, Half Impulse activated. Callin, I have detected a weapons lock coming from the defense platforms.>

"Activate all weapons and set to standby, activate war mode."

On the planet, the officers in the controller room were starting to panic. A very ambitious, yet stupid, officer ordered the defense stats to be turned on and aimed at the Constellation.

"Sir, we are reading a massive out put of energy coming from the ship. It is also powering up weapons. Sir, they have a lot of weapons as well. They have not aimed at us, I think they are responding to our weapons lock. I think it would be best to deactivate our weapons." One of the controllers said.

"Negative, order them to deactivate all systems again, if they refuse fire on them. I knew we could not trust the Devians."

"Sir! That ship has the Crown Prince on it! If he is killed it will mean out right war." Another solder said.

"Sir, they have refused to shut down the systems. They are demanding to speak to command."

"I will not wast their time. Open fire!" The officer was sure his General would thank him later.

"Sir! The hit seems to have no effect on the ship, they are targeting our weapons platforms." A few moments later the screens lit up as every one of the weapons platforms were destroyed. Then an image came on the screen.

"I am Callin Truga, of The House of Devaus, Crown Prince of the Devian Empire. We have destroyed your weapons, seeing as you saw fit to fire on me. I demand to speak to His Highness, the Prince Regent, Now! You have exactly one minute to find him before I open fire on the planet. You are in violation of a signed treaty between myself and his Highness, your actions are a deceleration of war." The image abruptly cut off. The Officer that was so sure of what he should do went pale as what was happening sunk in.

They did not even have to call anyone, the Prince came up on the screen demanding to know who attacked them. The Officer was in to much shock to answer so his Lieutenant answered for him.

"Your Imperial Highness. The Devian ship came into orbit and fired on our weapons platforms. They are demanding that you speak to them or they will open fire on the planet."

"What!" The Prince yelled, the screen split in two, on one side was Callin on the other was the Prince.

"Callin, why have you destroyed my platforms? This is in violation of our treaty."

"I destroyed them, because I was fired at by your control team. The officer there was demanding for me to lower all defenses and shields and submit to a scan, when I refused I was fire upon. Your weapons were not effective and did no damage, I thought it was best to take them out of the picture though."

"We can talk about it more when you come down here." He said to Callin. Then he turned his attention to the control room. "As for you soldiers there will be a formal investigation. Just be glad that there was no damage to his ship and that he did not decide to destroy your base as well. I do not know why you thought it would be alright to fire at a Crown Prince but I am sure we will find out." The screen went black in the room and everyone relaxed.

Back on the ship Callin was still talking to the Prince regent.

"Callin, I am most interested in this ship of yours. But why would you bring a war ship on a diplomatic mission. You had to know it would cause problems."

"This is not a war ship. It is my personal Star Cruiser, it has a full range of weapons on it so it can protect me. I will not allow it to be scanned or boarded. The ship is set to defend itself, if anyone tries to get on it while I am on planet the people involved may die. The designs I gave you as part of our treaty have some of the systems that this ship has, so this should show you what the battle ship I gave you is capable of."

"Very well, I will issue the order keeping everyone away and off of your ship. Now about my platforms."

Callin interrupted him. "Your Highness, I will give you a blueprint to replace them with. The ones you have are out dated and ineffective against my ships. I am willing to pay for half of them, but I will not cover the cost of all of them, because I did not start the fire fight."

"I would not ask you to pay for any of it. I was going to ask why they had no effect and how you were able to destroy them so quickly."

"As long as I have power you will find it very hard to get thru my shields. That, however, is a secret I will not be parting with, until certain events pass. The weapons were able to work due to numbers. Now, if we are done talking about war, can we come down to the planet?"

"Yes, do you have any guards with you?"

"I did not bring any, and I have no use for them either, unless you plan on sending an army at me I will be fine." That statement had the Prince Regent wondering what Callin was capable of. He had heard rumors but nothing was ever confirmed. It also made him wonder what he was hiding up his sleeve."

"I will see you after you go to the symbiont chambers."

Callin and Caleb started walking to the shuttle bay, on the way Caleb was quite.

Noticing his lack of comments Callin decided to find out what was bothering him. "Caleb, is everything alright?"

"Yea, I was just thinking Callin. You seemed so relaxed talking to him. You thought nothing of destroying hundreds of weapons platforms. It all just seemeds so easy for you. I don't know if I could ever be like that."

"No one expects you to be like me. I have been raised to talk to kings, leaders and emperors. I had no problem destroying them because I knew there were no people on them. The skills to fight and command this ship I got from my Imaging. I did a military one as well, my mom does not know that part of it." Callin finished up with a sheepish grin on his face. "I think I will load all the same things I did for myself when we have yours done as well. No one needs to know you loaded the military index as well. It is always good to keep some of what you know and can do secret from the public. For example, no one knows that I am a Grand Master in over sixty-three fighting styles."

They boarded the shuttle and made their way down to the planet. After they entered the chambers the first thing Callin noticed was that the walls were a dark blue, instead of green like the ones on Devia. He wondered if it had to do with the cobalt verses the copper.

While Callin was looking around a caretaker came up to them.

"I was informed of your arrival. If you would please follow me I will take you to the common pool."

"Common pool? I was told we would have full access."

"Callin, it does not matter, please don't start anything." Caleb whispered to Callin.

"Well, yes, common pool. He is not nobility, or royalty, nor is he part of the Imperial Family."

"Caretaker, you have been misinformed. He is my foster brother, and as such is a member of the Devian Imperial family. I demand access to the Imperial or Royal pools."

"Very well, but I am lodging a complaint about this. Now take off your clothes and enter the pool."

"Take off my clothes?"

"Yes, how else is the symbiont to bond with you. Your clothes cover part of your neck." Caleb followed the directions and removed his clothes. He did not notice that Callin became somewhat flushed after he was fully undressed.

Caleb slowly walked into the Imperial pool and once he was in he started having second thoughts. "Callin, this wont be like last time will it?"

"No, since you are Gallain we should have come here the first time." Callin reassured him.

Callin's words calmed him down some and he once again started to walk into the pool. The symbionts started to swim around him brushing up against his legs the deeper he got the more symbionts that were rubbing on him. Once he was down to his chest in the water. All the symbionts backed off except one. The caretaker told him to duck under the water and wait.

The Symbiont then attached itself to the back of his neck, numbed the area, and then burrowed in. It attached itself to his spine, brain, and blood vessels. The merger was complete. Caleb rose from the water on his own. His symbiont told him he could get out. The back of his neck was red and tender but that would heal in a few hours. When he got out of the pool Callin asked him what his symbiont's name was.

"This is so strange, it's like I can hear him in my head. He is pleased to have bonded with me. He says his name is Dagda. This is nothing like I felt when I got out to the pool on Devia. This feels normal and right, the other was uncomfortable before I blacked out."

"I need to make sure it is fully bonded. Please turn and allow me to see you back." the caretaker stated.

"No, he says he is fully bonded and to not let you run your tests. In fact, he is telling me not to trust you at all. Callin, I think we should go and have your meeting with the Prince Regent now."

Callin did not question it at all, but just turned around and walked out. The caretaker was protesting loudly the whole time. Callin and Caleb climbed out of the chamber and left. They took a hover car to the Palace and were greeted by the Gallain Minister of Foreign Affairs.

"Your Majesty, Your Highness. I take it all went well and you were able to bond with a symbiont."

"Yes, Dagda and I are bonding well. Now, I know what everyone meant when they said the symbionts acted as advisers. He is giving me his opinion on everything that is happening." Caleb was so focused on trying to explain what he was experiencing that he failed to notice that the Prince Regent was staring at him.

"Your Highness is there something wrong?" Callin asked as soon as he noticed the strange reaction the Prince was having.

"What? Oh, yes, every thing is fine. It is just that his Highness looks like some one I used to know along time ago. One of the side effects of age I think." He tried to laugh it off but there was just something about Caleb that looked so familiar but he could not place it.

"Come now, your Highness, you are not that old. You are what 98 years old. You are still young."

"Yes, compared to what I will live to be, you are right Callin. However, you live for 98 years and then come back and tell me that you still remember every thing as you do now. Time has a way of changing our memories and playing tricks on the rest."

"If I live that long I will gladly come back and talk to you in 86 years." Callin replied.

"If you don't mind me asking, who do I remind you of? It might give me a clue to who my family is." Caleb asked, his earlier happy mode was now somewhat down cast.

"I do not mind at all Caleb. But I am afraid it would not help you find your family. The man I am thinking of has been dead for a long time. I supposes you could be a distant relative of his on his mothers side. The man I was thinking of was my great grandfather."

"So, he might be a Gallain Noble after all?" Callin asked. He, like Caleb, had hoped for a starting place.

"He might be. After the symbiont has had a chance to fully bond. We can run a search on his DNA and see what we find. Who knows, we might be distant cousins."

"Yes, I was waiting for the same reason to run a search on our end. I am afraid that if he was born from parents in Coleona that they might not have an entry in the DNA archives. So, finding his Gallain family might be all we can hope for."

After that they talked about the ship some more and how they were able to make the trip in under a day, the Prince invited them to dinner; which they accepted with gratitude. The Prince was pleased that every thing turned out well, and after his visit to the ship and looking over the blueprints for the new weapons platforms he was looking forward to a very long and beneficial relationship with Callin. He was disappointed to learn that the new drive, ZPEC, A.I., and armor would not be included in the battle ship blueprints he was given.

After dinner Callin and Caleb returned to Constellation. After leaving the system Callin told Constellation to set coarse for Ember.

"Constellation, once we clear the system engage the Worm Hole Drive and take us to Ember."

"Callin, why are we going to Ember?" Callin asked.

"It is time that you had your Imaging done and had a Neural Interface implanted. I think we will also start your training."

"Okay, no one told me I was going to a different planet, I did not pack anything."

"No one knew, and you wont need anything, except a skin suit for training, and the rest of the time you can dress however you want, just ask Celestia to make it for you. It will be several weeks for you to have the image done. I feel safer having you on Ember than on Devia while you can not defend yourself."

"Okay, that makes sense. Dagda thinks your idea to keep me out of harm is a good one." Caleb smirked a little. "Are all symbionts this talkative and protective?"

"Yes, but after a while they start directing a lot of it to the subconscious. And only talk to you if they want a direct conversation. I still talk to Solaris all the time though. I have learned to carry on a conversation with him without even thinking about it. Part of my mind is always talking to him."

<Setting coarse. We are clear of the system, activating Worm Hole start up sequence, Worm Hole connect in 3...2...1, entering Worm Hole. We have arrived at Ember, sending Defense Grid Codes.>

Callin and Caleb watched as the several satellites moved out of the way and a ship sized hole formed in the shield. The ship moved through the hole and it closed behind them as the satellites moved back into place.

<Welcome back to Ember, Callin. I have several things that need your attention.> Celestia said over the ships speakers.

"Who was that?" Caleb asked.

"That is Celestial, she is the Core A.I. and the Planetary A.I. on Ember." "Celestia, I have Caleb with me, I want him to have full access to all systems and areas. I will be showing him around before I take him down to medical for an Image and Neural Interface implantation."

<I have made the adjustments you requested. I will wait for you on the planet.>

"Callin, why did you give me full access?"

"Why not? It is easier then approving you every time you want to go somewhere."

"If you say so. Just remember not to over load me please."

"Well, this planet is going to over whelm you. So just take a deep breath, every thing will be alright." Callin smiled at Caleb, then walked off to the shuttle to head down to the planet.

Callin was right, Caleb was completely overwhelmed when he saw the base.

As the shuttle flew over and came in for the landing Caleb bounced from one side of the shuttle to the other. He could not believe that there was military base that was 98 square miles.

"Callin, it's huge. Why did you build something so big? Where are all the solders? What is it for? Can we go in there?" The questions just kept coming. It made Callin smile to see Caleb so happy.

"We can go in after we fly by the other bases." Callin said as he watched Caleb's mouth drop open.

"There are more?"

"Yes, over on the Islands to our north." Callin altered his coarse and headed to the five Islands that had the Imperial bases on them.

"Caleb, look below. Can you see the five Islands that have buildings on them? It looks like three are done."

"Yes, what are they?"

"They are the bases for the Imperial Forces. The Dragon Core, Phoenix Core, Ghost Squadron, Psi-Core, and The Imperial Guard. From the looks of it I would say that the Dragon, Phoenix, and Imperial Guard are done. There should be a landing strip around here for them too."

"If they are the military bases then what in the name of the spirits was that other place?"

"My base, ship yard, and central command."

It was clear that Caleb was starting to over load so Callin turned the shuttle around and headed back to the main base. When they landed on the shuttle pad the system started to drop the pad down into the underground shuttle bay. After they were locked in place the hatch opened and they got out.

Caleb started to turn around trying to look at every thing.

"Well, are you ready for the grand tour?" Callin asked, barely holding in the laughter.

"Yes!" Caleb shouted.

"Okay, well this is the shuttle bay...." Callin started taking him around to the different parts of the base. When they got to the ship building bays Caleb was speechless. Celestia informed Callin of the progress and told him that the city bays were almost done. He showed the medical bay last, and on his way down Callin told Caleb more about the Neural Interface and bio mites. "Caleb, there is something else I need to tell you. Part of the Neural Interface requires bio mites. The side effect of the ones you will get is that they extend your life even more. The tests show it could be as much as twenty percent. I could give you the other version that I made after I discovered the effect, but I would rather you take the first version."

"I have no problem with that, so what do I need to do?"

"Well, you need to get undressed and get in the Bio-Chamber." Caleb made a face showing how much he liked the idea of getting back in a chamber, but he did as he was asked. "You will be in there for a few weeks, I will do the Neural Image at the same time."

After Caleb had climbed into the Bio-Chamber Callin went over and looked at the settings.

(Celestia, access the Galla data and information grid and create a module for their history and laws as well, then put together a separate legal module each for The Terran Collation, the Planets of the Free Trade Alliance, the planets of the Free Alliance of Neutral planets, and any other planets that do not belong to any group. Also make a sub-module for all of there medical as well.) Callin told Celestia through his interface.

She was quite for a moment then informed him that she was done.

(Okay, queue up a full imaging index, add to it the legal, medical, military, and combat modulus. Add in all the new modules you created, and my information modules and orientation modules. Once the list is compiled start the Neural Imaging. When the image is done start on the Neural Interface implantation.)

<The queued modulus will take three weeks to Image. > Celestia responded after the image process had started.

(Good, then while he is having his done, queue up the new modules you created for me.) Callin said as he started to undress and climbed into the Chamber.

<Your image will take four days to finish. I am activating defenses around the medical bay.>

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