Castle Roland

Ascension of the Thrones

by Thomas Nealy

On Hold


Published: 8 Apr 14

The Devian Monetary System

The Devian Monetary System is based off of the Galactic Monetary Standard. The Galactic Monetary Standard is monitored by the Galactic Monetary Standard Association. Every member must conform to certain standards. Such as the value of monetary metals and which metals will be excepted as a monetary metal. The Devian Empire, The Gallain Empire, and the Free Trade Alliance have set their monetary value to credits and have adopted the recommended value set by the GMSA. Others such as the Free Alliance of Neutral Planets vary by the planet. Some use only the metal it self some use the credit system. Terra is not a GMSA member but does have a branch there for trading purposes. Both Devia and Galla call their credit an Imperial Credit while others just call it a Credit or a Galactic Credit. The GMSA also certifies banks for all members.

The GMSA has set these standards:

1 GMS pounds = 11.9999 GMS ounce1 GMS ounce = 34 GMS grams


2,550 Credits per an GMS ounce75 Credits per an GMS gram


2,049.52 Credits per an GMS ounce60.28 Credits per an GMS gram


1,260.38 Credits per an GMS ounce37.07 Credits per an GMS gram


442 Credits per an GMS ounce13 Credits per an GMS gram


405 Credits per an GMS ounce11.911764705882352941176470588235 Credits per an GMS gram


403 Credits per an GMS ounce11.852941176470588235294117647059 Credits per an GMS gram


206 Credits per an GMS ounce6.0588235294117647058823529411765 Credits per an GMS gram


34 Credits per an GMS ounce1.00 Credits per an GMS gram


.136 Credits per an GMS ounce.004 Credits per an GMS gram


Coins are not used much in the Empire or many of the members of the Galactic Monetary Standard Association, but some people still use them, mostly for tips or small purchases. An Identity Chip is still needed to use them inside of the Devian and Gallain Empires as well as the Free Trade Alliance for any purchase or sale over 30 credits. Zinc is used as the core for all mixed metal, usually silver, coins as it is not a monetary metal as laid out by GMSA and there for adds no value to the coin. Counterfeiting coins with fake cores is discouraged by the fact that any one caught is sent to a labor planet to mine for the rest of their lives. The harsh punishment has worked as only a small hand full still try.

Coins (pure metals)

Rhodium: 5.333333333334 grams Rhodium worth-- 400Platinum: 5.806237558063 grams Platinum worth-- 350Gold: 8.092797410305 grams gold worth-- 300Iridium: 11.538461538462 grams Iridium worth-- 150Palladium: 16.790123456791 grams Palladium worth-- 200 CreditsOsmium: 16.873449131514 grams Osmium worth-- 200 CreditsRuthenium: 16.50485436894 grams Ruthenium worth-- 100 CreditsSilver: 30 grams silver worth-- 30 CreditsCopper: 2.5 grams. worth-- .01 Credits

Coins (mixed metals) 1 ounce each

1 Credit Coin- 1 grams of silver coating 33 grams of zinc core.

5 Credit Coin- 5 grams of silver coating 29 grams of zinc core.

10 Credit Coin- 10 grams of silver coating 24 grams of zinc core.

20 Credit Coin- 20 grams of silver coating 14 grams of zinc core.

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