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Find out what happens when a group of kids stands up and says 'no more. Clicking on this link sends you to another website.'

Welcome to a world where the barriers between the mythical realms of monsters and the Human world are weakened to the point where "monsters under the bed" are real. Who is fighting for humanitiy and against it is almost as disconcerting as the "thing in the closet".

Eons ago the world was a place of wonder where magic took care of nearly everyone. However, power corrupts and those who controlled the magic became drunk on the energies they wielded. The most ancient and powerful of races, the Mythlings, decided it was time for those under them to worship them, rather than just accept them as rulers. The Age of War came, but never left. First was the Mything Wars. This in turn was followed by the Dragon Wars, the Alphar-Garm wars, the Dwarven-Elvin wars, the Drow wars... The most powerful of the remaining races tearing themselves apart, one after another, until the very fabric of the world was being torn asunder as hatreds chewed at the very fiber of society, and of magic. While the supremacy of the gods slipped, the influence of the demon lords grew. Now magic is in the hands of the few, races distrust each other, and children are mere property. The gods and the demon lords play their games through the mortals, and suffering is more the rule than the exception. Are there forces willing and able to fight back against the shroud of darkness threatening to cause a deeper slide into the abyss?

What happens when the sitting United States President refuses to step down after someone else is elected? Who will stop him, and what lengths will he go to keep his power?

Watch as a bunch of kids with Super Human powers, save their home town, all the while, showing the 'normals' that they are not the monsters so many thought.

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