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Destiny's Split

by Wolfwalker

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Chapter 5

Published: 8 Apr 14

Destiny's Split

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Ben walked past the tropical fruit trees on his way to the area set up in the garden for the first class their neophytes would learn about themselves now that they were Trans Gens. Spotting the six future neophytes he had brought into his house, siblings or boyfriends of those they had already converted sitting uneasily off to one side, he placed his tablet computer on the picnic table and sat on top of said table with his feet on the bench. Once the sixteen Neophytes sat down he nodded his head at Tal who brought them, "This morning is your first class on what it means to be a Trans Gen. Starting tomorrow your mornings will be taken up by basic military training with you returning for lunch and your afternoons filled with what those who've claimed you determine would be best for you to learn. Over the past week you have been given some hard truths about your new lives as you have been genetically altered by us; we are not Human." Pointing to the sixteen who sat down he told them while watching the unaltered teens, "You are no longer human."

"What does that mean?" Ben sat back as he focused on the morning's lesson ignoring the fidgeting being done by the siblings of their neophytes. "One of the biggest differences that will surprise you until you get used to it; is that you no longer have the same moral compass that almost all humans live their lives by. Granted there are more than enough Humans that use the wrong side of that moral compass, but they at least know what it is."

"Wade," Ben turned and smiled at his Neophyte. "I want you to say the first thing you feel or think of when the image appears on the monitor behind me. Don't try to think about it, just look and tell me what comes to mind." Seeing Wade nod his head he touched the tablet computer and the first image appeared on the screen.

Wade looked at the image of a good looking girl on the monitor and quickly said the first thing that came to mind, even though a few weeks ago it would have been different and he would have said he would love to get in her pants, "Breeder." Frowning he wondered why the picture of a naked girl did not cause him to go hard like it had in the past. It was one more of those confusing issues he had been dealing with over the past week, like why he went hard as a rock when he saw another of the guys naked or hard.

"Are Breeders intelligent?" Ben asked as he saw a few of the older boys that were too young to convert shift in their seats as if trying to hide a growing problem.

"NO," Wade shook his head in the negative as he looked shocked at what he said.

Smiling Ben nodded in satisfaction as he told them, "You're correct. Breeders have all the intelligence of a two year old. For most of their lives they live for one thing and one thing only. SEX. The way the virus was designed to create us, destroys their minds but their children… Our children are always Male due to the fact we produce only Y sperm, so they are born genetically pure and are truly one of us from conception. In fact if you examined a Breeder on the genetic level you would find they are not Human either." Touching the tablet he once again changed the picture.

Frowning at the picture Wade noticed the blue markings around the female's neck, "One of the Sisters of Lesbos."

"And they are?" Ben pointed over at Glen as he asked this.

Glen frowned hard, hard enough his lips looked almost like he was pouting. "Sisters of Lesbos are lesbians. And they are Intelligent. But I don't understand the how's or whys, I just know that any female that has that blue mark around their neck is different."

Ben nodded his head slowly as he started to explain the differences, "True Lesbians are gay, they have the same Gay DNA segments that all gay people do. And when the virus infects them, instead of blasting their minds to nothing they are changed. They have our limited telepathy and they keep their intelligence. Of course since they are intelligent we do not use them for breeding purposes, instead if they wish to get pregnant they can request one of us to impregnate them. The upside is they are in charge of the Breeders, they are quite happy to do so, as Breeders are highly sexual creatures that the Sisters of Lesbos enjoy." Changing the picture once more to something a little more evil he waited and was shocked that it was Eric who came up out of his seat in anger.

"Vampire," Eric hissed in rage as he came up out of his seat. He noticed right off the fangs and the eyes. Those eyes he would never forget. The creature in the picture had the same eyes as the creature that killed his parents in front of him.

"There is no such thing as vampires," Carl scoffed as he started to sneer at the wimp making a scene.

"Just like there are no such things as Aliens?" Ben snorted as his next words put Carl in his place, "Of course since there are no such things as aliens, intelligent life that is not human then you must be hallucinating. Everything around you that you have experienced is nothing more than a drug induced dream.

Glowering Carl sat back down and shut up. He knew this was more of a nightmare than a dream. And he also knew from painful experience it was real.

"Vampires are real?" Jack sounded shocked and slightly ill at the question.

"Yes, they are very real." Ben looked over at the group of teens that were too young to become Neophytes right now. "They are our enemies and we kill them on sight. Part of the training you go through as a Neophyte is the best way to kill them. I prefer burning them with our Pyrokinetics, it's the most satisfying of the options available to us." Changing the picture to one he knew would cause a lot of sadness he pointed at Wade.

Looking at the naked male on the monitor Wade grinned, "I sure would like to slip him something round and hard." Then he slapped his hand over his mouth as he realized what he had said. He was horrified that he actually was turned on by the teen on the screen and actually did want to fuck him, or have him fuck his ass.

"And if I told you he was fifteen years old," Ben asked as watched the looks cross the Neophytes' faces.

"Not to be fucked," Wade said hurriedly, "I know it is against our law to fuck him or to let him suck me." Still confused he looked up at Ben, "But it is okay to suck him off and do anything up to a point with him as long as I don't let my cock near him. How do I know this?"

Ignoring the question for now, Ben asked him, "And if I told you Simon here was actually seventeen and human?"

"I want him," Wade shook his head as he said the first thing that came to mind. "I mean, I would claim him as my own if I was allowed to." Staring at the image of Simon on the monitor he felt himself start to get hard, "If he is human and seventeen I could fuck his delicious looking ass and suck his…" Trailing off he realized he was talking out loud and quickly hid his face. He was embarrassed to no end.

"And such a tight ass he had too," Ben chuckled as he glanced over his shoulder. "Simon here was one of the first people we converted from human to Trans Gen. And he is the reason we have such a different view on Humans in general. Tell me Wade, are humans, people?"

"No," Wade shook his head before slumping his shoulders. "I'm so confused."

"I'm sure you are," Ben told him gently as he watched the shocked looks on the youngsters' faces. "The alteration process changes your sexuality so you are gay. That is if you are not already gay. And each and every time we had sex with you while the alteration process was ongoing we linked our minds with yours and downloaded information, impressed our beliefs and culture you've found yourself in into your very being, so you would fit in easier. There were several things that were hard wired into your brains so to speak, I will only go over the most important of them today."

"One was that you are loyal to your new race and look at Humans as non people or like pets to be kept; and depending on the human, as livestock to be disposed of when their purpose is no longer needed. Though as I have just demonstrated with Wade, if the human is attractive enough to the Trans Gen looking at them we will want to have sex with them and turn them into one of us." Ben held up his hand and smiled as he told them, "I'll explain how Simon up there fits into this shortly."

"Two," Ben held up two fingers. "You can never, ever, disobey an order given by the leader of our people. And I am that leader, tomorrow we will go over why you will be treated differently than any other Neophyte by our people. Most of you will end up finishing your military training at the Officer level."

Waving his hand, Ben told them, "We will get to the military training you all will go through later on. I don't want to confuse you by skipping around."

"Three," Ben held up a third finger. "You have an instinctive aversion to breaking our laws, once again Wade demonstrated this when I told him Simon was fifteen. The most important of these laws that we impressed into your brains is that no male shall be allowed to be converted until they are sixteen." Adding another finger to the rest he saw some of the youngsters relax knowing they had time before they were converted. "Four, certain behaviors are now ingrained into your psyche. Everything from the desire to learn, to how you feel about relationships, to what constitutes someone we would want to make one of us."

"And finally Five," Ben let his hand fall to his side. "Everything I have mentioned, will mention and what those who have claimed you will teach you; you will find that you will do exactly the same and impress this knowledge and culture into those you have sex with when you take your first Neophyte and any that follow."

"You brainwashed my brother?" Eric looked over at his brother Allen with a frightened look.

"Reprogrammed would be closer to the truth," Ben crossed his legs as he answered truthfully. "We have found out through trial and error that this is the best way to keep those we have claimed from going mental on us. After all if you were straight and all of a sudden had thoughts and erections towards those of the same sex and felt disgust to the opposite sex; where not long ago you felt desire; well it causes quite a bit of mental anguish. Needless mental anguish." Spotting the kid's frustration in not getting the answer he wanted Ben shrugged, "You have to keep in mind we are not human and to never attribute human wants and feelings or even morality towards us. You will not understand our actions if you do."

"But you look human," Eric was quick to point out.

"Looks can be deceiving," Ben answered. "I even started my life as a human, but that really does not matter because I am no longer human. If you were take a DNA swab from me and test it you would find that our DNA only matches human DNA in the ninety sixth percentage range for what the lab tests for. Chimpanzee's match Humans in the ninety nine percent range of that same test."

"You see Eric," Ben smiled. "We are slightly more advanced than the Squishy's, and our tests would show that we are related to humans at least ninety six percent of our DNA. If any of you are truly interested in genetics I can sit down with you and show you how we were changed and which genes were targeted."

Carl snarled out, "So you took us because you can't have babies of your own."

"No," Ben looked over at Max's brother. "We do reproduce through the use of Breeders, as you have been told before. Multiple times. In fact your brother spent a few hours getting one of our Breeders pregnant…which you have also been told, repeatedly. You need to get over the fact you were taken against your will because of your brother when he told us you would end up in some foster home. You can spend the next ten months in a cell until you turn sixteen if you would rather, only leaving it for forced training in the mornings."

"So in other words," Martin glared at the older boy, "Shut the fuck up."

"Anyone else want to interrupt me?" Ben made a show of moving for his armband and the obedience collar controls. Seeing the teens cringe he nodded his head, "I thought not."

"Our history starts with me," Ben told them. "I was the first Trans Gen. Tal's father picked me to inject with the virus to create us in his desperation, he knew it was only a matter of a week or two before the people who were looking for him would track him down."

"You see he was the geneticist in charge of a program to create a super being. A perfect soldier that was stronger, faster, more intelligent and very deadly." Ben held up his hand and created fire on his palm to the groups shock, "We are Pyrokinetics. Which means we can control and create all type of fire."

"Whoa," James jumped up in awe. "That is so out there." Looking at Ben and the fire dancing on the palm of his hand he demanded, "I hope you have some lube with you because I so want you to fuck me right now and make me one of you."

"We are never without a weapon," Brendon sat next to Tal and kissed him soundly after pointing out the obvious to the kids. "And you will have to wait until you are a little older James, your body can't handle the alteration right now."

"Brendon is right," Ben smiled. Brendon was one of the few his family had taken in and converted. In fact Brendon was Dolce's first Neophyte and he held a special spot in all of their hearts…and beds.

"Tal's father was in charge of a program that was the ultimate answer to the Vampire problem," Ben sat back on his hands as he told the first days of their people. "When he found out that the super soldiers were also to be used to track down and eliminate gay people he sabotaged the program."

"He wanted no part in creating a super solder that would end up hunting me down," Tal's voice was quite but carried in the silence.

"He worked in secret and at home to alter the virus that they had designed to create the new soldier," Ben recounted what he had been told mind to mind when he was invited to take Harold's knowledge. Though he knew the man as Herman Stonebridge professor of Biology. "He decided to go one step further; to get even. He made sure the virus would turn anyone who was infected with it gay. He felt that would make sure gay people were safe as the new soldiers would not want to kill off their kind."

"My dad tricked the other scientists into thinking they were actually creating a way to make sure gay people never could benefit from being altered. To become one of the super soldiers. In reality he was making sure everyone infected would be turned gay and be able to infect others by having sex with them." Tal smiled sadly as he remembered coming home from school that day to find Ben laying on the couch, he was unconscious and bleeding from every part of his body. It had scared him to no end. He was still not sure whether to thank his dad or yell at him. But sadly his dad took off once Ben regained consciousness and everything was explained. He died a week later in Texas when the group that sponsored his research caught up with him.

"His last act before killing off his colleagues and burning every sample of the virus but the one vial he had been working on personally," Ben closed his eyes as he let himself get lost in the memories. "Was to tweak the virus in such a way that it would destroy a females mind. On the day he had achieved that he put his plan into motion and killed off everyone who could have recreated the virus and set off the self destruct for the facility before he ran."

"He changed his name and moved to a small college town, taking a position as a biology professor," Ben opened his eyes and turned to face Tal. "He moved into the bottom apartment in my house and I met Tal. This cute fourteen year old obviously gay teen that quickly gained a crush on me."

Dolce spoke up, causing all the neophytes and youngsters to turn in their seats so they could look at the group sitting behind them.

"MY wife, was a bitch of a woman, but she gave me two wonderful sons," Dolce waited until the giggles died down. "She died mysteriously. And when the police came to talk to me to see if I could be involved they let slip that she was on the way back from a tryst with another man. The coroner had determined that she had sex within the hour before her death, and she had quite a bit of sperm inside her. More than one person could account for." Calming down when Joe placed his hand on his leg he continued, "I had never given it a thought of doing anything with a guy, but the one thing I did know was that Ben was a good friend. One that would do anything for a person he called a friend without asking for anything in return. As I packed up the house after the funeral one thing kept going through my mind. I needed to go find Ben and he would help me raise the boys while I got over my wife's death. I was even willing to share his bed if he wanted because I knew he was alone most of the time. His EX was a right bastard and used him pretty badly. I met Joe on campus while hunting through the phone book to see if Ben still lived where he did while I was a student at the collage."

That was Joe's cue to join in, "I had a successful career as a researcher for one of the big pharmaceutical companies. Of course my wife never knew what I did for a living or she would have figured out why she kept getting pregnant while on birth control. I had decided I wanted four boys and after the first she wanted nothing to do with another child. She told me it took too much of what she was entitled to away from her." Joe snorted in disgust. "I should have brought her to meet Ben before I married her. He was a good judge of people trying to use others after his breakup, but I didn't follow through when I started to question my decision to marry her after she got pregnant." Pointing to his three sons he beamed, "I was able to get two more wonderful bright boys before she had her 'accident' while we were out of town visiting my Alma Mater."

"I had decided I needed Ben's advice on what to do to protect me and the boys because she had been talking about divorcing me and taking the boys away, so I arranged a weeklong trip to show the boys where I went to school," Joe told the group. "I met Dolce in the quad as he was trying to track down Ben's house from the phone booth. And it just so happened we noticed an ad posted on the board for an apartment to rent, and the ad was Ben's."

"While we were catching up while walking towards the coffee shop, our boys had decided that they were going to be best friends," Dolce chuckled as he remembered looking up to find out where his boys had gone off to and saw they were happily arm in arm rough housing with Joe's three.

"Unlike Dolce I had given several thoughts to having sex with a guy while in high school and the first two years of college," Joe smiled as he saw the reactions on the Neophytes and teens' faces, they looked shocked that he admitted to not always being gay. "I knew I had an open invitation to Ben's bed if I ever wanted to explore that side of my sexuality and after lunch with Dolce I was seriously considering it. And after receiving the call from my wife's bitch of a mother, I decided to go for it. While we were visiting my old college my wife had committed suicide. Or that was what the reports from the police listed as her cause of death. She had gone over the edge of the cliff in California at a high rate of speed and did not stand a chance at surviving."

"But in reality," Todd piped up so they would learn how ruthless they could be when needed. "I had hacked into the on board computer in mother's sports car and uploaded a program that caused her car to speed up while locking the steering column on one of the hairpin turns on the down slope while disengaging the brakes. You see I had overheard her and grandmother discussing the best way to take Dad for every cent, while dumping us off on some relative. That was after I heard her confirm that the abortion went off without a problem. She killed my unborn brother because it would have caused her to curtail her lifestyle to what she considered an unacceptable level."

There was shocked silence from the Neophytes as they stared at Todd and the others wide eyed.

"I did not find out the truth until later," Joe sighed. "Ben was instrumental in making sure Todd's tracks were covered up and that he had dealt with his first kill in a way that would not cause him mental damage."

"Or turn me into a murdering psychopath," Todd butted in.

"Anyway we were not surprised to find Tal living with Ben," Dolce grinned. "But we were surprised that he had held out on Tal's advances."

"Yes he was and is a horny bugger," Ben chuckled. "I had been a Trans Gen for about sixth months by the time Joe and Dolce showed up. So even if I wanted to cave in to Tal's demands, I knew there had to be a good reason his father made me promise to wait until he was sixteen before we went all the way." Pointing at Dolce with a finger, "What did surprise me after finding Joe and Dolce on my porch with their kids was the deep kiss, with tongue even, that Dolce gave me while he had tears running down his face."

Standing up and starting to pace in front of the group of Neophytes and youngsters Ben told them, "This was an important moment for our people. The following weeks would see the alteration of both Dolce and Joe to the Trans Gen genome by the last two pure samples of the alteration virus. And the discussions that followed set the stage for the creation of a new race instead of a genetically modified offshoot designed to be a weapon."

"And because we had decided to create a new race," Nick spoke up for the first time. "We built our laws and culture from the ground up to make sure we were totally different than Humans. Humans who wanted to create us to be weapons to be used and discarded when they had no more use for us. After we had accomplished that we voted to make sure all new conversions would have the information merged into their minds during the alteration process."

"It was the first and only time we outvoted Ben when he wanted to do things differently," Robert stared at the kids. He decided they looked like they were reaching the point of information overload.

"But why do I have to wait to become one of you? My parents never made you promise to wait," Martin asked as he let his eyes rest on his boyfriend on the other side of the room.

"That would be where Simon comes in," Ben pointed to the image on the monitor behind him. "Simon was seventeen when Dolce claimed him and altered his DNA in the same way I have done to Wade and Glen; through sex. Simon was ill and stood a good chance of dying if Dolce never offered to alter him. His parents tossed him out of the house because he was gay; being homeless took a toll on his body, with his illness taking advantage of his weakened state. And if that was not bad enough, he held one secret that he knew would eventually get him killed or if he was lucky, jailed. He liked younger guys; guys on the verge of puberty were the ones who he found attractive the most."

"There is a time jump in our story, of about five months," Ben told them as he sat back down between Dolce and Joe. "During that time we planned and created our new culture we started to become paranoid about being discovered. Plus if suddenly a lot of teens started to disappear or started acting strange came to light we could be found out. So we decided to pool our money and buy a tract of land that included an old mining town in the Hualapai Mountains of Arkansas."

"Once we did that we started to stock up on everything we could think of to modify the old mine to accommodate an underground town," Joe told them. "We planned to dig into the earth and create a subterranean society, using the old mining town as a cover."

"We bought three ultra modern recreation vehicles," Ben chuckled, "Well to be truthful we found out that we could mind walk any human we wanted just by touching them and we could make them do whatever we wanted. Including donating equipment and money to the cause."

"Dolce, Joe and I had gathered everyone in my RV to celebrate Todd's sixteenth birthday. We had stopped for the night at an out of the way road side rest area halfway to our destination." Ben smiled at the memory, "Everyone had gathered to watch as I slowly made love to Todd, thus beginning his transformation. I had made love to Todd and started his conversion process an hour before Simon literally fell into our RV."

"I had gone to the bathroom to make sure I was empty for when Ben made love to me," Tal said as he moved from behind to the front with Brendon on his arm. "When I found my arms full of teen as he bounced off the RV as he passed out. After we, or I should say Ben, got some warm tea with sugar into him and he woke up, we discovered what had happened to Simon and I decided that he could take my turn with Ben so he could have a chance to be converted."

"But I decided to take Simon as my own and put into practice the triggers we had all agreed on," Dolce sighed. "I should have added a compulsion to stay with us, instead once we made the Arkansas line Simon decided to leave for a while. He said he had left his boyfriend back home and wanted to go bring him back. We let him go with several thousand dollars and a bus ticket."

"Not before we got a promise from him to return to the compound," Tal said sadly.

"What happened?" Jack asked after picking up on their sadness, "You all act like he died."

"He did," Ben shook off the uncomfortable feeling as he picked up the explanation once more. "No more questions as this is going to be hard enough as it is. We have not really discussed this for ten years and to go through it now is as painful now as it was then."

"Bu…" Carl started to say something before Jayden muffled his question by putting his hand over Carl's mouth.

Jayden hissed into Carl's ear, "Do you want him to push the button to cause you to roll on the ground in pain?"

Paling Carl shook his head no and looked at the top of the table as the hand was removed from his mouth.

Ben stared at the two teens for a moment before ignoring them for now, "We had been at our new home for a good month without any contact from Simon and we were starting to worry. The same day we met to decide who would go search for him we received an encrypted email from Simon. It was the same day I caught a small blurb in the news about a possible new STD being discovered in Florida."

"Simon told us he was from Florida," Tal softly told them.

"The article caught my attention because the STD was hitting nine year olds," Ben brought up the memory. "And what they described sounded like what I knew were the side effects from a failed conversion. Each of those infected by what the doctors described as a new STD died within a week of being infected. Or as the reports listed, having anal intercourse with patient zero."

"Simon sent an emotional email describing how he had met up with his boyfriend and a few others and they had a huge orgy to celebrate and how each of them ended up sick the next day. He also told us in the email he had found out that he had to be careful having sex with a human as he could hurt them badly without meaning to. He found that out when he fooled around with a ten year old at one of the bus stops along the way."

"We next heard from him almost a month later. He had gone mad with grief for a while and moved from town to town as he moved north, he would stop in a town for a few days when he spotted an attractive kid." Ben shifted in his seat as he told the story, "It was during his next email, a month after the first where he laid out the experiment he was going to conduct; he was determined to find out why his lover and the others died instead of becoming one of us. He promised that he would send in reports including any and all blood samples he could snag."

"He laid out very good criteria on what research the sampling would cover, he made sure he had covered everything he could think of including race all the way to diet. He planned for a sample of two hundred from each category and with our ability to influence minds with a touch he had no problem getting 'volunteers' to have sex with. He made sure to cover all the age groups between eight and sixteen, as he already knew we had waited to convert Tal and Todd until their sixteenth birthday's and he knew they had no problems."

"Then the monthly emails stopped and we became concerned that he might have been caught. We had been tracking his movements from the reports of new outbreaks as he worked his way north along the seaboard. That's when Simon's first Neophyte showed up in an old beat up van. Simon had converted several sixteen year olds, granted they looked younger than their age. And they had shaved their pubic hair off so they looked younger yet, but one of three triplets showed up one morning with a van full of research notes and video's."

"It took a while but I finally got a handle on what might be going on by the time the next van showed up followed by a bus full of Neophytes led by the second of the triplets. Simon had been busy and thirty teens ranging from thirteen to fifteen had survived the conversion out of a thousand. Not a single person under thirteen survived to be changed."

Ben shook his head sadly, "Six thousand kids and teens had died in the six months Simon had been running his experiment. And the CDC had gone on full alert, putting all their resources into trying to find patient zero. Or in this case Simon."

"By reading through the data and the increasingly detailed lab reports I discovered a pattern, a person needed to be starting stage five puberty before it was totally safe to be converted. And in the wealthy affluent kids that happened earlier due to getting adequate nutrition. But all in all it is still too dangerous to convert someone before they are sixteen, roughly half of those that are fifteen might not have a problem during conversion, it falls downward to one out of a thousand survives at age fourteen."

"We discovered that Simon took our mental impression process one step further, he installed a cultural attitude along with the imprint on each of his Neophytes and the Neophytes converted from those that survived the change did the same. They were the first to think of themselves as not human, as a completely different species. And they considered Humans to be just like humans considered the great apes, good for lab experiments and not much else. With most of the new Neophytes coming to us being converted during the great experiment they were impressed with the total disregard for any sentient species but our own, that humans were not worth anything of value except as possible new converts."

"We now skip ahead to eight months from the time Simon left us and he had a group of twenty with him that made it to New York to set up the final part of his experiment. With each narrow escape of the agents from the CDC, Simon had mined them for every drop of medical knowledge they had before subverting them to his will. Eight months after leaving us and four months shy of his eighteenth birthday Simon could have passed any states medical exam as he had the skills of the very best medical doctor out there. As did the core of twenty Neophytes he had with him, those twenty became the core of our medical service when they finally came home."

"During the last phase of the experiment he added females to those who would be exposed to the virus. He was shocked to find out that all a female needed to survive conversion was to have three periods, or monthly cycles before being exposed to the virus. The next group that arrived at our hidden retreat included ten pregnant females. In a way it was a relief when I found out that the virus had blasted their minds and they were only good for breeding, because then I did not have to worry about one of the pregnant females escaping and one of our children falling into the wrong hands," Ben looked grim at the thought that the Squishy's might have gotten hold of one of his people.

Opening his mouth to tell of the final days of the great experiment and Simon's contribution to their society, Ben could not get it out. Instead he turned away from the curious faces and stared at the garden.

Laying a hand on Ben's leg, Dolce sighed and finished the story, "Simon had hoped that in the final phase of the experiment he would be able to influence through hormone and drug treatments the success rate of conversions to the younger teens."

"This phase would involve the largest group of teen and preteens ever. He had planned to infect ten thousand males in various stages of puberty or forced puberty to see if he could bring the ratio of survivors to fifty percent conversion to those aged twelve or thirteen. Each of those he chose he carefully made sure their parents were under his control before he started them on one of the many therapies he had come up with. And I have to admit he was successful to a point, through different hormone therapies he was able to bring down the numbers of deaths in the beginning. He was able to successfully convert all of those in trial number seventeen every single time all the way down to age ten."

"He was ecstatic, unfortunately in his zeal to lower the age of those being converted without death he missed one important thing." Dolce shuddered at the thought, "He did not take into account of what would happen when those hormone treatments were stopped or what would happen to the person in the long run that had been forced into puberty way too early. It was horrific the way most of them died and because they were people, because they were Trans Gen's he stopped the experiment early in horror."

"It was during the packing up and the destruction of their base so they could come home that Simon gave up his life to make sure everyone else escaped. He was attacked on two fronts, one by Vamps and the other by the FBI. Between him and his core group all the Vamps died that day. Then as the others retreated through the decimated Vamp forces he turned around and attacked the FBI. He killed hundreds of them before they finally brought him down, and instead of letting humans experiment on him he used his Pyrokinetic ability to blow up the plane he woke up on," Dolce's voice conveyed the devastation he felt over Simon's death. "All told Simon successfully converted two hundred and seventeen out of the almost twenty thousand subjects of his experiment. And those Trans Gens are the ones who have converted ninety-nine percent of all our people to date."

In the silence that followed Ben watched the Neophytes carefully as they tried to come to terms with someone giving up their life after doing so much for his people. He watched as a whole range of emotions crossed their faces, from grief to shock and finally a sense of loss and sadness. "Simon has influenced our society more than any other person. And he is the reason all Trans Gens do not see Humans as people," looking over at James and Martin he added, "And it is his efforts that will make sure when the time comes you are converted safely."

"Simon did one other thing for our people," Joe told them after several minutes of silence while Todd whispered in Ben's ear and left for the portal and his team who was controlling the Mars Probe. He had given them time to think about what was said before changing the subject. "He discovered the easiest way for us to gain knowledge, to get the advanced training that normally takes humans decades to gain. We can, while the person is asleep, copy their knowledge directly into our minds. Want to be a surgeon; find the top surgeon and while he sleeps copy his knowledge into your mind and you will be a top surgeon."

"We used that skill to make tremendous advances in technology," Dolce smiled at the thought of what they had been able to do once they put together theories from many different sources along with multiple avenues of research. "We also used it to gain ownership of the moon base, it wasn't hard to gain control of the nukes being sent to the moon to destroy the base and create a fake video of the destruction of Copernicus base by borrowing the people and technology of the most advanced movie studio's by using the technique to influence Squishy's that Simon perfected."

"We also used our skills to influence and gain control of several corporations, mostly in the energy sector and mining." Ben looked over at the time; they needed to wrap this up soon. "We funnel the profits from these corporations into our economy along with the raw materials that we cannot find here on the moon."

"The money also pays our salaries," Brendon chuckled as he saw the Neophytes perk up at that tidbit. "Yes, once you start basic training you will draw a salary. It's not much at first, but after you are weaned and fully trained it goes way up because you will start paying for all your expenses out of your salary yourself."

"We own outright one of the biggest multi-national energy conglomerates on Earth." Ben looked up at the rocky ceiling high above their heads, "Between selling power to the Squishy's, through several shell corporations we make and sell advanced technology to those on Earth. Though we do make sure it is not as advanced as what we use in our day to day lives. After all we don't want to give primitives what amounts to a loaded gun, they would turn on us in a heartbeat if they could."

"We use our armed forces to protect our interests and puppets that are the visible faces to our business empire," Ben relaxed as he skipped over the empire they built. Just hitting the highlights, "It did not take much to create new technology and ways to create power. From there it was only the task of four years before we had made our first billion dollars."

"And with money came resources to invent and research whatever took our fancy," Dolce chuckled as he ribbed Ben, "Though I could do with a bigger research budget."

"I'll take that under consideration," Ben smirked as he pointed to his crotch, "Right after you drain me dry." Letting the laughter die down he touched the remote and changed the monitor over to the television function. The picture of Wade faded away to be replaced with a live image from Todd's command post over at the dark side factory.

Before Ben had a chance to expand on money matters a chime started sounding from the monitor and it flashed red before a picture of Todd appeared on their monitor.

"Greetings everyone," Todd smiled as he widened the angle of the viewer so everyone could see the command center's screens. "We are T-minus two minutes until the Mars probe touches down on the soil of our new home."

"Wait a minute," Jayden moved closer to the television screen thinking he could be seen, "Are you telling me you are about to land on Mars?"

"Yes he is," Ben told him as he moved behind the teen and placed his hands on Jayden's shoulders and drew him back into his body. "In a few weeks time, after we finish preparing the power station on Mars so we can activate the gravity generator Todd and his people have come up with, we will be using the Portal system to move our base there in one go. We will start with our manufacturing facility on the dark side of the moon, and after that is transported safely, we will use the portals to go to Mars while our bio-domes that are part of Copernicus base are moved. We will then be out of reach of the Squishy's and their governments."

Carl felt his heart skip a beat, hearing that they would soon be even further away from Earth dashed any hope he had held to escape. Looking back at his brother who moved up behind him and tried to hug him before he moved out of the way, he saw the excitement in his eyes. Truth be told in the past he would have been the one that was practically jumping up and down like Jayden was. For some reason he just could not get up the enthusiasm to celebrate being one of the first people to walk on Mars.

Staring at the screen Jayden was grinning like a madman as the image showed the probe's engines firing as it entered the Martian atmosphere. He was in awe at the sheer control the probe had as it came in under its own power to land softly on the Martian soil. He clapped and hooted when he heard Todd's voice tell them the probe had landed.

"And Gateway One is down folks," Told smiled as he pointed to the image next to him. Hands flying across the keyboard, his grin was infectious as he looked into the camera while the probe grew arms and extended the specially designed portal receivers.

"Hey look," Jack pointed to the television screen in glee. "It's growing arms!" turning around to look at Ben he asked, "Why is it growing arms?"

"Watch carefully," Ben grinned at the enthusiasm the young teens, minus one he thought as he glanced at Max's brother, were showing at watching history be made.

Facing the screen with a frown on his face because he did not get his question answered, Jack whistled out in surprise, "Whoa…" leaning under Jayden's arm so he could get a better look he watched the arms stop moving and a flash of what looked like lightening bounced between the ends of the arms before shimmering into a curtain of energy. "No way…" looking closer he saw what looked like the room they were first brought into when they arrived on the moon.

"And now what everybody has been waiting for," Todd broke in as suited figures walked out of the energy shimmer onto the surface of Mars.

The sound of a helmeted voice came over the speaker, "Copernicus Base; Dragon Recon has landed." Sergeant Kireland's next words were drowned out by the screaming and hoots of joy from all over the base.

Ben smiled in satisfaction as he watched as four armored people moved around the probe and checked over the equipment to make sure nothing was damaged during its two week journey from the moon. The men who made up Dragon Recon had more than earned the right to step first on their new home planet for the excellent work they did on uncovering the fact Werewolf's did exist and making a sort of ally at the same time they took out a major Vamp nest. Initative did have it rewards after all. Whispering in Kevin's ear that he had to get to the command center, "I'll leave the rest of introduction to you and Tal. I should be home at supper time unless something goes wrong."

"Go on, get out of here," Kevin slapped Ben's ass playfully after kissing him soundly. "I've got the brats for now."

As everyone left the picnic area to do whatever with their free time until supper, Max held his brother back. They needed to have a heart to heart talk he decided.

"What the…" Carl yelped out as his brother held him back. He had hoped to get someone to log him into the computer system so he could continue to try to find out how the Portals worked so he could find a way home.

"We need to talk Carl," Max sighed as he dragged his brother away from the television where the younger teens were hovering over every image.

Pulling his shoulder away from his brother's hand Carl glared at him, "What is there to talk about? You're not the same person you were last week, what they have done to brainwash you made that obvious to me."

"I'm still the same person inside…mostly," Max shrugged uncomfortably. "I know you are mad that I asked them to grab you…"

"You had them kidnap me Max," Carl growled out as he continued to glare at his brother. "I never took you for a fag either."

"I wasn't," Max shrugged. "You met my girlfriend and almost caught us fucking in my bedroom that one time," he pointed out the incident from last year to his brother.

"I just don't understand what happened Max," Carl sighed as he let the fear he had been holding back out.

Pulling his brother into his lap as he sat down Max put his head on his brother's shoulder. "When they took me it was so impersonal that I was more shocked and numb than frightened. Troops out of one of the major video games burst into math class and butt stroked Mr. Appleton when he tried to protest. I think they broke his jaw. I do know he was knocked out." Eyes glazing over he let the memory play out hoping his brother would see where he was coming from by knowing where he was when he was taken.

"We were marched into the hallway at gunpoint and that was when I realized it was not just our classroom that had been taken hostage." Max closed his eyes as he shivered at the memory of the realization it was not a terrorist attack. "The few jocks who tried to bully their way out of being taken were put down quickly by some weird stun gun. Those closest to them were made to carry them as we were marched to the gym."

"Once we got into the gym it was like we walked into some weird nightmare. There was the start of a huge pile of clothes in the middles of the gym and when I looked up at the bleachers all I could see was all these naked guys finding a seat while trying to cup their junk to hide it. It did not take long for me to realize that the army that had invaded our school was not some simple terrorist organization, but something far more sinister."

Looking at his brother who had turned to face him Max let the fear he had felt show on his face, "I watched them sort the male student body. Those that were injured, showed signs of abuse were taken to the locker room. And because I had used those lockers for gym class, I knew there was not another way out. I thought they were being taken in there so they could be shot."

"You remember the talk Dad gave us after he and Mom went to that teacher in-service? The one where they were trained to identify the signs of abuse?" Ben saw his brother nod slowly with a questioning look. "Each of the guys being led away from where I was allowed to sit showed all the signs of abuse. Some of them still had hand prints on their bodies."

"I, like everyone else was confused, but I remembered something from a history research paper I had done on World War Two. The conquering army sometimes stripped their prisoners to control them and to check for hidden weapons. History shows that if you forcibly strip a guy it will take the fight out of them. And as I looked around the gym at my fellow students and prisoners I realized it was true. We were a pretty cowed bunch, even if you did not take into account the guns and suits of armor they wore, I doubt once we were stripped like we were we would have put up much of a fight."

"What does this have to do with what's going on now?" Carl asked in a quiet tone of voice.

"Everything," Max answered truthfully. "By the time the leader of the army showed up to talk to us there was not a single person who would have so much as raised his voice in anger. Most of us were to busy trying to hide the fact our junk was hanging out."

"We were told we were being taken because the government broke some sort of treaty with them and took one of their people. The way he emphasized certain words and phrases…Carl I knew we would not be given back once they got their person back. But one thing ran through my mind over and over again."

"What?" Carl murmured, not knowing if he wanted to know or not.

"They had not killed anyone yet. And I had seen them escort the adults, along with the girls towards the library. Even the teachers that had fought back weren't killed, just beaten. So I had thought at least my family would be alright, that instead of teasing you for being born in December and being held back a year I was grateful you were still in eighth grade and in a different school."

Ignoring the tears hitting his arms Max continued, "I walked along with all the others to the same showers that they had taken the ones they had singled out earlier and prayed that what the leader of the army said was true, we were being taken…not killed. When I walked into the locker room I saw this swirling mass of black, and as I got closer I noticed everyone walking into it and moving to the side before disappearing from sight."

"Soon it was my turn and as I looked around to see if I could escape I noticed that the swirling mass was not real. It was a doorway. And as I stepped through that doorway I found myself in a room out of some science fiction show. It was right before I was escorted through another door into the garden dome to see the Earth hanging above us that my world fell apart. The television screens lining the walls of the room blinked and even the people who took us were stunned by what we saw. Government agents, from our Government swooped down on the school."

"My heart leapt with joy as I thought Mom and Dad would be released from the library where they had been imprisoned. I saw Dad's face in the window as some cop stopped and stared at him before walking away." Clenching his hands Max growled in anger, "They never even tried to let the prisoners out. I watched the helicopters scream in and drop bombs on the building, blowing it up."

"No," Carl wept as he heard for the first time how his parents had died.

"When the Trans Gens went around and asked about brothers that might need to be rescued, I jumped at the chance to bring you here." Max wept silently. Then with a hitch in his voice he told his brother, "I knew that any government that would do that, kill innocents to hide the fact they had broken a treaty and we were kidnapped because of it. Well I knew they could not be trusted to take care of you." Hugging him tightly he whispered, "I had been treated fairly well and at least with me here to take care of you I knew we could get through this. If I thought we would be harmed I would have let you take your chances."

"But I'm not gay," Carl hiccupped.

"I wasn't either," Max shrugged. "I can tell you that when the time comes you will do anything to have sex with the one who chooses you. I don't know if it is pheromones or something else, but when they get all hot and bothered and direct it your way, you will want it so badly nothing else will enter your mind."

"You're just saying that because they brainwashed you," Carl was grasping for straws and he knew his brother would recognize it from the whine in his voice.

Taking several minutes to think about it, Max replied slowly, "I don't think so. Yes, some things have changed with how I think about things. And I know exactly where it changed because it is conflicting with what I had always believed about myself, but I remember clearly when I was taken for the first time. It was like my body was on fire. Every touch, every lick made me feel like I wanted to cum right there and then. This was after I had just spent an hour fucking some Breeder's brains out too."

"What!" Clark sat up abruptly as he twisted in his brother's lap so he could look him in the eyes.

"I got her pregnant too," Max hid his revulsion of having sex with a female. He was getting better at it and ignoring the fact he would have given his left nut to spend an hour fucking a girl.

"You're going to be a father?" Carl whispered in horror.

Shrugging, Max looked away briefly before facing his brother, "I'm not sure. It was kinda an experiment letting us get one of their Breeders pregnant. You have to remember they aren't human either, so no one knows if it is going to be a person, a Squishy or something else."

"Huh?" Carl stared at his brother not understanding what the hell that meant.

"Hey," Max chuckled softly. "I was straight back then and willing to fuck anything female that stayed still. We'll figure it out later I guess. But for now we need to get you through the idea of having sex with a guy."

Grimacing, Carl slumped in defeat, "I have no choice do I?"

"NO," Max responded quickly. "But you have to think about all the bonus's you are going to get out of the deal. "You will get all these neat Sci-Fi powers. You will get to live on Mars, and best of all you can build your spaceship to explore other planets with."

"But I would have to have sex with a guy," Carl rolled his eyes at his brother.

"Look," Max sighed as he changed the way he was going about convincing his brother to enjoy what was going to happen. "Girls have two holes. One in front and one in the back. I know a lot of guys that have fucked their girl's back door, and I'm sure you do to."

"Yeah," Carl reluctantly agreed. "The guys I've talked to that do it, say it is the only sure fire way to have sex with your girl and not get her pregnant."

"I guess," Max brushed over the point. "But guys have the same hole."

Blinking as he looked over at Eric and Marten he finally got out, "I guess."

"There is no guess here Carl. It's the same hole. The only difference is with a guy, when something is inside us it brushes across our prostrate and it sends jolts of ecstasy through your body. And as far as sucking on another guy's dick…well you used to suck your thumb." Ben saw the look on his brother's face and laughed.

"But my thumb never squirted anything in my mouth," Carl looked at his brother with a scandalized expression.

"Half the guys I hung around with, the ones that had sex on a regular basis," Ben explained to his brother, "All told me they enjoyed eating out a girl after filling her with their Cum." Seeing the shocked look he smiled, "Me to."

"But," Carl stuttered, "But real men don't…"

"Bullshit," Max growled out. "I know Dad preached that to us as we were growing up. But he never practiced what he preached when it came to sex. I caught him going down on Mom."

"WHAT!!!" Carl stared at his brother. Didn't he know parents stopped having sex when they became parents? It was like the natural order of the world. Shivering at the thought of his parents going at it, he made several faces.

Laughing at his brothers antics, Max pulled him back around so he was sitting in his lap. Pointing at Eric and Marten along with Jayden he told him, "Eric is in the same situation you are in. Marten is gay, but his boyfriend cannot have sex with him for another two years. And Jayden, well I don't know for sure about him. But if his reaction to what he would gain is anything to go by he will jump in the bed with his legs in the air when his time comes."

"What I am trying to tell you is that there are three others, five if you count the younger ones, that you can experiment with. Fool around with each other to get used to the idea before you actually have to have sex." Ben smiled into his brother's hair, he could feel his brother softening up.

"I don't know," Carl said as he stared at the three teens his brother pointed out. Maybe if he took it slowly…maybe Marten would let him fuck him.

"All I am asking is for you to try," Ben hugged his brother. "If you go into this with a positive attitude you will keep going back for more."

Carl frowned in thought, from behind, Marten did look like a girl. And if he thought of him as a girl, then what an ass he had, along with the legs. Shaking his head he went all wide eyed, what the hell was he thinking.

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