Castle Roland

Destiny's Split

by Wolfwalker

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Chapter 1

Published: 8 Apr 14

Destiny's Split

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The Breaking of the accord

"Vampire," Tal hissed out in disgust as his warriors brought the prisoner to his command post in the high school gym.

Struggling to get out of his bindings the vampire sneered at what he thought was another walking bag of food, "Release me!"

Tal held his hand up, palm up so the vampire could see the small flaming figure that looked like another of the Vampires his team had captured. He smiled evilly as the scream from the vampire represented in the flames echoed in the halls.

Dan, of the clan of Raven stared in horror as the person in front of him burned Stephan from the inside out. He could see it happen to his clan mate after they had brought him into the room where Stephan was hanging on the wall. Eyes glancing between the flaming figure in the strangers hand and his clan mate on the wall proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that what he was seeing in flame was happening for real. "W...Wh..What do you want?"

"Why are you and your clans hunting pack here in this town Vampire," Tal's fingers stroked his palm as he closed his hand, as if he was massaging ashes into his palm.

Eyes glued to the hand that had held the flames, Dan did as he was told, he answered the question, "My Clan has been ordered to kill all those that reside in this town in the most gruesome way possible to be the warning to others of why you do not anger the Children of Cain. The one who runs the schools in this part of the state has refused to hand over the tithing as required."

"Vampires work from the shadows," Tal stated as he looked at their captive. "You fear coming into the open, and yet what you are about to do would put you firmly into the publics eye...Why?"

Screaming in pain as one of those holding him stomped on his instep when he refused to answer Dan cried out, "I don't know. I was ordered to this town specifically and told to kill all those who reside here. To make it look like a terrorist attack."

Tal walked away from the Vampire as he looked at his team. Spotting the government sanctioned camera near the ceiling he stared into it knowing that his face would be run through the sophisticated facial recognition software the feds were known to have. Too bad for them he was not on file, he had made sure of that after the unraveling, "It seems Vampire that you will have to modify your plans."

Turning to face the creature he glared at it, "The Trans Gen's have already claimed this town." Tapping his chin the evil smile was back as he turned so the camera could pick up his smile, "But maybe there is a way for us both to get what we want."

"And what is that FOOD?" Dan sneered at the walking meal.

"Simple really Vampire," Tal's eyes glowed briefly as he mind called his team of the change in plans. "Every male under the age of twenty five is to be brought here to the high school." Seeing the Vampire look confused his smile grew into a grin, "All others shall be your rightful prey. But we want the young males," opening his hand Tal called the flames back and stared at the sweating beast.

"I have no choice it seems," Dan was trying to figure out when it would be the best time to double cross the snack in front of him and grudgingly agreed. "I will have my people bring the males as you ask," shaking his shoulders as he was released he glanced at his two captors with a wary look. They were stronger than they should have been and he was unable to use any of his Vampiric strengths, something had closed off all access to his powers when he got within five feet of these walking snacks, he shuddered at the absolute shutting down of everything that made him a Vampire by their touch alone. Leaving the room at a sedate pace even though his instincts was screaming at him to run he heard the snack call out to him.

"Remember this Vampire," Tal warned the creature, "The males are to be turned over un-drained. Do not taste what is ours by rights of retribution."

Once the blood sucking creature had left he turned to his team leaders, "Call in the medics. Have them check each of the males dropped off by those creatures for signs of being bitten. If the males have been tampered with...Burn the creature responsible."

"Yes commander," Devron thumped his right fist to his chest as he moved to the room they had set up as their command and control point.

Staring at the camera as he considered their next steps Tal called out to the Second Lieutenant, "Lieutenant Calford, how far along are your teams in activating the transport portal?"

"Sir," Carl snapped to attention while quickly facing his commander. Touching his ear mic he called to his teams, "Sit Rep all teams..." listening to the reports he received from the two teams set up in the locker rooms he told his commander, "Sir, Teams Bravo and Zeta report that the portal set up in the shower area will be functional in twenty minutes."

Nodding his head that he had heard him, Tal tapped his chin as he thought about the message he wanted to send, "All males under the age of sixteen are to be stripped and checked out by the medics before sending them into the locker rooms and transporting them to the ready base." He knew the humans had a bad reaction to seeing people dragged off to showers, it was a learned reaction from the horrors the Nazi's in Germany were known for. Unlike those wastes of DNA his teams would send the males to the holding cells at the Harvest facility in the Copernicus Base Dome, what he planned for one of the older ones though would serve to send the message he wanted conveyed nicely after he chose one to convert in front of the camera's watching them.

Three hours later, a large pile of clothes, most having been ripped off the bodies of the young males being delivered by the creatures, had grown to be shoulder high. So far four hundred of the estimated five hundred and forty young males had been processed. Tal watched one of his retrieval teams bring in a stunning specimen, moving over he smiled which sent shivers down the young man's body. Reaching out he trailed a finger along the others cheek in a caressing way, "How old are you?"

"Old enough to kick your ass," Allen tried to lunge at the person who was obviously in charge.

Trailing his finger down the males check and over the teens right nipple, Tal smirked as the male tried to back away from his finger, only to be stopped by Sergeant Kireland. Finger slowly crossing the male's belly button on its way down, Tal's smirk grew as the males discomfort grew along with its fear as he let his finger slip inside the top of the male's waistband. Ignoring the heated threats being sent his way he let his finger ever so slowly move around to the male's bubble butt. Hearing the Sergeant chuckle as he held the male still, he grabbed his prize and looked at the wallet in his hand.

Tal laughed in the male's face as he looked at the identification cards inside, "So Allen Smith, age sixteen from Eagle Junction Virginia." Dropping the wallet and identification Tal looked up into the camera again, knowing that the person or persons who eventually watched the video would see him looking at them.

Spotting a large group of creatures enter the gym he looked over his shoulder at the team leader for Zeta squad, "What is the count Lieutenant?"

"Sir," Lieutenant Groves right fist hit his chest in salute. "Total males taken through transport is five hundred and one. Our team was the last through town and we found no other males of the age of retribution amongst the corpses the creatures left."

Ignoring the cry of pain from the human male being held, Tal turned to face the Vampire he had told to bring his prey to them, "Twenty nine of our rightful prey are missing Vampire." Nodding his head at the team leaders he grinned in enjoyment as they each brought their palm up and at the flames appearing on them. Each figure made out of flames burst into flame and screamed in agony at being burned from the inside out.

"What are you doing," Dan screamed out in rage as he moved in quick time towards the obvious leader of the group. Only to be slapped down hard by said leader as if he was nothing after getting within feet of his target and his blood enhanced powers failed just like they did before, he was no stronger or faster than a human by the time he was in range. Looking up at the man in fear from the floor with blood trickling from the corner of his mouth he barely registered what he was told before being burned alive.

"You tampered with my prey Vampire," Tal looked down as he brought his hand up, palm open and flat. "Ninety nine of your clan for twenty nine human males, not even close to being an acceptable exchange," he said in disgust as the last Vampire burned up and his ashes swirled on the floor.

Shrugging his shoulders as if the destruction of over ninety Vampires was inconsequential, which it was because they outnumbered them three to one, Tal turned to face the human male once again with a smile on his face, this one predatory. "Allen Smith this is your lucky day." Taking the offered tablet computer with a list of names and ages next to pictures he scanned down the list, "My, it seems you have a brother. It would be a shame if something would happen to the last living member of your family."

"What have you done with Eric," Allen tried once again to break free from the guy holding him.

"He's been sent to Copernicus Base, the holding cells there until he has been processed," Tal stared at the human male, eyes trailing down to the male's crotch and what was soon to be exposed. "Tell me Allen Smith. What would you do to make sure your brother," glancing down at the tablet in his hand Tal showed the boy the information including picture, "Eric Smith age fourteen and well endowed for his age it look like stays untouched?"

Horror set in as Allen realized the man in front of him was alluding to the fact his little brother would and could become someone's fuck toy. Swallowing his pride he let his head hit his chest, "I'll do anything you ask of me, just don't hurt Eric."

"Strip," Tal ordered in way that it sent shivers down the human male's frame.

Turning back to the camera as he heard the rustling of clothing being taken off he glared into the camera, "You have taken what did not belong to you. Brendon was scouting a group of high school kids to determine if any were worth harvesting while they visited the Boston museum as per our agreement and one of your government agencies snatched him. You broke the accord!! For years we have kept the population of Vampires down in the thirteen states who signed the accord. Now they will be allowed to grow unchecked."

Pointing to the now naked teen that was doing his best to hide his equipment behind his hands, Tal growled out, "We will no longer hold our Harvest at thirteen per year from the states we call our range. Nor will we only take those that are willing as we have always done," moving back to the teen he kept his face in line with the camera. "On your knee's Allen Smith," Tal commanded as he unbuttoned his pants.

Gulping in fear as he knew what he was going to have to do, Allen hesitated before reaching up and unzipping the man's pants and pulling out his package. Shedding silent tears he went to work doing as he was expected as the man talked.

"Bulletins for years of a new virulent form of Sexually Transmitted Disease have been used to hide our activities before the accord was agreed too, with the full harvests now occurring once again you will not be able to hide the fact male teens are going missing from the public for long," Tal lectured the people behind the camera as the teen readied him with his mouth. "You have three days to return Brendon unharmed. If he is not returned to the place he was taken from and allowed to leave without hindrance we will chose to Harvest another school. This one large than the last, and three days later another will be chosen. And for those watching this that have no idea what awaits those we Harvest a visual demonstration is in order."

Without taking the time to make sure the human would enjoy it and without any preparation Tal pushed the boy's face down to the gym floor while turning him so the teens ass was in the air and thrust into him. Quickly he claimed the boy and all too soon his seed along with the virus that made up part of the fluid that carried their seed rushed into the boy as he reached a hurried and not as pleasant as it should have been orgasm.

Standing up as the teen rolled onto his side Tal took the offered towel and cleaned himself up before re-buttoning his pants. Reaching down and hiding the gentle caress and mouthed apology to Allen from the camera with his body he stood the unconscious boy up so the camera could see what was happening to the male. Allen had blood starting to leak from his nose and eyes as the virus quickly went about converting his DNA to the new form he would take, he was being reborn into something greater than before.

Special Agent in Charge Scott Adams watched the person on the video throw the boy over his shoulder and walk into the locker room. Looking down at the report he tried to control his rebelling stomach as he put the pictures of what was found in the girl's locker room back in the folder. Even though it looked like they had died peacefully, a full thirty five young boys and men had been found stacked next to each other like logs. The question was, where had that black swirling mass of whatever that the locker room cameras had captured and those people disappeared through gone to. Wherever it had led to was not found out because after the last of those people walked through the framework it had blown up leaving a gapping whole in the side of the building.

Closing the file and staring at the man across the table from him he growled out, "Tell me whoever the hell you are, where the boy Brendon is?"

"The group I represent had nothing to do with the boy's disappearance," the man dressed in a black shirt and jeans told him known for this meeting as Voice.

Pushing a button on the control to change the video, Governor Tildess spat out, "Well the video of the snatch shows something different."

They watched in silence as the video played out and Scott watched the man's face carefully as it went from furious to confused, than he shook his head. "What did you see that we did not?"

"It was a good setup," Voice smiled as he relaxed in his chair. After seeing the van he knew it was not one of the teams that his boss oversaw. "The van is not one of ours; ours are black due to the nature of the paint mixture used. The paint is special in that it dampens Psionic waves from our targets." Pointing to the video he told them, " That van was white."

Glaring at the government representative who introduced himself as Voice, Governor Tildess barked out, "Are you telling me that there is another group of government sponsored kiddy snatchers out there?"

"We now have to deal with this new group on top of everything else like Vamps," Scott sounded disgusted at the thought of another group snatching kids. He had to stop himself from arresting the prick across from him when he found out what he represented.

That worries me the most," Tildess told them. "Without the intervention the Trans Gen's provide it won't be long before the vampires move in. I would not put it past them to announce to the blood suckers that they are no longer defending their territory to the same degree as before. I don't even want to think about covering their next Harvest up. Unlike this one, where we breached the dam upstream, they will more than likely choose somewhere we can't use a natural disaster as a cover up."

Scott frowned as he looked through the slim folder that had been gathered on the Trans Gen's as they called themselves he had been read into this morning. There had not been a lot of information considering it covered five years of referenced incidents going back another ten, "Has anyone been able to locate any of the Trans Gen bases? I mean they moved over five hundred kids yesterday and surely someone would have noticed a large influx of people."

"We never have been able to track them," Tildess hissed out in anger. "Whatever that black mass is it disables all trackers that have been placed on the teens they harvest. Even the ones that were placed under the skin or in the teens abdomens never worked once they went through that swirling mass."

Scott started to look through the folder he had been given again, "I don't see any mention of how they choose their targets for..." feeling dirty over the use of the word, "harvests. So how did you figure out who to target?"

"They've always kept their predations to willing gay youth, those that are bullied to the point they wish they could make all the pain go away," Tildess remembered the research his people had done on those who had been taken. "They scour the Internet and chat rooms for leads, and then scout them out in person if what we watched in the video is the next step," he shrugged. As far as he was concerned they could have had all the gay people they ran across in his state.

Scott frowned as he made several notes on his legal pad, "That's all you've been able to narrow down on why they chose who they have?"

Tildess ignored the question as well as the underlying accusation inherent in it.

Voice fidgeted in his chair as he looked at the folder with blacked out documents in it. He had been partially read into the secret of the Trans Gen's by the Governor at the meeting he had been escorted to last night at the Governor's Mansion, what he had read had both intrigued him as it was what they were hoping to get out of the program they had started with snatching Psioncs and at the same time frightened him. He wanted out of this meeting with as much information to give to his superiors and their scientists as possible; more than anything he wanted samples from the missing kid before handing him back. They might even be able to breed a couple dozen kids with a good sample if they were careful to use it wisely during in vitro. "I will get all our divisions to investigate the men in the video, surely by using the street cameras set up around town we should be able to track the kid down. Plus between our forces," he pointed between the FBI agent and himself, "we should be able to find one kid."

"But can you find him before the deadline," Tildess grumbled as he picked up the phone to make a conference call to the other signatories of the accord.

"It's highly unlikely," Scott told them as he started to pack his briefcase. "The biggest failing of trying to profile where they will strike next is the fact we have thirteen states to cover."

"Their biggest problem will be logistics," Voice told them as he stood up. "Sooner or later they are going to run out of room to hold all these kids. And when that happens we will have them, because the ones who escape will be able to lead us right to them." And then we will get you to work for us he thought with glee.

Spotting Tal walk through the portal room with a naked teen over his shoulder, Ben kissed Tal before picking the teens head up. Seeing the blood running down from the teens eyes he sighed, "A forced conversion, I fear that we will be seeing more of this soon. Let's get him to our place so you can make love to him properly, taking your time so you can replace his memories with something nicer."

Sighing, Tal nodded, "As much as I wanted to take my time so we both could have enjoyed it, after choosing him I pretty much had to use him as my object lesson."

Falling behind Tal, Ben reached between the teens legs and hefted the teens ball sack and tugged his flaccid member and felt it immediately start to go hard, "I agree he is very nice. And he probably tastes good too," he chuckled at that as he moved over to the portal and coded in their home address. Once it activated they walked through into the patio of their dome. "How about I take the front while you take the back?"

"You just want to taste his virginal dong," Tal leered before giggling, because if asked he really wanted to taste Allen's dong just as much as Ben did. Ben preferred to get his partner off before fucking them, while he preferred to fuck them and hope he could catch their load to drink as he was balls deep inside them.

"And you don't," Ben laughed at the grin Tal gave him. Palming the sensor to the bedroom door Tal's burden was soon lying on his side while he did his best to suck Tal's tonsils out as he kissed him. It was only when he felt Tal was throbbing with need that he let him go and planted his face in the teens crotch while Tal buried himself slowly in the teens ass.

Swallowing the first load that came way to fast, proving the boy was a virgin, Ben rolled the head of the teens cock in his mouth slowly for a minute before going all out again.

An hour and a half an hour later, Tal finished spurting his second load into Allen and cuddled into his backside as he stayed inside Allen, "You want to fix his brain so he will not betray us or should I?"

Waiting until he finished swallowing the teens fourth load, Ben moved up along the teens body and shared some of what he had taken in a kiss with the teen. Hugging the teen close while ignoring the throbbing problem between his legs he answered Tal, "You go ahead, I need to take care of this if I have any hope of sitting through the debrief after breakfast."

Pointing to his rear, Tal smirked as he shifted closer to Allen so he went deeper inside him, he was still hard and knew he would come one more time with the hard pounding he was about to get, "Go ahead and put that wonderful tool where it belongs, you can even pound out one more orgasm without me having to do the work. I'll take care of programming Allen while we enjoy ourselves." kneeling next to Tal, Ben lubed up and while lifting Tal's leg he slowly slid inside. Thrusting slow at first he picked up speed while dropping his first load inside his lover, it was after he came down from the first time that he went to work on building his way to his second orgasm.

A quick shower where they washed each other Ben and Tal checked on the new neophyte to makes sure everything was going the way it was supposed to. Seeing the bleeding had stopped, and the teens heartbeat had steadied at a constant one hundred and thirty Ben smiled, "He's going to be fine."

Locking the bedroom door behind them Tal kissed Ben one more time as they made their way to the kitchen for a quick meal. Breakfast over Tal put the dishes in the dishwasher as Ben prepared dinner in the slow warmer, they would take a nap when they got back from the debrief and by dinner time their neophyte would be up and around and most likely starved.

Dialing the code for the command center Tal looked back at Ben, "You might consider picking someone from the Harvest so we can train Allen along with a familiar face from his town."

"We'll see," Ben stepped through the portal and into the command center and started for the amphitheater where they would hold the after Harvest debrief. "If not this one, I'll definitely pick one out of the next Harvest."

"You've chosen the target then," Tal asked as they walked down the steps in the amphitheater towards the stage.

"I have," Ben told him as they walked onto the stage and looked out over the short battalion that had taken part of the Harvest of Eagle Junction. "I won't keep you long as I know most of you are short on sleep. I was surprised, as I think most of you were to find a hunting clan of Vampires invading the town just as we kicked off our Harvest. From what information our intelligence team passed on, this hunting party was from Michigan. Chicago to be exact and we are not sure yet what the Squishy's have done to need to be taught such an open lesson, considering Vamps try to make sure they are never discovered."

"With three to one odds in our favor we took them out without a single injury on our side, mostly because we had the numbers needed to protect the Pyrokinetics that were destroying the creatures." Ben grabbed the podium as he congratulated his troops. "Before I ask for volunteers to take and convert a Squishy from the Harvest to one of us, our chief needle stabber spotted something he needs to make sure we are all aware of. So Joe if you would," he grinned as he pulled his friends leg before stepping aside.

"You know your next physical is coming up, I think I have the right instruments chilling in the vacuum outside the med bay," Joe teased his friend as he took the podium.

"One of the field medics reported that during testing of the new class of interrogation drugs to be used on Vamps he was told some information we need verified," Joe scanned the crowd as he told them the results of the interrogation. "The Vamp told us that there is another type of creature out there that hunts Vamps. They call it a Wolfkin, they're description matches what the movies call a Werewolf, and they are unlike what the movies and books portray them to be."

"We have an edge over them for all of ten seconds," Joe stunned them with that tidbit. "Until we have rock solid intel on the existence of Werewolves we have taken and put together the strongest traits out of the movies and books to base our understanding of the new creature on. With the worst case scenario we came up with, we think can match them for speed, for about ten seconds, worst case is that they have more stamina than we do and can easily outshine us as we would tire faster than they would."

"We can match them in strength if we can catch hold of them," then Joe burst their bubble, "for all of maybe a minute. Werewolves would have a body mass and height advantage over us. Not only that until we can understand their physiology, if they do exist, we have to place their physiology above ours." Seeing the unrest as the soldiers looked at each other uneasily he told them, "We will always hold the advantage over them by being Pyrokinetics, but only if we have a team defending the Pyrokinetic taking the wolf down."

"Remember so far it is unsubstantiated rumors," Ben chimed in. "Plus we know they are enemies of Vamps, so that is a good thing in my books."

"True," Joe chuckled. "If we get confirmation it would at least let us know that the blood based drugs we have invented work on Vamps. And I'll leave the headache of any type of confirmation up to you," Laughing at the expression on Ben's face he changed tracks. "Medical has released one hundred and twenty nine of those in this Harvest to be chosen for conversion. The rest will be fitted with obedience collars and another one hundred will be put up for claiming while the rest are placed in the crèche schools. Only two will have families that are still too young to claim for future conversion and thirty or so have an older brother ready to be chosen now."

"One last thing," Joe turned to face Ben. "Medical would like the next Harvest to include females of breeding age between sixteen and seventeen years old to replace worn out breeders."

"How many do you want us to capture?" Ben asked as he walked back to the podium.

"One hundred would be good, but it does not all have to come from the next planned Harvest. Anytime in the next six months would do," Joe stepped back and moved over to Dolce.

"For those of you who think there will not be enough from this Harvest to choose from, there will be another Harvest in two days whether or not Brendon is returned to us," Ben took the podium back. "Our next Harvest will take place at a more reasonable hour, eleven in the morning. Our target will be in a city that has five high schools and we will choose two of them randomly an hour before kickoff. I plan to use Battalion Apollo Seven to give all of you the next campaign off."

"We can only field two battalions and until Brendon is returned the most I can guarantee is that you will not go on back to back missions," Ben shrugged his shoulders as he wrapped up the debrief. "One other tidbit that will be common knowledge right about now, "Our portal probe, targeting Mars was launched successfully and will reach Mars in two weeks. So this time next month we should be moving into our new home."

"So before all of you start to fall asleep on me," Ben smiled at the chuckles. "Get out of here and get, go home so you can catch up on your sleep."

Nodding in acceptance as three hundred men stood up and hit their chest with their right fist; Ben held Tal close as Joe and Dolce moved over. Looking at Dolce he asked, "Did you make a list of scientists your people want to visit so they can mine their minds for knowledge?"

"I did," Dolce smiled as he was pulled into the group hug along with Joe. The four of them had a history that went back to the start of their race and a unique love for each other. They were the foundation their society had been built on. Their experiences and triumphs along with failures was what they used to shape the Trans Gen's.

Joe kissed Ben and Tal with a smile that promised lost of sex, "I'll bring home your neophyte's brother when he is released at dinner time, why don't the two of you go home and nap."

"We'll wake you when we get home," Dolce caressed Tal's face before groping Ben. "The Boys will be home tomorrow from their extended research trip to Germany. I've been told they picked up some interesting things while sightseeing."

Ben groaned as he shook his head at Dolce, "You do know that Kevin has an insatiable need to bed everything that has a dick don't you?"

"I'm just glad that of my two sons he is the only one I ever had to deal with that has a sex drive to match yours Ben," Dolce hopped backwards out of reach of the swat directed at his ass awhile laughing.

"You would think that my three would have kept him satisfied," Joe sighed as they started for the door as a group.

Tal chuckled as Dolce complained about his youngest, he told him, "He's a big flirt. More bark than bite so to speak. Actually if you check the records he had never converted anyone, I'm not sure why, as he won't tell us when we ask."

"Really?" Dolce sounded shocked, "But why..."

"He likes to make the Squishy's uncomfortable," Ben smirked as he coded his home dome into the portal control panel. "At least that is part of the reason."

"I blame you for that nickname that seemed to stick," Joe growled playfully at Tal.

"Hey, It's not my fault the Humans squish when you hug them," Tal flippantly answered as he stepped through the portal.

Laughing at the hilarious saying, Joe shook his head; he remembered the incident that ended up coining the phrase with crystal clarity, Tal had played at being a hysterical kidnapped victim for a cop that had come upon him while he was out scouting a possible convert. Unfortunately when he hugged the man he squeezed a little too hard and the man squished like an overripe tomato. Tal had been so shocked and horrified that the first words out of his mouth were, 'I swear I did not know humans were so squishy'."

Walking into the Dome with a subdued human trailing behind him, Joe saw Dolce in the field outside the house doing his Tai Chi routine. He waved as he wondered what Dolce was thinking about because he only ran through his exercises once a day unless he needed to run things over in his mind to figure out where to go next. "Come along Eric," he called after the teen who was openly staring at Dolce.

"What's for dinner Ben? It sure smells good," Joe asked as he and the young man he brought home entered the kitchen.

Looking at the teen Joe brought home with him, Ben's eyes were drawn to the fourteen year olds crotch that certainly was not something that most fourteen year olds could boast of. "You must be Eric, Allen's brother," he knew who the teen was; he was just hoping to put the teen at ease so he did not have to activate the obedience collar.

"Hello Sir," Eric said quietly as he caught sight of the naked man behind the counter. His head was still spinning from what had happened last night and this morning. And after the promise the man who brought him here gave of being taken to his brother, who was the only one left of his family he did exactly as he was told. Looking around as much as he could he did not spot anyone moving around and hoped he was at the place his brother was supposed to be at. "Is...Is my brother here?"

"Yes he is Eric," Joe told him as he moved behind the counter so he could kiss Ben in greeting.

Watching to two in curiosity Eric wondered if he would be expected to put out as his friend liked to tease him with tales of what happened to those kidnapped by the gangs in the big cities. Then the man ran his hand through his hair and he spotted the view through the window, Shocked he stared at the Earth in the distance and the many domed structures. It looked like they were on the moon!

Following the teens gaze, Joe caught Eric's shocked look and then remembered that he had pulled the kid out of the holding cells right after having the obedience collar secured, so he not been released into the meadow dome where he could have been chosen for conversion by one of their people. So he had not done like the others in the Harvest had, he had not stared through the dome high above at the Earth, and have all hope of escape dashed. "Your eyes are not deceiving you Eric, that is the Earth you see on the horizon and yes you are on the moon."

"But...How?" Eric stumbled over the words as his mind took in what he had been told and matched the mans words with what he was seeing. "We are taught in school that the moon base was decommissioned because it was too expensive."

Tal walked into the kitchen with Allen following behind him like a lost puppy and heard the end of the kids question, "We wanted the world to think it had been blown up. And with the space program abolished by politicians that were under our control, well we have a base that is almost impregnable." Sitting down at the table he spread his legs wide as he pulled Allen down to his crotch, leaning back as the neophyte started to suck for all he was worth he smiled in pleasure.

Hearing noise from behind him, Eric turned around and spotted his brother eagerly bobbing his head up and down. Moving closer he let out a small gasp of surprise as he realized that his brother was sucking the guys cock. Not only that but he was more than enjoying it by the look of the jutting cock his brother was sporting that twitched in time to his mouth moving. Feeling himself start to go hard he tried to will it to go away by thinking of something else. Only it did not work as he kept opening his eyes at the moans and saw his brother having...doing oral sex.

Smirking at Joe as he placed the food on the table, Ben knew that Eric was going to have a hard time of it until his sixteenth birthday, literally. Chuckling as Joe moved behind Eric and pushed him forward so his hardness was within reach of his brother as Tal pumped in and out of his brother's ass, the cries of shock as Joe bent Eric's hardness so his brother could suck it told him that they might not have that much to worry about with Eric. He most likely would come to them willingly if what he was seeing now was any indication.

Doug growled out in frustration as he placed the one time use receiver on the basement wall of the old factory building they had chosen to leave from. He knew the fire brigade would in the end be thankful the old building burned down when the receivers blew once they sent the deactivation signal to them. Glancing over his shoulder at the teams he had led to mine the knowledge from the best scientific minds to be found in Germany and Switzerland he saw the several hundred strong group of recruits that they had rescued from a particularly venomous religious German nut cases cleansing squads. He had no clue that Germany still had those who were like that, he had thought after the world war Germany had turned around. But he guessed fanatics were world wide, no particular country had cornered the market on fanatics.

Placing the last corner of the receiver net onto the wall Doug activated it and let out a small sigh as the wall rippled in between the receivers and he saw the embarkation dome on the other side. Spotting Todd by the steps he touched his ear bud and spoke softly, "The portal is open and I'm sending Rob through to warn the on duty guards we are bringing in rescues." Nodding at his brother Ron he watched him step through the portal. "Is the coast still clear?"

Todd softly went up the three steps needed to poke his head above the floor and looked out the hole where the door used to be. Spotting black smoke spurting up through the tree tops he frowned, they had been found. "Incoming, ETA Five," though if they timed it jut right, and he would make sure they did, when the took out the building they would take out most of the thugs following them.

Turning back to the portal he saw Rob wave at him, "Listen up people.I need you to line up into three columns and double time it through the doorway behind me, we're going to have uninvited guests in about five minutes. So we need to move quickly so we can blow up the escape route."

They might not be militarily trained Doug thought as the collage kids quickly formed three lines and jogged through the portal, but they damn sure had strength of will to survive this far without giving up.

Looking back as the line suddenly stopped Doug grinned when the rapid ready assault team came through the portal and rushed to Todd's position. The playing field just got leveled with the addition of their armed troops being added to the mix. "Move," he hissed to the front of the line once the team was out of the way getting them moving once again.

Todd fell back once his heavily armed replacement stopped next to him, "It's up to you if you want to draw them in and let them go up with the building once the receivers melt down or take them out now." With that said he fell back to the last of those they rescued and called out as he entered the portal, "Thats all of us, we're clear." The last thing he heard before he passed through the portal was the sound of automatic fire, it sounded like the ready team was going to have some target practice after all.

Moving to where he could see Ben and his father Todd chuckled when he heard Ben tell Kevin, "And here I thought you were the trouble magnet. I can't blame you this time because you were not in charge."

Muscling his way through the crowd Todd grinned when Ben pulled him close and kissed him. Glancing back at the portal he saw that it had snapped close just as the flames were forming, and from the looks of things the building was going to be nothing but a memory after the explosion finished with it.

Ben looked over the 'Troublesome Five' what they had ended up nicknaming Dolce and Joe's kids in the beginning to make sure no one was hurt before saying, "Someone want to fill me in on what the hell happened?"

"Well," Kevin began to say something before Doug placed a hand on his shoulder.

"The first part of the OP went as planned," Doug explained as they moved aside for the medic teams to have some room his father called in. "We were in and out in three days without our targets ever knowing we had been there or that someone had been copying their knowledge by dipping into their minds. It was on the way back to the extraction point that we ran into a group of fanatics that had grabbed one of the college kids walking towards the dorms. Badly and noisily I might add."

"When one of the fanatics pushed Todd out of the way so they could escape," Doug leaned against the counter as he unloaded the weapon he had taken from one of the fanatics so it could be sent to the foundry to be recycled. "Todd caught a glimpse of the mans mind and discovered he was part of a group intent on cleansing Germany of Gay people. Those who were unclean in his groups mind, a group that wished little Adolph never fell."

"After that," Kevin piped in as he looked up at his father from Ben's arms, "We quickly rescued the kid. Letting him slip out of the area as we took down the fanatics. The problem arose after we tied them up so the police could pick them up, we picked up from their minds they had started an eradication camp up in the mountains outside Hayn.

"We all sat down and voted on what to do," Nick told him as he was pulled into a hug by his father. "We decided to do a rescue if possible, if not to come back with several teams to take the place out for good."

"Getting in and finding all their captives was easy," Doug took up the story. "We ended up burning a couple of dozen as we made our escape with the prisoners. And we were halfway to town when the reinforcements arrived. The town constable or whatever the hell they call them showed up. And after we explained what had happened we found out he was in on it. He burned slowly for that," he growled out in anger not really bothered by what he had done.

"Half an hour later we stumbled onto the old factory building we used to make our escape," Todd finished the story as he waved his hand around at the refuges, "they surprisingly have a strong will to live and once healed up a bit will make wonderful Trans Gen's."

"I see," Ben let out as he looked around the room at the medics directing the refuges through two different portals, one to the medical facility and the other to the promenade and the food court.Finally coming to a decision he smirked down at the 'Troublesome Five', "Since we have new converts that were not planned for that means each of you are going to have to take on at least two Neophytes from this group or the next Harvest. And yes Kevin I do mean you also."

Sighing Kevin sent a glare towards his brother Todd who was smirking at him while making jerking motions with his hand. So he blew a raspberry at him before turning his back towards said smirking brother. "I guess I can at least look through them."

"Thats the spirit Kevin," Ben grinned as he noticed all the rescued college kids had been taken away, "let go home and hit the hot tub. All of you can tease Tal about his new neophyte after you've had a chance to relax for a bit."

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