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Destiny's Split

by Wolfwalker

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Chapter 2

Published: 8 Apr 14

Destiny's Split

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Actions speak louder than words

Ben stood in front of the podium in the ready theater as his battalion walked into the room and found seats. He was dressed in battle armor that was designed to protect him from kinetic weapons from a sniper load and down. The other thing the amour did for them is that it made them look like they stepped out of the video game Halo. Once the last of his troops made it into the room and the team leader of Recon One stepped onto the stage he started the briefing. "Brendon still has yet to be returned to us so this Harvest is a go. And because we warned the Squishy's we are coming we are going in wearing full armor this time."

"Our target this morning is the Greenville County School district in South Carolina," Ben used his tablet computer to run the large screen behind him. "Our two targets will be Greenville High School and Southside High school. Greenville high has a student population of two thousand and fifty nine. Southside high has a larger student population with almost three thousand students."

"As you can see each location will need to have two separate containment areas, one for the males and a separate area we can contain all the females until we have left. We will use the gym area once again to set up the transport portal and I have directed medical to cull those being Harvested using a more stringent set of criteria this time, as we do have almost three thousand to chose from in both schools. Our goal is to harvest at least one thousand possibles this time around." Ben changed the image on the screen as he held up a small cylinder, "Dolce assure me that this new fangled invention of his will not shock our peckers off." Waiting for the laughter to die down the smile on his face was slapped off as Dolce came up behind him and slapped the back of his head.

"Hey now," Dolce smacked Ben as he moved up to the podium, "I wouldn't do anything to shock your pecker off as I have a use for it after this OP is over." Sharing a grin with Ben, Dolce picked up the cylinder and told the troops, "What we have come up with is a way to turn your exoskeleton into a walking taser field. After inserting the module into the A7 hard point on your suit you will notice a new control option on your heads up panel. The battery pack has a three hour lifespan that can be extended by judicious use of the off switch," he sent his knowing glare at the troops assembled. He knew the urge to play with new toys was almost more than they could handle, so following the recommendations from his people to not play with them all the time was a waste of breath. "I know most of you will ignore that recommendation so I want thorough reports on the new tech this time, I don't want to see another report with the words 'battery ran out to fast' cross my desk."

"Remember folks," Ben told them. "Dolce's people go to great lengths to make us these nifty toys to make sure we come home in one piece, the least you could do is to give them a good usage report so they can improve what is being deployed." Letting his eyes roam the hall as if looking at each of them in turn he nodded his head, "Enough said then." Plugging in the module on his own frame he sighed as he announced the next change from standard operating procedures, "We are releasing the new incendiary rounds for this OP. With the addition of Sodium metal to the Phosphorous rounds they should ignite in the soft tissue of your targets better than the previous ammunition." Seeing the shifting in the seats that a large number of his troops were doing he sighed loud enough for the microphone to pick up, "Adult Squishy's are to be taken out by any means if they resist."

"While we don't want to go to war with the Squishy's," Ben told them as he paced in front of the stage. "We also want to send a strong message that we are not to be trifled with. The normals broke the accord first, an accord that benefited them the most. Granted we used the same accord as permission to train our troops in their states and to remove Vamps, but then some government flunky decided to break the agreement and took Brendon." Stopping in front of the podium he looked at his people, his soldiers, "We are few in number when compared to normals, to the Squishy's. They will have to learn that if you take one of us we will take ten thousand of them. If you kill one of us we will kill tens of thousands of them, the price for harming or taking a Trans Gen must be to high for them to consider doing so."

"Captain if you would," Ben motioned for the commander of the Recon scouts to take over.

"Attention," Captain Silvers barked out. Nodding in satisfaction as his scouts jumped to their feet and the sound of fists hitting ceramic armor echoed in the hall, "Recon...SUIT UP."

The sounds of helmet's being seated was drowned out by booted feet standing as the next line of troops made ready to stand and move out.

"T minus five," Captain Silver called out as he seated his own helmet and moved off the stage at a jog.

"First Platoon...SUIT UP," Sargent Travers yelled out.

While his command teams got the battalion ready, Ben calmly picked up his helmet and made his way down to the floor and the exit to the portal room his troops were rushing through. Seeing Joe decked out in his red exoskeleton he walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, "I didn't expect to see you leading your teams Joe."

"Since my people have to divide their attentions between the Harvest and possible females to capture I decided to head up a team to vet and chose the females so my people can keep their minds on the primary goal." Dolce leaned his head backwards and smiled at Ben, after this OP was over he and Dolce planned to drain Ben by taking turns being the bottom, it had been too long since they had a chance to just be the three of them. "The kids are going to take the neophyte and his brother on a tour of the shipyards when we get back. Our asses are yours when we get back."

Grinning at the possibilities that brought up, Ben sent Joe a loving smile before placing the helmet on his head and twisting it until it seated properly and sealed. The gentle hiss of the internal air supply being released brought his mind back to the here and now. Toggling the COM channel open with his chin he barked out, "Southside teams EMBARK." Following the Recon teams through the portal he gazed at his target.

Ben watched from the sidelines as his troops came through the portal under the bleachers of the schools football field his forward scouts had activated last night. Hearing the screams from the gym class who had been using the field he stepped out from the shadow he had been standing in to see his troops rounding up the students who thought they could escape by running towards the road. He swore as he started walking towards the school when he heard the fire alarm start, some fool had thought they would get help by setting it off more than likely. Well that was not going to happen he thought as he directed several fire teams to ambush those who responded to the alarm.

Backhanding the Squishy who had come out of the office yelling, Ben glanced over his shoulder to see the man on the floor with blood leaking from his nose, he was unconscious. Blessed silence filled his ears as one of his people found the alarm panel in the office and shut it down. Joe had caught up to him as he had entered the school and finally split off when he passed the library leaving him to walk the halls as his people quickly subdued the students. Stopping near his COM team, "Are the signal jammers in place?"

"Yes Sir," Carter responded without looking up from his monitor. "We were able to activate the jammers before the Fire Alarm went off, so unless it was hard wired past where we cut the lines at the street no one will know what is going on until we have left."

"Good work Carter," Ben gave him an armored thumbs up before he started to walk towards the gym. Occasionally hearing the sound of the assault weapons his people were carrying fire off rounds he shook his head. His people would have followed his orders to the letter, and with his people in full combat armor he would have though the adult Squishy's would have known better.

Stopping in the junction betweens several halls Ben stared at the long line of of males being escorted to the gym. Most looked scared, but a few looked defiant. There was a rare few who carried stunned males that must have put up a fight, and once again he shook his head as he wondered what they had been thinking of doing, his troops were in full combat gear and nothing the males had available to them would pierce their armor, so why had they tried?

Tilting his head up as one of the outside ambush teams reported in Ben reached out and zapped the kid trying to sneak into the bathroom. "Pick him up and drag his ass along with the rest of you to the gym."

Turning and walking through the skittish crowd of males, Ben heard Joe say he was responding to the classroom. Walking into the room he stared at the hole in the wall, "REPORT!"

"Sirs," Trooper Lewis snapped to attention. "Upon my sweep through the classrooms to set up the taser defense bank I came upon a male that had hidden in the cupboard. When he hit the motion sensor as he tried to get out the window I thought I would have to call for a medic after he was hit with fourteen of the taser banks. But it was what happened after he started to jerk as the juice started to flow into him," tapping a few commands on his wrist comp he brought up the video of what he had seen.

Ben stared as he watched Trooper Lewis set up the taser bank and turn to leave. He watched Lewis turn when he heard a noise behind him and saw a young male rush towards the window only to trip the sensor that fired off the taser bank. Slowing the video down he watched the kid jerk and start to fall before slowly he was replaced with a eight foot hairy monstrous beast that roared in anger and took out the taser bank along with the wall. Now the interesting part happened, another person popped into existence outside the school and easily grabbed the kid and looked back towards the broken wall and popped out of sight with the kid. Stopping the video he noticed half a dozen gun barrels directed towards the spot the strange half man half beast had been moments before.

"So," Joe looked at Ben as he digested what he had seen. "It seems the Vamp truth serum worked. There are Werewolf's out there and we're fucked if our new ammo does not slow them down until we can burn their asses up."

"How so?" Ben questioned. While he had seen terrific devastation and claws with matching teeth he was not sure he would put their chances the same way.

"You probably slowed the video down when you got to the part where the kid changed," Joe looked over at Ben and saw him nod. "Run it again, this time in normal mode."

"Fucking hell," Ben swore after re-running the video. Joe was right the kid was fast, very fast and lethal with those claws. "Lewis, carefully pack up the taser and several chunks of the wall that have claw marks on them and then get your ass to Dolce. Make sure he has a copy of the video as well.

Moving outside the classroom to give Lewis room to work, Joe leaned back against the wall. "So we have another beastie out there that is just as dangerous as Vamps. The question is what do they want with the Squishy's kids?" after several long moments he added, "Or is there some other reason that they infiltrated this school?"

Closing the Com channel after giving the ambush team orders to pull back and to watch out for eight foot furry monsters, Ben shook his head, "I have no clue. But we are going to advance our plan to get the hell out of here."

"Right," Joe bounced upright off the wall. "I'm going to pull back my team, I had only found twelve females that are acceptable when the call came in." Starting towards the library he stopped, "I did find six females that are with child, should I grab them?"

"If they are healthy you might as well," Ben waved as he started for the gym.

Steven shivered as he threw his clothes into the pile with everyone else's as he was ordered to strip when he entered the gym. Hands covering his privates as best as he could while carrying his wallet he shuffled along in the line to the people who were examining each of his classmates as they stopped in front of them. As he took another step forward he looked around and saw that the only ones being brought into the gym were guys.

Another step forward and Steven flashed back to history class where he was taking notes when something out of a video game broke down the door to their room. The electronic voice demanding they be quiet had frightened several of the bullies to the point they wet themselves. Several of the girls had passed out and one guy had pulled a blade and attempted to cut the dude wearing Armor.

That did not work to well Steven thought as he took another step forward. As soon as the asswipe touched the soldier he went down in a shower of sparks as the suit the person was wearing zapped him. And unluckily for several of the guys gang who had to carry him he had shit himself.

Now one person away from the strange glowing circle he shuddered as he remembered seeing his expression in the face mask of the helmeted soldier as his body followed the persons order to stand and walk into the hall. From there it was a short silent walk down the hall and into the gym. Looking up as the guy in front of him stepped out of the circle it looked like it was his turn. Stepping into the circle Steven looked at the soldier's face. This one had his face shield set to clear he thought as he remembered how the rest of them had polarized shields.

Staring at the hand that was moving some strange device up and down his body Steven almost jumped when the hand holding the device put it down and lifted his balls as if weighing them. Then he felt fingers press under his balls like the doctor did the one time he had a physical when he started high school. Handing over his wallet when he was ordered to do so he felt his heart skip when the soldier dropped it into a pile of others when he was finished with it.

"Move along," the soldier ordered as Steven saw his fellow students finding seats in the bleaches.

Thinking he should be cold as he was bare naked and the gym was usually colder he sat down near the middle of the section near the outside wall and listened quietly as his classmates whispered different theories on what was happening to them. Or what would happen to them, all he knew was that whatever was going on his life would never be the same again.

Entering the gym Ben noticed the large pile of clothes in the center of the basketball court and looked at the bleaches filled with young men, filled with potential recruits. Walking to the center of the gym he took the tablet computer from Sargent Travers without a word as he continued to scan their captives. Glancing down at the tablet he scrolled through the information the medics had compiled, touching the side of his helmet he activated the external speakers. "When you hear your name being called, and know we do have the photos the medics took as you were examined, walk slowly to the locker room. From there you will be transported out of the school building."

"Who are you? Why are you doing this to us?" a voice rang out from the bleachers by the wall.

"We are the future of humanity," Ben's voice rang out. "We are Homo Superior Homem, or as we call ourselves Trans Gen's. As far as what we are doing with you," Ben moved over closer to the section of bleachers the person who yelled his question out was located he faced them and answered. "Your Government broke the Accord they had with my people, they took one of my people who was walking out of a museum. And now we will take you, and we will continue to take from the next generation of those in charge of your government until he is returned to us."

"None of you will be harmed," Ben started to pace back and forth down the length of the court as he talked. "Every year we visit the thirteen states that are a signatory to the accord and we visit the schools. We investigate those who are abused, both verbal and physical. Those who are bullied at school for being different, those who are attracted to both sexes or the same sex. It does not matter if all or only part of what I just listed is being done to you. When we find those who need to be relocated, to be offered a chance to better themselves in a safe environment we reach out and approach the person and offer them the chance to join us."

"That has been the policy that has governed our interactions with your people up until now," Ben stopped in the middle of the gym once more. "We used to work in the shadows to find those who would join us, now we will work in the open. When you hear your name called walk into the locker room so you can be taken from here, there will be no more questions answered."

Ben changed the channel on his heads up display to watch what was happening at the other high school. The Harvest seemed to be running as smoothly there as it was here. The only thing different was no Werewolf's had shown themselves at the other location, he only hoped Joe came up with a way to test those being harvested so they did not end up transporting a beast into their base.

After twenty minutes and near one hundred names being called out Ben was interrupted from his musing by another voice calling out.

"Hey what about us? Are you going to give those of us that have no physical signs of abuse the chance to leave with you?" an angry voice yelled out.

Seeing that those they had initially targeted because of visible abuse had been called, Ben nodded his head, "Yes. Now that those we know that need Medical help to treat their injuries have been transported out, I will allow those of you who wish to take us up on our offer to start over somewhere safe. Those of you who wish to join us may now make their way to the locker room and transport." He was surprised to see the number of males stand up and walk towards the locker room in a single file, it was almost half of those in the gym.

Steven was a smart kid, smarter than those around him and because of the bullying he had gone through in first grade he learned to hide himself, to become part of the crowd. That said he knew that the only way to be treated well was to cooperate as much and quickly as possible. So when the offer was made he stood up quickly and stepped over several people as he made his way to the aisle. He was one of the first ones through the locker room doors and stepped around several people who had stopped to stare at the swirling mass of black they were being directed towards.

He had seen one of the soldiers walk through the whatever it was without hesitation so he knew instinctively that he would not be harmed. Calmly walking forward as he glanced from side to side to see the soldiers had created an aisle for them to walk through, he made it to the area he knew had been a wall the last time he had gym class and stepped through.

Fifteen minutes later Ben stared at those who had remained behind, almost half had taken them up on their offer. "While the rest of you might think you are getting off easy, or that we are not going to do anything with you, you would be mistaken. You will be coming with us. Until the one who was taken is returned you will be treated as a guest as long as you behave as a guest should. Line up and move into the locker room so you can be transported. Those of you who do not cooperate will find yourselves in a cell when you wake up."

As the last of the males had entered the locker room twenty minutes later Joe showed up with the eighteen females he had culled from the other female students. Sparing a glance at the females chained to each other he opened the COM channel, "The Harvest is complete. Return to base...Double time."

Feeling his ears pop Steven noticed he was in a strange room and that the wall in front of him that was swirling was just that, a wall that was painted black with several shaded lines running through it that was rotating. Looking around as he stepped to one side of the rotating wall so he would not get run over he stared at the clear roof and saw a sight that took his breath away. The Earth was shining in the distance above the surface of the moon and he recognized that they were on a base that they had been told was destroyed long ago when the space program ended. He was on some part of Copernicus Base staring out through one of the many domed habitats.

"Over here kid," the voice brought Steven out of his musing.

Looking around he spotted a young man not much older than he was waving at him. Walking over to the table he smiled, "Hello, am I supposed to get directions on where to go from you?"

Surprised at the kids attitude, Gordon nodded his head. This is one kid to keep an eye on he decided as he flagged the boys file, "Steven Rollins age sixteen. No brothers or sisters and you used to reside at 5443 East street Northeast, Greenville South Carolina. Mother died seven years ago," Gordon looked up to see the boy had a shocked look on his face.

"I should have known you would have taken the schools records while you grabbed us," Steven whispered in shock.

"I also should note that your intelligence is much higher than recorded in your file," Gordon tapped a note to be added to the boys file. "Your right wrist please," he asked as he picked up one of the obedience bracelets. It differed from the collars as it was meant to be short term and would only interrupt neural signals enough to freeze the person who wore it. And considering that all of the teens being brought to the base in this Harvest, well they did not need long term controls enacted as they soon would be converted.

Steven stared at the bracelet that had been snapped on his wrist as if his gaze could divine its function.

Deciding to place the kid in a situation where he would be given an opportunity to dig around a little he activated the trace in the wrist band and pointed to the portal behind him, "Take the portal back there to the Library Dome and someone will come for you when housing has been arranged." Lowering his voice he gave the kid a nudge, "I think you are one of the few I'll process today that is smart enough to take advantage of what is being offered, so I'll go out on a limb and find you a place away from the rest of those Harvested."

Nodding his thanks, Steven walked around the table lost in thought. Several things stood out to him so far, one if he read the situation correctly the person in the armor who had been the only one to speak to them had told a half he had let them assume they would be released once his man was returned to them. But he did say they would not be harmed, and he did say those that had been called first were going to be treated by their doctors.

Looking at the new dome he had entered he glanced over his shoulder and saw the room he had been in through the strange door. The biggest thing was he knew the domes did not connect the way he had seen so far, each of the domes should have had a tunnel tube he would have to walk down before reaching the next dome. Here he walked through the door and found himself in another dome, so there was evidently some new technology being used. Looking up he stared at the domed ceiling and saw rock, granted it was sealed, but it was still rock. Which meant he was now underground and he had been above ground a few seconds ago and there was no way to just walk in a straight level line and find yourself underground without a slope, and he had walked inches to get to his new location.

Adding this new discovery to the stack of things he had discovered so far he went back to thinking about what the clerk...person...whoever he was that snapped the bracelet on his wrist had said 'this harvest'. Let alone the bracelet had to be some kind of locater and more than likely something to control them if things got out of hand.

Wandering around the fountain he spotted what looked like a bank of computer terminals so he headed for them. If he was here, and it looked like no one else was being sent this direction it must mean they wanted him to dig around as the person who pointed him in this direction had told him. So he would take them up on the offer and spend what time he could by seeing what kind of things he could find in the computer system before someone came to take him away.

Sitting down he pressed the power button on the monitor and pulled the mouse and keyboard over so he could try and see what he could find.

"Warning unscheduled portal activation."

Ben and several dozen teams that had just returned to the embarkation dome from the high school swiveled around, rifles raised as one of the portals along the wall snapped to life. Lowering his rifle as he spotted the mark on the basement wall on the other side of the portal that indicated it was one of their safe houses he yelled out in relief when he saw who was stepping through, "STAND DOWN. It's Brendon."

Rushing over Ben grabbed Brendon and almost crushed him in a hug as his helmet swung around and hit the poor guy in the back. Seeing two females being herded through the portal by a teenage male holding a cattle prod. Pushing Brendon's head out of the way he blinked, shook his head, and still the image of a teenager herding two females with a cattle prod remained. "Brendon?" slowly turning the younger man around he pulled him into his chest and extended his arm to point at the trio standing in front of the now closed portal, "A cattle prod? Brendon really?"

Chuckles turned into giggles as Brendon fell back into the strong warm arms of safety. Then he sobbed as the stress finally was released from the long ordeal just ended.

Feeling a chair touch the back of his armored legs, Ben sat down while pulling Brendon in closer. Whispering in his ear, "You're safe now...Let it out, let it all out." After Brendon had calmed down he asked him, "Who took you?"

"I don't know," Brendon hiccuped as he nodded his thanks for the glass of water. Looking up after draining the glass he saw the entire command team listening in. "I woke up last night in some strange facility, I was tied to the bed with hospital type restraints. The room looked like one of those you would find in an emergency ward. After I burned the restraint straps off and sat up I noticed not only were my clothes gone but I had a dull ache in my groin like I had come to many times to close together."

"Now that pissed me off," Brendon growled. "If I'm going to overdue it with sex I want to at least remember it." Sighing he looked back and up at Ben, "When I looked around for some clothes I found the milking equipment. I knew at that point that they had milked me for my semen, I was so pissed off I actually melted most of the room just by being near something as I walked by. I did melt the steel door when I found it was locked."

Looking over at the two female prisoners and their guard, Ben kissed Brendon's forehead, "Do you know where the building is so we can raid it?"

Brendon smiled when he heard the sounds of riffles being chambered as everyone who had been listening in prepared to go exact vengeance for him, it felt good to know he was someone who others would fight for. "It's gone, I burned it down." Pointing to the three people he had brought with him, "When I was searching the building for a way out I ran across Bradley there. He informed me we were at some secret breeding facility where they were trying to breed those they called Mentalists with others that had the same powers to increase their numbers. Bradley told me I had been a captive for four days and had been drugged pretty heavily because they were scared of my power."

"Most of the guards and what not were called away last night when they transfered the pregnant girls and took several of the guys to trade off with the other facility," Bradley spoke up hesitantly. "So I figure they missed a dose or something and thats why Brendon woke up."

Nodding his head as he smiled at the teen to put him at ease, Ben shifted Brendon forward on his lap so the armorer could get at the releases on his exoskeleton and remove it for him. "Thanks Dave," he whispered as Brendin picked up the explanation again.

"Bradley is a kinetic," Brendon smiled at the teen who once he passed the medical exam he would be claiming. "I promised him if he helped out he would be my neophyte." Seeing the surprised faces he grinned, just like Kevin he had a reputation of not claiming anyone for conversion. "Anyway Bradley led me to the lab where they handle the in-vitro procedure and store the samples they have taken. I found one of the doctors that worked were implanting one of the girls there with an embryo created from the semen they stole from me."

"After mining the Doc's mind I found out that they had impregnated one other female," Brendon pointed to the second female that was kneeling on the floor from where she had been pushed to after they had entered the base. "I also found out that he had no idea who was behind it for sure, he thought it was a group of mentalists funding it but he was not really happy with that conclusion."

"Anyway he had prepared my sample for distribution to another center like the one I was at, but it had not been sent off yet." Brendon growled out, "I burned it and him to ash. Then I grabbed the two females and Bradley raided the guard station to get the shock sticks so he could control the two breeders, loaded them into one of the vans behind the building and burned the place to the ground."

"A couple of hours later when I woke up, I took over for Bradley and drove us to the safe house," Brendon looked up again as he shrugged. "its not there anymore either, I set the self destruct sequence before opening the portal. Made sure the van was inside the garage too."

"I'm sure your leaving quite a bit out," Ben hugged him to his bare chest and smiled at him as he stood up with him in his arms. "And after you've had a chance to really rest, write up your report and give it to me." Turning his attention to the two females he mused, "Now what to do with you?"

"You can let us go you BASTARD," the blond female snapped at Ben as he got close.

Surprised Ben stepped back and looked at Joe who was staring at the females with an intense look on his face, "How is this possible? Their higher mind functions should have been blasted out of existence once they became pregnant."

Yawning, Brendon leaned into Todd who had changed out of his combat armor and came over to take him home after he finished the debrief. "I think it has something to do with the fact they had to implant my sperm into the egg. Every attempt to do in-vitro the normal way failed."

"Joe keep them secured until you can determine if they are pregnant," Ben ordered as the troops started to disperse now that they knew most of the story about Brendon's return. "If they are pregnant Brendon will just have to fuck them when he recovers so that the V cells can do what they were designed to do." He was not about to let any information out while they still had unconverted from the Harvest around.

Holding out his hand to Bradley to hand over the cattle prod, Ben grinned as the two females where dragged out of the room by the medics, "So, Bradley Lets get you unarmed and to medical so we can get you back to Brendon's place for the night."

"Late breaking news from Greenville South Carolina," the television announcer broke into the regular news report by running up to the anchor desk.

The national news anchor looked down at the note and paled, looking into the camera he took a deep breath, "Radical terrorists from the Believers of God have taken hostage two of the five high schools in Greenville South Carolina this morning at eleven a.m.." Placing his hand on his ear the news anchor tilted his head as he listened to the person on the other end. "We are switching to our local affiliate at the scene for more details."

Scott stopped mid motion when he heard the announcer break into the scheduled show, hand still reaching for the off button on the hotel rooms television as he got ready to go to the airport. Moving back to the television he stared in horror at what he was hearing, the Trans Gens had told them the next target would be larger and the numbers of those taken would be higher, and to his horror they kept their word.

"This is Melinda Carlson Fox channel twenty nine news. We are on the scene at Southside High school in Greenville's lower south. The scene of a terrorist attack by the Believers of God," the camera panned out so the viewers could see the large burnt hole in the distance. "The crater behind me is all that is left of of the school and its three thousand and sixty nine students and staff."

Scott fell back onto the bed with a heavy feeling hitting his chest as the thump of his briefcase hitting the floor was the only sound as his mind went numb at what he was seeing and hearing. He knew beyond a shadow of doubt that the devastation was not caused by the Trans Gens but by members of one of the many government black op groups. And he knew that all those that had been left behind, mostly girls and the few adults that would have cooperated with the Trans gen soldiers would have been alive at the time of the explosion. All those lives lost could not be laid at the feet of the Trans Gens, but at the hands of his own government as the tried to cover up the truth. And he was shocked at how

An hour and a half earlier.

Steuben's pulled up to Southside in his patrol cruiser. As he stared at the eerily silent building he contacted dispatch, "Patrol one nine to dispatch, on the scene at Southside. So far nothing to report."

"Dispatch, patrol one nine, copy. Be advised all attempts to contact administration at Southside have been negative."

"Copy that," Steuben's acknowledged before tossing the radio mic to the seat as he got out of his cruiser.

Standing and staring at the school he tried to determine what was wrong with what he was seeing. His senses were screaming danger, and from what he could see there was nothing that should have set him off. Hand on his sidearm he started for the school slowly, eyes scanning the windows of the classrooms as he moved closer.

Finally when he was within fifteen feet or so he froze as he picked up on the fact that each and every window he could see into, the room was empty. That was not something normal, or to be expected. Stretching his neck around, even going as far as leaning back he saw each and every classroom that he could see into was empty. Pulling his service weapon from its holster he advanced cautiously towards the main entrance. Spotting a strange boxlike object affixed to the doors he stopped and pulled his radio mic around, "Dispatch, patrol one nine. Be advised all classrooms facing the driveway are empty. Also be advised there is some strange device attached to the doors of the school that prevent opening the doors."

Chief Carson who was speaking with a Special Agent from the office of security pulled the mic stand around and asked, "Patrol one nine can you describe the device?"

"Standby," Steuben's said as he stepped forward to get a better look. Unfortunately for him he triggered the sensors and the taser bank fired off its first level of deterrents. Falling to the ground twitching in pain as his muscles spasmed to the point he broke several teeth, officer Steuben's pulled the mic cord out of the radio and activating the emergency beacon as his arms flailed around.

"Patrol one nine we have detected your emergency beacon please advise."

"Patrol one nine come in."

"Patrol one nine..."

"Officer down, Dispatch to all units, Officer Down. Emergency beacon activation from Patrol one Nine. Last known location Southside high school."

"Officer Down."

The unnamed Special Agent pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and hit one button to speed dial his headquarters. "Sir they have..."


Sticking his head inside the door the desk Sargent cringed at the look the chief gave him, "Sir, Greenville High has gone dark just like Southside has."

The chief's glare disappeared as he realized the fallout from the richer of all the five high schools going incommunicado. The fallout of something happening at the rich kids that made up the population of Greenville would...he did not want to even think about what would happen. "Get every available car to Greenville, NOW."

"What about patrol..." the Sargent got out before he ran from the room at the chiefs thunderous roar.

"Fuck Southside, Get everyone to Greenville before something happens to those kids." The chief roared out as he stood up in anger at being questioned.

"Sir, I need to report that two high schools have been taken by those we were warned about," the Special Agent reported as he stood to leave. Ignoring the police chiefs demands for answers as he walked out of the room. "That is correct Sir. I recommend we dispatch December Bravo squad to cover the terrorist angle." Listening to the voice on the other end of the phone he nodded several times as he walked towards the exit.

"TERRORISTS..." the Chief bellowed as he tried to catch up with the agent from whatever department the government pricks sent him to his nice controlled town to ruin his day.

Melinda Carlson quietly snuck out the side door and slipped into the news van. She smelled a story, a big one. A story that would send her star shooting up to the national levels if what had landed in her lap turned out to be true.

Forty minutes later the no named Special Agent stood in front of the patrol car that officer Steuben's left running as he went to investigate the high school. Cell phone to his ear he started to walk around the building from a distance, every so often he put the binoculars he was carrying to his eyes and examined the building. Stopping and seeing movement from the library he used the binoculars to take a closer look, "You're spot on Voice. It seems that the only ones left behind are the females and adults stuffed into the library. Whatever those boxes are that are all over the building seems to be keeping the brainless kids from breaking out."

"While we are on the subject Voice," he sneered. "We are going to have a long talk when we both get back to headquarters over you not allowing us to copy you. Just think of the confusion we could have hidden under if all of us were known as voice."

Pulling the phone away from his ear he gave it a dirty look, "I have not been watching to many spy movies." Chuckling he started to walk again ignoring the frantic waving from the trapped students who spotted him, "reading on the other hand."

A few minutes later he stopped and stared at the hole in the wall. Lifting his binoculars up it was easy to determine it had been ripped open from the inside.

Hearing the thwack thwack of helicopters approaching he closed the phone after announcing, "The fire teams are here. I'll call back after the place has been sterilized." Turning around he walked back to his rental car, arriving just as the first helicopter dropped its payload. Getting into the car he drove off as the first load of bunker bombs hit the library.

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