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Destiny's Split

by Wolfwalker

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Published: 8 Apr 14

Destiny's Split

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Hate, Intolerance, Bigotry, it all boils down to FEAR. And what humans fear most they destroy with hatred.

It all started in the summer of 2003, A group of rich religious zealots with the help of neo-nazi skin heads came up with a plan to rid the human race of what they considered the most unclean and vile enemy since Satan, Vampires. And their secondary targets were Gay's, but they did not disclose that to the scientists working on the project.

They came up with a so-called master plan that included bio-engineering a new unbeatable soldier under the guise of being a cure for Viral induced Cancers. In truth it was an attempt to genetically rewrite the infected soldiers DNA with the virus carrier they had researched as part of their cover. The new virus they had developed would hunt out and replace the gene sequences that controlled strength, speed, stamina and healing. During testing it also had a unique side affect of gifting those infected with the ability to call and manipulate fire. All the strengths that were needed to destroy vampires including making the soldiers blood that were infected lethal to Vampires, all that and a few more additions by the geneticists felt would be important had been encoded into the new Virus.

Little did they know that the Chief Geneticist in charge of the project was an honorable man when it came to killing off humans. And when he found out that they had been lied to and after the Vampires had been taken care of a new target had already been chosen, Gay people he was furious. His own teenage son was gay, And if he let the Virus be implemented as is, his son would targeted and killed off as being undesirable.

With a new determination the Chief Geneticist prepared to flee with his son as soon as preparations had been made. He had decided to have the teams add a new addition to the initial Virus to play for time, and those funding the project were thrilled with his suggestion of making those who had been infected the new carriers of the virus so they would always have a supply to infect new converts.

Over the next four months that his idea had gained him, he spent every waking moment making sure the virus would do what he wanted, not what the fanatics who funded the project wanted.

His new race created through Transformation genetics would all be Gay he decided. That way his son would be protected, he had seen the readout on what the new changes would give his new children, and he pushed his scientists to tweak the DNA changes hard enough they had no idea what they were helping to create.

Then finally four months after he had overheard the plans to divert the Soldiers to killing off gay people, his preparations were complete. Spiking the champagne with an agent that would numb taste and smell he added cyanide to the almond chicken canap├ęs and stood in the corner and watched men and women he had worked with for years die horribly. These were people he had been friends with and their children had played with his son over the years.

Benefactors and colleagues dead on the floor he took the time to remove any cash they had on them before moving to the computer room and implanting the virus one of his sons friends had created for them. Once the system was infected he moved to the labs while the computer initiated off site backup worked towards completion.

Entering his code into the refrigerated vault where they stored the samples of the new virus, he removed the vial he had placed off to the side of the others and placed it in his pocket inside the protected carry case. Removing all other samples he moved them over to the incinerator and burned them. He could not take a chance that when he ordered the computer to lock down the building and self destruct from the keypad at the entrance that any hint of a usable sample could be recovered. He was not fool enough to believe he had killed everyone involved in funding the project. Walking back the way he had came slowly as his mind dealt with the fact he had just killed in cold blood, murdered forty nine people.

Closing the door behind him he looked back through the glass door to the fancy lobby inside and entered the override code into the touch pad. The heavy thuds of bolts being pushed into the door frame as a solid steel plate started to descend just emphasized the computer generated voice counting down.

"T-Minus five minutes until total facility sterilization."

Turning his back on the building he quickly crossed the parking lot and got into his car. When he was several miles away and he could no longer see the flames above the tree line anymore he called into the back seat, "You can get up now Tal. It's over, or at least this part is."

Six months later Professor of Biology Herman Stonebridge found himself in his kitchen once again planning to drug someone. This time though he planned to do so to create the first person of a new race and a protector for his son.

Tal had developed a crush on a nice looking, if he did say so even though he did not swing that way, Doctorate student. It helped that the young man in question was gay, and liked Tal. Which only built Tal's crush on Ben.

Staring at the syringe he had drawn up one of the three doses of the virus he had secured before blowing up the lab, Steward, now known as Herman prayed that he had not read the situation wrong. Or that the conversation he had overheard where Ben had promised Tal that when he was older he would be Tal's first love, his first in everything as he taught Tal everything about how to make love and be in a loving relationship was true.

Forgive me Ben he thought as he answered the door with a smile, "Right on time Ben. How about we have a glass of wine before Tal gets home and we sit down to dinner?"


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