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Star Trek: Excalibur

by Zach Caldwell

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Published: 3 Mar 16

Star Trek: Excalibur

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Federation News Network (FNN)
Year 2410
Stardate: 87024.63


The Federation Klingon War has entered into a cease fire. Diplomatic officials from both the Federation and Klingon Empire will convene a peace conference at Camp Khitomer on the planet Khitomer. While technically still at war, the Federation, Klingon and Romulan Republic have formed an unofficial alliance in face of threats from a long thought extinct species, the Iconians.

While specifics are limited and many still classified, FNN has learned that recent encounters with Solanae and Elachi has yielded evidence that they are puppets of the Iconians, whose goal appears to be bringing about chaos among the Alpha Quadrant powers. With a much weaker Federation, Klingon and Romulan Republic and with fewer resources, the Iconians would be in a far better place to mount their return to power and dominance over the Quadrant.

If the legends and or myths of the Iconians are true, their subjects rose up and forced them from power and supposed extinction. If this is proven to be true, then it stands to reason they would want as much chaos in the Alpha Quadrant so they can return to cement their power and control once again. It would seem, with their plans exposed, the super powers of the Alpha Quadrant have banded together for the greater good.

Starfleet Command has confirmed that they are in an alliance with the Romulan Republic and the Klingon Empire and is known as the Joint Dyson Command or Alliance Command. The need for this alliance, we have learned, is not only as a defense against the Iconian threat but to also oversee the study of a newly found Dyson Sphere found in the Tau Dewa sector of Romulan Republic space. The Tau Dewa Dyson sphere is much like the Jenolan Dyson Sphere that was discovered by the USS Enterprise D in 2369. A discovery that also found Captain Montgomery Scott’s bio pattern stored inside of the pattern buffer of the transporter system aboard the crashed Jenolan spacecraft, which was taking passengers to the Norpin Colony.

The Tau Dewa Dyson Sphere is several times larger than the previous Jenolan Sphere. It should be noted that the Jenolan sphere was being studied by a science vessel when both disappeared some three months ago. This is important because we have confirmed that through an accident within the Tau Dewa Dyson sphere, a gateway was opened between the Tau Dewa sphere and the Jenolan sphere. After establishing connection with the USS Darwin, the science ship sent to study the Jenolan sphere, it was learned that the Jenolan sphere jumped into the Delta Quadrant, a result of an accident that was said to have occurred inside the Tau Dewa sphere.

Experts with the Daystrom Institute have told us that it is conceivable that whoever built the sphere would have deployed some sort of subspace system that connected all the spheres. Starfleet Command was asked how many spheres there are and they have confirmed two, the Jenolan and Tau Dewa sphere and concede that there are likely to be more.

We will be sure to keep you informed on continuing developments as they come in to us.

In other news, the USS Excalibur, commanded by Captain Kyle Knight, is returning to Earth in time for the 2410 Starfleet Academy graduation. The USS Excalibur will also be tasked with taking on many academy graduates for their first duty cruise as full-fledged Starfleet officers. This should be an enjoyable reunion for Captain Knight, as his son Ryan Knight, a soon to be academy graduate, will be serving aboard the Excalibur. FNN has confirmed that Ryan Knight will graduate at the top of his class and will be commissioned as a Lieutenant. We here at FNN wish both father and son a joyous reunion.

Stay tuned, coming up will be some updates on the Intergalactic Anbo-jyutsu Championships.

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