Castle Roland

Destiny's Split

by Wolfwalker

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Chapter 3

Published: 24 Apr 14

Destiny's Split

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Ben stared at the monitor that showed the two young men that had been diverted to the library with interest. After dropping Brendon off at Medical where Joe planned to make sure there were no lasting effects from his ordeal, he had come home and showered. Now as he read over the reports that his people had flagged for his attention, he stared at the two that were deemed different enough to be given free rein in the library as his people sorted and secured those Harvested. It was going to be a frantic few weeks as they converted the several thousand they had taken today.

Glancing over his shoulder to see who had come into the office he smiled, "Hey Kevin, what are you up to?" Pulling Kevin down into his lap as he twisted his chair around he kissed him.

Frowning Kevin tried not to pout, "I've been trying to come up with a reason you could accept for not converting anyone from this harvest." Or any others he left unsaid.

"Why?" Ben shifted Kevin in his lap so he was sitting sideways and he could see his face. "I know for a fact you do have a normal sex life. Though I do wonder why you limit it to just us?"

"It was easy when we were only converting a hundred or so people a year," Kevin looked at the monitor and saw the obedience bands on the two teens wrists. He watched the two talk and dig into the computer system as he explained, "There was never anyone that caught my interest, not that I don't take a lot of enjoyment from teasing the neophytes mercilessly."

"I know, your father mentioned it," Ben stared at Kevin's face as he worked out his reasons.

Giggling, Kevin nodded, "I know. I had him convinced I was bedding everything that stopped for more than a few seconds. It was fun to see his face at times."

"And yet," Ben prompted, "I know for a fact you have not followed through. It was a shock to learn you have never converted someone though."

"I suppose I could if I needed to like Tal did," Kevin told him slowly as he put into words what he was feeling. "The problem is I'm more of a snob than I care to admit to. I am too critical of those offered to be claimed, and I am well aware of the few times we have claimed someone only to return them to the claimant pool then to have everyone reject them because they gave us to many problems in fitting in. To have them finally be pushed out an airlock as undeserving of being turned into a Trans Gen."

"So you tease and what?" Ben asked softly.

"I search for someone that I can connect with, that I think they truly deserve to be one of us." Kevin picked up the tablet computer and read through the reports on the two that the on duty staff had sifted out of the Harvest while he kept one eye on the two on the monitor whisper and point to the monitor they were looking at. "I guess I am unwilling to take a neophyte that will be reborn by my seed and live with me for several months until they are weaned unless they can live up to my standards. Imaginary or not. I'll take two this time because I need too because not everyone has the stamina that the three of you, Joe, dad and you have."

"It's because we are the first carriers I think," Ben held onto Kevin as he stared at the monitor trying to come up with something to say. Kevin had high standards, and he knew it. But now he knew the reason he had avoided claiming anyone from any previous Harvests. He was just not sure what to do about it.

"What’s up with these two," Kevin changed the subject.

Accepting the change of subject for now, Ben pointed to the monitor, "Those two walked up to the corporal on duty and nicely asked where they should go next. They also showed an uncanny understanding and acceptance of what was going on."

"They also have used the time they have been given to really dig into the computer net," Kevin pointed out the records of what they had searched to show to Ben. "I wonder..." he trailed off as he stared at the two on the monitor. After several minutes of staring at the two he asked, "Do you know who is planning on claiming them?"

"I planned to bring them home, I figured someone would take one or both," Ben raised a brow at Kevin who was in deep thought.

Standing up Kevin pulled his clothes off while digging around in the top drawer of Ben's desk, where he knew the obedience bands were kept until they were returned for reuse. Slapping one on his wrist he tied it close with a paper clip when it would not lock because it had not been reset. "Right I think I can pass as being taken in the Harvest now."

"Going to go interrogate those two then," Ben decided to listen in as well. "You might as well bring them back with you after you've finished."

"I will," Kevin smiled as he left the office.

Entering the library as if he was part of those who had been Harvested, Kevin acted like he was seeing everything for the first time instead of being the one who designed the layout of the library. Walking haphazardly through the stacks he finally spotted his prey whispering to each other in the corner next to the computer terminals. Making has way over he shyly waved at them, "Hi."

Steven looked up at hearing someone say hi and spotted another boy who looked like he was in the same predicament as they were. Though something seemed off about the boy, maybe it was because he looked older? "They got you too it seems."

Nodding his head Kevin stopped when he got to the desk they were using "Kevin Manning. Have you had a chance to figure out what is going on? I mean I know we are on Copernicus base, as unreal as that seems..."

"Steven, Steven Rollins," Steven introduced himself as he pointed at his fellow prisoner. "This is Bobby Maisel from Greenville High."

"So you noticed it too," Bobby spoke up as he waved his hand around. "What we were taught about the moon base evidently was a lie. And I have to wonder why?"

"More to the fact who," Steven countered. "And the way they referred to us." Staring at the other boy as they talked the feeling that something was not right about the kid got stronger.

"As if we were something to be plucked up from the farm to be used," Bobby whispered. Noticing the bracelet the kid wore did not close tightly like theirs did he added, "The real question is what do you plan to do with us?"

Steven looked between Bobby and the new kid, Kevin several times before Kevin's expression let the pieces fall into place, "Your here, naked like we are." He waved his hand at Kevin and their bare bodies, "but I can see that whatever this bracelet they put on us is, yours is not closed, now that I am looking closer. I know what we have been told of why we were taken, and I can guess it is a foregone conclusion the only way we would ever step foot on Earth again is if you let us."

"We are in an escape proof prison," Bobby pointed out. "We have no idea how to activate or use the doorways that lead back to where we walked onto this base. Not to mention we have no idea how to make the doorway appear back to South Carolina." Seeing the boy named Kevin nod in agreement he slightly clenched his teeth in frustration. "We also found reference in the computer system to something about those harvested being readied to be claimed starting tonight."

"We have put enough of the clues together to realize we are the ones that will be claimed," Steven huffed out.

Sitting down Kevin had to hand it to the two; they had guts that was for sure. And they were intelligent enough to use their skills to find out what was going on. Things were looking up for these two he thought. "Do either of you have girlfriends?"

"What does that have to do with..." Steven trailed off when he saw the intense stare directed his way by one of his captors.

"Yes," Bobby wondered why he had asked that.

Staring at Steven, Kevin finally got a negative shake of the head from the boy in answer to his question. "How far have you gotten with her Bobby?"

"I'm not sure where you are going with this," Bobby leaned back when he was the one on the receiving end of the intense stare. "But nothing past heavy petting, maybe a hand job. She's not let me go further, as much as I wanted to go all the way she refused each time...why?"

"Boyfriend then Steven?" Kevin asked as he spotted Bobby's cock twitch at the mention of sex.

"Um, no," Steven gulped as he did not even try to lie. At this point he had no idea of why these questions were being asked, but decided he needed to go along to stay safe.

"So two virgins really," Kevin mused as he thought about an experiment that could be beneficial to them. "You asked why Bobby," looking back at the boy he logged onto the computer system and pulled up the records of those breeders that were in heat. Finding what he was looking for he stood up and motioned for the two to follow him. "I am claiming the both of you. You both will be my Neophytes until I decide to wean you." Before exiting the computer he placed his claim to the two of them in the computer system, that way he had control over them through their obedience bracelets.

Looking over his shoulder he told them, "Keep up with me. The consequences if you fall behind can be quite painful," pointing to the bracelets that two wore when he said that. "The reason why I asked how far you had gone with a girl Bobby is for one simple reason. I have decided that you should at least get to go all the way with a female before I take you."

Nervous and more than a little bit scared, Bobby swallowed hard before asking, "What do you mean take me?"

Moving to the portal Kevin dialed the code for the breeding pens on the touch pad, the section that housed those that were in heat, "Pretty simple really. I plan to make love to you. And while doing that I will fuck you. I will do my best to make you enjoy it, but I will be fucking you." Looking at Steven who looked shocked and was that a slight plumping he noticed. With a smile he looked Steven in the eyes, "I will be fucking both of you. Females to us are good for nothing but breeding."

Stepping through the doorway that flickered into existence Bobby looked around as a wave of something powerful hit him. Taking a deep breath he started to become aroused when his mind told him it smelled like Samantha after she had a particularly hard orgasm. Feeling someone bump into him, he looked behind to see Steven craning his neck around to see why he had stopped. Moving forward he saw the small glass fronted cells with naked girls in them.

Walking around the two with a grin on his face, Kevin told them, "I picked the perfect female for Bobby to lose that pesky virginity with." Looking back he noticed Bobby was very hard and every few steps would sniff the air deeply. It must be a squishy thing, because he certainly did not smell anything. He made a mental note to talk to Joe about it, because the way Bobby was acting it must be stronger and more intense for him than it was for any Trans Gen. Stopping in front of a cell he entered the unlock code, "In here guys."

Once in the cell Steven noticed how aroused Bobby was, and as he saw the twitching cock jutting out from his body he felt himself grow harder if that was possible.

"What," Bobby got out as he noticed the girl playing with herself and he felt like cumming right there and then.

Moving up behind Bobby, Kevin reached around and grasped the hard cock jutting from the boy’s body and gave it a gentle squeeze. Smiling at the inrush of air from the young man he whispered into his ear, "She's all yours Bobby. I want you to fuck her, fuck her hard. To cum in her at least four times." Running his hands up and down Bobby's chest as he moved him forward so he was standing between the girl’s legs, "I want you to stay inside her and keep fucking her until I tell you to stop." Reaching down he pushed the hard cock that Bobby's body was sporting slowly down enough so that when he pushed him forward from behind Bobby slipped inside her with a loud groan. "That’s a good boy Bobby, fuck her."

"Oh God," Bobby felt himself being pushed down and rose up on his tip toes as that part of his body was almost too hard to bend. And then he felt the warmth surround him as he was pushed so he slid into that wonderful wetness. Deciding that since he was being given his dream to fuck a girl he could at least put up with the boy sucking him off. All thought left his head as he started to pump in and out as the pleasurable feelings took over.

Steven was shocked and turned on watching Bobby do that with a girl in front of him. Stroking himself slowly as he watched without realizing it he jumped when he felt a hand come around and take over.

Feeling Steven shiver in delight as he took over, Kevin nibbled on the boy’s ear before whispering in his ear, "I see you find that hot. Close your eyes Steven and tell me," Kevin slowly stroked the boy’s hardness between nibbling on his ear. "As you look at Bobby fucking that girl where do you wish this," he grasped Steven hard cock and palmed the knob to the delight of the boy, "Was right now. inside Bobby or the girl?"

Eyes flying open Steven stared at Bobby and whispered in between gasps of delight, "Bobby."

Smiling, Kevin almost smirked when he heard Steven's answer. He had thought the boy might be gay, and now he knew. Pushing the boy from behind his hand never lost the rhythm he was using to set the boy's body on fire. Stopping near Bobby, well within touching distance he whispered in Stevens ear again, "Go ahead Steven, feel free to play with his ass."

Seeing all the signs that Steven was close to spurting, Kevin knelt down in front of the lad as he reached over and fondled Bobby's balls. It did not take much to have Steven blowing his load in his mouth; it was almost instantaneous from when he licked the leaking cock as he just had enough time to place his lips around the end as Steven shot his load.

Grabbing some lube from the drawer under the bed, Kevin slipped a lubed finger inside of Bobby and ignored the sounds of protest. Though after he rubbed that spot all males had Bobby shut up and moaned in pleasure. He had two fingers moving in and out of Bobby when he felt the boys prostate swell up and fire off its load. Smirking he quickly lubed Steven up and slid the boy into Bobby while he was still in the throes of orgasmic bliss.

Standing up and moving behind Steven he nibbled on the boys ear once more as his hands roamed the front of Steven's body. "Fuck him Steven. Fuck him and don't stop until I tell you."

Smiling as he watched Steven fuck Bobby as Bobby did his best to fuck the breeder that was in front of him Kevin moved to the door and logged onto the terminal computer in the wall and entered the information on who bred this breeder and flagged the file for Joe's attention. He then sent a note with his reasons on why he had a squishy impregnating one of their breeders to Joe and Ben. He finished up the note with the hope that once the breeder became pregnant that the child would be human or better yet female.

Closing down the terminal, Kevin stood in the doorway and watched the scene with a smile on his face. He would enjoy teaching those two the joys of sex, and his smile widened when he saw the small jeweled implant on the breeders forehead light up. Bobby had succeeded in getting the girl pregnant.

Looking over the bubbles in the whirlpool at Steven, Bobby was still trying to figure out why he had enjoyed Steven fucking him so much. After Steven had put his hard cock inside his butt he came almost instantly and harder than any time he had remembered, including the two times he had cum in the girl he was having sex with. And to make matters worse he knew he was going to be fucked again, this time by the guy that was part of the group that had taken them. Ignoring the empty feeling in his ass he looked over to the person who had given him a chance to do a girl, what was his name again? That’s right Kevin, "Can I ask you a question Kevin and have you be totally honest with me?"

Nodding his head as he took his eyes off of Tal having sex with the second neophyte he had chosen from the first Harvest, Kevin looked at Bobby, "You can ask anything you want. Though I am not sure you'll like the answer, so keep that in mind."

Swallowing hard, Bobby glanced over where the three guys he was introduced to briefly when they got to this dome and became more confused as he felt himself start to get hard when he saw them having sex. "We're never going home are we?"

"No," Kevin stared at the sixteen year old as he flinched at hearing his answer."All of you are dead as far as the rest of the world is concerned. Your government instead of trying to disarm the taser units we left to guard the building and release all the teachers and females, instead blew the buildings up with everyone inside to keep anyone from finding out we took all of you."

"But," Bobby stared in shock. "The government wouldn't do that would they?"

"They would," Steven sighed as he faced Bobby after watching the threesome walk away. "You went to the rich kids school, so you don't know how bad it really is down there. I was really good at fading into the woodwork so to speak, and I saw what the police and local politicians did. If they wanted one of us kids as a bed toy the teachers handed them over. Though they usually received a handful of cash for arranging for the student that was picked out to be given to them."

"What!" Bobby half jumped out of the water causing a wave. Sitting down slowly as he saw Kevin nod in agreement he let his chin hit the water as he looked down, "I never knew it was that bad for the other schools. I knew we were the so called rich kids, but I guess I never looked to see that we were not all treated the same."

"Did you know they would blow up the schools?" Bobby asked after several minutes of silence.

"No," Kevin shrugged it off. "I am not surprised by what they did, but I did not give it any consideration of what they would do when we took you. Not that we ever intended to give you back if they returned Brendon, all of you are part of the retribution price the government had to pay for taking one of us."

Seeing that Bobby was having trouble understanding the reason why they had been taken, Steven changed the subject and asked, "What is a neophyte and why would having sex with us make us one?"

"Good question," Kevin smiled at the boy. "A neophyte is what we call a person who is in the process of being genetically altered to the genome of a Trans Genetic, or Trans Gens for short." Pointing his finger at the two of them he told them, "Humans are classified as Homo Sapiens, we on the other hand are Homo Superior Homem."

"Having sex with you will turn us into one of you?" Bobby's eyes bugged out as he stared, not believing what he was hearing.

"How does that work?" Steven said at the same time as Bobby freaked out.

"Because we are genetically engineered," Kevin relaxed his body in the hot water while keeping an eye on Bobby in case he decided to cut and run. "We produce an enzyme that makes a persons DNA open to the V cells that are carried in our semen to rewrite DNA. I would cum inside each of you daily for a week and a half before the changes would be finalized."

"If I were to stop having sex with you during that time frame it could be dangerous," Kevin warned them. "If you did not get your daily infusion of the enzyme we produce you would become very ill and quite possibly die or become enthralled if you were lucky. To be a thrall would mean you would crave sex with a Trans Gen and if denied sex the desire could break your mind, you would end up like the breeder Bobby fucked, mindless except for the desire for sex."

"You don't have girl Trans Gens do you," Bobby was starting to get a bad feeling that he knew the answer to that one. If they did why would they need to take them.

"No," Kevin stood up and made for the steps. "There is something in the enzyme that blasts a females mind back to pure base instincts. Nothing remains of the person or intelligence that the girl held before the enzyme and V cells get done with her. Though breeders are taken care of and live happy lives as they give us children." Climbing the step she called back, "Come on you two, time to hit the showers."

Bobby stood there next to the spray of water and blushed as his captor washed his body; the truly embarrassing part was how good it felt. Glancing down as Kevin started to wash his hair he noticed he was growing hard, he was straight Dammit. Though after thinking that he immediately flashed back to how good it felt to have Steven sliding in and out of him as he did that chick. He was so confused he thought as he felt a soapy hand grasp his hard cock and moaned in pleasure.

Kevin smiled as he felt the boy become putty in his hands. Making sure to pay special attention to the hard cock Bobby was sporting he felt himself start to get hard. Glancing over at Steven who was openly staring as he stroked himself he grinned, this was going to be fun he decided.

Focusing back on Bobby, Kevin turned the boy around and kissed him. His hands roaming around the teens chest as he played with the hardening nipples to the boys moans of pleasure.

Bobby was dizzy as sensation after sensation burst through his body. Then Kevin kissed him and he felt his body flush and his cock started to twitch in anticipation.

Feeling himself get highly aroused, Kevin pulled back from the kiss knowing he was leaking pre-cum filled with the enzyme that would cause Bobby to do anything once it touched his lips. Reaching down he trailed a finger through the fluid before bringing it up and smearing it on Bobby's lips. Grinning as he saw the boy lick his lips and groan as he shuddered as the enzyme hit his blood stream. "Suck me Bobby," he whispered as he pushed the teen to his knees.

Bobby knew nothing after he felt something wet on his lips, using his tongue to lick it off an intense feeling hit him as soon as his tongue hit whatever it was that Kevin put on his lips. Mind on hold he allowed himself to be pushed down and he did not even notice as the hard cock slid inside his mouth, all he knew was that something that was giving him that wonderful taste was sliding in and out of his mouth so he started sucking on it hoping to get more of the stuff.

Running his hands through Bobby's hair as he sucked on him, Kevin smiled as he watched Steven stroke himself. Feeling Bobby shudder several times as he sucked him off he decided it was time to get to the main event and to give Steven something to do. Reaching down he pulled Bobby to his feet, though the way he did not want to let go of his cock as he pulled him up let him know the boy was totally under his control. Having Bobby's lips smash against his when he finished standing him up, Bobby's tongue demanding entrance to his mouth was just a further turn on. Turning so Bobby was in front of him he reached down and slipped a finger between the boy’s cheeks and slid it inside the warm tunnel.

Bobby felt something touch his bum, and liking the feeling he lifted one leg as he tried to spread his cheeks wider so whatever was touching him down there could do so easily. Throwing his head up and back as he felt something enter him and brush against that spot he groaned loudly as he hissed, "Yesssss..."

Holding the tip of his cock tightly against the closed hole, Kevin let the pre-cum build up so he did not have to go hunt down a tube of lube. As he slowly slid inside Bobby he stared at Steven and ordered him, "Steven come over here and suck on Bobby. Drink his offering as I make love to him."

Steven did not have to be told twice, letting go of his hard cock he rushed over and knelt in front of Bobby and licked the tip of the hard cock now at face level. Liking what he was tasting he quickly did his best to swallow the hard cock. Bobbing up and down the length rewarded him after several minutes with spurts of slightly salty fluid. Rolling it around with his tongue, he decided he really liked the taste and went back to sucking hoping to get more.

Feeling the boys butt clench down hard on his cock, Kevin felt Bobby cum. Closing his eyes as he felt like he was getting close he concentrated on the satisfied sounds that Steven was giving off from performing his first successful blow job and the feeling he was getting from the warmth of Bobby's bum. All too soon he was grunting as he felt his load firing off deep inside Bobby, his seed starting the cycle of rebirth on the boy to turn him into one of their own. At this point the only thing holding Bobby up was his hard cock that was spearing the boy and Steven in front of him who was busy drinking down another gift.

Coming down off his orgasmic high, Kevin carefully slid out of the unconscious boy and eased him to the shower floor. Placing Bobby so he was leaning against the wall he moved over to Steven and before the boy could say anything captured the others lips and kissed him long and hard as he picked him up slightly so he could finger the boy’s rosebud. Capturing some of his pre-cum that he was starting to leak again he rubbed it on Stevens’s lips, doing this several times he waited until the boy started to shiver in pleasure before moving on. Soon he had the boys legs wrapped around his waist as he slid inside of him and bounced him up and down as he fucked him. Ten minutes later had Steven hanging his head over his shoulder as the pleasure become too much for him and he felt the boy shoot his load all over his chest. The boy’s muscles clamping down on his hard cock sent him over the edge and he started to fire off his load deep inside Steven.

Giving the limp boy one last kiss, Kevin let himself slide out of Steven and carefully held him against his body as he rinsed him off. Once he turned the shower off he bent his knees as he let Steven slide over one shoulder before he moved over and picked up Bobby by one arm. Once he had him standing he cradled him in his arms and started for his bedroom.

Placing both boys down on the bed one at a time, Kevin started with Bobby first. Putting both hands on either side of his head he felt for the boys mind and slid into the teens mind. Placing the first of several hard wired orders into Bobby's mind he let his hands fall to the side as he stared at the teen with a smile. He was going to be the source of a great amount of fun he thought.

Moving over to Steven, he duplicated his actions of a moment ago and unfolded the first set of orders to obey the council of three and to be loyal above all others to their leaders and race.

Ben walked down the hallway of cells where those that had been Harvested that were the troublemakers out of the bunch were being held. He looked over at Joe who was mumbling as he read the report Kevin had sent him and the experiment he had initiated with one of his soon to be Neophytes. In theory it sounded logical, but then again that is why scientists ran experiments, so they knew for sure. "Dolce love, do me a favor and smack Joe will you."

"Gladly," Dolce laughed as Joe ducked his head and looked up from his tablet computer.

"Hey now that is mostly uncalled for," Joe sighed as he put his tablet away. "Kevin might be on to something, at least enough that I think we should try it out on the other five breeders that are in heat this week."

"Agreed," Ben slowly started to scan the occupants of the cells that were glaring back at them. "So choose from this harvest carefully. We'll drag them to the breeders before taking them home; after they tire themselves out they will not put up as much resistance when we take them."

"Well, what do we have here," Dolce kept his voice low enough only Joe and Ben could hear him. "That one in the corner is stunning."

Ben had to agree, Dolce had very good taste when it came to picking out males that were very pleasing on the eye, most of the time they had a fire that was a pleasure to mold into something new. And by the looks of the one Dolce picked out, Dolce would have a fun time taming this one as he looked like he had just enough spunk to be worth it.

Dolce moved over to the cell door and tapped his ID code into the pad, thus claiming the teen inside the cell as his own. Motioning the teen to come over he unlocked the cell door.

"What do you want with me?" the teen growled out as he walked over to the door, hand trying to cover his nakedness without success.

"There is a girl on another level who I want you to have sex with," Dolce moved back from the door and started walking to where Joe was pulling someone out of a cell. "I should warn you that the collar around your neck will punish you if you do not stay within four feet of me at all times. And you will not like what it does to you; I can assure you of that."

Ben had found a gay guy in one of the cells, his Gaydar had picked up right away the teens orientation. He had plans to try to recreate Kevin's Neophytes intro to sex that started the whole experiment they were about to do. Plus if he used the other teen he had in mind, it would be the start to humbling the teen, as he needed it in more ways than one. Glancing back at Joe and Dolce he saw that Dolce had chosen two and Joe had stopped in front of another cell and was considering the male inside. Walking several rows over he stopped in front of the cell that had the teen he was considering and stared at the boy sitting on the ground with his head between his legs. Entering his ID code into the touch panel he claimed him for his own and released the lock on the door.

Hearing the sound of the cell door opening Wade looked up and saw someone motioning him to leave the prison cell. Standing up he growled in frustration and moved away from the door, though he had a funny feeling when he saw the man break out into a grin.

Ben smiled as the teen did as expected and he stepped further away from the boy than the four feet allowed by the control collar. Seeing the other teen he had picked out wince as the collar activated and Wade fell to the floor as the collar activated, he let the punishment go for a minute before stepping closer to Wade. "I will warn you now that you must stay within four feet of me at all times. As you can see the punishment for disobedience is swift and automatic, so get to your feet Wade Grainer and follow along."

Meeting with his two lovers and fellow council members Ben smirked as his eyes ran over the prime flesh they had all chosen. Each of those they had claimed were very good looking and would be fun to Inputting the destination code into the panel by the doorway to the breeding pens he activated the portal and walked through. Watching all the males carefully he noticed the same thing Kevin had, the males started to sniff the air and perk up as they caught the scent the breeders were putting out. Kevin's observations were spot on as he noticed each of the teens except one go erect.

"What we have brought you here to do is simple," Ben waited until all six of the newly claimed were in front of him to explain. "Each of you will be given the opportunity to fuck one of the girls we have picked out for you. And you will fuck them and continue to fuck them until we tell you to stop."

Joe shook his head as Ben went to the heart of the matter in a bold manner that was typical of his take charge attitude that he so loved. Grabbing hold of his soon to be neophytes he escorted them to the room with the breeders in them and pushed each through a separate door.

"I see we have one more male than breeders available," Dolce commented after letting his two into the rooms with the breeders."

Smiling, Ben shook his head no. "Not really I picked Glen here because he is Gay."

"Wait a minute," Glen protested. Panicked that his secret had somehow gotten out.

"We are all Gay, Glen," Ben told him as he placed a hand on his shoulder in a comforting manor. "And once we finish fucking each of you and altering your genetics those jocks getting their rocks off in there with those females will be too."

Hesitating for several long seconds, Glen's voice sounded hopeful as he whispered, "Really?"

"Yes," Ben pulled his around so he could run his hands along the teen’s chest. Roaming up and down the teen’s body creating moans of delight from the teen. "Are you a virgin Glen?"

Shaking his head no, Glen tried to move away as he was feeling guilty, "No. I have a boyfriend," he whispered the last.

Ben stopped teasing Glen and stepped away from the boy. Frowning as he looked at Joe with a raised eyebrow he asked, "Was he at the school we took you from?"

Shaking his head no, Glen looked at the ground in shame, "No he goes to Greenville Middle School."

"He's younger than you," Ben mused as he watched Glen nod his head. "How old is he?"

"Fourteen," Glen whispered out.

"So that is why all the secrecy and posturing," Joe looked over at Ben and knew he was going to send some people for the kid.

"Reality check time Glen," Ben came to a decision. "And a few hard truths while I'm at it. To the rest of the world you are dead." Seeing Glen snap his head up to look at him he continued. "Your government decided to destroy the school you went to with all the students and faculty inside it after we left. So as far as everyone else is concerned none of you survived." Staring into the horror filled eyes he went on, "Which works to our benefit as we never planned to give any of you back."

"That is the first harsh truth you have to understand," Ben told him. "The second is that you will be fucked by me as I have chosen you to be my neophyte. And during this time you will be genetically altered so you are no longer human. You will be like us, superior in almost every way to humans. Now within limits I am a reasonable being that said you have very little choice in the forthcoming days in what will be done to you. It can be wonderful as I make love to you. Or you can fight me at every turn and it will not be pleasant. But in the end you will be made into one of us."

"Once you understand those two facts I will be willing to send some people to rescue your boyfriend so he can join you here, and be turned into one of us," Ben held up a hand as he saw the spark return to Glens eyes. "You will also have to understand that even if we bring your boyfriend up to Copernicus base and you rejoin him, there cannot be any sexual contact between the two of you other than what I tell you can happen. Under no circumstances can he suck you off or have you fuck him. In fact other than kissing and you sucking him there can be no exchange of any of your body fluids with him until he turns sixteen."

"Why," Glen was hopeful that he and Martin could be together and confused over the rules.

"Because once you become one of us, your pre-cum and cum will contain what is needed to change a human into one of us. With your boyfriend being too young to safely turn you cannot let those fluids touch his body...ever." Ben stared intently into the teen’s eyes to gauge his reaction and compliance to the rules.

"And if I do what you want you will go and bring Martin here?" Glen asked voice filled with hope.

"Yes," Ben grabbed the tablet pc from Joe and brought up the map of Greenville. "But will he want to leave his life behind to start over with you?"

"I think so," Glen took the tablet computer from the guy who had given him the chance to get to be Martin; even with some strange restrictions they could be together. Entering the information on where to find Martin, he was surprised to find a real time link to the Greenville school systems mainframe. Scrolling through the pictures until he found his boyfriend he clicked on it and handed it back the man. "This is Martin and where he lives."

Glancing down at the tablet and the picture displayed Ben nodded as he added a note and assigned a team to retrieve the teen, "Willing or not Martin will be here by bedtime." Handing the tablet back to Joe he moved back so he was almost touching Glen. Handing him a tube of lube he pulled out of his pants pocket he pointed to the room Wade was moaning from as he fucked the girl, "I want you to go in there and fuck Wade. Keep fucking him until I tell you to stop."

Looking between the tube of lube and the man who ordered him to fuck Wade he got out, "You want me to fuck Mr. Baseball himself?" seeing the nod and grin by the man who would be having sex with him later he shook his head to clear the cobwebs. "You want me to Fuck Mr. Baseball, a person half the gay boys in school would give anything to be able to suck his cock." Cock twitching as he stared at the boy that held the focus of many a gay boys masturbation fantasy's, "What if he tries to do something as I fuck him," he whispered as he took an involuntary step towards the room and the teen he got to fuck.

"I'll make sure you don't get hurt," Ben smiled as he pushed Glen into the room and watched as Glen popped the top off the lube container and squirted some down the length of his hard cock. He had to be experienced he thought as the cap clicked close with one hand as Glen spread the lube up and down his hard shaft without missing a step.

Moving over next to Wade he noticed the jewel glowing green in the breeders forehead and grinned, another one pregnant. Motioning for Glen to go ahead, Ben stood near Wade’s side and when Wade tried to yell and move off the girl he pushed him back down so Glen could enter the teen in one go. Chuckling as Wade cursed before Glen's bouncing in and out of his virgin ass caused him to start fucking the girl again and his curses of anger turned to moans of pleasure. When he was sure that Glen would not be interrupted because Wade was too busy fucking the breeder and overcome by the females pheromones to register he was being fucked he left them to it and went to the door panel and inputted the information on this mating into the wall computer pad.

Joe came out of the room next to the one Ben with his two were in, making a final note he sighed as he looked at Ben and Dolce, "It looks like one of the ones I picked out is shooting blanks. All of the breeders are pregnant except for the one Clarence is fucking."

"He's not pulling out at the last minute is he," Dolce asked as he moved to watch the teen in question. Sneaking up behind the teen he watched as Clarence's testicles started to rise, a sure sign he was getting close. Seeing him take a step back Dolce acted before he could slip out of the breeder.

"I'm so close," Clarence whispered as he started to pull out so he would not cum inside the girl. After all he was not ready to have another girl get pregnant by forgetting to pull out. Feeling someone push him back so he could not slip out he raised his voice in horror, "NO. I..." feeling someone grab his ass and move him in and out he tried to keep from Cumming in the girl, "No,...pregnant...not another. I"M CUMMING..."

Inserting a finger into Clarence's ass as he pushed the teen back inside the breeder, Dolce took control and pushed him in and out as he felt around for that certain spot guaranteed to make the teen go over the edge of no return. Finding it he was rewarded by Clarence screaming out his orgasm as he felt Clarence's prostrate try to push his finger out as it swelled and fired off its load.

Breaking down in tears, Clarence pulled out of the girl when he was allowed, "Why did you make me cum in her? What if she gets pregnant?"

"That is what we want to happen Clarence," Joe said firmly as he walked into the room. "If we did not want this female to get pregnant you would not be fucking her."

"Crude but true Joe dear," Dolce smirked before facing the teen again and noticed the jewel start to glow. "Well it seems your work here is done." Pointing to the sensor bonded to the breeder’s forehead, "Now that the pregnancy detector has turned green we know you did the job after all. Though I was surprised you were able to overcome the pheromones in this room to think about pulling out in an attempt to keep her from getting pregnant."

"Pregnant," Clarence whispered in horror as he looked down at the girl who was still happily humming to herself in orgasmic bliss. "No, not again," could barely be heard as the teen slumped to the floor.

"Again?" Dolce picked up on that tidbit and toed the teen to get his attention, "You've gotten someone pregnant before?"

Nodding his head, Clarence closed his eyes as he thought of what Sheila would do without him there to stop her. "Sheila and I...well she said it was safe so I didn't bother with a condom that day and..."

"She ended up pregnant," Joe finished for him. Scrolling through his tablet computer he looked up at Dolce and nodded at the boy. "Sheila Hammerstein was one of the pregnant females we harvested along with the males at the school.

"Sheila is here?" Clarence got to his feet as he heard the girl that was carrying his child was where he could keep her from aborting his baby.

"She is," Joe looked at the medics report on the female. "She is sixty two days pregnant, and she is scheduled to get her sensor jewel tomorrow. And unlike the tests down on earth we will be able to tell the gender of the baby in a few days after the tests are run. If it is a boy we plan to infect her as soon as possible so her mind is destroyed. If it is a girl we will wait just to make sure there are no complications," he was lying of course as they could care less if the girl lost the child; it was fully human after all.

"Can you blast her mind now?" Clarence asked as he moved away from the girl he just got pregnant.

"We could," Joe said slowly so he did to promise something he had no intention of doing.

Alerted by a message sent telepathically Ben walked into the room and asked, "Why would you want the mother of your child's mind to be destroyed?"

"Because she keeps trying to get an abortion," Clarence pleaded with his eyes at the person who seemed to be in charge of their group. "I don't want my child to be killed. I'll do anything you want, fuck and impregnate as many as you want. Just don't let that bitch end my child."

"Interesting," Ben commented as he went over what was said and how to best get what they wanted out of the teen using his desire to save his child.

"You’re not interested in the child you just fathered with one of our breeders?" Dolce was surprised and wondered where the kid was coming from.

"You took the time to make sure I got her pregnant, I figure if you did that you wanted the child to survive," Clarence stated without taking his eyes off the leader of the group.

"True," Ben stared back at the boy. "We do want this experiment and child to live to see if by using humans with our breeders we would get female children." Turning to look at Joe he decided to push to see how far Clarence was willing to go. "What are you willing to do to make sure this Sheila does not harm your unborn child?"

Sounding desperate, Clarence took several steps closer to the group of men, "I'll do anything you want me to, anything."

"Joe has claimed you," Ben pointed to Joe who was standing between him and Dolce. "So if you want this Sheila's mind blasted away so she is like the breeder you just fucked, prove you will do anything by sucking Joe until he is hard and then turning around so he can fuck you."

Not even hesitating Clarence moved quickly to Joe and dropped to his knees. Fumbling with the unfamiliar snaps he practically ripped Joe's pants in his rush to drag them down to Joe's knees. Leaning forward he engulfed the half had cock with his mouth and started to suck and twirl his tongue around the head to get the man hard faster, never once did he give a thought to what he was doing or what would be done to him. He just focused on giving the man as much pleasure as he could so they would blast Sheila's mind and his baby would be safe.

Joe blinked in surprise at how fast the teen had his pants around his ankles and was sucking him for all he was worth. Going with what Ben suggested he let himself become aroused so that the enzyme would have a chance to work on the teen. Hearing the sounds of bare feet walking and stopping behind him, Joe knew What Ben was doing, he was giving them a show on what would soon be happening to them.

It was only after he had turned Clarence around to face the rest of the group that he saw Ben and Dolce each getting a blow job from one of their neophytes that he slid inside Clarence gently. Soon the sound of three teens moaning in pleasure as they got fucked filled the halls, while two of the other three looked on with scared looks and Glen stared at the scene growing aroused at what he was seeing.

Glen wondered if Ben would mind if he fucked one of the other boys while he was waiting for him to get to him. Stroking himself slowly he glanced at the two trying to decide who he would like to suck off. Spotting the jock in the middle was the one who was most glassy eyed he dropped to the floor in front of him and quickly sucked the half hard cock the jock was sporting into his mouth. Smiling around the growing hardness as he heard the moans of pleasure from his chosen toy and the shocked 'what they fuck' from the other boy who was standing and staring at them.

Finished, Ben left Wade on the floor unconscious and pulled Glen off Dolce's soon to be Neophyte so Dolce could push the teen to the floor so he could start the conversion process. "I'll be nice this once," seeing Glen did not understand he explained. "I am not going to fuck you until you have had a chance to fuck around with your boyfriend one last time. It is going to be several long years until he can be converted. So you get to spend one last time with him. Then I will fuck you as he watches." Not to mention that I will ensure he is tired out and has no sperm left to shoot after I get done with him he grinned as he let that thought run through his mind.

Todd grumbled to himself as he walked into the dome where all those waiting to be claimed where staring at the Earth in various emotional states. He had left his lab later than he intended because he had some final adjustments to make to the portal probe that was two days out from Mars. Luckily for him it was an easy turnaround so the probe could be slowed down as it approached its final destination.

His dad had stopped by earlier to tell him that his younger brother had in fact had taken two Neophytes, something he had given up hope of ever having his brother do. So those two must really be special for Kevin to pick them out. Waving at a few guys he knew, Todd stopped at the railing go around the second floor of the dome and stared at the milling crowd below. Moving to one of the many view panels set up along the rail he zoomed in on several of those waiting to be claimed before zooming out and moving to another area. Stopping the view screen he moved it back slowly as he thought he spotted something...there, near the door to the dome he saw a teen crying as he pleaded to be let out. That he needed to go home to protect his brothers.

Moving to the steps Todd thought about what he heard the kid saying, if it was true he would be setting a precedent that the others would follow because of who he was. He had been the first one converted to a Trans Gen, and Ben had made the day so special for him. He had spent all day making love to him slowly and after the first initial time he had passed out as the virus hit his system he had woken up to an intense pleasure that never seemed to stop until the next morning.

Logging his ID code into the door, Todd pulled himself from his memories and tapped the command for the door to open, only to end up with an armful of hysterical teen.

"Please...Please you have to help me," Raymond was beyond frantic. "I need to get home before HE has a chance to hurt my brothers. He'll probably kill them this time."

"Take a deep breath," Todd ordered as he reached out and held both sides of the teens face so he could stare into his eyes. "Now tell me slowly why your brothers would be in danger and who HE is?"

"I need..." taking a deep breath Raymond let it out slowly. "It's our step dad, He is on his third wife and she doesn't like that there are kids from two different marriages around." Shaking his head he tried to focus, "I think he kills off his wives so he can steal from them, but he never expected that we kids would survive and he would get saddled with us."

Squeezing slightly Todd told him, "Concentrate. You’re rambling. We can figure out what your step dad did another time. What you need to do is tell me why he would kill your brothers if you are not there."

"Weren't you listening," Raymond snapped out only to find himself across the guys knee and his ass swatted...hard.

"Do not disrespect me Squishy!" Todd hissed out as he swatted the teen hard across his bare ass. "I would not have asked the question if you had told me what I needed to know."

Blinking back tears as he was let up, Raymond leaned against the wall and hid his sob as he stared at the ground. "HE beats us all the time. And if I'm not there to run interference he hurts the others badly. I was supposed to grab some food on my way home from school so we could restock our hiding spot. He only feeds us when he thinks someone will notice we're too weak to go to school..."

"Sounds like a right bastard," Todd commented with a frown. "So you’re telling me that when your step dad finds out you have been listed as dead by your local government he will kill your step brothers?"

"D...ead..." Raymond whispered in horror. "I'm dead to the world..." Sliding down the wall he started to sob as he realized his brothers would shortly be with their mother.

What to do Todd frowned in thought. Whatever he decided would set policy for the rest of this Harvest and for all future Harvests. Staring at the teen all curled up in a ball sobbing in pain he smiled as the answer came to him. Yes it would cause the Earth governments more problems trying to explain it, but up until now all those they harvested had nothing anchoring them to Earth or their parents. Except for the rare set of twins, they only Harvested those that had no siblings.

The first mass harvest already set precedent really, Todd thought. They took siblings from the town regardless of age. So they would do so with this Harvest. "Stand up," Reaching down Todd grabbed the teen and pulled him to his feet. Entering the kid’s information in his palm computer, he claimed him. "Follow me and stay close. You don't want to be left behind as I send some people to go after your brothers."

Not believing he heard correctly Raymond looked at the young guy that he thought said, "Really? You’re going to send me to my brothers."

Dialing the code that would open the portal to the command center, Todd waited until the portal flickered and he saw the command center before answering, "Not exactly. You are not going to be let go, in fact I have claimed you for my own. What I am going to do is to send an assault team to your house and extract your brothers. Bringing them back here so they are safe."

Following along behind the guy that walked through the strange door Raymond blinked in shock when he heard someone yell out.


"Bring Spy Eye Seven online," Todd ordered as he walked through the room to the center area that was in front of all the screens. Reaching out he pulled the teen to his side, "Alright what is your house address?"

"One Elven Partridge Way East," Raymond said confused as his head wildly swung around to see around him. Only to snap back and stare at the middle screen as it flickered to life and his step dad’s house appeared on it.

"Infrared coming online..."

"Zoom in lower quadrant, right hand corner," Todd ordered as he saw the heat blossom on the screen. Hearing a gasp next to him he looked at the teen.

"Jayden, James, Jack," Raymond counted out softly as the red blobs on the screen came into focus. But there was a forth. "HE should not be home yet..."

Frowning as he glanced between the teen and the screen Todd asked, "Where is the closest Recon team to the target location?"

"Snake Recon is thirty klicks from the target..."

"Put them up on screen two," Todd told the communications officer, as he motioned for the Video officer to start taping.

"I am implementing a new rule in regards to Harvests. Ben will sign off on it by tomorrow." Todd stared at the camera and nodded at the recon team who came online on the second screen. "From now on any that we Harvest that have siblings that will be in danger without the older...Or younger male we have harvested there to protect them, we will dispatch an Assault team to retrieve the sibling or siblings left behind. It is up to all the new Neophytes sponsors to ensure there is no sibling left behind that would not be better off with us."

Signaling he was finished he asked, "Is it on the chip?"

"Yes sir, Recorded and ready to be transmitted..."

"Send it out base wide," Todd ordered as he faced the second screen and the recon team, "You should have received the coordinates for the house that holds my Neophytes three brothers. Be advised there is a fourth heat signature that we have no confirmation as of their identity."

"Your orders are simple," Todd noted that the Recon team was already inbound to their target location. "Secure a portal half a Klick from the target location so our assault team can take the target down hard." Facing the third screen which now showed the ready assault team gearing up he wondered where the two teams that were supposed to be on standby had been dispatched to. "The adult Squishy that has custody of those boys is to removed with extreme prejudice. Make it painful...Make it Eternal...Make it so the Squishy's have to use a teaspoon to pick up the remains," he snarled out.

"Sir," The Assault team commander stood up straight and thumped his right fist to his chest in a salute. Moving back to his team he shook his head, "Someone has gone and pissed off the mild mannered invention geek and the Major has come out to play."

Shivering the Assault teams medic blessed himself out of habit, "Hades forgive us for the poor sinner we are about to send you. We get to play with him first and for that we are eternally sorry for breaking your toy."

"Rollins," the team leader snickered as he slammed his knife into its sheath. "Gear up people. We leave as soon as Soon as the portal opens. I want three rows through the portal at a full run."

Todd directed the Assault teams camera's to be fed to the lower six screens, "Now we wait."

"Wait for what?" Raymond asked. "I'm confused," looking around the room at all the military people that jumped to do this guys bidding he added, "Sir."

"We wait until the Recon team has a staging area set up and the portal open," Todd explained. "After that it is a matter of going in and grabbing your brothers." Glancing down at his soon to be neophyte he asked as he pointed to the four blobs on the screen that finally resolved into recognizable people shapes. Since they were still in infrared mode he knew the people were underground where the satellite could not lock onto them in color mode. "Do you know who the other person could be?"

Shaking his head no, Raymond moved a step forward and glanced over his shoulder to see if he was going to get yelled at. When nothing happened he took another step closer and stared at the picture. The one red blob was moving back and forth near the other red blob. Without thinking about what he was doing he asked out loud, "What is that one doing to the other? It looks funny."

"One of them is fucking the other," Todd told him as he stared at the teen critically. After all it was not too late to return him to the claiming area if he freaked out badly.

"Someone is fucking my brother?" Raymond whispered out in shock. "Dads friend, Wilson has been after Jayden for a while now."

"Assault team Delta. Be advised we have a possible ID on the fourth person at your target location. An adult by the name of Wilson. Be advised your possible unknown is occupied with pleasuring himself with one of those to be retrieved..."

It seemed like hours, but then the screens changed. The third screen become the large middle one and the window that showed his house was now where the third screen had been. Raymond watched in shock as a huge doorway flicked between two trees as if it was growing from the center outward. Then something out of a video game started to rush through it. Blinking he looked over his shoulder to see if he was dreaming and saw satisfied smiles on everyone he could see around him. And that bothered him for some reason, those smiles reminded him of the time he had gone to the zoo with his original dad and watched the lions stalk a deer that had been let into the enclosure. He figured Wilson was about to end up the same as that deer small pieces.

Tossing a replacement receiver set to the Recon team, Delta's team leader slammed his helmet down and pumped his fist up and down three times while opening a channel with his team, "GO...GO,GO."

Letting the hydraulics do most of the work Rollins high jumped it past the small park they had used as a staging ground and rushed the target in long high strides. Each kick off as he ran sent him twenty feet in the air and fifty closer to his target. . Landing on a car which flattened under his mass he swiveled around looking for anything that would endanger his team. Seeing nothing visible he aimed for the second story window and jumped, leading with his shoulder. Right shoulder hitting the glass he busted through the frame and landed on the bedroom floor.

That is one way to gain entrance Dalton thought as he watched his men burst into the house through the door and one of them mimicked Rollins by jumping through the front window. Tossing one of the new Taser units over his shoulder as he approached the house, he wondered if they would get to see if it worked, or they would be gone by the time the cops showed up.

Walking into the house he found the perfect wall to place the receivers on. Slamming the block high up on the left side he pushed the center button and pulled the block away from the wall leaving one of the corners stuck into the wall. Repeating the process near the floor on the left side he moved over to the right and repeated what he had done two times already until he had all four pieces of the block embedded into the wall. Touching a button on his belt he nodded as the portal receivers synced with the main portal room on Copernicus and the doorway appeared. Giving a thumbs up to the Medics on the other side of the portal he moved towards the sounds of crying and cursing.

"Let me go," a masculine voice demanded.

Raymond's indrawn breath was loud even in the room full of noises. Looking at the center screen he saw Jayden getting up off the floor and he was hard. And he was crying. Shouldn't he not be hard if he was not enjoying it. Leaning forward slightly he saw that Jayden was very red and swollen like he had been about to cum. Now he was confused, did people who were being raped get a hard on?

Hearing one of the people give an order to take his brothers back to base Raymond spun around and started to run towards the door.

Only to fall down as pain unlike anything he had ever felt before hit him.

Seeing his bed warmer rush past him Todd calmly lifted his left arm and pushed the red button on the armband with a finger bringing the teen to the ground as the obedience bracelet kicked in and overloaded the teen’s nervous system with pain. "I did not give you permission to go anywhere," releasing the button he turned back to the screen and told the teen, "You will crawl over to me on your hands and knees and lean against my legs. Do not move from that spot until I tell you to move. Your brothers will be taken to medical where we will pick them up after the OP is finished."

Blinking the spots away, Raymond looked up through the tears at the young guy that had his finger poised over a button. Not wanting to get zapped again he did as ordered and crawled over to the guy and sat as close as possible to the guys left leg and leaned up against it while letting the tears fall.

"Good boy," Todd crooned. "You will learn very quickly to obey my commands. Doing so will give you pleasure, not doing so...well you already have had a taste of what awaits you if you disobey me."

"Delta leader be advised you have a single incoming from the front..."

"What the Hell is going on here," Mr. Rice bellowed as he walked through the smashed front door. Seeing several people dressed in some fancy costumes leading his boys towards the living room he scowled when he saw the one boy was naked. "BOY where are your clothes?" seeing the boy tool standing up he bellowed out, "What the fuck, why are you sporting wood?"

When he was ignored he stomped into the hallway, "Answer me Dammit." Intent on getting answers he started to bellow again only to gurgle in pain as his windpipe was closed off and his feet left the floor.

"Ah the creep we were waiting for," Rollins grabbed the man not even needing the suits enhanced strength to pick him up. Slamming the squishy into and almost through the wall he shook him, "Ah now none of that as my boss wants a word with you." Tossing the man down the hall he rubbed his hands together, which because of the suit he was wearing sounded like two metal anvils grinding against each other.

"I hope the boss lets me have some fun with you," Rollins walked closer to the man as he tried to scoot away. "I've wanted a chance to be picked for the Torture and Interrogation unit and I figure when the big bosses see what I do with you I'll be a shoe in."

"NOooooo," Rice whimpered as he scooted further away. "I'll give you anything..." seeing the man shaped thing move closer he yelled out, "I'll give you all the money I stole before I killed the bitches I married. Just let me go and its yours."

Todd motioned for the comm officer to open a channel, "Rollins consider this your tryout. You know my orders, but if you can get the Squishy to tell you everything you can think of including where the money is I'll see to your transfer myself."

Rollins smiled as he acknowledged the opportunity given to him. Motioning for the other person to be brought up from the basement he pulled his knife out of the sheath ever so slowly. "Bring up the squishy that likes to fuck young kids, I need to have a word with him."

As quickly as it happened, Raymond would later swear to his brothers when he talked to them that the naked man joined his father on the screen as if he was brought there by some fancy television special effect.

Rollins smiled evilly as he saw the man who had been enjoying himself with one of the boys in the basement, "Bring him over here Private." Once the man was near enough to be seen clearly he used the back of his hand to stop the man from mumbling his promises or was that threats. "Hold the Squishy tightly as this is going to hurt him...Hell this is going to make him want to slit his own throat I do believe."

Turning around and facing his first practice Squishy, Rollins made sure to reflect the light off his blade. "Now then, I do believe you were going to tell me where the money you have hidden is at. The bank routing number followed by account and password. Let me make one thing clear," leaning forward he was inches from the man’s terrified face. "My superiors are watching this, and they will tell me through the ear set I am wearing whether you told me the truth or not. And if not...well..." turning he quickly slashed his knife out at the prisoner brought up from the basement and cut off one of the mans nipples.

"AAGGGHHHHHH," the man screamed in agony as blood spurted and trailed down his chest as his nipple was cleaved from his chest.

Rice seeing the armored man, by the sound of his voice, swing his hand to the side as if he had no cares in the world, recoiled in shock when Wilson screamed in agony, and the blood. Seeing the small spurt land on the metal booted foot he felt sick and started to babble.

Rollins looked disappointed as the Squishy started to spill his secrets. Sighing as he let the disappointment he was feeling out, he moved over to gently fondle the naked guys scrotum as if thinking about something.

Seeing the frown on the man’s face, Rice started to get extremely nervous and added a few accounts that he had not told them about as of yet. He shuddered as he saw the gentle way the hand was fondling Wilson. And then he joined Wilson in screaming as the hand suddenly held one of Wilson's balls. Out of nowhere the knife had moved and nutted the man.

Rollins stared at the testicles he had removed critically, "You know for someone who has the balls to rape a young boy, I thought they would be bigger. Oh well," looking at them closely he hid his smile, "I also would have imagined them to have a bigger reserve of sperm." Hand suddenly at the screaming mouth he shoved the two small testicles inside and made the man swallow them.

Looking over at the man on the ground, Rollins smiled in eagerness, "I wonder how big a set you carry Squishy?"

Rice promptly threw up before his head hit his chest and he started to fade out.

"Now, Now, we can't have you missing my artwork now can we," Rollins chuckled as he lightly slapped the man awake.

"Please," Rice moaned out as he tried to wipe the blood off his face from where the man had touched him and keep from looking at Wilson. "I'll do anything. I already have given you all the money I can lay my hands on."

"We'll see if you are telling the truth," Rollins told him as he used his knife to trail small cuts over Wilson's torso. "Though I hope for my sake you lied to me," cutting a little deeper on Wilson's stomach letting some of the belly fat show through the skin, "After all I can't play with you if you keep telling me the truth."

"I DIDN'T LIE..." Rice yelled in fear. "For the love of God I told you the truth!!!"

"God," Rollins voice went cold as he stepped to one side so Rice could see clearly as he pulled Wilson's shrunken cock out as far as it would go. Flipping the knife around so he was using it like a dagger Todd struck. The blade piecing the stretched cock in the middle and with one quick flick of the wrist he had bisected it cleanly. Blood spurting as if he had ripped open a major artery and splashing Rice in the face. "This is what your Squishy God thinks about you calling on him, professing your love of him while the sins you have committed are still so fresh."

Rollins watched as the Man he had tortured without touching finally had too much and his mind broke. Nodding with a grim emotionless expression he cleaned his knife on the scrap of cloth offered by one of the assault team as the Private dropped the dead man to the floor.

Looking at one of the side screens Todd told Rollins, "He told the truth. We've drained the accounts dry so get rid of the Squishy and return to base." Picking up the teen who was terrified by the arm he turned his back to the room preparing to leave. "Report to T & I on Monday at O nine Hundred."

Smiling grimly, at getting what he wanted, Rollins reached over and snapped the Squishy's neck with ease as he told his squad, "Alright we are so out of here. And I am buying." Mumbling to himself as he walked out of the door, "I need a case or two after that."

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