Castle Roland

Destiny's Split

by Wolfwalker

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Chapter 6

Published: 22 Jun 15

Destiny's Split

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Voice frowned as he looked at the report laid out in front of him; somehow word had gotten out to those responsible for the kidnapping of the Psionic named Brendon. He had to have been returned, there was no other explanation for the Harvests being stopped. The really frustrating part of this whole sordid affair was there had been no sightings of those taken. And he could not believe it. A total of almost five thousand teens had been taken over ten days ago and not a single one of them had shown up anywhere. It was inconceivable, but it had happened. Looking up from the reports as a thought came to him, he looked at the Special Agent in Charge and asked, "Are we sure the teens that had been taken are still in the States?"

Sighing, Scott slowly closed his folder as he thought about the question. Glancing at the rest of the task force, snorting under his breath as he looked at the governors of the thirteen states involved in the Accord, he really could not call these people a task force. "No," he replied after some thought. "But if they were taken outside our borders, how did they do it?"

Snorting in annoyance, Voice slammed the folder shut, "Probably by the same way they got the brats out of the school. We still have no idea how they do that, only that once they leave, whatever equipment they use to enter and leave, blows a bigger hole in the wall than C4 does."

"That is not the frightening thing," Governor Tildess snarled as he sent a glare at the government spook who had butted into things that he should not have known about. "I want to know what you are planning to do about all the Vampires that are moving into our states. Those blasted Trans Gens had to have sent word to all the Vampire groups that it was open season in our states."

"It is getting harder to cover up those being killed by being drained of blood," Governor Bleisch added his voice to the mix. "Some smart reporter is going to put together the wave of unusual deaths crossing our states sooner or later."

"You can always take them out somewhere and dispose of them," Voice smiled gleefully at the thought of offing some crying liberal garbage.

"Unlike you," Tildess sniffed in disdain, "We do value our constituents."

"More like you don't want to break in some new talking heads," Voice chuckled.

"Enough," Scott glared at all the men in the room one by one, ending on the creature that went by Voice. "I am warning you now Voice, if I even get a hint of one of the names of your people that was involved in the bombing of either of those schools...They will die messily before I drag their bleeding bodies in front of the press. Whatever cover up your group decided to do, hampered any possibility of finding out anything about those who took the kids." Leaning forward he let the intense hate he had been holding back show in his face, "In your zeal to cover this up, you and your group made sure they would never be caught. It rests on your head alone. So I hope you get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside as you look back and know deep down you are solely responsible for us never getting a single one of those kids back."

Taken aback, Voice sat back in his chair as he realized that Special Agent Scott Adams wanted nothing more than to put a bullet between his eyes. His respect for the man actually rose.

"And the rest of you," Scott growled out as he stood up from his chair, "The FBI washes its hands of your little Vampire problem." Grabbing his briefcase and walking out, he threw a last parting shot over his shoulder, "Personally, I hope they eat each and every one of you fuckers."

Joe took a moment to look at the two neophytes that he had brought with him to the clinic attached to the breeder's housing; He saw the look of grim determination on Clarence's face to see his old girlfriend would not be able to harm his child. He motioned for the group to stop once they entered the section where they held the newly impregnated breeders until the pregnancy was settled; before they were then moved to the general pens where the Sisters of Lesbos oversaw their gestation period. Watching the two for any signs that they were relapsing into habits from their other lives, he moved down the hall towards one of the rooms, stopping before one of the doors, that had barely audible cursing coming from inside. Glancing back over his shoulder after glancing inside the room through the window, he saw the slightly pensive expression on John's face, While Clarence seemed to barely let the anger he felt show. As he logged his ID code into the entry pad outside the cell door, he looked through the small window again and saw that the female was struggling against the restraints. Clearly able to hear the female's yells and curses directed at him as the door opened, he chuckled as he let Clarence into the room and told him, "What a mouth on this one. I'm shocked and appalled you ever kissed that."

"So am I," Clarence muttered as he walked closer to Sheila. A quick glance at the restraints that secured his former girlfriend and mother of his son to the table, he shook his head in disgust as he glanced at her nakedness. "What I find more frightening is that I once enjoyed screwing her every chance I could get."

Lifting her head up and spitting at her boyfriend, Sheila let the rage she was feeling out, "LET...ME...GO!" seeing Clarence shake his head at her with a frown on his face, she screamed in rage as she tried to tear the restraints from the table. "When I get out of here, the first thing I am going to do is go to the nearest abortion clinic and get rid of the thing inside me!" She yelled out, trying to hurt him with her words, since he refused to untie her, she was shocked into silence when he laughed at her. He actually laughed.

"You're not getting out of here, Sheila," Clarence sneered as he moved closer to the table. Gazing down at her nakedness he felt like puking when he remembered how much he liked to spend time down there with his tongue working her over.

"What...What are you doing," Sheila half moaned as her anger started to slip away to be replaced by the incredible feelings washing over her, her body turned traitor as it arched in pleasure from what Clarence was doing to her with his fingers.

"What am I doing?" Clarence glanced at his one time girlfriend's face without any expression on his own. "Why, Shelia, I'm ensuring that you never can hurt my unborn son."

"What?... How?..." Shelia moaned as she tried to fight the feelings Clarence was causing to course through her body with his hand. "Please..." she all but begged, and to tell the truth she was not sure if her half-moaned plea was to be let go or to have him enter her with his thickness and satisfy the need he had aroused in her.

Sighing as he glanced down and saw he was not erect in the slightest, Clarence glanced at John, his fellow Neophyte, who nodded in understanding at his predicament. Throwing his head back as he felt John's mouth engulf his cock, he smiled as he felt himself start to go hard.

Craning her neck around as far as she could get it, Sheila gasped in horror as she saw her boyfriend getting head from another guy, in fact he was getting very hard and looked like he was enjoying himself. "What are you..." she stopped her growled out question as soon as she felt his hand slip inside her. His hand thrusting in and out causing intense pleasure to hit her, as she felt herself be stretched.

"What am I doing?" Clarence glanced over at her as he finished her sentence, "Simple. I am going to fuck you. Not make love to you like I would for someone I cared about, just pure and simple fucking. And once I come inside you, the virus that made me what I am now is going to blast your brain." Turning, now that he was totally hard he saw she was frightened, her eyes going to Joe as he chuckled sinisterly. Taking a step forward he slipped his wet cock inside her and started to thrust in and out as John leaned over and captured his lips. Ignoring her moans of pleasure, Clarence grinned and nodded when he felt John push a finger in his ass to stretch him so he could fuck him while he turned Sheila into a breeder.

Moving his ass so he could rub it against John's hard cock, Clarence moaned out in pleasure when he felt the hard cock head brush past his rosebud. Thrusting his ass back onto the cock that had slipped past his sphincter, he moaned out in pleasure when he felt John's hardness brush up against his prostrate, "Oh...That is...Fuck me harder." Closing his eyes as he lost himself in the feeling of being fucked, while fucking someone in front of him, he threw back his head and moaned loudly, "So close..."

Trying to ignore the feeling of being roughly taken, Sheila was able to briefly glance down towards her feet. Seeing Clarence being fucked by a fag and enjoying it she became enraged.

Opening his eyes, Clarence saw Sheila glaring at him in rage. Seeing that she was about to open her mouth to cuss at him, he leaned forward and slapped her, hard. Not wanting her to interrupt the feelings he was getting, he slapped her again and was rewarded when she went unconscious. Pushing her legs further apart he picked up the pace and groaned as he fired off his load into her, a moment later he felt John's cock swell up inside of him and empty his own load inside of him. Moving in and out of the female slowly as he rode his high, he opened his eyes and glanced at Joe and asked, "Is once good enough, or should she be fucked again?"

"If you can stomach it," Joe said as he pushed off the wall where he was watching his Neophyte's turn the female into a breeder, "Another load of the Virus and semen will accelerate the changes."

"Does it have to be mine?" Clarence asked as he clenched his butt cheeks around John’s cock, to make sure it stayed hard. Seeing Joe shake his head no, he got a huge grin on his face as he stepped forward and let John's cock slowly slide out of his ass as he clenched down, so as not to lose any part of the load he had been given. Grabbing the wet washcloth as he turned around, he slammed his lips against John's as he reached down and washed John's hard cock as he tongue wrestled with the former basketball player. Once he had John's cock clean, he twirled him around and slid his own hard cock, still covered in Sheila's juices into John's tight ass. As he thrust in and out, creating moans from John, as John threw his head back in pleasure, he moved them slowly towards the end of the table Sheila was tied down to. Once he was close enough, he stopped jerking John's cock and bent it down slightly as he pushed John forward, John's cock sinking into Sheila as he did so.

Ignoring John's feeble protests, Clarence grabbed John's hips as he thrust in and out of his ass, causing John to thrust in and out of Sheila. Letting go of John's hips once he started to fuck Sheila on his own, he concentrated on hitting the exact spot inside of John that would cause him the most pleasure, while he sucked on the base of John's neck as his hands rubbed John's sensitive nipples. All too soon for his liking, he felt John give one final thrust as he clenched his ass cheeks around his hard cock, almost causing him to stop. Instead, he increased the strength of his thrusts and all too soon, as John was riding the high of his orgasm, he started to shoot his load into John's tight ass. Breathing heavily, he leaned his face on John's shoulder as he rode his own orgasm.

Seeing the female's nose start to bleed, Joe made a note to release the female breeder to pens on the entry pad’s interface, before moving back to his two Neophytes who were coming down from their orgasmic high. Once they had disengaged from each other and the female, he said, "Now that the female has been turned into a Breeder, and Clarence's son is safe from harm from the female, let's head back so the two of you can hit the showers."

Ben stood in the command center, near the computer stations that had overseen the temporary evacuation of their manufacturing facilities on the dark side of the moon, listening to all the reports as section after section reported that they had relocated to Copernicus Base. Once he heard the last sentry report that the base had been cleared and he saw the sentry step into the portal, he nodded his head and tapped Todd on the shoulder to give him the go ahead.

Todd smiled as he touched the control of his microphone and his voice rang out through the base. "T-minus five minutes to portal activation. All sections report clear. The computer has captured the log in of the facility commander and all personnel are accounted for."

"T-minus four minutes..."

Todd's hands flew across his keyboard as he unlocked command protocols allowing the generators on Mars to cycle to full power. "Synchronize portal ramjets..."

Looking up at the monitors, Ben smiled as he felt Dolce and Joe walk up, each going to one side next to him, placing him in the middle.

All over Copernicus Base, those watching the history making event smiled as they saw the ruling trio, as they thought of them, come together to watch over the proceedings. Knowing deep down with the three of them up there, nothing could go wrong.

Seeing his father smiling at him with obvious pride in his face, Todd grinned as he flashed a thumbs up towards the pickup linking their compound to his station.

"T-Minus three minutes and counting..."

"Power down the dockyards," Todd commanded as his fingers once again flew across the keyboard.

"Confirmed...Darkside Base is in power saving mode..."

Staring at the clock counting down on the left hand screen Todd hesitated, finger poised above the enter key. When the countdown hit sixty seconds he called out, "T-minus sixty and counting...Activate Portal rams."

Ben bounced on the ball of his feet as he grinned when he spotted the largest portal they had ever attempted to create flash into existence on the Mars surface, atop large half mile high pylons. Turning towards the main screen, he nodded at seeing the massive portal was stable over the Darkside Base as well. "Release locking bolts, Todd, you are go for the transfer."

Pushing his finger down on the enter key, Todd's voice rang out, "Transfer initiated."

Dolce watched the monitors scrolling the data being generated from the sensors all along the transfer route. So far everything looked good, the ramjets were in sync as they plunged down the pylons towards the ground. Looking up at the main monitor his breath hitched as he watched the portal slowly start to descend and pick up speed as it moved. Then as if being held up by magic the first part of the construction yard appeared above the Mars portal that was heading toward the ground. Later he would look at the slowed down replay and marvel at the sheer computing power it had taken to match exactly the portal fields separated by millions of miles of space.

In a hollowed out bunker that opened up behind the portal field near the eastern pylon, stood one of Todd's technicians, who had practically bribed his way to the Mars generator tunnel, his voice rang over the speakers base wide. "Copernicus Base, we have arrival. I say again, we have arrival." Reaching over he pushed the cut off button, before using his body to push the slide lever home. A lever that activated the power stations connection to the city that had just arrived, causing the base to light up as full power rushed through its systems once more.

Holding a hand to his ear, Todd nodded to himself as more and more of his people reported in that all systems were reporting green across the board. Finally he turned and grinned up at Ben, "Darkside Base has been transported to Mars without any breach and is fully functional."

Joe, who had moved over to the life support monitor once the base had shown up, looked up from the monitor, "It's safe to send them in, Ben."

Nodding with a smile, Ben gave the order, "Commander...Send in the damage control teams."

Everyone seemed to hold their breath as electric ATV vehicles with repair carts racing behind them flew through the portal and tore down different corridors, sensor platforms whirring as they scanned the passing structure.

What seemed like hours, but was only a short half-hour had the damage control officer unsealing his helm and grinning up at the pickup on his ATV. "Copernicus Base...we are green-by-green. Come on home, people."

The walls of the base seemed to vibrate with the yelling and cheers everyone let out.

Letting the crew have their moment of triumph, Ben looked at Dolce and ordered as the noise died down, "Your teams are up next General. Initiate the portals to create the caverns that we will build our new homes in."

"You heard Ben," Dolce said as he faced the monitor showing his team in their lab. "Prepare to launch the portal missiles," he said as he looked over his shoulder at his eldest son, Todd and told him, "Todd, have your people activate the Laser drills and stand by to activate the secondary portal emitters."

Nodding his head, Todd grinned as he turned to face his technicians in the power plant on Mars. "Sam, you are go for Flashlight."

"Flashlight?" Joe said softly as he looked at Todd as if he had lost his mind. Hearing an electrical whine turn into a hiss, he turned to look at the main monitor and saw the Laser's fire their beam of energy towards the ground, the light of the beam of energy illuminating the area around the structure. If he looked closely, the Laser housings did remind him of oversized flashlights. Shaking his head at Dolce's oldest, penchant for naming things with an off-the-wall name, that only became clear when you saw it in action, he activated his mic and started his teams towards the portal room. "Life science team Alpha and Gamma to the portal room, prepare for immediate Mars deployment."

Once the lasers had drilled their tunnels, the beams snapped off. Looking over his shoulder towards Ben, Todd nodded back at the silent order to go ahead. Uncovering the red button next to his keyboard he pushed it down as he called out, "Portal Missiles are a go. I repeat, portal missiles have been launched."

"Listen up, people," Ben said after opening a base wide channel. "We have a lot to get done over the next week before we can begin to transfer the parts of Copernicus Base to Mars we are going to take with us. We've been preparing and stockpiling equipment and technology for this day, and now it is time to bring it out of storage and double-check to make sure there is nothing wrong with any of the components. This time next week we will be settling into our new homes on Mars, so stay sharp, people. Let's make sure our equipment does not cause any unneeded delays." Closing the channel, he smiled as he heard the cheers growing around him. Nodding at Dolce and Joe, he tilted his head towards his ready room; seeing their nods that they understood, he said, "If you need me, I'll be in my ready room with Dolce and Joe."

Moving to the conference table and sitting down, Ben waited until Joe and Dolce had taken a seat before starting. "So far, everything is going according to plan. The real question," he said as he leaned forward, "is how long it is going to take before we are settled enough to continue the harvests?"

Tapping his finger on the table as he thought, Joe finally said, "Medically, out of the fifty-four hundred we harvested forty-eight hundred of them are successful converts and well into their training. Genetically speaking, they are more than capable of passing along the V cells to an unclaimed Neophyte. Though, if you want to know where this group of Neophytes stand in their training, you'll have to ask Kevin." Seeing Ben nod he continued, "The other six hundred and odd, while not converted, are well into their basic training and all except for ten, spoken for."

"And those ten?" Ben asked as he took notes on his hand held computer.

"The oldest is the Ellington boy at thirteen, the youngest is six," Joe read the stats from his notes. "Most of the other eight are under ten." Looking up he said with a shrug, "I think their young age is the reason why no one has claimed them yet. Most don't want to house a Human in their quarters that long."

"Hmmm," Ben mused as he thought of a way around leaving the Human kids in the pens. "The Ellington boys, we'll leave alone in case they are needed to prove to the Werewolf that we kept our word. Make sure the only contact they have is with those that have been converted, I don't want them near any of those claimed that are waiting until they are sixteen and can be taken as a Neophyte. Tell their handlers to make sure that the cover story is kept up with those that interact with the boys. The others," he trailed off. "As for the others, give them to medical. Tell the triplets to dust off Simon's theories..." Trailing off as he thought back to what Owen had said when they had downloaded all of Harold's Genetic Engineering knowledge he said, "If the triplets theory shows promise, tell them we will get them new test subjects on the harvest after next week's."

Nodding his head as he sent an email to Owen and his brothers, Joe looked up to see if Ben was finished. Seeing that he was, he went on to the next part of his report, "I've examined the breeders that Kevin ran his experiment on. So far, I can confirm that they are indeed pregnant and from the tests that have been run so far, they are healthy. Carl tested the fetus's DNA and reported that of the six breeders that were impregnated by the Neophytes while still Human, that four of the fetus's are male." Holding up a hand he smiled, "Until they are born in six months, Nick said he is ninety-nine percent sure they will be born as breeders, Lesbos or Trans Gens without needing to be infected or have their minds blasted."

"We can work with that," Dolce said with a smile. Turning to Ben he told him, "The system of compounds my teams are building for the Sisters of Lesbos will increase their space ten fold, so why not enlarge the experiment."

"We did plan to increase the breeder herd once we moved," Joe mused as he thought about it.

"What kind of numbers are we talking about for you to make a definitive conclusion that Kevin's experiment is a success?" Ben asked, then added another question he thought of. "And how close are the triplets to isolating the V cells so they can be cultured in the lab?"

"They finally hit on the right culture methods this morning," Joe said with a smile. "They had to make a couple of trips to different universities to mine knowledge, but they sent an email right before we kicked off the move to Mars that they had figured it out. And as for your first question," he thought about what he would be comfortable with. "We could do it with two hundred test subjects if we had to, but I would prefer at least five hundred."

Nodding slowly as he thought over the logistics, Ben turned to the television on the wall that they used as a computer monitor and initiated a call to the leader of the Sisters of Lesbos.

Answering the call, Shiloh bowed her head at her leader, "How may I help you sir."

"Dolce's oldest started an experiment that has possibilities," Ben said as he greeted the woman he assigned to lead the Sisterhood. "I know your numbers are small at this point, but how many Lesbians would you need to recruit if we added another five hundred breeders in one go?"

Eyes widening in surprise, Shiloh wondered what had been discovered. She had been so busy preparing her sisterhood for the move that she had neglected to keep up with her emails. "Because of the likelihood that not all those who make love to woman are in fact genetically gay," she said, as she quickly started to skim through her emails to find out what was going on. "At least half of those that will be infected will end up being breeders instead of joining the Sisterhood. Though those who do not transform properly will go towards the five hundred you wish to increase the breeders by." Glancing down at her figures she tapped her pencil as she looked up and asked, "I have been training up my sisters in the hopes we could take part in the Harvests; Kylie, one of those taken from a military team, has informed me that we can field fifty soldiers as of today. If I can make a suggestion?" she asked.

"You want to team your people up with my troops and conduct a Harvest," Ben said as he followed the logical line of her thinking. Seeing her nod he agreed, "Divide your people up into teams of five. I'll match each team up with a platoon of my people on the next Harvest in eight days."

Nodding her head, Shiloh grinned, "I can have the locations of underground Lesbian meet ups by then." Reading the email that Joe had forwarded to her while they were talking she asked, "Can Owen's team have enough of the Virus cultured for a trial Harvest in a couple of days? If so I know of an all girls school that caters, unspoken mind you, to Lesbian students."

Looking at Dolce and Joe, Ben saw that they thought a trial run was a good idea, too. "By chance, is there an all boys school near the school you are thinking about?"

"Fifteen miles away," Shiloh said with a nod. "I went to the girls school before the world went crazy. You might find more than a few willing converts at the boys school, if what I saw from the forced dances was any indication."

A quick tap of his fingers on the table as he decided on when, Ben told her, "Eight a.m. day after tomorrow. Have your team leaders show up half an hour early in the ready theater for this OP. And send the addresses of the two schools to me by email so I can send a couple of scout teams to prepare the portals." Turning to face Dolce and Joe once the connection had been closed, he smiled, "We'll let Shiloh, for the most part, handle getting her recruits and the breeders for the experiment. Anything else Sciences needs to bring to my attention?"

"Only that the forest caverns will start to be planted tomorrow, after my Life Science teams finish going through the caverns dug by the portals." Joe pointed out, "Dolce's teams created several devices that we are going to set off in the Amazon to clear our target area of mammalian life. It should simulate a forest fire and cause the animals to flee. After the targeted plants and soil are portaled to the caverns, we are going to flood the system with gas that will kill off everything but the plant life. So after it is cleared we will need to introduce the insect life we need to keep the forests healthy, which we are prepared for. That's about it on our end, at least until you plan out this short Harvest."

"Did you discover if the two females Brendon brought back with him are indeed pregnant?" Ben asked as he tried to remember if Joe had said anything.

"They are," Joe told him as he frowned. "The two females are part of a sub-species of Humans called Psionics. The two females have Telekinetic powers. Knowing that there are other powers out there makes me wonder if our Pyrokinetic abilities were spliced in from several of these Psionics."

"It's possible," Ben mused as he thought back. "Tal's father delegated the search for our natural born weapons against Vamps to a team outside the lab." Looking at Tal who was standing in the doorway he asked, "Did your dad ever say whether he terminated everyone that was part of the project to create the V virus?"

"Dad planned this big party to celebrate the success of the project," Tal said as he closed the door behind him. Frowning as he thought about that day he shook his head, "Truthfully, the only thing I can remember as we sped away from the lab was a mumble or two about someone not showing up. That is why he thought he had to change identities and vehicles in each state we entered. I know that he had secretly applied for and was accepted to the college under his airtight identity he spent years creating."

"So the people who grabbed Brendon could be part of this outside lab?" Joe half questioned as he looked at Ben

"Have Brendon and his Neophyte...Bradley, start to search out the lab that took them. See if we can rescue any of the other males that are being held captive as breeding stock," Ben decided. "It will be interesting to see if the males retain their original powers and or, if they lose or gain ours."

"I know Bradley is a Telekinetic," Joe made a few notes of things he wanted to test out. "Though I don't think anyone thought to ask him to try out his Telekinesis as he's been playing around with making fire."

Tapping his finger on the table as he submerged in Harold's memories and skills of Genetics, Ben said, "This would be a good way to add different powers that are very useful to us, very useful," he said as he nodded his head. "Alright," he said as he snapped out of the memories to look at Tal, "let's tell Brendon to keep an eye out for the opportunity to harvest from within the Psionic network he is going to track down. The primary objective will still be to trace down everyone involved and what that group is doing. I want to know if they have ties to the Government."

"Dolce, any new toys from your research teams?" Ben grinned as he gave him lewd looks that promised pleasure as soon as they were finished.

"After reading the reports on the interaction between the Werewolf and Dragon Squad, I've had my people redesign our armor," Dolce said with a frown. "I should have enough of the redesigned armor for five platoons tomorrow night. It's different enough that the only ones who would even question the similarities is that Sabre and his kids. And that is only if they got a good look at it in person."

"Why do we need to redesign the armor?" Joe asked as he looked to Ben for an answer.

"There was that one Werewolf at the school," Dolce started with. "And from what the video recordings show of the encounter with the nest of Vamps and that Sabre person, he seemed to go apeshit when one of his kids was hurt. More so than I would have expected him to. Since he's seen our armor, and if he reported it to his people, well, the new armor should throw them off. That is if we don't care if they know we Harvest from the Humans."

"He has a point," Ben said after Dolce finished his explanation. "It might work as a distraction or it might not, but the redesign has been in the works for a while now, since we've had enough troop feedback on what works and what doesn't."

"True," Joe nodded slowly as he remembered how tight certain areas were. Areas that had no business being so tight.

Bending over and giving Dolce a sensual kiss before taking a seat, Tal grinned at the leer he garnered for his show, by Ben and Joe. "Sorry I'm late, I got side tracked with the Neophytes back home and several suggestions for possible targets if we are open to the idea, if not, your Glen," he said as he looked at Ben. "Wants to target his extended family, his cousins for harvest and forced conversion. It seems several of his cousins used to bully him," tilting his head he added, "I'm not sure if it was only bullying, or if there was some blackmail for services involved."

"So he wants payback?" Ben asked as he pulled up his notes on possible secondary targets that he had pushed back, in favor of the two schools he did target. While the secondary targets were rich Harvesting grounds, they were not as public as the ones he did choose.

"I think he is leaning that way," Tal told him as he tapped the map with a finger. "Glen's cousins live in D.C."

"Now that would send a message," Ben said as he leaned back in his chair and stared at the map as he thought of the possibilities. “I had planned to hit four different targets, each in a different state to show the treaty breakers we could reach them easily and simultaneously." Dialing another connection, he looked up when the screen cleared. "Kevin, out of the new recruits, how many could you spare for an off world OP if we mixed them in with our seasoned troops?"

Blinking at the question, Kevin said, to buy time as he thought about it, "And hello to you, too." Turning his head slightly as he pulled up the figures of class ranks he said, "I would probably be comfortable giving you two heavy platoons if all they had to do is guard, and be escorts of those being Harvested." Looking up into his computer monitor again, he added, "That is if I am assuming correctly that you need to add a few troops to the next Harvest you are planning in eight days."

"Correct," Ben smiled. "I had planned to divide our two Battalions into four teams of two hundred and fifty. But I was just given a fifth target location that might be too good to pass up. Joe," he said as he looked sideways towards where Joe was sitting. "Do you have enough people to man five medical teams?"

"It will be tight," Joe said slowly as he closed his eyes in thought. "If all my teams do is to check the females to see if they are pregnant and..." Opening his eyes he sighed, "It is doable, but it is going to extend our on-site time. It will take at least twice as long to vet out the males that are acceptable to harvest than before."

"It is a good probability that the government will do to those targets as it did to those in South Carolina," Dolce said. "What if we just did the bare minimum as we harvest the males? Just strip them, identify them against the schools records and send them to the holding pens. Those we deemed damaged in any way, we can either send to Medical for test subjects or Euthanize them, since the Humans would just kill them violently so they can blame it on terrorists."

Coming up with an idea, Dolce added, "Shiloh of the Sisters of Lesbos stated that she could field fifty troopers. What if we hand off the female prisoners to her people and only provide guard duty. They should be more than qualified to determine who is pregnant or not. Plus they might find a few converts amongst the females the Humans will condemn to death."

"The government must think their people are easily expendable if they are willing to waste valuable resources like that," Tal said with a frown. Shaking his head he said as he looked up at Ben, "Our family is the only ones that can think of Humans as people. I'm glad we decided to follow Simon's example and indoctrinate our Neophytes to think Humans are animals on the order of the Apes."

Not touching the statement his lover said, Ben looked at Kevin and told him, "Kevin, divide the students up into five groups and have them report to the ready field tomorrow so they can have a day of practice with the troops."

"I'll get right on it, Ben," Kevin said before directing his gaze at Tal. "Tal, the two of us need to have a talk, I think. I'll meet up with you at home in half an hour. I'll bring the lube."

Seeing Ben walking down the hallway, Owen sped up. Once close enough, he slammed his left fist to his right chest and interrupted his leader's musing, "My Liege. If I can have a moment of your time to discuss the experiments my brothers and I wish to conduct."

Glancing over his shoulder, Ben wanted to glare at Owen, instead he frowned because it was not his fault. Simon had ingrained such a devotion to those he had converted there was nothing he could ever do to get them to act normal around him. Motioning with his finger to come along, he walked to the nearest portal, with Owen following along like a lost puppy and dialed in his home compound. Walking over to the picnic tables, he sat down on the top of the nearest one and pointed to the table across from him, "Sit, and tell me what's on your mind, Owen."

"Thank you, My Liege," Owen bowed his head and grinned where Ben could not see him at hearing him groan. One of his and his brothers' most closely guarded secrets was that they acted like they did to Ben because it was funny. "First off," he said, once he knew he could keep a straight face and was once more looking at his leader. "I wanted to inform you in person that we were able to get enough live V cells out of the original vial that inoculated you and Dolce and Joe. And that we know for sure and have proven to be able to culture the virus, we took the vial from the freezer and washed the inside thoroughly to extract any cells that were left. We postulate that we will be able to start to extract doses of the original virus in six months time. Which brings me to the update of our culture of the V virus from samples of pre-ejaculation fluid we've collected from volunteers."

"We've found some surprising findings," Owen said after a moment. When he saw Ben was following along, he continued, "We've determined that the viral load from excited volunteers who had help to ejaculate is off the charts. To say it is massive is an understatement. The viral load is on the order of fifty times more potent than what we postulate was involved in the vaccine you were given."

"That's," Ben said, as he brought up Harold's knowledge of how he designed the virus. "Outside the original parameters of what was designed, do you know why?" He asked as he frowned in thought.

"Not really," Owen shrugged. "Except to say, no plan survives the first encounter with reality."

"True," Ben smiled at the pun. "So you know, I set Brendon and his new Neophyte the job of tracking down Harold's lab and all the supporting personnel or labs. He might be able to find some of the notes or data from the teams that oversaw the different aspects of design of the V virus, Harold's part in the project, besides overseeing and directing the teams, was to design the creation of the Trans Gen race so that it was always Gay, and to blast the minds of Females so they were only good for breeding."

"On the one hand, part of me hopes Brendon finds the notes and data, the other half," Owen said with a shudder. "Hopes that there is no record on how the original virus was made, so we are not in danger."

"Too true," Ben sighed, "I should have sent people to investigate way back when. But our numbers were too small to even try to find out if anything was left."

"And then with the move and entrenching of our home here on the moon, we were too busy," Owen added with a nod. "Back to the experiment. I want to start small at first, as I hate wasting resources, even if those resources are Humans. The first batch of trials I wish to conduct is on whether the Viral dosage delivered has any bearing on survivability and conversion. Now that we know that our normal way of converting someone delivers a massive viral load compared to the original injection you received, we, that would be my brothers and I, have designed the first trial to cover what we theorize would have been the viral load from your injection and have dialed down the parameters based on weight of the test subject."

"I follow so far," Ben said with a nod. "That makes sense in a way. After all, I only received the one injection of the virus to be able to be converted. We discovered as I made love to the first group I converted, that giving them multiple doses, so to speak, alleviated most if not all of the pain and discomfort I went through as I changed. In fact," he said as the thought came to him, "I made love to Joe and Dolce multiple times after they received their injections and they did not have any of the pain I had."

"Something new to add to the experiment," Owen said as his mind went over possible combinations. "So it's possible to convert someone with only one exposure then? I remember some of the test subjects from Simon's experiment, now that I think about it. Almost all of his test subjects only were fucked once. Which makes me wonder how many of those that were borderline before they died, could have been saved if they had multiple viral loads inserted into them."

"Another avenue of testing you can play around with." Ben pointed out to him, "You have the time to do this right. And once you do have success at experimental procedures that closely match what we do today, you can then expand and see how minimal you can go before you start to lose test subjects." Adding another facet to the discussion he said, "Simon liked his partners on the younger side, those just entering puberty. So I would assume that he would have unconsciously chosen test subjects that, even though they were older than his preferred range, closely mimicked his preferences."

"Very true, almost all of those of the group we sent back to you that were of age, were converted by me and my brothers..." Owen trailed off as he relived those early days.

Giving Owen several minutes to go over whatever he was thinking about, Ben interrupted his thinking process, "What do you need from me to start the experiment you mentioned to me a few minutes ago?"

"Right," Owen said as he shook his head and grinned. "I can daydream about differing scenarios on my own time." With a final nod he looked at Ben and told him, "For the first experiment, we would like at least fifteen test subjects from those entering puberty up to fifteen-years-old."

"So," Ben mused. "Fifteen of each age bracket, covering all the ranges of development," he said before looking up at the rock ceiling." The best way to get you test subjects that would fit those parameters is to grab fifty of each age from eleven to fifteen."

"Eleven?" Owen asked in surprise.

"Back before the world went nuts and got slapped down," Ben looked at Owen as he told him, "With the advances of modern medicine and a secure food supply, it was not uncommon for eleven-year-olds to start puberty. Now, with how the world has divided itself up between those with and those without, I'm not sure that holds true anymore, but if it does I would expect it to happen to those more affluent than the rest. We'll grab the younger years just to make sure, I'm sure your successive experiments will need those not entering puberty at some point, so no biggie," he shrugged. "I'll most likely be able to get you a supply of fourteen to fifteen-year-olds to choose from tomorrow during the raid on the prep school, the school boasts that they start young men off at the ninth grade, so there will be a selection of fourteen and fifteen-year-old freshmen and since I am grabbing everyone, and leaving an empty school behind," he shrugged again.

"Than I'll leave you to your night," Owen said as he stood up. "I'll get back with my brothers and refine our plans for the first experiments. If I can make a suggestion?" Seeing Ben nod he went on, "When you make the holding pens on Mars, it might be a good idea to place my lab next to the pens. Even with portals making it no problem to go from lab to pen, it would be easier to observe them if we were near."

"I can do that," Todd said as he stopped near the tables on his way home. "But it will cost you."

"Thank you," Owen started to say, until Todd said it would cost him. "I'm afraid to ask what you mean by that."

"Oh, it is simple," Todd said as he walked up to Owen and slid his finger up and down his shirt covered chest. "My bed after supper," he whispered as he leaned in so he could nibble Owen's ear.

"Just me or my brothers, too," Owen said with a hitch to his voice.

"You volunteered them," Todd grinned as he reached down and caressed Owen’s crotch through his pants.

"We'll be there," Owen said with a grin and backed away from the hand that was doing pleasurable things to his body. Nodding, he said as he started to walk away, "We'll be back in a couple of hours."

"Well, that was forward," Ben said casually as he hugged Todd close while they started towards the house.

"Maybe," Todd grinned as he snuck a kiss. "While I plan to enjoy myself," he told Ben. "The evening's pleasure is for my neophytes' benefit."

Seeing Ben standing near the podium, Shiloh pointed to the seats off to one side and watched her teams move to the seats. Approaching her leader, she cleared her throat, "My Liege, my soldiers are ready for deployment at your command."

"Thank you, Shiloh," Ben said as he glanced over at the Sisters of Lesbos while they were taking their seats. Each with their armored helmet in their laps. Nodding to the command staff of Alpha battalion as they walked in he asked, "Did you ever receive a reply from your contact at St. Mary's?"

"Susan sent me an email after I had gone to bed last night,” Shiloh nodded. "I found it this morning as I was preparing for the OP. I sent her a reply saying I would be by next week, so there is no link to what is going to happen today."

"Find her computer and the school's server and sanitize them both, anyway," Ben said as he looked at her. Seeing her nod at his order, he moved towards the podiums since the last few stragglers had entered the room. Gripping the podium, he glanced around at his troops and gave the last few stragglers a chance to find a seat before speaking. "This morning we are going to hit two targets; both of them boarding schools, and by their time, five o’clock in the morning while almost all of them will still be asleep."

Pointing to the section where the Sisters sat, he told them, "The Sisters of Lesbos will be fielding a team of fifty and spearheading the Harvesting of St. Mary's Academy. Platoon Beta and Charlie will accompany them as they get their feet wet in preparation of the mass Harvest we will be doing in six days. Your designation for this OP is Bravo Squad. So help them out, people." Seeing the team leaders look over at the Sisters and nod, he smiled.

"The rest of us will be Harvesting a nearby Prep Academy that is also a boarding school; one for males." Ben looked at his team leaders and met each of their eyes before continuing, "The only differences to this OP will be the following: Once jamming is in place, the communication teams will work to sterilize the computer systems after downloading all information. Two, no one will be left behind; no matter the age or health status, we will leave behind a building that only echoes the ghosts that once roamed the halls. We will leave the normal two piles of refuse in the gymnasiums, clothing and ID's. We will strip those being Harvested to make sure they have nothing unwanted on their bodies, and then they shall be marched through the locker room to the portal that will open to the greenhouse dome where we place those awaiting claiming after they have been cleared by medical."

"The females," Ben looked at Shiloh as he said that, "shall be sent through the portal to greenhouse twenty-nine, which has been sealed in preparation for relocation to Mars. Even though they are female, and most of them will end up being breeders, treat the females just like we do the males. Strip them, ID them and place control collars on them, then send them through the portal."

"From what I've been told," Ben said as he pushed away from the podium, "we will have an hour and a half until the first day students start to arrive at six thirty local time. That should be more than enough time to finish this OP." Moving away from the podium, he added, "If any of the Squishies need to be killed, make sure their bodies are brought back with us for disposal. I want no trace of Humans left behind, except maybe some blood if it happens."

Seeing everyone understood their orders he picked up his helmet and snapped it in place. Activating the communications with a touch of his chin, Ben's voice reverberated around the auditorium and the debarkation room, "Activate the portals. Bravo Squad...Suit up."

Doug, Dolce's second born, who had been placed in overall command of the St. Mary's OP, sealed his helmet and raised his arm and thrust it up and down, "Bravo Squad...move out." Looking over his shoulder at the strange helmet that Ben was wearing, he gave one nod before leading his troops through the side door into the debarkation room.

"That leaves the rest of us," Ben's voice echoed off the walls. "Alpha Squad," he said as two hundred and fifty some odd helmets snapped close and booted feet stomped on the floor as they stood. Smiling, even though his people could not see him, he ordered, "Time to go, people."

Chuckling as he had to work on being in the middle of his Squad as it rushed through the portal, Ben glanced sideways at the recon team who had set up the portal on the side of the School's outer gymnasium wall, right next to the doors leading inside the gym. Which were propped open for his troops to make a rapid entrance to the school. Nodding as the recon team disabled the portal after the last trooper rushed through, he entered the gym and looked around as the lights came on. Glancing over his shoulder at the sound of the outer doors being jammed closed, he watched his people drag a couple of tables over to set up at, hardbacked cases being dropped onto the tables that held the obedience bands within.

Moving out of the gymnasium, Ben turned down the hall towards the classrooms. Wandering into and out of each room he came across, looking for any stray or early morning riser. Not finding any, he continued on, turning up the volume on his suit’s outside microphone. Coming to a stairwell that went down, he heard the sounds of groaning coming up the stairs. Glancing at his backup, he pointed to his ear and then down the steps. Seeing the nod in return, he started down the steps silently. Following the sounds of groaning, that turned out to be sounds of sex. Holding up a hand outside the door to some storage room, he waited until the couple had completed, both their moans of “I'm coming” made him wait until they finished. Once he heard the stirring inside that sounded like they were looking for their clothes, he slammed the door open and strode into the room, as the lights from his suit lit up the area.

Ignoring their screams of terror as they tried to cover themselves, Ben moved to one side and said, "Be thankful I allowed the two of you to find release before we took you. Follow this trooper and do not try to escape. You will not like the consequences if you do." When they went to grab their clothes he stopped them, "You will not need those garments, leave them."

Smirking as the two teens marched after his soldier, he tilted his head so he could ogle their bare asses as they walked towards the stairs. Finishing a quick circuit of the basement, he, along with the scout leader that had stayed with him, went up the stairs and out towards the dorms.

Standing in the doorway as groups of teens in various states of undress were escorted across the lawn, Ben stood silent as several students tried to make a run for it and fell to the ground, twitching as the tasers brought them down. Watching his troops order others to drag the stunned teens, he stood silent sentinel as the cowed males were marched past his position. Having a thought after finding the two boys enjoying themselves in the basement, he said without turning away from the teens being led by him, "Make sure all attics are checked for those that may be hiding there after a romantic meet up."

"Yes sir," newly promoted Sergeant Templar said. Sid was still reeling from the promotion and reassignment from Dragon Squad to his newly created Squad. Quietly passing on the message, he stood guard over Ben as he watched the goings on, thinking of the outrageous flirting he was missing out on.

Since everything was going smoothly, Ben twitched his cheek and activated the feed from Doug's helmet cameras.

This was beyond maddening, Doug thought as he backhanded another female across the room after they tried to claw at his suit. Frowning, he activated his suit's outside speakers and raised the volume, "The next one of you," he sneered, "that even attempts to get within reaching distance of me; I'll remove their head. Cooperate and live, struggle and die. You have no use for us beyond the message we are sending." Moving down towards the door, he spotted several of the Sisters entering the gym with their captives, "If you do not wish to lose possible converts, make sure those females do not get in my way."

Shiloh frowned inside her suit as she watched the operational commander stalk from the room. Glancing over at the closest guard, she shook her head at what he told her.

"He's been clawed at seven times," the guard stated. "Why they think they can injure any of us while in armor is beyond me."

"That is true," Shiloh's voice echoed off the gym walls as she tossed her captive across the floor. Moving to the center of the room closest to the processing tables, she saw a solution to the problem. Turning to several of her sisters she ordered, "Move through those being Harvested and place the obedience bands on them as soon as they enter the gym. Judicious use of pain shall install the proper subservience to those being Harvested."

"Harvested?" One of the teachers yelled out in outrage. "We are not some type of fruit you can come in and..."


Hand going to her bleeding face, the teacher looked up from where she ended up on the floor. She never saw the soldier come up behind her and attack her. All she heard was the growled out electronic voice telling her to be quiet as she held back tears at the throbbing pain.

Walking into the cafeteria, Doug saw that a team had cornered several females that were mostly naked. Stopping near the door to the kitchen as he observed the take down of the cornered females, he saw the telltale pinprick of light off to the left of his heads up display. Knowing this meant his camera feed was being observed he clicked open the channel and smiled as he said, "Ben, are you that bored you have to eavesdrop on my OP?"

Chuckling, Ben instead asked, "How close are you to completion?"

"My teams are doing the last walk through to make sure we did not miss anyone," Doug said as one of the troopers got fed up and activated his suit’s taser feature and took all three of the females down. "What has helped us the most is the fact that ninety percent of our targets were asleep."

"The same here," Ben replied, he stretched as he deactivated his video feed from Doug's suit. "Our recon team came up with a good idea, they are going to dismantle the portal and take it with them as they fade away to watch the news of the Harvest break. That way, it confuses the government, pass it along to your recon team if you would."

"I will," Doug said as he checked his heads up for the time. "See you back at base in fifteen," he said before closing the channel and changing frequencies and called out, "Report by Squads."

"Sidney," Ben said as he headed inside. "Let everyone know they have ten minutes before we are out of here."

"Yes, Sir," Sydney quickly relayed the order as he followed Ben inside.

Entering the gym, Ben walked past the head-high pile of clothes and smiled as he saw the last few males being processed. Looking up at the benches where the adults had been herded after being stripped, towards the voice that had demanded answers, he activated his speakers. "Your Government broke the accord they had with my people. As such, since they took one of us, we now will take ten thousand of you. You and your students will bring up the total Harvest towards six thousand. Your continued ability to breath oxygen depends on your following our orders to the letter." Turning away from the frightened group of adults, he walked up to the last teen being processed.

Trying the best to cover his junk with his hand, Toby shuffled forward and held out his ID after being ordered to. As his hand was extending to give his ID over, the armored hand grabbed his wrist and slapped some type of bracelet around it. Staring at the band as he tossed his school ID across the table he growled out, "What gives you bastard..."

Touching a button on his armored arm, Ben watched the teen go down as he activated the obedience band. Shaking his head he reached down and grabbed an arm and hefted the teen over his shoulder. Motioning his head towards the adults he said, "This is the last of them, let's go home." Teen across his shoulder, Ben walked across the gym floor and did not hesitate at the swirling black portal and walked through. Once in the greenhouse dome, he glanced upwards and saw Earth in all its glory staring back at him. Letting the teen slip from his shoulders to the soft loam of the greenhouse, he glanced sideways at the guards as the portal snapped close behind him, "Numbers?"

"The one you dropped on the ground makes eight hundred and fifty-eight," Joe said from above him.

Taking his helmet off and shaking his head releasing his hold over his telepathic feelers, Ben ignored the cries of shock as the thin silver tinged antennae took on a life of their own, after being released from the tight hold against his skin he normally kept them at. He looked up as his feelers danced like Medusa's snakes as he grinned at Joe following his lead. "I'll join you after the debrief is over." Waving up at Joe who went back to observing those they Harvested, he walked through the open door one of the troopers had logged his pass code into. Walking up onto the stage, he started to release the couplings holding his armor on. Setting the helmet on the rack one of the technicians had wheeled out, he quickly divested himself of his chest piece after it hissed open from the side. Stepping out of the bottom section he hung up each section on the rack before stretching, it felt good to be out of that tin can he thought. Though he would give it to Dolce, the new design was light years above what they used to have.

Kissing Doug, their tongues wrestling for control, Ben released him slowly. Eyes never leaving Doug's as he moved back from the hard cock he felt brush against his leg, mouthing 'later' at him, he smiled at the grin he received. Pulling his antennae back and willing them back against the skin under his hair he asked, "Problems with your OP or integrating the Sisters into the Platoons?"

Looking over at Shiloh who was staring at him intently, he smiled, "Not a single one. Though I do suggest some combined training with our Squads if they are wanting to join us for more than the OP in six days. That way everyone will work like one well oiled machine."

Shiloh grinned and nodded her head. She would see about scheduling more training time. She hoped that soon they would be able to field a full platoon and take part in every OP.

Moving over to the podium, Ben looked over his troops who were grinning back at him. "We had upwards of an hour and half to accomplish our goals," he told them. "You did it in half the time. Granted," he held up his hand at the good natured cheering. "Your targets were asleep and confused upon first being dragged out of bed, but well done." This time he let them cheer for a minute or so before asking for silence again. "As you all know, the Mars Base is ninety percent complete. In fact once you clean up and go home, you are all free to pack up and move to the domes and compounds you've designed for yourselves."

"The underground domes we created when we first took over the moon, are scheduled to be transported to Mars starting tomorrow." Ben had them hanging on every word, the excitement in the air was palpable, "Day after tomorrow the surface domes will be transported over, leaving the few needed to support a forward base and giving those that keep modifying Human minds a break. They finally will see what we've been implementing all these years. A lot of destruction and two or three domes still intact."

"Now," he said as he leaned against the podium. "Once the eight hundred and fifty-eight males we've Harvested have made it through medical, those cleared for claiming will be relocated to the Mars claiming fields. If you took note of someone you are interested in, place a tentative claim with medical tonight." Pushing away from the podium, he placed his left fist against his chest and told them, "Go on and get out of here. Some of us have paperwork to do now that the fun stuff is out of the way." Shaking his head at the laughs directed his way, he walked back towards the pens so he could join Joe and discuss their next step.

"That's strange," Steve said as he gazed out of the front windshield of his car as he pulled up to his school. Deciding to park near the front doors, with about two dozen other cars, he got out and looked around the way too silent and deserted campus. This time of the morning there should have been students rushing around the green, on their way back from the dining hall to their dorms, so they could get ready for the first class of the day. Seeing one of his father's friends he called out, "Mr. Adkins?" Getting out of his car he called out again, this time getting the man's attention, "Mr. Adkins, over here."

"Steven?" Thomas Adkins said as he spotted his friend's son standing by his car. Walking over he asked, "Did the headmaster or teachers mention anything about a trip today?"

"No," Steve replied as he looked around confused by the lack of people. "Even when we do trips, it is by form, not the whole school. What is going on, Mr. Adkins?"

"I just don't know, Steven," Thomas said slowly as he heard his son calling for him. Turning around, he saw his son looked freaked out, "What..."

"Dad," Billy called out as he ran for all he was worth. Panting, he leaned over with his hands on his knees to keep from falling over. Looking up, he said between breaths, "The gym...there is this huge pile of clothes...and another made up of school ID's and wallets...but no one, and I mean... NO ONE is here," he said as he caught his breath.

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