Castle Roland

Ascension of the Thrones

by Thomas Nealy

On Hold

Chapter 9

Published: 10 Apr 14


Ascension of the Thrones

by ThomasNealy

Date: Fortug /1/6874

As Callin slowly woke up the first thing that he noticed was that his head was killing him. He knew it would be; it never mattered how much he tried, he was always unprepared for how much it really hurt to have a Neural Image done. He slowly stretched and used his Neural Interface to force the medical bed he was on to give him some pain medicine. After the drugs took effect he swung his legs over the bed and tried to stand.

<Callin, you should stay on the bed for a few moments longer while you fully adjust to being awake again.> Celestia said.

Callin ignored her and tried to stand any way, only to stumble and have a Medical droid help him stay standing. He then took her advice and got back on the table. His head was still spinning.

"Celestia, why does it feel like my head hurts more than it should?"

<You awoke before you should have, normally you would still be asleep for a few more hours. Additionally, it seems that your primary motor cortex seems to still be partially numbed but the effects should wear off shortly.>

"Do you know why?" Callin asked, slightly confused.

<I believe it is because of the bio mites. They seem to weaken the anesthesia and anesthetic from the medical systems. I can push an update that would turn off the toxin purification if the interface detects a bio-chamber or a med-bed is being used.>

"I agree, go ahead and push the update, but please send out a warning stating an update is being pushed. Do not tell them what it is for." Callin said, as he once again tried to get back up. This time he was able to stand, although he was swaying slightly. "How is Caleb doing?"

<The Neural Imaging is going as planed. He is not experiencing any complications. Now that you are awake I would like you to look over the ships and buildings that have been finished while you were being imaged.>

"OK, I will be up in the construction docks in a few moments, then I will take a shuttle over to the new bases." Callin got redressed in his skin suit and made his way out of the medical bay, When he arrived in the construction area he was shocked to see that his freighter was done, as were the missing construction bays. "Celestia, how did you get every thing done so fast? I thought it was going to take another five days to finish the freighter, and at least a few more weeks on the bays. What else did you get done?"

<I was able to reorganize the droids and drones. Doing so allowed me to decrease the time needed for completion. As for what else is done, I have finished the bases as well as the landing strip and have connected all the islands with a shuttle lane. The village on the main land to our north is almost complete as well. I should have that done within the week, baring any obstacles. Once the village is done I will have a large amount of construction droids left over that I will no longer need.>

"You can use them on the next project. I need you to locate a spot on this planet that is similar to the area that the Justial conclave is at now. Then I need you to duplicate it here, the only exception is I want its systems and equipment brought up to the same level as this base with a Superior Intelligence A.I. system. Make it out of the same stuff as what it is made of now."

<Very well, Callin. I will start planning for that after the village is done. I would also like to inform you that I have started building the C.R.M.3C ships, two are currently under construction. I have also started on the Vault ship, two Battle Stars, two Dreadnoughts, three Destroyers, two Star Cruisers, five Heavy Cruisers, five Cruisers, five Light Cruisers, and I am producing 50 Heavy Fighters, Strike Fighters, U.S.V. Strike Fighters, Stealth Fighters, U.S.V. Stealth Fighters, Light Fighters, U.S.V. Light Fighters, and U.S.V. Recon an hour. I am having them take up positions throughout the systems as well as landing on this planets moon.> Listening to her report, Callin was blown away. He’d never expected to find this when he woke up!

"How long will it take you to build the other ships?"

"Okay, we'll stop making the smaller ships until we have ships to get them on. Make one of the Cruisers for Thristian to replace the one he has now, name it the same thing though."

<I will do so once they are finished. What would you like to name the freighter?>

"EI-CF7846, make sure it is an Advanced A.I. with a male personality."

<I have uploaded the A.I. and I am bringing him online now.>

"Instruct him to take up orbit. I should have a crew for him in a few days. I will be heading back to Devia now I think, unless there is anything else we need to talk about."

<No, I will work on what we have talked about. I will let you know when Caleb is ready to come out of the chamber.> As Celestia was saying this Callin watched as the new freighter took off.

After watching the ship take off, Callin walked to the shuttle bay. The automated system began to raise and it was not long before he was on the surface and heading up to Constellation.

Callin quickly had Constellation set course for Devia and watched as the ship left orbit and broke free of the system before entering a Worm Hole. Once the ship re-emerged in normal space, on the out skirts of the Devian system, Callin had Constellation make the call to control.

<Devia System Control, this is the I.S. Constellation requesting system entry on Imperial lane one, please acknowledge.> Constellation's voice came over the com system, once he was done the screen came to life with a control officer.

"Welcome home Your Imperial Majesty, you are clear for system entry on Imperial lane one, please maintain sub-light speed. Assume a high orbit above Tilana, Devia prime orbit is full." The controller responded to Callin.

"Acknowledged control, assuming orbit above Tilana. I will be remaining in my ship for awhile once I reach Orbit. Please inform planet control that I will inform them when I am ready for re-entry."

"Will do Your Majesty." The controller logged off and the screen went blank.

"Constellation, set course for Tilana, high orbit, full impulse only on Imperial lane one. Bring shields to maximum and set all weapons to standby. It looks like there is high traffic today so keep an eye out."

<Yes, Callin, estimated arrival time is 20 minutes. I am detecting a scan in progress, erecting ECM field.>

"Thank you Constellation, I will leave it to you. Please activate com station one." A small terminal rose out of the floor infront of the Captain's chair, it had a medium sized subspace communications terminal on it. "Please log these addresses and input them into the main contact data base." Callin told Constellation. He then entered a subspace address and waited for the call to be answered.

It was a few moments but then an elderly man came on screen. "Hallo alter Freund, wir sind frei zu reden?" (Hello old friend, are we free to talk?) Callin asked in German once he saw the man.

"Ja, wir sind allein. Es ist gut, du mein Freund ich hoffe alles ist gut zu sehen?" (Yes, we are alone. It is good to see you my friend, I hope all is well?) The man replied, as his face lit up in a smile.

"Dürfen wir in Devian sprechen?" (May we talk in Devian?) Callin asked. He was still uncomfortable with many of the Terran Languages, with the exception of Gaelic and Greek. He had the knowledge, but using it was hard, his mouth did not always want to form the words correctly. The man, knowing this, nodded his head telling Callin it was ok to switch languages. "I am well Jens, but I fear that our work may have made you unsafe. I would like to bring you to a safe location if I can. If you are able, I would like you to meet me on Ateyuo in the Nel System. I will inform the other five as well."

"I do not like the idea of having to leave my home. How sure are you of the danger? Surely no one knows of our involvement!"

"I have no solid evidence. But more have died for standing up to him and failing him, I fear it is only a matter of time until you are found. Celestia has been able to block most, if not all, of the data searches and traces that have been going on, but I still worry. Besides, you will all get to see all our hard work in action."

"How long will we have to be in hiding, Callin? And where would you take us that would be safe from him? I already am outside of the Empire, and I am a Terran citizen, he would not cross the border to get me."

"No, he would not cross the border, but that does not mean he can't hire someone to do it for him. It is just a really bad feeling I have about you all, when I try and search the future to see if you are in danger I see nothing, it is just blank."

"That is not a good sign, as much as it pains me old friend I will meet you there. It will take me a few weeks to get there."

"I will see you then. Call me on this channel when you get there, and when you know how long it will take."

"Very well my friend, until I see again." The screen went blank. Callin then made calls to the other five members of his team. All of them agreed to join him. His team members were from all over the Galaxy. Jens was from Terra, Jamie was from Yoyutai a planet in the Galla System part of the Gallain Empire, Tinl'db was from Lafy two in the Laby System a member of the Free Alliance of Neutral planets, Hiuwnja was from Y'Efear in the Tavein System part of the Devian Empire, Trapa'es was from Nofikei in the Ve'Ocetla System part of the Free Trade Alliance, Sutalo was from the planet Teiki in the Weujo System which currently does not belong to any group.

Callin chose Ateyuo because it was in the Free Alliance of Neutral Planets and such could be reached by all of them with out having to notify any Government other then Ateyuo. While technically the Nel System was in Devian Space, it was not part of the Empire. It had it's own boarders and a dedicated space route from six approach points as did all members of the Free Alliance of Neutral planets. Border beacons surrounded the system and its space routes. The Terrans were the only ones that did not allow an independent government or alliance to exists in side their borders.

The down side to this type of system was that if someone left the space route they would be in the space of a different government and would then have to register with them and even risk being detained in the case of Galla and Devia when it came to citizens from the other Empire. The Terrans could care less as long as you follow their laws but if you tried to claim any planet in their space they would kill you on the spot.

Having to follow the routes added time to the journey but not much. Callin however would not have to follow them because of the Worm Hole drive. Although being Devian he would not have had to follow them to begin with.

By the time Callin was done contacting all his research partners he had been in orbit for over an hour. He got up and stretched and looked up at the main screen. "Constellation, have there been any more scans?"

<No Callin, I have not detected any scans other then that of the monitoring net.>

"Good, please retract com station one." Callin waited until in was retracted. "Please open a channel to Devia planet control."

<Channel open.>

"Devia control this is the Imperial Ship Constellation I am preparing to take a shuttle down to Devia, please clear all traffic for reentry, destination is the Palace of Light."

"Acknowledged Your Majesty, we will begin clearing traffic on approach to the Palace. Please let us know once you have cleared traffic altitude."

"Will do control. Constellation out." Callin waited for the screen to go blank and for Constellation to single him that the channel was closed. "Constellation, ready shuttle one, and if any one tries to get on board and does not have an interface while I am on planet side flood the ship with hydrogen cyanide gas at 50,000 ppm and then purge the atmosphere."

<Callin hydrogen cyanide at that level will kill all living things with in a minute.>

"Yes I know." Callin was already half way to the shuttle by this time. He knew full well what he was doing, if any one got on his ship they would die. "Keep the shields up and weapons at standby." Callin boarded his shuttle and took off after he reentered the atmosphere he contacted the Palace shuttle dock and told them he was coming in for a landing. Once he was below 1,000 feet he told control they could resume traffic. It did not take long for him to land.

"Lux where is my mom?" Callin asked once he was in side the Palace.

<She is currently in her rooms.>

"Thank You Lux." Callin walked to Ann's rooms and knocked before letting himself in. He saw her sitting on a sofa talking to some people he did not know.

"Hello Mother, I wanted to let you know I was back from my trip." Callin said reverting to a more proper speech in front of the unknown people.

"Yes Callin I would like you to meet the Lorenzo family. They are the ones I talked to you about." Callin instantly knew who she meant.

"I am so sorry that you and your family have been caught up in this. I was going to make time to talk to you all today but seeing as you are here now would you mind talking at this time?"

"About what Your Majesty?" the older woman asked, it was clear that she was the Matriarch of the family.

"I have an idea that will keep you and your whole family safe. It is up to you but this option I think will keep you the safest."

"I would like to discuss that. Her Majesty was generous enough to extend to us rooms here in the Palace after we were rescued. We did not know of the planed attack until security showed up and told us we needed to pack. The same thing happened at every home in my family." Callin went over and joined Ann on the sofa. "I would like to take you all off planet to a secret base of mine. There will be housing there for you and if you are willing a job as well. It is truly the most secure place in the Galaxy."

The woman looked over at the other people with her. Callin assumed that they were the older members of the family or the heads of the households. "If we went with you would we ever be able to return to Devia or would we be exiles?"

"After I take the throne you may return, until then you are all wanted separatists as classified by the Regent. I cannot say if any of your homes will still be unoccupied by then. I have a feeling the Regent will confiscate them. What ever you decide at that time I will help you to rebuild. I will not leave you to fend for yourselves. "

"What kind of job were you referring to?"

"Public interactions and other office work. Some might have to meet with people aboard space ships and get them to sign off on things."

"You are referring to a business then?"

"Yes, in part. It is a public front for a fledgling resistance against the Regent. I have no illusions about him willingly giving me my throne. I fully expect him to try and take control of the Empire before I turn 21."

"I have begun to figure that out in the last week. What is the nature of the business?"

"It is a mining company, I sell pure elements and compounds. It allows me to have a name to register ships and accounts under as well as a means to show where credits came from if asked. I cannot tell you where I get the material from to sell but it is not stolen. Any in your family that wish may work for the public side. My cousin will be acting as head of the company, it is called Ember Industries. If you take this offer there is no turning back, you will be exiles until I take the throne and you will be active members of a resistance. "

"I would like to discuses it with the heads of house first if I may. Can I give you my answer tomorrow?"

"Yes, until then you will not be allowed to leave the Palace or use any form of communication. If you turn this down I will have to alter all of your memories. I will give you two days to make a choice." Callin then turned to his mother.

[Mom, I would like to take Dani and Justin with me to Ember to get an implant. Lilia is still to young, it would reject her.]

Ann was at first startled to feel her son brush against her mind but quickly lowered her blocks and listened to what he had to say. After he was finished she gave the idea some thought. [Yes, I think that would be fine. I will let Count Thridan and Countess Hirna know that Justin can spend the week with us. Are you planning on bringing then in as well?]

~I think it would be a good idea Callin. It would not be fair to force Justin to keep this from his parents.~ Solaris said to Callin interrupting the flow of thought.

{I think I will have to Solaris, they and their family have been allies to our House for a long time and we have known them most of my life. I think they can be trusted.}

[I just talked it over with Solaris, we think it would be a good idea to bring them in.]

[Good I am glad you decided that. I would have been disappointed in you if did not.]

Callin looked behind him and saw that the family was talking to each other and were not paying attention to him or his mother. [Do you think they will except my offer?]

[I think most will yes. While I am sad that we had to meet like this, I am glad I got to know them. It turns out that the young solder was from a very old family. While they were never given any titles of nobility, they have always been part of the high cast. He has a son who is just turning four soon.]

[What about that man that gave you the information?]

[Has been transferred into the Imperial Guard, and his family relocated to the Imperial Guard base. They should be fine. We should start scanning officers soon. It will take a long time to get through the military and the intelligence and security branches.]

[We have time. I will not be ready for them until Devlorn of this coming year, even then I will only be ready for the Space force and the Imperial Forces. I need to talk to Talbot as well. I need to know if he is interested in what I have planned and if he is I need to get him a Neural Interface. I also need to talk to Dad about getting a Justial tutor for Caleb.]

By this time the luncheon was over and the family all got up and took their leave thanking Ann and Callin for the lunch and the offer. Callin and Ann both said their goodbyes before returning to their conversation. Since they were alone they no longer needed to use telepathy.

"How is Caleb?"

"He is fine, I left him on Ember having his Image and Implant done. " Callin blushed slightly. "I think he likes me, but I do not want to push him yet. Some times I see this look in his eyes like he is hiding something from me. Also when he thinks I am not looking I catch him watching me his gaze is so intense but also has an edge of longing to it."

"That could be Callin, I still think you should just tell him. Or in the vary least make a move."

"MOM! That is not the type of thing any boy wants to here from his mom. By the King that is so embarrassing."

Ann just laughed at her son’s discomfort. For whatever reason Callin was the most reserved of her children. Dani had no issues talking about his sex life, Justin on the other hand usually glowed enough for both of them. Lucius had no sex life but had no issues talking about the matter. Lilia took a medical approach to the whole thing and was always very clinical. And if she was honest with her self she would admit that Chace was nothing more then a male version of a slut. He had no issues having sex with any one that was still alive, then talking about it afterwords.

"It is not like I do not know what goes on as a young teen. I was once your age as well. The things me and your Father would get up too."

"UGGG MOM! Way To much Information." Callin then got up and all but ran from the room. All he could hear was his mom rolling in laughter.

Once Callin was out of the room he slowed down. He decided to go talk to his dad first. The idea brought a smile to his face. He loved being able to call Medil Dad. Callin walked to the front gate of the Palace of Light and told the guard to have a hover car brought around for him. Callin thought he should let Medil know he was coming. (Celestia please connect me to my dad.) Callin asked silently channeling his thoughts to the interface.

When Medil heard Celestia in his mind he nearly jumped. Unlike telepathy there was no slight brush against his mind. It was more like a communications terminal in his head, which was exactly what it was. (Yes Celestia?) He asked hesitantly.

<Callin would like to talk to you.>

(Thank you Celestia, do you think it would be possible to have a warning of some sort before communications become active. You nearly gave me heart attack.)

<I think I can cause a slight warming sensation to be triggered. Would that work?>

(Yes that would be great! And yes you can put Callin through.)

<Very well I will push the update momentarily and inform every one of the change.> Celestia dropped off the connection and Callin came on.

(Hi Dad, I wanted to let you know I am coming over to see you. If that is ok)

Medil smiled at being called dad, it was something he had wanted for a long time. (Yes that is fine I will clear my schedule for the rest of the day.)

(Thanks I should be there in a few moments.) The connection closed and Callin climbed into the car.

"Take me to the Justial Conclave." Callin told the driver. Callin watched as the city went by and he arrived at the Conclave. The gate opened and the usual greeting was given by the Conclave A.I.. Callin got out of his car and waited for the running man that was coming toward him.

"Your Imperial Majesty, this is such short notice. I am sorry I was not here to meet you when you first arrived. " The man was wearing a long shimmering jet black robe. It looked like shimmering velvet with dark red trim in the form of flame and dark cobalt blue swirls woven into the fabric. On his forehead were two Spirit Stones one of each type. The top one was black with gold flecks and dark red swirls. The bottom one was a cloudy blue with jade green and ruby red swirls running through it. Callin knew by his robes that he was a Lord Justice and not a Justice.

"Your Imperial Lordship. Please do not worry about timing. I was not here long, and in any case I am in no hurry. This is a social call, not official." Callin was careful to maintain proper decorum, and so used the formal address for a Lord Justice.

"Thank you Your Majesty, If you will follow me I will take you to see The Lord High Justice."

Callin followed the Lord Justice, even though he knew his way around the Conclave very well. It did not take much time before he was at Medil's personal rooms the Lord Justice just gave a short bow and then left. Callin knocked on the door then walked in. Medil was sitting on a sofa and once he saw Callin his face lit up. Callin quickly closed the door and went over and hugged Medil. "Hi Dad!" Callin said as he buried his face In Medil's chest. They sat like that for awhile before Callin shifted so he was more cuddling with his Dad then he was hugging him.

"Not that I do not like this, but can I ask why the sudden need to see me?"

"I have some things I wanted to talk about, but I also wanted to see you." Callin said. Making no move to shift from his position. Medil started rubbing Callin's head as they both sat there relaxing.

"How is Caleb doing?" Medil asked still rubbing his sons head.

"He is doing well, I left him on Ember getting his Image and Implant done."

"Good, he will still need training though even with the Image."

"That is one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. Can I get a Justial to train him on mental examination?"

"I will see what I can do. What else did you want to ask me." Medil asked as he kissed the top of Callin's head.

"I will need to start having the military people scanned. I was wondering if you could have the Justials help with that." Callin said. He knew his mom was right.

"That will not be a problem. It is well within our rights to examine government employees for loyalty. Who did you want to start with?"

"The Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Devian High Command Officers, The Lord Director Of Intel, The Lord Director Of Security, The Branch Directors and Sub-Directors. All but the High Command Officers should still be on Devia. Can you handle 10,489 people?"

"Yes that should not be a problem. What do you want them scanned for?"

"Loyalty to me and my House, loyalty to the Empire, loyalty to their commander, and loyalty to the Regent. I will consider loyalty to the Empire or their commander to be neutrality. But I need to know who is with the Regent and who is with me."

"That will not be a problem, and it will not raise any suspicions either, we can claim it is just a normal loyalty examination. Can you get me a list of all the names?"

Callin stopped and directed his thoughts to his interface and had Constellation pull the names and compile them in a list then had him transport a PADD down with the list in it. "Here Dad." Callin said while smirking and handing Medil A small hand held data device.

"Smart ass." Medil took the PADD and looked it over. Once he was satisfied he set it down and went back to cuddling his first born. Callin and Medil sat like that for a few hours before Callin said he needed to return to the Palace.

After Callin left Medil went back to his office. "Cancel all my appointments today, I have been asked to preform Loyalty examinations for the Military Command." Medil said to his assistants. He then handed them the PADD. "I want all the people on this list informed that they have been summoned for a Loyalty Examination, I want the The Joint Chiefs of Staff and HC2 officers along with The Admiral Of Health Service, The Lord Director Of Intel, and The Lord Director Of Security today. Tomorrow I want The Branch Directors and Sub-Directors, and then the rest of The Devian High Command Officers as they arrive over the next month or so." Medil watched as at first his assistants all froze as they realised who all was listed, then started running around making arrangements.

It was an hour later that The Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived. Some seemed a little put out to have been summoned like common solders. "Grand Admirals and Grand Marshals, thank you for coming on such sort notice. I will be talking to each of you one at time in my office. Grand Marshal Rutarg if you do not mind I think I will start with you." Medil then turned and walked back into his office not bothering to see if his order was being followed. He knew that if they chose not to be scanned then they would lose their jobs and probably be sent to a military prison planet.

"What is this all about? Why are we being examined?" Rutarg asked.

"Callin asked me to help scan every one in the military. We are doing H-1 and above as well as sub-director and above at this time. "

"But that is over ten thousand people. Most of which are spread all over the empire."

"Yes I know. Now on to your examination. Are you ready?" Medil asked as his eyes began to glow.

"If it is what my prince wants it is what he shall have."

"Good. Now are you loyal to the Crown Prince and The House Of Devaus?" Medil asked while staring directly at the Grand Marshal.

"Yes I am fully loyal to the Crown Prince as well as the Devaus House."

"Good. Now are you loyal to the Devian Empire?"

"Yes as long as the Empire remains united under the House of Devaus then yes I am."

"Explain your answer."

"If a civil war broke I would side with His Imperial Majesty Callin even if it was not the will of the Empire! Be damned the repercussions of saying such."

"Thank you. Now are you loyal to the Regent."

Rutarg sat there for a moment not knowing how to answer. If he said what he wanted to say it could land him in jail. He hated the Regent with every fiber of his being.

"I cannot answer that without condemning myself to death."

"I give you immunity from prosecution for whatever you say that does not cover job immunity."

"I hate the Regent, I will never be loyal to him! Given half the chance I would gut him!" Rutarg all but shouted. It was a good thing the room was sound proof.

"That will be all at this time please send in Grand Admiral Rabil." Medil dismissed the man with a wave of his had. He really did not think he would get any different answers from the Grand Marshal of the Imperial forces.

"What now? You did not say if I passed or not."

"That is not up to me. It is up to his Majesty the Crown Prince." Rutarg turned to leave. "One more thing, please stay after every one is done I would like to talk to you." Rutarg was confused, but decided he had no choice but to stay after. He then left sending in the next on the list. As he left the room he saw Medil making notes on a PADD.

Medil looked up as The Grand Admiral Of The Space Force, Melor Rabil, walked in. He was a pure blooded Bakobenite. Like all of his race he had carbon black skin and white eyes with no color in them at all. His hair was also white and worn long to mid back, covering his pointed ears. "Thank you Grand Admiral Rabil, please have a seat."

"What is this all about Your Imperial Excellency?"

"I have been tasked with preforming a loyalty exam for all the military above H-1 level. We will be moving out to FO3-4 after that and then work our way down from there."

"That is impossible. The numbers alone are too great. If you plan on doing the whole of the military you are looking at over one trillion people. It would take you a life time to scan all of them!"

"After I do the command level I will have other Lord and Lady Justices help me with the rest of the military. Any who refuse will be held on suspicion of treason. "Medil waited for that to sink in then his eyes began to glow again. "Now are you loyal to the Crown Prince and The House Of Devaus?"

Melor looked shocked at the Question. "Yes of course I am! What kind of question is that. I was appointed by Emperor Tyrn himself."

Medil said nothing but moved on to the next question. "Are you loyal to the Devian Empire?"

"Not before I am to the Crown."

"Are you loyal to the Regent?"

"I will follow any lawful order given by him but given the choice between him or the rightful heir to the Throne I would pick Callin." The Admiral was wondering if he just signed his own death warrant.

"That will be all. Please send in Grand Marshal Anos next. Also please meet me back here at mid day tomorrow."

Medil left his eyes glowing and made his notes while waiting for the next man to come in. Grand Marshal Anos was The Grand Marshal Of The Army. He was slightly over weight from years of sitting behind a desk. He was a Tenkolian and his yellow blood gave a slight yellowing to his skin and Bright yellow eyes and rust brown hair. "Grand Marshal please take a seat."

"What is this a demon hunt? I demand to know what is going on!" He all but screamed at Medil but then quickly shrank back when he saw that Medil's eyes were glowing and gotten brighter when he made his demand.

"You will do well to remember who it is you are speaking too. If it were my wish I could send you to the farthest reaches of the Empire and have you stuffed in the deepest darkest hole they can find. Remember that next time you make demands of this office!"

"Forgive me Your Imperial Excellency." he said with a bow. He then took his seat. And waited to be told why he was summoned.

"I have been tasked with administering a loyalty examination. Now are you loyal to the Crown Prince and the House of Devaus?"

"I am loyal to the Crown prince regardless of who his parents are." the Marshal answered in a smug tone.

"Are you loyal to His Imperial Majesty Crown Prince Callin Truga Of the House Devaus Duke of Snowel."

"That is what I just said."

"Are you loyal to the Empire?"


"If there was a civil war between the Crown and another part of the government who would you side with?"

"Who ever the High laws sided with. Right now that would be the Crown. And unless His Imperial Majesty Crown Prince Callin changes that when he takes the throne then it will always be the Crown."

"If the Crown Prince were denied his throne by the Regent who would you side with."

"The Crown Prince. His grandfather was a good man, he believed in the high laws and it is Callin's right to take the throne."

"You may go. Send in Grand Marshal Burick." Medil was happy he had two and half on Callins side. He knew that Grand Marshal Anos was neither against Callin nor for him. But he would support Callin as long as he had a legitimate claim to the throne.

While Medil was talking to the Joint Chiefs Callin was wandering around the Palace of Light. When he was tackled from behind by a vary hyper five year old.

"Callin!...Callin!....Callin!..." The young boy kept saying over and over until Callin responded.

"What Cody?" Callin just smiled at him as he rolled over and sat Cody on his lap sitting in the middle of the hall way.

"Guess what I get to do all day!"

"I give up what?" Callin said trying not to smirk.

"No you have to try..." Cody whined.

"Nope I have no idea."

"Fine, I will tell you then." he said in a excited voice. Callin was trying so hard not to laugh. "I get to spend the day with you. Grandfather said so. He said you would take me to the market and help me get a birthday gift for my dad. Please!...Please!....Please!"

"Oh fine, when did you want to go?" Callin asked while trying to figure out how to get back at Thristian. It was not that he did not love Cody to death but some times the hyperness of a five your old was to much for him.

"Now can we go now. Then we can be back in time for dinner. I get to eat with you too." Cody got up and started bouncing up and down running back to the front of the Palace. Callin just shook his head and went to grab a cloak and some other things. Once he had the cloak and was sure his skin suit was active and shielding him he added his livery collar and diadem putting his cloak on over his things. Then he left to join Cody at the gate. Under his cloak he had a Devian Katana,a set of daggers, and a hand phaser. Callin made sure his Katana was angled so it would not be noticeable. Once he got to the gate he saw Cody bouncing around bothering the guards who were trying not to laugh at him.

"Are you ready Cody?" Callin asked as he pulled up the hood on his cloak completely obscuring his face. He handed Cody one as well and told him to put it on.

"Callin I don't want to wear the cloak." Cody started to complain.

"Cody it is windy down by the market and I would prefer if people could not tell who we are all that easily. "

"Fine I will wear the dumb cloak!" Cody said. As he put it on. He was not happy about having to wear it.

Callin escorted Cody down to the market all the while watching every one around him. He never stopped to think that he was more careful with Cody then he was when he was alone. They went from shop to shop stand to stand. Cody did not find any thing he liked they eventually found a watch maker. Thristian the III collected watches so Cody thought it might make a good gift. Cody picked out an old pocket watch that was from the Terran 18th century making it almost nine thousand years old. Callin knew Cody did not have enough in his personal account to get it. After all who would trust a five year old with 1.5 million credits. So Callin swiped his chip when it came time to pay and selected his personal account from the list before Cody could have had the chance. The shop keeper was thrilled to make the sale. Callin thanked him and put the watch in the inside pocket of his doublet. Cody complained until Callin reminded him of pick pockets. The shop keeper found it odd that someone would name their son after the Crown Prince, Callin was not a common name inside the Empire.

They continued to walk around when Callin saw a jewelry shop and he decided to get Caleb something. He just hoped that he did not get offended or overwhelmed again. Callin started looking around at the selection of rings and other things a black gold ring with a Blue Diamond cut in the shape of a crescent moon caught his eye. The blue crescent moon was the symbol of Galla and Callin thought it would be a nice jester to give it to Caleb. He kept looking at other things and saw some things for his mom as well and decided to get both of them. Just as he was about to call out to the jeweler Cody bumped in to something knocking it over. Nothing broke but the shop keeper started yelling then grabbed Cody by the arm and tried to throw him out.

"Take your hands off of him! Nothing was broken and I will help you pick up the stand." Callin walked over and set the stand upright using his telekinesis. "Now if you do not mind I would like to purchase two things I see in your case here." Callin then walked over and pulled Cody into his side wrapping his arm around his shoulder. Doing so caused his cloak to pull up slightly and reviled his Katana.

"Who do you think you are. Look here kid, if you think you can threaten me with that fake sword you have another think coming. Besides the brat nearly destroyed my store." Callin just rolled his eyes. The stand was not near anything and was made of thin metal.

"I assure you it is not fake, nor was I threatening you. As for what my cousin did, it was a mistake and nothing was damaged. Now please retrieve the black gold and blue diamond ring for me along with the platinum and orange sapphire star ring I will take the matching earrings and necklaces for that one as well."

"Are you deaf or something I told you to leave." He then grabbed Callin's arm and tried to toss him out the door.

"Good sir I do hope you do not treat all your customers this way. Now unhand me before I have you arrested." Callin still had not lowered his hood. He really did not want to show this man who he was.

"Have me arrested I would like to see you try. Security! Security!" the man started shouting for the planetary security. It was not long before a four man patrol showed up asking what was wrong. "These brats refuse to leave my store!"

"We have done nothing wrong, one stand was knocked over by mistake when my young cousin here bumped into it I set it upright and as you can see there is nothing wrong with it. I admit I was looking at the rings instead of watching him. However the stand was placed too close to the aisle and it could have been bumped in to by any one. This man has assaulted our persons and attempted to physically throw us from the store."

"It is his right to ask you to leave. Why don't you too take down your hoods and let us scan you Ident chips."

"I would prefer not to. I would rather my identity not be known at this time."

"You do not really have much of choice in the matter. You are not in any trouble but we do need to log the complaint."

"I will show myself but first the door must be closed, it would not be good if anyone else saw me down here." The security officers humored him and the all stepped into the shop much to the displeasure of the owner. One the doors was closed and the shade dropped Callin and Cody removed their hoods. As one all of the four security officers went to a knee clasping their right fist over their hearts.

"Your Imperial Majesty, Your Highness, forgive us we did not know it was you. We heard that you both were out in the market today but we did not put it together."

"Please rise, I came out today to try and blend in and have a good time with my young cousin. I just did not count on this rude man here." Callin looked over and noticed that the man did not kneel. The security officers got back to their feet and look sharply at the man.

"May I ask why you did not kneel like they did?"

"Why should I?"

"Most people kneel before a member of the Imperial or Royal families and bow to any Noble. You did neither. This on top of your rude behavior before shows me your true cast. You may be a merchant but your behavior places you below a beggar. Even they have better manors then you do."

"The Regent is making your kind a thing of the past. You should bow before me, I work for a living all you do is take my money." The man spat out.

"You are misinformed. The Imperial family and ruling nobles do not get paid through taxes, in fact we do not get paid at all. We have our own money and investments. The taxes we collect go to run the area that we are in charge of. I will be speaking to the jewelers guild latter about having you put under review, people like you give them a bad name." With that Callin left the shop after making sure his hood and Cody's hood were back on. He sent the images of the jewelery to Constellation and asked him to load them on to a PADD and transport it down to him. A few moments latter in a swirl of blue a PADD appeared before Callin. He thanked the guards and went in search of a jeweler that could make the items for him as he really did like the desgins.

After walking around Callin saw a sign for a high end jeweler the sign had the symbol of a grand master jeweler on it. It was the highest rank the guild gave out. It also meant that anything this man or woman would make would be far above the quality and price of the last man's shop. Callin nudged Cody pointing to the door and told him to go in Callin followed right behind him.

"Good afternoon, how can I help you two today?" An older man of about 60 asked. He had several younger men and women around him. Callin assumed that he was the grand master.

"Hello, may I assume you are the grand master?"

"Yes I am, what can I help you with?"

"Grand Master, I was wondering if you would be able to make something similar to these items. I saw them in a shop down the road but was asked to leave by the owner."

The man look at the PADD and flipped through the images. "I do not like copying someone else work. May I ask why you were asked to leave?"

"My cousin bumped in to an empty stand and it got knocked over. I picked it up but the man was rude and assaulted us before throwing us out."

"I can make the basic design and probably improve it. What is it about these pieces you like?"

"The black gold ring I like because of the black gold, and blue diamond but also because of the crescent moon on it. The other items I think would match a dress my mother has."

"I can work out a design for you, but I will need you to put a deposit down for it. And tell me were to send the designs for approval."

"That will not be a problem. I would like the black gold and blue diamond ring within the next two weeks if I can get it by then the other items have no time frame on them."

"I can work with that. Now where do you live?"

Callin thought about it for a moment and then removed his hood. The man gasped and dropped to his knees. Every one heard him gasp and looked over seeing him go to his knees they followed his example even though only one saw who Callin was. "Your Imperial Majesty, Your Highness you honor me by choosing me to make these for you. To think the Empress will be wearing my work. This is something that I and my family can be proud of for generations to come."

"Please stand grand master." The man stood back up as did every one else.

"I will not be needing the down payment now. I only ask for one so I will get something for my work in case the customer cannot afford it in the end. But I do not see you having any issue paying for any of this."

"I will abide by however you wish to proceed."

"May I ask who the black ring is for?"

"You may. It is for my consort." The man nearly passed out from shock. It was to much for him. Artisans could work for a lifetime and not sell any thing to a Royal or Imperial member let alone a set of jewelry for the Empress and a ring for the consort to the Crown Prince.

One of his sons came up and bowed before taking over seeing how shocked his father was. "Your Imperial Majesty, forgive me, but it seems that my father is overwhelmed. Would you happen to know the sizes of the rings and necklace?" Callin stopped and contacted Celestia and asked her for the sizes after getting them from her he provided them to the man.

"Do you know what quality you would like the gems?"

"I am not very well versed when it comes to jewelry I am afraid. So I will just say the highest quality possible on every thing." Callin felt a tug on his sleeve and looked down.

"Callin I am getting hungry can we go soon?" he asked in a low voice.

"Yes Cody we will be going soon." He then turned back to the men in front of him. "Are there any other questions?"

"No Your Imperial Majesty. We should have the design done by morning and a price quote at the same time."

"Good. Please bring them up to the Palace of Light and have the gate guard page me. Thank you for taking the order." Callin and Cody left the shop and made their way back to the palace. Callin decided he would need more money planet side at least until his Vault ship was done and he could be certificated by the GMSA as a bank. (Celestia can you fabricate one hundred eighty three 32.15 ounce bars of Rhodium for me.)

<Yes I can do that. I assume that you will pick them up when you come back to Ember. And also your math is correct.>

Satisfied that he would have some working capital he disconnected himself from Celestia. They were already halfway back to the palace so Callin gave Cody the watch and told him to keep a tight hold on it. Once they were back to the Palace they removed their cloaks all together and walked in. Callin stopped by the gate guard to let them know that a courier would be coming up in the morning with either a package or a message for him. The guard said he would leave a note for the morning shift so they would not hassle the courier.

Medil for his part had finished with the The Joint Chiefs of Staff, all the HC-2 rank officers, and the Lord Directors of Intelligence and security. He even had a few of the HC-1 officers stop in as well. Over all he thought he made out well. All the The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Lord Directors would side with Callin if it came down to him or the Regent. Some were like Cyric Anos and were only loyal to him as long as he had a legitimate claim to the Throne. None of them were loyal to the Regent beyond what they had to be by law. The same thing for the H-2 rank officers, the problem came in with the HC-1 rank officers that came in. One of them was loyal to the Regent, even though he denied it, and had to have his memory altered. He was an Interstellar Fleet Admiral and so had control of a large amount of ships. Medil hoped that the ones under him would not also be loyal to the Regent. The others were loyal to Callin almost to a fault. So they had a good start as far as Medil was concerned. He knew that the planetary branches were more likely to stand with the Regent than with Callin.

Medil looked up from the report he was finishing up and decided to go join his family for dinner. He told his assistants to close up for the day, and that any other military officers that came were to be told to come back in the morning. Then he left and headed to the Palace of Light. Medil was deep in thought when the hover car arrived in front of the Palace. His driver told him they had arrived and Medil came back to reality. He thanked the driver and got up walking up to the gates he was greeted with bows and was then escorted into the Palace past all the security and waiting people. He of course ignored all the hushed whispers from the public.

After entering the palace Medil turned toward the family side of the palace passing the security check point and entered the main family side hall. He saw Dani and Justin standing there talking to Lucius. Medil found it entertaining that as one both Dani and Justin's heads snapped over to look in his direction. While Callin was more skilled in mental probing and manipulation than them, they were masters of detection. They sensed his presence the moment he entered the room. Lucius forgot his decorum and ran to give Medil a hug. Dani was more reserved but none the less still walked fast to hug his father. Justin was just standing there not knowing what to do.

Justin always felt out of place around people in the upper government he knew that if it were not for his friendship with the twins and his relationship with Dani that he would not be around the Imperial family in a relaxed situation like this. He was always self conscious of his station as a son of an Count. He was not high nobility but middle nobility and it made him unconformable.

Dani noticed his Consorts problems and went over to talk to him again. "What is wrong Justin?"

"I always feel unconformable that you all are so relaxed around high ranked members of the government. You just hugged the Lord High Justice! I know you do it all the time but it is unnerving and reminds me that you’re a prince and that I am just the son of an Count. "

"Justin, we have been friends since we were three years old. We have been dating for over two years. I would have thought you were used to all this by now. Besides most of the 'High ranked members' you are talking about are family." Dani wanted to tell him that Medil was his father but he was not allowed to without asking first.

"Medil! Can you come over here for a moment?" Medil for his part was slightly hurt that he did not get called dad, but then he remembered that Justin did not know and that they were standing in the middle of the hall.

"What is it Dani." Medil asked as he walked over his arm still around Lucius's shoulder.

"Can I tell Justin what we talked about last week?" Dani asked hopeful that he would not be forced to keep this a secret.

"I'm surprised he does not already know. So yes you can tell him as long as he knows not to tell any one else. His parents included."

"Dani what is going on?"

"Medil is our real Father. We found out last week after Callin's eyes started glowing. They were waiting until he took the throne to tell us the truth."

"That would mean that you are half.."

"Justial? Yes that is what it means. But it also means that that murderous ass hole is not my father. I finally have a dad I love and that is a good person. Are you not happy for me?"

Justin just kept staring off into space. This was unbelievable to him he was hoping that they were pranking him, but he knew they were not. He also knew that if this got out he would lose his boyfriend.

"Wow, I wont tell anyone. And yes I am happy for you." Justin said.

"Good, I think we can talk more about your other issues later. Right now it is dinner time and I am hungry."

"You are always hungry." Lucius said before he took off running down the hall.

Dinner was a subdued affair this time. There was a lot to talk about, but none of it was table talk. Once every one was done eating Callin asked every one to go the state room. Once they were in there he activated a jammer, blocking any and all signals in and out of the room.

"There is a lot to talk about. First I need to ask Uncle Thristian how he is coming with getting the solders and security I asked for."

"I have everyone you need and a few extras as well. They still need to be scanned but other than that you will have your men."

"They will need to provide their own personnel courier as I did not bring one with me, and my shuttles are not big enough for the dragons."

"Now how are the loyalty examinations going so far?" Callin said as he turned to face Medil.

"Of the ones I scanned all of them but one was loyal to you and would at least support you if it was needed. Only one Interstellar Fleet Admiral was loyal to the Regent above you. I am doing the Branch Directors and Sub-Directors tomorrow. The rest of the High Command Officers I will do as they arrive over the next month or so."

"I had a few complaints about the loyalty tests. You should have told me first so I could have let them know it was coming or at least had answers for them when they came asking." Thristian said.

"You knew we would have to do this some day. Next time I will tell you though." Callin responded.

"I have asked a few of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to return tomorrow at midday for a briefing. If you want to talk to them then would be the time. The sooner they know what is going on the better they can help us. I only asked the ones that are totally loyal to you to come. I already asked Rutarg to help us out."

"You’re right I will talk to them, I would like you there Uncle Thristian."

"I will be there."

"Talbot, would you like to take the position that I asked Thristian to talk to you about?"

"I would love to help in any way. I hate Stephon and any thing I can do to keep him off the throne I will do."

"Good, then I you need to start finding a small staff. I would start with the family that we rescued as they will be on Ember. I will need you to find someone that is used to being the captain of a large freighter and someone that can run a bank as well. The rest of the staff I would like to be taken from the family I just mentioned. I think there are thirty of them in all not including children."

"Excuse us but what is going on. I know we were told we were being brought in on something big but I feel lost." Count Thridan, Justin's father, asked.

"OK, let me see if I can give you an overview. You will be learning more over the next few days. I have started gathering the forces needed to secure the throne from the regent. I have reasons to think he will not be giving me the throne when I turn 21. To that effect I settled a planet in an unexplored part of the galaxy in the process I have extended the Empire into a new sector. On that planet I am building an armada and what will amount to a shadow government hopefully made up of the loyal members of the current government. I have set up a front called Ember Industries that will give me an excuse to have the some of the more visible ships and other things. The rest will be explained in greater detail latter."

<Red alert, an attack on Constellation is in process. Activating defenses. This is not a test, all personnel to battle stations.> The message repeated six times. Callin jumped up and ran from the room to the front gate. He saw people being herded out of the palace and the shields going up.

(Constellation what is going on?)

<Some one tried to board me. I activated the defenses you set. After the failed attempt a ship opened fire on me. I told Lux to go to red alert encase this was attempt to get at you.>

(Are you ok? Are your shields holding?)

<Yes I am fine. Their weapons have been unable to breach my defenses as of yet.>

(Do you know who it is?)

<No they are not broadcasting any transponder codes. And there are no identifying marks on the ship.>

"Callin what is going on?" Ann asked as she caught up to her son.

"My ship is under attack. I do not know who it is." Callin said as he made his way over to the communication terminal by the door.

"Lux link to Constellation and make it so it seems like my call is coming from him."

<Link established Your Majesty.>

"Constellation hail them"

<Channel open.> Constellation said through the communication terminal.

"This is Callin Truga of the House Devaus Crown Prince of the Devian Empire. If you do not stop your attack on my ship I will return fire."

"Surrender and we will not destroy you." A ruff voice answered back with no visual.Callin muted the call.

"Why has orbital defense not responded to this yet?" Callin asked.

"I am not sure. But I am going to find out." Thristian said as he moved to the other terminal.

"Orbital Air Force Devia prime command come in." Thristian said.

"Lord Grand Marshal. How may we help you today?"

"Why has the ship attacking the Crown Princes ship not been disabled yet?"

"We were told it was just a test, sir, and not to react to it." The solder at the station said he was clearly confused.

"Whose orders?"

"They came from your office sir."

"I never issued such an order. Attack that ship now!" Behind the man red lights started flashing.

"As you command, Lord Marshal!"

Callin hearing that contacted the attacking ship again. "I am not sure how you managed to fake an order. However that issue has been solved. Surrender now or you will be destroyed."

"We are not cowards. There will be no surrender."

The channel closed and Constellation came back over the terminal. <Callin they are increasing the rate of fire. I had to activate Z.P.E.C.s 2-4 to compensate.>

"Take aim and fire, disable the ship I want answers."

<Targeting, weapons, shields, and star-drives.> Callin could hear the shots through the link. It took four shouts to knock out the shields then six more to disable the ship. <Target has been disabled. I have to say I do not like getting fired at this is the second time in two weeks someone has tried to destroy me. I do not like that Callin, it is rude.>

Callin could not help but laugh. <The Orbital Air Force is preparing to board the other ship now.> Just then a bright light lit up the sky. Callin looked out side and saw the wave in the orbit above one of the moons. <It seems the ship self destructed. Minor damage has been reported by orbital. No major injuries are reported.>

"What in the name of the spirits just happened." Medil asked.

"I do not know. But some how they had access to my personal data channel and forged an order from me. I am willing to bet that the bastard had something to do with it . He probably hired mercs to try and take the ship, and when that failed they tried to destroy it. There will probably be no proof of it though." Thristian responded

"He had to know that I would not let the ship be taken. What was his game?" Callin stated

"He was testing it, it is the only explanation. He wanted to see what your ship was capable of. He must have heard about what happened on Galla." Thristian concluded. "I will make sure that I have my systems checked for bugs. I will also issue standing orders that there will be no such tests in orbit with live weapon fire ever. And that they are to respond to any and all attacks on ships in orbit."

"Things are happening faster then I thought they would. I will not be ready to shift the government off world for at least two more years if not more. I am just not ready yet, it will take two years just to test everyone. I thought I had closer to six years to complete every thing." Callin said sounding exasperated.

"I do not think he is ready to challenge you yet. I think this was more of trying to figure out what you have been up to and what your ship can do." Thristian said trying to reassure Callin.

"Good. Well now that that is over shall we go back? I think I need a drink." Ann stated before walking away.

"Your plan cost me two hundred men and a Cruiser. You said it would be easy and that no one would attack back! You also said that the ship would be unattended that was not the case. The money you gave me is no longer enough. You will pay for the ship and an extra 488 ounces of gold per a life lost." The voice was ruff almost a guttural growl.

"Or what? You can do nothing to me."

"You will pay or the Prince will find out who hired me and my men."

The screen went blank. Stephon flew into a rage and started to throw everything in sight. Once he calmed down he made another call.

"Your information was correct. However you did not tell me that Callin could tell when his ship was attacked. It was a good idea to sabotage the ship though. If they were captured it could have been bad for us."

"Thank you, also I did not know Callin was able to tell my love. What are you going to do now?"

"I am going to follow that ship and find out what my son has been up too."

"Do you think you will be able to track it. From what my sources say it can move faster then any ship in existence. And with the training he got from Thristian the II he will no doubt scan for bugs before leaving."

"I will just have to use long range sensors to track him." Stephon disconnected the call and left his private office. Ordering house keeping to clean up the mess he made. He exited the Brown Palace and took a hover car to one of the planet side bases for the Interstellar Space Force.

"Admiral I have a job for you." Stephon told one of the Interstellar Fleet Admirals, in fact the one that failed his loyalty test. "I want you to have my son's ship followed. You are not to loose track of them for any reason. I want to know where he is going and what he is up to."

"Yes my Emperor!"

Date: Fortug /2/6874

"Your Imperial Majesty you have a young boy at the gate for you he says he is the courier you are waiting for but he looks like he is only eight years old." The guard at the gate asked once Callin answered the page. He had a long night going over plans with every one. He was still half asleep. He glanced over at his clock it showed that it was 1005 hours. Callin groaned and told the guard to send the boy to the dining room and that he would be there soon. Callin quickly got up and showered and got ready for the day after he was dressed he headed down for breakfast.

When he went in the room he saw a small boy who looked absolutely terrified sitting there staring at the Imperial family. Callin mentally kicked himself. To Ann's credit she was trying to make him feel comfortable by having him eat with them. All it did was make the poor kid more scared. The idea of eating with the Imperial Family was too much for him. He just wanted to go home.

"I am sorry I was late getting up, so I was not ready for you when you came. Please feel free to eat." Callin said as he came in. He went over and gave his mom a kiss good morning then took his seat next to Chace. "Come and sit next to me so I can look at what you brought for me while I eat." Callin had Chace slid over a spot and then Callin also slid over a seat. Placing the boy between Callin and Lucius. The boy got up and sat where he was told, but he looked like he wanted to throw up doing so.

"Go ahead and eat. It really is not a problem." Callin said as he started looking over the designs that the boy brought. He was really impressed with all of it. And signed off on the proposal. "So what is your name?"

The boy turned to look at Callin with his eyes wide open. He still could not believe he was siting in the Palace of light eating breakfast with the Imperial Family sitting next to the Crown Prince. Then to top it all off he was asked his name.

"C..ctri..crt.. Ctirad, my name is Ctirad Your Imperial Majesty." The boy managed after stumbling over his name, he was fully blushing and looked like he was going to burst into flames.

"And how old are you?" Callin asked he was wondering if he could hook him up with Cody so he could have some one his age to play with.

"I am six and a half Your Imperial Majesty."

"You can call me Callin, Ctirad. I do not mind, and Your Imperial Majesty is a mouth full." Ctirad just nodded and then went back to eating something that he had no idea what it was. "Were you at the shop yesterday when I came?"

"Yes. I was in the back corner helping my dad."

"Do you help him every day?"

"Just when I am not in school. The store has been in my family forever. We all work there." Callin smiled at the boy.

Once they were done eating Callin walked Ctirad to the palace gate. Before he left Callin gave him a coin as a tip and told him to tell his grandfather to go ahead with the crafting. He handed him the signed copies and watched as Ctirad walked way only to look down and stumble as he saw the gold coin Callin gave him. Callin smiled to himself and made plans to visit the family again. He liked them and was already planning on other projects he could work with them on.

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